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  1. When I was in Germanay in 1999, the facility we were working at had an aircraft that was outfitted for fully autonomous flight from start up to parking. The monitoring pilot touched nothing. It was pretty cool to watch a test flight if the aircraft. Keep in mind that was over 20 years ago. Unfortunately Video recording was strictly prohibited on the premises
  2. can someone explain Covid Vaccine math to me. Say we only get the 2 dose vaccine in Canada.... Canada has like 36 million people. That makes 72 million doses required. Some genius signs a contract for 110 Million doses to be delivered to Canada. So what happens to the other 38 million doses???????
  3. am MP should only be paid the MEDIAN salary of his constituents. This provides incentive to act in the best interest of his constituency. the better they do the better he does. It also prevents the job from just being what it is.
  4. so the pandemic made it worse.... Well the number of aircraft flying in Canada is around 15% of pre pandemic so its not aviation causing the problem Traffic on the roads is around 50% of pre pandemic so its not vehicular traffic Warmer than the last winter this year so its not gas heating causing the problem So which sector is actually causing the problem? Likely all the hot air being expended by Trudeau.
  5. Magical dreamland of free money......They haven't filed their taxes yet,,,,,All debts come due
  6. Just take note that you should fear the White American Born and Bred Male and not the immigrant Muslim or any other immigrant. Most of the largest attacks on americans are by americans.
  7. It is just par for the course that there is NOTHING in the news that all but 1 Liberal voted against it.
  8. Seems the news is non-existent on the NAY vote to supporting the airline and travel sector. Has anyone heard anything on this? I hear that all except 1 Liberal voted against the plan. Silence in the media though.
  9. and mother nature continues her trend, all while the human race tries to blame each other for it.
  10. my point was.... if the restrictions are dropped the demand will skyrocket in very short order. People are chomping at the bit to travel virus be damned.
  11. notice under the canopy in big black letters it said EXPERIMENTAL. That significantly reduces the requirements. Certifying it would require a lot of work including, as mentioned above engine out performance demonstration.
  12. you want demand? Drop the quarantine requirement and allow travel. Demand will be lining up at the counter.
  13. maybe wait until the wheels are off the groound before you retract the gear. Positive rate????
  14. I am willing to bet the average weight has increased though and not reduced.
  15. I don't know where this information came from but this region has had a very mild February compared to the last few years.
  16. I have been saying this for months. The cancellations were outside the airlines control. You had a non refundable ticket (as per the tariffs) and you goit a voucher. consider yourself lucky.
  17. The Astra-Zenica Vaccine is being delivered in large numbers. No requirement at all. Just start sticking people. As for the Moderna, Most pharamcies are perfectly capable of storing at those temperatures. the pfizer one not so much.
  18. But when they do vote on policy, they vote based on ONE policy and not the overall platform. for example a significant number of legal gun owners will vote conservative for the single reason that the legislation will likely be overturned. However what do they sacrifice in return? Same goes for someone who hates guns voting liberal on their policy of stupidity. What do they lose in return? One needs to look at the entire platform and decide what is best for CANADA not just for them personally. But they don't. To add to that the parties need to start electing leadershi
  19. Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right. Here I am, Stuck in the middle........Apparently alone
  20. The Pharmacy is one of the best deelivery methods. It has been used for years to deliver the annual flu shot. It is convenient and fast and has Far more locations. The Vaccination is free so how exactly is this enriching the business? Sure the government may pay some contract for it but if it allows us to catch up and surpass 3rd world countries then do it already.
  21. Jazz got the second last one.. End of an era
  22. yeah...It thinks its great and it doesn't work.