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  1. small correction....sidesticks are independent...they don't move in tandem.
  2. A220 type rating covers -100 and -300 There's no way there is some CCQ for the A320 and A220...they are totally different birds, FBW systems are totally different, so I'd say there is no training benefit between those two types A220 type rating
  3. Yeah, I am sure that Calin can line up at the Boeing Customer service desk, with his Boeing Club card, and a trolly filled with 50 737s and tell them he's not happy and wants his money back.
  4. There were never notices given out to individuals, but a notice to the union was given to start the clock on our contractual timelines before individual notices are given out. An MOA was reached last night between WJ/Swoop and ALPA that prevents any layoffs until at least May 1, 2020 via a reduced MMG, the temporary pause of the ESP interim cash program and a kicking of the can down to Nov for our stock option lump sum payment which was due in May. Let's hope this thing settles down ASAP. I think all the actions the governments are taking are to eradicate this virus sooner than later to get the world back to some sense of normalcy. We all need to do our part.
  5. He's a Westjet troll now...I'm sure Gerry Schwartz is real happy about buying Westjet these days!!
  6. Yes it was....he resigned and left the building the same day essentially even though the effective date wasn't for 30 days. If you're a valued member of the team they don't ask you to leave the same day. Changing the parameters for OTP and increasing the block times is not really fixing problems, it's just increasing your performance bonus. Most, if not all, of his cost cutting/slashing in Flt Ops has been reversed and the people associated with them are all gone as well.
  7. Buddy of mine just emailed me....Klaus is gone from BA....given his ignomanious departure from AC and now BA, I think his career had peaked!
  8. I wonder what Westjet's profit margin was??? i guess we will never know.
  9. I hope so, otherwise I've been bustin' AOM limits for several weeks now!
  10. 3 or 4 years ago, you needed an FAA medical, write a short exam and do some paperwork. Just like Americans have to do to get a TC ATPL. Congress passed new regulations so that now you will have to do all the above plus.... The written exam is much bigger, and most importantly you have to get a certificate for the following... This will cost several thousand dollars (USD$) and take a week or more of your time ...regardless of experience. It also includes simulator time... FAA Advisory Circular PS: Americans don't have to do a similar course to get their Canadian ATPL...just do the paperwork/medical/test like we used to....and TC doesn't care that Canadian ATPL holders have to jump through those hoops.
  11. ummm, i think you'll find that the two 737 Max sims are Air Canada sims....the third one on the CAE side is owned by CAE but AC is the primary customer...
  12. And keep the flaps down to the gate... just sayin'. But good job regardless in what was a pucker-factor situation.
  13. Hate armchair quarterbacking, but I don't see them on fire, so not sure what the big rush was to get back on the ground if they were concerned about landing weight, and what would justify dumping fuel over the city on final. However, if they had one down and abnormal indications on the other (i.e. they flew thru a flock of birds and sucked a bunch into both stoves) then that would do it for me: get on the ground asap and get as light as possible while doing so (though I'm not familiar with the 777 limitations and how "big of a deal" overweight landings are). I guess we'll have to wait for the report to find out the reasoning, Presumably we would only dump fuel in an emergency, not as a matter of course, would we not? (and there are guidelines for where and how to dump it, lots of open water that they turned away from to get on downwind...)