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  1. Well we are on our way to the Democratic Republic of North American States. Let the secession begin
  2. it really is one of the main laws of physics. Matter cannot be created or destroyed, only change its state. By that reasoning a growth in population my result is something else shrinking. Mainly that would be the building blocks of life itself. in the forefront would be water. the human race, and all life actually, relies on water. too many people and too little water will wipe us from the earth. Of course there are other things but no matter what it is we are doomed because we are stupid.
  3. just read that Alstom deal should be finalized today
  4. probably the best thing you ever posted
  5. and the only thing to get out of the heavily redacted material is that the CBC is the source of the relevant information to justify the ban. WTF????
  6. As I have stated before. The Economy is based on GROWTH. No Growth = recession and negative growth = depression. Problem is, as is stated in the video, Growth is unsustainable. We will grow into extinction. Mother nature will will, of that I have no doubt.
  7. Humanity has stifled evolution. In the animal kingdom the stupid, sick adn slow are killed off and as a result the herd becomes stronger. Humanities attempt to better mother nature makes us weaker because we keep the stupid, sick and slow safe. While that may sound heartless humanity goes against the laws of nature where only the strong survive. Humanity gives us the EVERYONE survives scenario. You want to know what wrong with the earth? People. We found ways to increase life expectancy to the detriment of the planet we live on. Do away with vaccines, medicine and other technologies that help us live longer and in a couple of generations we will not have a population problem anymore.
  8. the number of infected is likely WAY higher than that. that's what they are reporting
  9. The Marginal Tax rate payed by the rich is by definition "more" However I do not think the Tax system is fair on the rich either. Why does a rich person pay a higher percentage of his money than a lower income earner? Flat tax is a better system because EVERYONE pays the same ratio of tax on their income. Say 25% as a nice round easy number. make %10,000 pay $2500. Make $100,000 pay $25,000 easy, straight forward and less red tape. Now make it so there are no tax deductions. Tax is tax Period. no hiding income. no one can argue but the low income earners will bitch because now they actually have to pay something into the system. Now go to the best system IMHO. Give me 100% of my income. Let me spend it as I please but only tax me on what I spend. Spending is what makes the economy run. If I have more I spend more. Tax all goods and services (maybe a few exceptions) at 25% (round number) and let the revenues flow. Do away with all of the other taxes and surcharges. The effect here is you can get rid of an entire branch of the Government.... The CRA. No need for a tax return anymore. As for the last statement in the quote above. Consumption tax at the right level would equal or better the income tax. High tax payers use shelters to hide their income from the tax man or just move it off shore. Consumption guarantees collection.
  10. the link says he invented the "plane helicopter" It is an AutoGyro or GyroCopter. been around for a very long time
  11. out of control semi and locomotive?
  12. This will continue all over the industry. We are coming full circle. When the industry started down the path of less oversight and Safety Management Systems being internalized, it was only a matter of time before issues started to pop up. While the theory is sound in principle, it relies on humans to manage it. human nature being what it is leads to a failure of the system. Familiarity Breeds Contempt. Outside oversight is the only way to keep the airlines on the straight and narrow. Don't get me wrong, there are companies that run internal SMS systems very well and take the system seriously but there are many that will slip and ultimately fall.
  13. yeah I saw that. Bloody idiotic. I understand that people have the right to peaceful protest but a good definition of peaceful is needed. Is it "Peaceful" to enrage fellow Canadians by preventing them access to their work and lively hood that have nothing at all to do with the topic at hand? I would argue no it is not. It is disruptive and ultimately leads to conflict which is far from the definition of peaceful.
  14. just go find t he lab that developed it to get the original strain and develop a vaccine from there. Let the conspiracy theories begin.
  15. WTF is wrong with this Country. If a kid walks along the CN rail tracks on his way to school he will (and has) be charged with trespassing. Now we have protesters literally blocking the rail lines and no one is being arrested or charged? Trains are big and heavy and take a very long time to stop. Just keep them moving. The protesters will move or get run over. simple analysis says the blockades will not last long. There are signs all over the place warning that train track are dangerous and trespassing is illegal and trains kill people. if they get nailed its all on them.
  16. absolutely he could have but stupid is stupid.
  17. yes teachers would love nothing more but Ford PULLED ALL THE FUNDING. hence STRIKE
  18. It is a culture adopted from McDonnell Douglas unfortunately. $ trumps Safety
  19. Home schooling is a 1 to 1 ratio. There are no special needs kids and no distractions. Have he enter tain 30 kids in her kids "class" 5 with ADHD and one Autistic and another with an inability to control anger emotions. Then see how she feels. Home schoolers don't live it so theri opinion is MOOT.