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  1. everyone here would just vote for their own company
  2. good video. A couple of minor errors but good none the less.
  3. Many of us that have worked on the ground for a reasonable length of time have either witnessed or performed what is deemed an unsafe act in order to keep the operation moving. I have done both, witnessed and performed, in the name of getting the people moving. I was never forced to do anything unsafe. it was my judgement call that the risk was minimal and there fore justified. We ALL do this to some degree every day or we would never get out of bed. We do not know the whole story of what was going on that led to this but the chances are he weighed the risk, deemed it acceptable and proceeded with an undesired outcome.
  4. I always leave my belt on even when sleeping fully reclined
  5. you say that like unbridled growth is a good thing. While it looks good for the economy the longer term effects will not be good for the middle class american.
  6. free charging but theey are off at the discount parking lot away from the terminal
  7. There are at least 5 Teslas and a couple of Nissan Leafs in my immediate Neighborhood. The Tesla Superchargers cost the taxpayers exactly ZERO to install and operate. That expense is borne by Tesla. As I said the one I see all the time is just off the 401 and has had crs in it every time I have gone by. Everyone I know who has gone electric loves it.
  8. I see them all the time. There is a Tesla Supecharger near me with 16 spaces. on several occasions I have seen more than half of them full. We have 2 spaces at my office one of which is always in use. The ones at the airport always have cars attached. People are usin them
  9. OK so the F/A's for get her. ok it could happen. The plane was moved from the gate obviously so the Tow crew and her missed each other? Maybe but not likely at that point. lots and lots of holes
  10. it was just over 1% of their flights over 2 days. DEFINITELY NOT "MOST"
  11. Seems there may be an issue with the Controller Microprocessor which may require a hardware change but Boeing says they should be able to fix it in software. We will See
  12. it isn't all about money. The other guy has no airline experience
  13. you out there on 2 wheels Wolf?
  14. However Prisons in the US are FOR PROFIT organizations that have seen a boom since Trump took office. Each kid in a "camp" reaps $750 a day for the operator. For that price they could all stay at Mar-a-Lago
  15. Mitsubishi RJ product is stalled at best. There are no orders for it. The CRJ program will instantly give them a product that is marketable as well as the growth product they needed in the CRJ 1000
  16. Maybe there was an issue with the aircraft and they needed to get her on the ground quick. Not sure they would publicize that at the PAris Air Show.
  17. couple of issues with the story... 1. 1.5 hours into the flight she fell asleep. The flight is 50 minutes 2. Walkie talkie in the cockpit. Never seen one on any of the planes unless maintenance or tow crew left it behind. doubtful 3. Grooming staff missed he sleeping in a row. doubtful 4. Flight attendant missed he on th efinal walk through. Doubtful too many inconsistencies in the story.
  18. The debate is Who is wrong? You can find studies equally credible on both side of the argument. Mind you I tend to trust the studies that are not funded by governments as people tend to not bite the hand that feeds them.
  19. a conservative majority would be just as bad as a liberal majority. Majority governments become corrupt quickly minority governments take longer.
  20. The Pension is NOT a reward. IT'S YOUR MONEY and YOUR EMPLOYERS MONEY. The government puts no money into the pension fund they only manage it. We are being ROBBED.
  21. Maybe apologize to all Canadians for being such an idiot.