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  1. In case you don't go off this form, on the main page you will find our new buy and sell marketplace
  2. Give one for the team!

    Please download this free ebook :-) in support of this forum's wife :-) https://www.amazon.com/Indecent-Deception-Jill-Oliver-Thriller-ebook/dp/B01N7DVJ5V
  3. Yeah again a shameless promo, albeit a few years forthcoming https://www.amazon.com/Indecent-Deception-Jill-Oliver-Thriller-ebook/dp/B01N7DVJ5V Hope you enjoy the third book in the series xo ----------- INDECENT DECEPTION: A Jill Oliver Thriller, is a fast-paced suspense thriller about Jill Oliver and her quest to uncover the truth. While on assignment with Europol in Turkey, Jill is supposed to discover what Moneyval, the ombudsman for terror financing, knows about who is financing the terror in Turkey and Syria. She finds herself caught in a web of deception, woven by those who are closest to her. Jill is pursued by enemies on every side while she tries to untangle the truth. A twelve-year-old girl sold into sex slavery holds the key to the mystery, if only Jill can save her in time. But who can Jill trust? As she uncovers the truth about her husband, David, Jill realizes David's truth may save her life—or cause her to lose it. Simpleminded are the people who believe that what they see transpiring in the mask of life is a reality. This belief is a betrayal to themselves. Why do they not question coincidences or what is not plausible? Why then, do we accept the evil and greed of humankind over societies, over morals, and over our true selves?
  4. Shots fired at JFK

    America JFK Airport evacuated over reported shooting Published: 15 Aug 2016 | 02:18 GMT Reuters Two terminals of New York City’s JFK Airport are being evacuated after an unknown shooter reportedly opened fire in the area. Flights to the airport are being diverted. The shots were first heard at 9:30 p.m. local time in John F. Kennedy International Airport’s Terminal 8, according to witnesses. Another round of shots was fired later at 10:15 p.m. in Terminal 1 of the airport, PIX11 reported. Witnesses posted images on social media that show a crowd rushing to evacuate. Source: RT app, no share button on Android https://www.rt.com/usa/355938-jfk-airport-shooting-evacuation/
  5. EK 777 in Dubai

    Found this and there is pics of evac http://www.timeoutdubai.com/aroundtown/news/72668-emirates-plane-crash-lands-at-dubai-airport?image=3 Well done crew!
  6. EK 777 in Dubai

    Anyone have footage of the evac? Apparently a friend of mine's share was taken down off of Facebook?
  7. Glen is of course up to speed re the issues.  There is an ongoing bum fight between Mitch and Flyinghigh. I believe Glen has deceided to let them play it out. CP_FA is on the side of Mitch and as for me I am attempting to be neutral. So far Flyinghigh has not crossed the line re the forum rules but others have. The last word Glen had was to sent both Mitch and Flyinghigh a note telling both to "Play Nice or leave the forum". This whole thing is getting just like kindergarten with folks choosing sides. 

  8. Horrible but sadly not unique

    Very sad event. I think it's brilliant for the gay community to say they saw him. Whether true or not, great psyops. I wonder what his 'leaders' will think of him now?.
  9. FlyDubai 737-800 Down

    Very sad indeed! The trajectory looks pretty steep http://www.aljazeera.com/news/2016/03/160319022058136.html RIP
  10. Site Upgrade & Maintenance

    You can now choose your background by clicking on the theme button at the bottom of the page.
  11. Site Upgrade & Maintenance

    Haha CPAIR, you'd think a Captain would notice your gender was male LOL!
  12. Terror in the air as passengers start to pass-out on airliner: Pilot plunges jet into 7,000ft-a-minute dive and lands - but cause remains a mystery because investigators say cabin pressure did NOT fail Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3051034/SkyWest-plane-diverted-Buffalo-door-opened-mid-flight-causing-cabin-lose-pressure.html#ixzz3Y89pVpwG Is this a real story?
  13. Book Cover Contest

    I don't think you need to register to vote.
  14. Wonder What It Costs To Book This...

    and Husband will hopefully be the chauffeur!
  15. Book Cover Contest

    For those interested, spend some time and vote! http://authorsdb.com/covert-contest/2014-entries