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  1. Simple and maintenance friendly yes. Archaic and non integrated technology full of workarounds also yes. It could be twice the plane it is with a clean slate system redesign
  2. honestly....for the most part you get what you pay for
  3. yeah no white anglo saxon protestant EVER whipped or beat his kids. Delusional
  4. are we sure that's not a flight test scenario. The water ingestion test is a requirement for certification.
  5. You pilot types only see the shiny bits. Its the stuff under the floor that makes it work that counts adn in that arena the Bus far out weights the 37. The 37 is a mish mash shoveled into a box and shaken vigorously. the 37 is past it prime unless a full systems redesign is done on it. It will never catch up. That being said. the bean counters do not care
  6. When I worked flight test in Witchita on the original Global Express aircraft, it also exceeded Mach 1. We always knew when they did it because they would lose the lav service door.
  7. looking under the hood I would take a 320 over a 737 any day. The systems integration on the 737 is a mess of old and really old technology and now they are attempting to ADD new technology. Sure it's a workhorse but it no longer tried and true. Its a mess. the 320 is designed with the systems integration at the forefront and it works. It IS now the tried and true.
  8. I believe hitting you in the foot with a big rock will cure your headache. Should I do it? you cant prescribe meds based on beliefs. you need the science and doctors do NOT have that in theri repertoir
  9. Based on the Russian performance in Ukraine to date, I have my doubts that any threat of nuclear attack is reliable. They have commited fully 75% of their standing military to Ukraine and have not performed as well as one would think. Who is to say that Nukes and Hypersonic Missiles are not just empty threats because no one has been maintaining the the munitions. All of the money was funnelled to the Oligarchs. I believe nothing from Russia
  10. Watched it. nothing at all surprising there. Profit over innovation and safety.
  11. Boeing has sidestepped a lot of certification requirements in their history. The 747-400 kept the same certification (with amendments) as the -200 even though the wing was different. This shortened the certification process. The main technicality was not renumbering the slats. Thats why you have a 1A and not fully renumbered. Technicalities. The 737 has been redesigned so many time but always retains enough of the predecessor to be the same type for certification purposes. While this make development fast and cheap, it does nothing to enhance safety, comfort and efficiency. It is stagnating advancement and letting Airbus and others leap out ahead of the former king.
  12. The 727 and the 737 share the same cockpit section. My point was initially that they are attempting to make 1060s technology integrate with 2000 technology and it has many issue. From a pilot and backend perspective its all bright lights and shiny new things but under the skin is is a nightmare of independent systems trying to work together. Does it work? Sure. is it efficient or reliable? not really. Does it measure up to the competition? not by a longshot.
  13. I still do not see how blood thinners would have any effect on a Virus. If that were the case chew a few asprin a day
  14. the current 737 variations are an abomination of 1960s, 1970.s, 1980's etc technology. The integration of systems is no-existent and is mainly duct taped together to create the aircraft. it may look pretty in the (lower) cockpit but behind those screens is still analog and steam. The type is WAY past its prime and needs a full replacement.
  15. read the article of the Supersonic DC-8. They put the aircraft into a controlled dive with the trim set full nose up and held the aircraft in the dive to achieve speed in excess of Mach 1. it took 15000 feet to recover the dive.
  16. Not likely since the water tanks are integral to the fuselage.
  17. There is something to be said for the opposite strategy of build em cheap and build a lot of them. This Aircraft is trying to do too much and does none of it better than the competition. It is also missing one engine
  18. correct, however it is also used as rat poison. It causes Rats the hemorrhage and bleed out. Dosage of blood thinners is tightly controlled to prevent harm.
  19. if everyone in Ontario (for instance) were to go out this month and buy an electric vehicle, the Power grid would be brought to its knees just like in 2003. Our current power infrastructure cannot even handle a hot day in July without brown outs. Now add 14 million electric cars all soaking up their share of electrons. Ain't gonna happen. It would kill the grid. Until the government spends the necessary money to improve the power grid and ensure a substantial reserve, electric cars will remain niche in the near term. Our reliance on oil will continue for decades. Even electric cars need oil anyway, lots of plastic there. As for shipping oil to Europe. There is no worry there because we can't even ship oil to our own east coast. The priorities of this government are misguided for sure.
  20. heparin is a BLOOD THINNER. Similar to WARFARIN which is RAT POISON.
  21. Micro-Sienna Deck boards and lumber (Brown Pressure Treat) need at least 1 season to properly dry and acclimatize before staining or painting. Do it too early and you are in for increased maintenance. If we were still allowed to use the good stain from years ago it wouldnt be an issue but it is banned in Canada.
  22. The issue with it that it is nothing more than a cash grab and the money will never be used for anything related to carbon except maybe burning more jet fuel to go on vacation for the PM et al
  23. If I am to be a carbon neutral Canadian I am going to heat with oil and drive a big diesel. Perhaps run the AC with the windows open and same with the heat in winter. Gotta strive for neutral so increase my footprint.
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