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Should you ever get burned......

Kip Powick

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That is simply remarkable! The scars from a severe burn go far beyond the physical and anything that can restore someone back to "normal" that quickly will do wonders.

I think back to a friend I had in elementary school. Great kid that everybody liked. John suffered 2nd degree burns over most of his body in a bad car accident that killed his grandfather. Doctors didn't expect him to survive due to the extent of his injuries. He beat the odds and survived but he was significantly scarred. You can imagine how cruel some kids can be and he was tormented by a few dickheads, in spite of the fact that some of us tried our best to stick up for him. His family eventually moved away to try to give him a new start. We lost touch with them completely. Years later at a school reunion, I met someone who was his cousin. She told me that when John was 15, he took his own life. I have no doubt as to why. I'd like to think that if this treatment had been available for John, he'd still be here and leading a long and fruitful life.

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