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  1. Thanks - mine expired about 6 months ago. A slight oversight on my part
  2. Just applied for my Nexus renewal... Any new updates on how long it should take to get it processed? Thanks
  3. When was her ticket booked ? What fare class was she in ?
  4. Interesting that the scenarios state "she", it should just say "they"....
  5. I believe what Super 80 is referring to is covered here: Although the complete extent of the 787 investigation is not yet understood it was published recently that Boeing staff falsified records for a 787 built for Air Canada, which 10 months after entering service, developed a major fuel leak. https://samchui.com/2019/06/30/boeing-737-max-investigations-broaden-to-787-dreamliner/
  6. When have an unreasonable crazy spouse.... Both expensive and difficult...
  7. Looks like the Westjet shareholders are feeling pain with the grounding.... https://globalnews.ca/news/5427414/garneau-approves-westjet-onex-sale/
  8. I hope you don't really believe that, I have had significant problems flying paid J class.... On a first rate airline... Normally To me it comes down to a corporate culture of doing what is right for your customers and empowering your front line people.
  9. Too add some more information to this diversion, I was told some of the flight attendants were in tears on descent, told passengers there may be a need to evacuate on the runway so get ready. When they landed, they cleared the runway on their own and CFR followed them to the gate. Passengers were held on the plane for close to 4 hours with no updates. The plane was extremely hot and stuffy. When they got into the terminal the Eastern Flight Attendants immediately disappeared. The passengers were monitored by Custom officials who were there only source of information. The custom officials were helping passenger, providing updates, there were NO updates by any Eastern crew. When the replacement aircraft got to the gate, no gate agents, everybody just got on the plane and went back to their seats. I spoke with Sunwing and all they said to me was we are refunding $400 to each passenger, but they had no idea about a recovery aircraft details. Their customer service closed @ 2000, after that it was rumours and more rumours... The lack of care, attention was horrible. I guess people got what they paid for.
  10. Sunwing's twitter feed has been silent on this ..... frustrating for the passengers
  11. So people have just got off the plane.... in the lounge two passengers got into a flight.... WHY DOESN'T SUNWING PROVIDE UPDATES TO THE PASSENGERS?
  12. Today my partner was on WG 511, was supposed to be a 737, but was "upgraded" to a Eastern 767 .... on their flight from YYZ - CUN they had to land at MSY due to a left engine failure.... any idea what WG will us to get the passengers on their way?
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