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  1. ADS-B Which is pretty much mandatory now
  2. I don't tend to do any of that on a 900 pound motorcycle
  3. my mistake. I was under the impression that the clause was in there to continue to provide air services to rural communities. Must be confusing it with something else.
  4. I have been riding the whole time. No better way to isolate than to be out on the bike. ( I know....Possible accident blah blah blah..)
  5. yes but FedEx, DHL, UPS, etc. will ding you $30 at the door for brokerage fees. Canada Post does not charge brokerage fees from the US due to a reciprocal agreement. I will only purchase from US companies that ship via US Post for that reason. It could actually be higher that any taxes you are required to pay. Also I rarely get dinged for taxes anyway.
  6. the vocal minority will complain about this but the majority will jump on board. I say this because when the government dropped certain restriction here in Ontario, the Lineups of people at Dollarama, Michaels and other "Non-Essential"stores was overwhelming. Once the 14 day quarantine is lifted, people WILL travel. People, for the most part, follow the rules but some don't but only because they are the rules. start lifting those restrictions and the people will flood in.
  7. There was a second officer operating as a trainer who did not have the appropriate credentials for a small canadian charter operator. He was using someone elses license. Just so happened the guy whose licence he was using saw it in the logbook as he was doing maintenance with a contracting company. Got busted and a good chunk of the companies second officers all had to sit through a TC check as a result.
  8. notice the pilot never lets the long line start swinging. Constant acceleration and constant deceleration at each end. He has the physics nailed. Very skilled indeed.
  9. The Route Cancellations were / are a direct Jab at the government and a pressure point to achieve a goal or opening up the travel sector. AC is saddled with the requirement to serve many of these un profitable routes. The do no choose to fly these routes, they are mandated to under law. Withdrawing the service applies pressure on Trudeau to make the necessary changes to get us flying again. (by US I mean all airlines). Calin isn't stupid by any means and he is applying pressure where it hurts.
  10. I think you just proved his point.
  11. The internet was a far better place before Al Gore "discovered" it. It may not have been flashy but the information was all free and correct.
  12. however a small amout too much pressure "could" cause the locking pawl to stick until pressure is reduced. Just a possibility nothing more. Friction has a nasty habit of screwing things up.
  13. The Boeings do lock the reverse levers if the conditions are not met if memory serves. you can lift to the first detent and they wont go any further until the reverser deploys.
  14. I think they would have fared better had they just kept it on Terra Firma after the initial "landing" they took the time to attempt braking and reverse all of which take time. At that point sliding off the end was probably the best option. and most survivable
  15. ok.....Thats Twice I have actually agreed with him... The world is turning upside down
  16. braking ineffective, thrust reverse ineffective....Go Around.....
  17. personally I think its a hate crime to have a race where all you do is turn left for 200 laps.
  18. the problem is there is an element that will keep it the way it is.
  19. its a great way to destroy a perfectly good airplane is what it is. They come back with millions in damage every time.
  20. and that is why social networking is a blind failure because keyboard warriors can spout off anything they want to try and conform you to their beliefs.
  21. its in the release notes so they didnt sneek it in. it has been there for 2 minor releases but has been unavailable in canada until the last update.
  22. and again to my point. The IAMAW also represents the Baggage and Ramp personnel. Whose interests are better served?
  23. Canada still has some of the "best and brightest" in the aerospace sector and we still continue to lose them to the US. We still do a LOT of engineering and system work for companies like Boeing, Airbus, Lockheed Martin etc. But we would have been so much farther ahead had this project been allowed to see service.
  24. the problem is that the airports and any other sector of the industry is hurting just as bad.