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  1. I haven't flown one of these, but the the elevator is moved by tabs....if the tabs are serviceable, moving the control column back and forth will only confirm the tabs move...the aerodynamic forces on the tabs move the elevator. So there's no way of knowing that the elevator isn't going to function until it doesn't...
  2. Sorry to go back off topic but this is an outright lie. There were no promises of this or any sort made. Seems like you have an axe to grind with some of the alpa guys based on your comments of "arrogance" and "out classed" etc. Keep trying to stir the pot though, it serves the company well to have the pilots divided. If you are a pilot, then maybe you should figure out who you should really be upset with if you are dissatisfied with the contract. Spoiler alert: it's not other pilots, especially those who volunteered to make things better for you and your other pilot friends. I'm guessing you are like "P" up there, a WB guy who thinks he took a pay cut because of the DH credits being inside the block now. Don't fool yourself. The way the 767 has been scheduled so far is an anomoly. 4 (sometimes) airplanes hardly a fleet make. If you were here when the NGs first showed up, the schedules were light as a feather compared to the 200s and life was grand for the ng pilots. For a while. Fast forward a couple years when there were enough in the fleet to schedule properly...Newsflash for ya, when the wb operation actually gets up and running properly, you'll see how this contract actually improved your lot. Now back to the regular programming. Great to see the 787 make it's first revenue flight. Exciting times ahead!
  3. LOL. I know weed is legal now, but you probably shouldn't smoke and post. How was this a "concessenary" contract in any way, shape or form? 180 million dollars says it ain't. You may not be happy that alpa is here, or maybe you didn't see any significant gains personally which is hard to argue since rigs benefit even the most senior guys, but calling the contract concessionary is a comment that is not based in reality whatsoever.
  4. “Thoroughly schooled”? Really? In what way? Why the heck would alpa spend any time whatsoever on negotiating around a voluntary duty? If you think $180 mil of contract improvements over 4 years (according to the roadshow presentation) is being “thoroughly schooled” then I don’t know what to say. How much was the last wjpa agreement worth over 4 years? They were able to secure trip and duty rigs (finally), 1:1 YOS credit for FOs who upgrade, a TB pension commitment and a whole whack of other improvements that couldn’t be achieved by the former “representation” in the 20+ years before. Sure there were some things that were lost or traded away, but overall I think our reps did a good job given who they were dealing with. Yeah, the swoop lou which was awarded by the arbitrator. How’s that working out for the company? Last I checked they can’t even fill a bid there and most of the guys who rolled the dice to go there want to GTFO and come back. What exactly were you expecting for a first contract?
  5. I suspect that as the speed fluctuated, the autothrust brought the speed back to flight idle and one of the engines rolled back further....just guessing. The 767-200s at AC powered by the JT9D also could have problems with roll back in the cruise, in similar scenarios
  6. Interesting fact When internal parts (as opposed to external/foreign) cause the damage it's called "domestic object damage"..... BTW
  7. Man kicked off flight for being asleep prior to take-off Where do they get these FAs? I'm glad I don't flight on the county's favourite because I fall asleep before t/o on a regular basis...
  8. What did AC get from Nigeria? AC got 2 767-300s from GECAS that had been in service with Kenya Airways in 2005.
  9. Go to the avcanada westjet subforum.....he is posting there as “aerobod”
  10. YUL- YQB completely... reducing service between Toronto and Los Angeles, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Fort McMurray, Winnipeg, Phoenix, Ariz., Aruba, Belize, Huatulco and Liberia, Vancouver and Alberta cities Edmonton and Calgary, between Calgary and Denver, Edmonton and Phoenix along with Winnipeg and Palm Springs, Calif, Halifax and St. John's and to Sydney, Vancouver and Fort St. John, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas and Palm Springs. It will cancel service between the Nova Scotia capital and Deer Lake, NL, and winter flights between Edmonton and Ottawa that will resume next summer, also cancelling all service to Mexico City, that will affect both Calgary and Vancouver. However, travel is still possible through its codeshare partner Aeromexico.
  11. wait for it... Innovative 2 x 2 seating....yep, never heard of that on a 737 or 320
  12. I'm not sure if that was a rhetorical question or not.... The reason I suspect is that for about 15 years WJ (as a corporation) and WJ employees took delight in kicking the shins of AC, AC employees and other carriers as well. It probably took longer than most thought, but WJ is now just another legacy type carrier. They abandoned their low cost model and they have chosen to fight with their empowered and engaged employees, they are going to have 3 a/c types at mainline, they started a regional carrier and now started a tier 3 carrier....they started an airline-within-an-airline (well they didn't want to but those darn Canadian labour laws!)...They are going international with 787s, they are going to have a business class... They are now unionized in the pilot shop, FAs soon following, They have had significant turnover in their senior leadership.... I am willing to bet that 10 years ago, if anyone had suggested one of those events happening in the next 10 years, WJ employees would have laughed it off.... So when these predictable events occur, people outside the WJ bubble just have to wonder why the WJ people couldn't see this coming.
  13. Your point(s) are very valid....there has been a huge change in corporate culture at WJ...I suspect it started 10 years ago or so and now the corporation pays lip-service to the values that they once promoted. The veneer of the old culture is there, but scratch too deeply and you'll see just another corporation that is indistinguishable from any other. One only has to watch the recently-made-public video from 2014 where the founding father, CB, demonstrated his self-described "toned-down" hatred and contempt he held unions (and employee groups that challenged senior management)'s almost sad to see a company fall so far from it's roots.
  14. VANCOUVER—On Friday, Mandalena Lewis returned to her former workplace at Vancouver International Airport, with the goal of raising awareness of sexual harassment toward flight attendants and other women working in the airline industry. The former flight attendant initially set up shop inside the airport to hand out pamphlets about her campaign, #youcrewandmetoo — but was asked by security to move outside the building. Mandalena Lewis, a former WestJet employee, is leading a campaign called #youcrewandmetoo, which aims to support flight attendants who have experienced sexual harassment. (CHERISE SEUCHARAN / STARMETRO) “What I’m doing here is showing up, I’m here to show solidarity because I don’t think anyone from the airline industry has stood up to what’s going on. I’m not afraid,” Lewis said. “I just feel like now is the right time to be doing this ... enough is enough.” Lewis is currently involved in a proposed class action lawsuit against her former employer WestJet, which she said has failed to implement an anti-harassment programs after she told the company she was sexually assaulted by a pilot in 2010. WestJet’s appeal to strike the claim was denied in late 2017, with the next appeal set for 2019. WestJet spokesperson Lauren Stewart declined to comment on the issue due to it being a matter before the courts. But Lewis said that after coming out with her story publicly, many more women from different airlines have contacted her to share similar stories of sexual harassment and assault, including women who she said were raped by the same pilot who she said targeted her. “It’s incredibly alarming, I have women coming forwarding from Qantas, Alaska Airlines, Skywest ... It can get overwhelming,” Lewis said. In March, the Air Canada component of the Canadian Union of Public Employees filed a human rights complaint against the airline, alleging ongoing discrimination and harassment of flight attendants. Lewis said that a lot of the harassment was due to an industry that prioritizes the needs of pilots over flight attendants. “The culture is incredibly toxic, the fear is rampant. Pilots are more expensive to train, to get rid of, and frankly it’s less expensive to hire a flight attendant ... we’re disposable, frankly speaking.” Maria Paredes, an anti-violence worker at Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter, was there to support Lewis and said that coming out about sexual harassment in a workplace setting can be especially challenging. “Often women fear to speak to employers about sexual harassment because often there are repercussions, they are fired or not believed,” she said. “We are here to say we are not alone as women.”