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  1. just take your annual salary and divide it by 2090 and you will be on par with what everyone elses hourly rate is
  2. As I said before... The 737 MAX will be the safest aircraft in the sky when it starts flying again. It HAS to be. If another one crashes, it will bankrupt Boeing and the FAA will lose all credibility. I do not think anyone wants that to happen.
  3. not particularily...where the charger is anyhow.
  4. There is a 10 position Tesla supercharger near me. Every time I go by there are at least a few cars plugged in. On weekends there are at least half a dozen and I have even seen it full. There are a lot of Teslas near me
  5. and they choose to stick us on DAYLIGHT time. Should they not revert the time to standard time so it is actually the time it is supposed to be
  6. its the tearing off of the doors or lack thereof that impresses me.
  7. I have a couple of big yellow stickers around here somewhere from when they made 406 ELTs mandatory EDIT: Maybe that was 243 Mhz ELTs as Chapter 551.104 of the AWM still only stipulates 121.5 and 243 Mhz requirements.
  8. it is impressive that they can open the bay doors above mach 1
  9. But it is what the job pays. I knowq a LOT of people wher the company gets little ROI but they still get paid
  10. Nothing like SPIN.... We currently lack the ability to manufacture the Vaccines in Canada however the government has spent the money to bring that manufacturing onshore. It just isn't here yet. Maybe look back at who committed to getting rid of out manufacturing in the first place.
  11. You do realize that every PM before him made the same amount right? (in recent history anyway. The PM salary is a set amount it wouldn't matter who held the position.
  12. I was ready for the impact so was not injured but it was quite a hit. I imagine the GSE guys were none too happy. I don't remember if they fixed it or scrapped it. There was no timmies close by back in those days
  13. Many moons ago in YYZ I destroyed the front end of a pickup truck preventing just such an incident. A string of carts had let loose and were heading for a DC-9 at a good pace. I was in the right place at the right time and put the fender in the path. Quite a ride and significant damage. better a pickup than a plane
  14. you can still get them if you ask for one. With electronic records now they are not as necessary
  15. Socialism is the inevitable outcome of Capitalism. The working class get frustrated and rise up. Welcome to that moment
  16. The "Great REset" such as it is, is not a Fascist agenda at all, it is a socialist one. Capitalism, the predominant socioeconomic methodology in use today is doomed to one thing. Social revolution. Socialism is and always will be the next evolution after Capitalism. It is inevitable. There is a lot of text on the subject but, as mentioned above, we are doomed to repeat things whether we like it or not. Enjoy the ride.
  17. Look, once and for all. The lockdows are not for the PUBLIC HEALTH. They have one single purpose and one alone. To prevent the hospitals from being overrun beyond capacity. That is it that is all. No one cares if you get sick and die (besides your fiends and family of course) It is about overwhelming hospitals. Just imagine the out cry if there were no masks and no lockdowns and all of a sudden people started dying in the hallways at your local hospital. The public outcry would be swift and loud. WE WILL ALL GET THIS VIRUS. Period. nothing can prevent that except a vaccine which
  18. so this is damming to Fox News is it not. If a News "Journalist" is betraying one sid eof an argument then that means at one point he was aligned with that side. This goes against what Journalism is supposed to be and is one of the biggest things wrong in the world today
  19. Wait...hang on.... how did that go again?...I mean it's been a while.....Oh, I remember... TRUMP LOST
  20. It was NEVER that way in America. They Were Hyphenized Americans. African-American, Asian-American, Mexican-American. The great melting pot has always been more of a layered shooter.
  21. If the Dems Truly did "Steal" the election from the sitting government then that just goes to show the true incompetence of the Republicans. They had the high ground and still lost the battle. They were ina far better position to rig the election but couldn't pull it off. It's truly laughable
  22. Boeing and the FAA cannot afford to screw this up. Should a MAX have an accident after reintroduction, Boeing is done and the FAA will lose all credibility. It should by all accounts be the safest aircraft in the air.
  23. We had a Mechanic that had a picture of Elvis on his RAIC for eons. Never Questioned. Try that now...