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  1. Swoop??

  2. SFO Incident

    Hi Vsplat I would recommend to stop feeding the troll. That's all he is. He has no connection to the incident. He gets his facts from newspapers and internet bulletin boards and starts making accusations and innuendo...I have no idea why he cares so much, the investigation is in good hands and the NTSB will produce a report which should give the best accounting of the incident and include all the facts and timings and we will know what happened and maybe some ideas as to why. Until then some people should take up other hobbies.
  3. SFO Incident

    The ATIS will advertise the QUIET BRIDGE but the FMS equipped aircraft will be cleared for the FMS BRIDGE VISUAL....
  4. SFO Incident

    The QUIET BRIDGE approach is for non-FMS airplanes. Very unlikely that this was the flown approach, there is another version for FMS aircraft. Some people in this thread really need to wind their necks in, especially the non-pilot(s) who seem to know all sorts of things...there is an on-going investigation and the facts and details will come out in time.
  5. OMG NO FOOD (⸮)

    That's from the movie " A Few Good Men"... a Red Alert on the other hand..... :-) I wouldnt be suprised to hear that YOW didn't want them to off load as they didn't have the gates, customs capacity etc to handle the TS's probably not as black and white as it's made out to be....on the other hand, it was a large PR disaster on Transat's part. Companies need to move quickly and mange these situations effectively!
  6. Fun Times At Swissport

    What do you mean "being honoured"? under the CLC Canada labour code , one has to report for work, crossing a picket line is not a reason to not go to work... no no such thing as honouring a picket
  7. This email from the upper echelons sounds like a scared man who has lost his "grip" on the wheel and has now resorted to the basest of emotions - fear. I wouldn't be surprised to see him leave in the not-too distant future. The fumbles that have occurred in the last couple of years, the presence of a union with possibly 3 or 4 more to come. I suspect the BoD is watching very closely.
  8. Ask Clive or Mark...I'm sure they can explain it.
  9. Smashing a perfectly good guitar

    If you're a professional musician and your guitar travels by air then you need an ATA spec guitar case....manufacturer's hard shell cases are not designed for cargo bays...
  10. YYZ 5/23 Closed Until May

    Why would that make a difference? Nav Canada would never have the controllers or inclination to use it...
  11. Canadian border agents at Toronto’s Pearson airport arrested on suspicion of drug smuggling Postmedia News | April 28, 2017 10:54 AM ET More from Postmedia News RCMP handoutCocaine seized by RCMP in a drug bust that included a Barrie border security agent Two Canadian border agents are among five people arrested on suspicion of drug smuggling. The RCMP and Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) said the agents worked at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport. Charged with offences including breach of trust, conspiracy, and importing a narcotic are CBSA agents Patrick Ruddy, 37, of Toronto, and Brano Andrews, 41, of Barrie, Ont. Facing similar charges are Roberto Leyva, 32, of Niagara Falls, Ont., and Keith Hamid, 41, and Rennie Escoffery, 57, both of Brampton, Ont. “Serious and organized crime in Canada is a multi-faceted and borderless problem impacting all Canadians, directly or indirectly”, said RCMP Insp. Donna Streeter. Allegations of improper or illegal behaviour by CBSA employees are taken very seriously “Through a variety of specialized programs and teams, the RCMP combats serious and organized crime by implementing intelligence-led police operations with the collaboration of domestic and international partners,” she added. “The results of this investigation are an example of the partnership between our two enforcement agencies with the shared mandate of public safety,” Streeter said. The RCMP state the joint investigation, which lasted more than a year, led to the co-ordinated seizures of cocaine shipped from Colombia and Jamaica destined for Toronto. They further allege the two Canadian agents facilitated the importation of more than 30 kilograms of cocaine between January 2016 and April of this year. “Allegations of improper or illegal behaviour by CBSA employees are taken very seriously,” said Goran Vragovic, CBSA regional director general. “These allegations in no way reflect upon the true professionalism, dedication and integrity displayed each and every day by our CBSA staff.” All men were to appear in a Brampton court on Thursday.
  12. CYYZ terminal control

    So a little while ago, operating into CYYZ. They were on the 33s. ATIS states ILS 33L and departures 33R. We were in a long line-up of aircraft on vectors. The aircraft ahead was vectored onto the localizer. The controller then clears them for the LOCALIZER 33L. We were right behind them (maybe 1.5-2 minutes), vectored for the intercept and then he clears us for the LOCALIZER 33L. There was not a single word about why we weren't flying the full ILS. We were too busy to ask questions. I wonder if controllers know that there is a huge (order of magnitude) increase of workload in flying a non-precision approach. To have this thrown at a crew last minute is a huge disservice to crews. It's sort of like (although this analogy isn't really equivalent in the change in workload from a NPA) a crew accepting a take-off clearance and then telling tower that they need a 30 sec engine run-up. Not a problem if tower knows ahead of time, but can be a huge one if done at the last minute. When we landed, I asked what had happened. The tower guy told us that the Glideslope had failed. Would have been nice to know 15 minutes earlier. My point or question is this...what would it have taken for a controller or a supervisor to get on the radio and make a broadcast "ALL AIRCRAFT ON APPROACH FOR 33L, THE GLIDESLOPE HAS FAILED, ANTICIPATE LOCALIZER 33L." Then everyone knows what is going on.
  13. The reason one corrects the FPA is because FPA uses baro-inertial vertical speed in calculations to create FPA. The baro part is referenced to a standard atmosphere and therefore has an error in colder-than-normal operations. Sometimes it does seem like one is using a micrometer to measure and an axe to cut when it comes to flying NPAs .. some companies' SOPs have turned a NDB into a Cat III NDB.
  14. The FPA correction for cold weather increases the FPA. If the temperature is below 0º, then one corrects the FPA by adding a charted FPA -3.0º, becomes -3.3º FPA. If you don't make the correction, the charted/indicated/selected -3.0º FPA is true -2.7º FPA. The ideal FPA has you reach MDA in a stabilized descent where (if visual) you can continue the same stabilized descent all the way to touchdown. If you failed to make the FPA cold weather correction one would reach MDA closer to the runway than the "ideal" point, and therefore you would have increase your rate of descent to achieve a touchdown in the touchdown zone.... If you made too great a correction, then one would be below the ideal FPA and arrive at MDA further back than the nominal point. None of this explains why the crew descended below MDA so far back...were there technical issues (the AC lawsuit seems to suggest this) or other contributing factors. To me, the key unanswered question is what factors contributed to the crew descending below MDA (apparently so far back). The TSB report will no-doubt address this issue.
  15. Off course the headline is totally misleading ! Not only did they not follow the dress code but you get other people publicizing the situation ... I wouldn't want to be the employee related to this fiasco.