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  1. Did they buy the whole package or just the airline. 2 different companies, no?
  2. I disagree with the word "Faulty" . The system worked just as designed. the problem is that it was poorly designed.
  3. OHHHH the implications... AT will provide AC with the ability to do Maintenance anywhere it wants and wiggle around other provisions of the ACPPA. Leave AT in Quebec and then move AC anywhere it wants. This could be a very good move for AC.
  4. May 11 - May 21 in ALL Ontario Provincial Parks. No-Alcohol. I am surprised that didnt get more press.
  5. Rebrand it the the 737-MEH. After all, it's just Meh....
  6. Read a story yesterday. ONE OPP officer in ONE day nabbed 15....yes 15....drivers for "Stunting". for those outside ontario, stunting is exceeding the speed limit by more that 50 Km/h and is an immediate 7 day suspension and car impoundment fro 7 days without recourse. The fine is up to $10,000. pending court if you choose to contest it. ONE officer in ONE day got 15. That says 2 things to me. 1. they are out there and they ARE enfocing 2. we have a LOT of idiots on the road it one guy can catch 15 in a day. The last one caught was doing 201Km/h in a 100 zone
  7. AC may be looking for new metal anyway to replace the MAX. Not the right sized replacement but seats are seats and AC needs em now.
  8. The Chorus fleet is getting rid of the Dash8-100s in favour of larger airframes. Fewer planes but more available seats.
  9. I sure hope CAE or whoever the Sim provider is knew about MCAS.
  10. The OPP posts the names of all adult violators on their twitter feed. Name, location, infraction(s)
  11. but the mechanism and support structure is contained in the wing. With a fully fuselage gear there needs to be a large fairing to house everything. Unless you go like the Dash-8 and put everything in the nacelle
  12. just playing devils advocate here. They look better with the low wing. Thats all that needs saying
  13. personally I think the guy should hang but that's just my opinion regardless of the political motivation. They guy broke the law in a foreign land and when in a foreign land we are governed by THEIR laws and values not Canadian ones. He willfully and knowingly committed the crime and if this is the punishment then so be it. These people do these things knowing that they will be extradited home and receive a lighter sentence. frankly I hope all countries follow suit. Maybe it will actually become a deterrent
  14. the point is that if you are paying $33 on your hard earned $100 that means you are pulling in a 6 digit salary and $67 worth of fuel really aint that in reality. what you just payed was 0.039% in tax from an income of a nice round 100K. that would be on top of the 26.3% of the total Tax you actually payed on that $100 not 33% as the meme implies. interpreting it with FACTS make more sense that trying to illicit an emotional response based on lies.
  15. you want to keep more of your income move to Nunavut. if thats not an option then BC, Alberta or Ontario. in that order.
  16. aircraft with a canard are also shunned despite the obvious stability gains and stall characteristics.
  17. ok Kip. So with regards to engine noise. What about aircraft without that consideration. Tail mounted engines like the DC-9, 727 etc. Wing position would have little effect on the overall engine noise in the cabin (they are noisy anyway). Raising the wing above the fuselage would not necessarily infringe on the cabin volume depending on wing box design but could slightly reduce headroom in the area. Landing gear like the C-130 and C-17 pose no challenges for the internal volume. So whats the downside here besides the fact it would deviate from the "Norm"
  18. what does a private citizen being arrested and convicted in China of drug trafficking have to do with Trudeau leadership?
  19. Raise the limit on the 401 all you want. the average speed will still be 30
  20. so for every $100 you earn you spend $67 on fuel? 67% of your income is spent on fuel? really. Time to find another hobby. ME for every $100 I earn I spend between $3 and $7 on fuel. Thats a better ratio. so worst case I spent $3 on gas tax. now granted I pay more than 33% income tax but still the meme is out of whack. Sot the government gets just over 40% for me in this case. However they do get 13% of the remaining money should I choose to spend it for HST Now if we are talking about a $12/hr worker thats about $24k / year. Taxes are not payable on the first $16k (not sure of the exact number) which leaves the taxes only payable on $8K So again that brings the number down significantly in fact the government will only tax you at about 15% which is one half of the claim in the meme. yes your marginal tax rate is about 32% but your average tax rate would be 15%. So you see how an over simplified and incorrect meme can change a perspective.
  21. NO.... $100 represents a portion of my income therefore the portion allocated to fuel must also be reduced by the same factory to maintain the correct ratio. so just NO. These are the stupid memes I was talking about on another post. factually inaccurate designed to provoke an emotional response.
  22. Yeah but the video was touted as being some big revalation of what goes on flying a B2. Its a cockpit like any other from the pilots perspective. maybe a more accurate GPS / nav system but a cockpit none the less. you want to impress me show me the goodies behind the pilot.
  23. Maybe a close Minority Conservative government would be the thing that triggers a move back to the center. I am not holding my breath but the wackjobs on the far left and far right are the ones making a mess. This country need some sanity somewhere in the middle.