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  1. The Future of Automobiles ?

    And all this so people get to spend yet more time with their eyes glued on their smartphones/tablets!?!?!?
  2. FWIW, he's a 380 captain at Emirates.
  3. Monarch (UK) grounded

    Nothing going on, except for many flights to Cuba cancelled until 10/31. In fact, if you read today's press release, you'll find that instead of returning some of our 330s as the leases were coming to an end, we've actually managed to renegotiate terms and are going to keep them longer, that on top of getting new 321NEO-LR and the deal with Thomas Cook for more 321s...
  4. OMG NO FOOD (⸮)

    Conspiracy is a strong word, but favoritism comes to mind...
  5. OMG NO FOOD (⸮)

    I'll give you a different perspective... A small sample of what happened in YOW. All these aircraft were enroute to YUL and had to divert to YOW due to weather. They all wanted fuel. WJA542 landed at 1641 from YVR. Departed at 1836 ACA669 landed at 1654 from YHZ. Departed at 1925 ROU1963 landed at 1658 from MRS. Departed at 1945 TSC711 landed at 1703 from CDG. Departed at 2140 TSC157 landed at 1708 from BRU. Departed at 2259 KLM671 landed at 1712 from AMS. Departed at 2058 ACA318 landed at 1715 from YYC. Departed at 2221 TSC445 landed at 1717 from MRS. Departed at 2157 ROU1651 landed at 1727 from MIA. Departed at 2103 AC865 landed at 1730 from LHR. Departed at 2002 TSC507 landed at 1754 from FCO. Departed at 2207 KLM landed after two TSC flights but was refueled before both of them. ACA318 landed after two TSC flights but was refueled before one of them. ROU1651 landed after three TSC flights but was refueled before all three. AC865 landed after three TSC flights but was refueled before all three. Get the picture ? Also, a colleague told me that gnd ctl kept shuffling them around on their own power to accomodate other companies, and that the fueler even said to him he was to prioritize others before AT... " Stairs had nothing to o with it. They needed fuel. The flight from BRU obviously landed with minimal fuel, after perhaps holding YUL and diverting to YOW. Then instead of being parked, they were moved around from point to point with engines running in order to clear the way for other departing and arriving aircraft. YOW ramps are uncontrolled, so these were not ATC requests. Rumor has it they shut down engines several times and had to crank em back up, because local authorities asked them repeatedly to move to accommodate other aircraft. That whole time they were requesting and not obtaining fuel. They advised YOW several times that they were running out of fuel. That didn't help. They didn't want customs, or a gate, or water, or stairs, or mechanical help. They wanted fuel, fuel that was being provided to others but not to them. Several aircraft that landed after them were refueled before them and left, while they were still unsuccessfully clamoring for fuel. The APU eventually shut down due to fuel exhaustion....... And Air Transat makes headlines......... "
  6. They are starting to replace the older ones with newer copies... As for the 737s, there are rumours regarding replacing them with A320/A319s, but nothing confirmed yet.
  8. Trump Wins

    Are you guys for real? This has gone way beyond the leftie/rightie scope....
  9. Trump Wins

    Who cares what Ashley Judd says or do, or any righty or lefty for that matter... AFAIK, she's not in the WH in a position of power!
  10. Westjet Go Around SXM

    Seems like the article and pic posted in the OP were true after all...