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  1. Awesome...I wonder if CUPE will hire external consultants or stick with their internal experts??
  2. I'm not sure who, other than the press, call MCAS a stall prevention's purpose (according to a Boeing test pilot who was at a presentation I attended) was to ensure similar handling characteristics with the 737 maintain a common type rating.... nothing else.
  3. deleted...apologies
  4. I'm not sure what you are referring to by "profile descents" but if you mean the descent clearances that didn't include an altitude....that was a fiasco of epic proportions....
  5. Not even close.... You've listened to too much propaganda from the "First responders are super heros" from the past 20 years... A police officer needs high school education, and attend a 13 week basic constable course. As to their pay, yes I think they are overpaid, certainly in Ontario....successive governments have signed ridiculous deals with police unions so that they constantly leapfrog each other's salaries and drive policing costs to outlandish levels. ****************************************************************** The 20 occupations with the highest average (traumatic injury) fatality rates, 2011-2015 Fatalities by occupation, excluding long-term illnesses, 2011-2015 Note: Excludes fatalities that were “Not coded” by occupation.
  6. I'm Clive Bedoe and I approve this message
  7. He has to get approval from the WJ and Swoop social media influencers before he's allowed to post...
  8. i think that's a pretty safe bet....
  9. I read the article....for the most part. He, unfortunately, knows a little about airplanes. Many of his statements are ignorant and wrong. Too bad people with no particular expertise want to contribute to this debate....his descriptions of why MCAS was installed, how pilots don't have real feel in for their flight controls ie computers control the flight controls vice control cables - which ironically the 737 still uses, that MCAS drives the control columns instead of the trim, that MCAS is located in the FMC (it's the FCC)....etc.....lots wrong there.
  10. LOL. That's a picture of a 737 MAX7, not an A320... Canada Jetlines delays launch until December Ultra-low-cost carrier had planned to launch flights this summer By Glen Korstrom | April 4, 2019, 12:17pm Canada Jetlines initially planned to launch in 2015 | Canada Jetlines Aspiring ultra-low-cost carrier Canada Jetlines (TSX-Venture:JET) has delayed its launch and named December 17 as when it now plans to finally soar into the skies. Its shares plunged almost 29% to $0.42 early in the April 4 session before closing down close to 12%, to $0.52, by the end of the trading session. The company previously announced that it would get possession of two Airbus A320 aircraft by June, and the expectation was that it would launch flights immediately because it would be expensive to keep the two planes grounded. The airline's announced April 4 that it has scuttled that original deal to get the two Airbus A320 planes and that it has entered into a letter of intent with partner SmartLynx Airlines SIA to lease two alternate Airbus A320 planes that will be available for delivery in the fall. The partnership with SmartLynx comes as a result of a financial transaction that provides up to $15 million. Canada Jetlines also has a partnership to access up to $14 million with a Korean special purpose fund that is led and established by InHarv Partners Ltd. The later launch is not the first surprise that Canada Jetlines has had for shareholders this year. In February, it announced that it had changed its strategy for serving the Lower Mainland and would fly out of Vancouver International Airport (YVR) instead of Abbotsford International Airport (YXX). YXX had been Jetlines’ preferred airport because it has no airport improvement fee, and it has more affordable landing and terminal fees. YXX also recently enhanced its appeal to all airlines by opening an expanded terminal at the end of January. Canada Jetlines' move to YVR made sense to some because YXX already serves two ultra-low-cost carriers: Flair Air and the WestJet Airlines Ltd. (TSX:WJA) subsidiary Swoop. Canada Jetlines also explained that the move to YVR was because it is the second busiest airport in Canada, serving more than 25.9 million passengers in 2018, and it is the airport in the region with the largest catchment area. YVR has since won the Skytrax award as being the best airport in North America for the 10th straight year - an achievement that Canada Jetlines executive chairman Mark Morabito tweeted a congratulatory message about and said that the airport's high ranking is partly what persuaded Canada Jetlines to choose to fly out of that airport. Indeed, Canada Jetlines, in 2014, originally preferred to fly out of YVR as its Lower Mainland base. That was when they planned to launch in the spring of 2015. Plenty of executive changes followed and the company in 2016 vacated office space that it leased in the main terminal of YVR. @GlenKorstrom
  11. I haven't flown one of these, but the the elevator is moved by tabs....if the tabs are serviceable, moving the control column back and forth will only confirm the tabs move...the aerodynamic forces on the tabs move the elevator. So there's no way of knowing that the elevator isn't going to function until it doesn't...
  12. Sorry to go back off topic but this is an outright lie. There were no promises of this or any sort made. Seems like you have an axe to grind with some of the alpa guys based on your comments of "arrogance" and "out classed" etc. Keep trying to stir the pot though, it serves the company well to have the pilots divided. If you are a pilot, then maybe you should figure out who you should really be upset with if you are dissatisfied with the contract. Spoiler alert: it's not other pilots, especially those who volunteered to make things better for you and your other pilot friends. I'm guessing you are like "P" up there, a WB guy who thinks he took a pay cut because of the DH credits being inside the block now. Don't fool yourself. The way the 767 has been scheduled so far is an anomoly. 4 (sometimes) airplanes hardly a fleet make. If you were here when the NGs first showed up, the schedules were light as a feather compared to the 200s and life was grand for the ng pilots. For a while. Fast forward a couple years when there were enough in the fleet to schedule properly...Newsflash for ya, when the wb operation actually gets up and running properly, you'll see how this contract actually improved your lot. Now back to the regular programming. Great to see the 787 make it's first revenue flight. Exciting times ahead!