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  1. The article says there were 134 people on the 319. How do you go about squeezing that many bodies into that airframe?
  2. I'm so glad we have organizations like 'The Rebel'.
  3. So much for labour's advancements; they're about to take a beating ... again.
  4. The Guardian ... really? But so what? If Hilary can run private servers and destroy all the associated electronic toys, evidence by another name, that she and her group were using to pass secret documents here and there without ending up in jail, it's hard to imagine the relevant importance of this latest Russia related revelation. Your side needs to get with the program Deicer, Russia is not the enemy, but Hilary and the 'Deep State' are and they have plans for your future. GO DONALD!
  5. Age 67 for domestic ops is coming soon ... they say.
  6. Falling asleep unexpectedly is a form of 'lost consciousness' as far as I know? Anyway, I think it was very big of JO to admit to same; it happens far more frequently than anyone would care to admit, or is reported on officially.
  7. There's a privately owned Russian 763 known as 'The Bandit' out there that uses the same mascara.
  8. Thanks HR. Imo the lawyer sums it up pretty nicely and only leaves one issue to be decided; did the police use reasonable force when they removed the passenger? I believe they did their job as required; they were not called in to debate the validity of United's decision.
  9. Barren ground Caribou are god awful tasting critters and the woodland version isn't all that much better either.
  10. You should have included 'junior & unconnected' prior to ' campaign staff' Deicer, but what's the point? How in your mind does that unremarkable revelation about a guy Trump has never met become chargeable against him personally? And what about the article posted above by Malcolm? Do you have any concern for the fact that fake news is guiding your side's perspective?
  11. It's been suggested that Trudeau is a closet muslim. At first blush that possibility sounded as remote as it first did with Obama, but after seeing how the two interrelated to each on the first meet along with other little gems including M103 & the Trudeau family vacation into the heart of Islam as well as the donation he made on behalf of the Canadian public to that cause do make for interesting conjecture.
  12. I flew the longer Allison 501D powered 580. The 'square' tips on that beast turned fuel into an unbelievably loud noise that drown out pretty much every other sound until power was substantially reduced. At that time there was a noticeable, but pleasant whistle of sorts that could be heard 'inside' the aircraft being emitted by the turbines. As you know, this whine is 'quite' noticeable to the outside observer, which isn't surprising considering the core of the powerplant is a turbojet engine. When heard from below on approach the shorter Dart powered Convair's noise footprint was different from the Allison's, but common with any other type that used that engine. I don't know that I've ever seen, or heard a Napier Eland powered model.
  13. The entire travel experience becomes an at your own risk adventure the moment you enter upon airport property. As Jesse Ventura learned, one must even be prepared to give up enshrined human Rights to fly.
  14. RR Darts are whistlers. Wright operated over short range city pairs such as DET - CLE. There's a well known now retired Canadian aviator from the Windsor area that flew for Wright back in the day.
  15. I think it looks like the cops are pulling him back to get the leverage needed for the armrest face slam?