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  1. Great article; thanks Jaydee. I have one comment to add. The author may want us to believe that all the issues he's identified are completely unique to Trudeau when in fact, Harper had and was continuing to drift way off course and into similar waters, which is why I stayed away from the voting booth this time out.
  2. The first men that walked the Earth were immigrants from somewhere, but that 'should' have little to with the management dynamics of a modern society. People that collected in what is now Canada were until fairly recently all bound to a common objective in spite of their cultural diversity. It was specifically because the Canadian population once shared a common cause, or 'unity' in their purpose that allowed Canada and the West to become great and able to contribute to the betterment of the entire world. Today, it's a different story, we seem to have lost our way, probably because we've had it far too easy for the past six decades; Canadians have become creatures of apathy? By fostering the notion that immigrants should favour and maintain their cultural, racial and religious identity as opposed to becoming members of the greater collective, we have and are continuing to allow all the negatives of the 'global diversity' to grow within and weaken our nation.
  3. A 1000 hour life limit ... wow, talk about expensive.
  4. Is there an accurate list that shows where all the wasted money is being deposited?
  5. Stupid was Obama's releasing this guy and killers just like him in response to do-gooder concern and demands! The Left needs to take responsibility for its ill considered agenda.
  6. Seeker posted a Rebel news clip above that demonstrates the true feelings of the cult. Can you imagine the pain that was inflicted upon the poor and now headless bugger that released the video and outed the group?
  7. Europeans are too busy guarding their families and homes to vacation abroad. This unfortunate reality comes about as a consequence of the action of Lefties like Merkel and has nothing whatsoever to do with Trump. Nice try to lay blame where it doesn't belong though.
  8. I'm proud to proclaim my support for Trump and gang! All the name calling and fake news in the world cannot make-up for the fact that WE WON! The 'losers' are just going to have to get a grip on their emotions.
  9. A disaster that can be pinned squarely on the apologists.
  10. "Separately, Sweden is believed to have the highest number of Islamic State fighters per capita in Europe. About 140 of the 300 who went to Syria and Iraq have since returned, leaving the authorities to grapple with how best to reintegrate them into society." Reintegrating roving murderers into society? What a wonderful concept.
  11. Your first three guesses sum it up with heavy emphasis on 'stupid'.
  12. After seeing Canada's response, instead of keeping the illegals to themselves, we should probably expect the US to start sending busloads of illegals our way. It wouldn't be unreasonable to assume that while the Mounties are distracting themselves assisting families to cross illegally, the bad guys are probably walking right around the fools and into our Country.
  13. A couple of hours ago I heard a news clip that claimed Trump was down a couple of points in the popularity poles. Were these not the same poles that guaranteed his loss in the election? Besides, what's the point of the pole in the first place?
  14. Another great link Seeker. We should be demanding answers from the Mounties; why aren't they taking down hate mongers like the caveman masquerading as an Imam in YUL when they stand before their mosque gatherings calling for the death of Jews? PC has gone way, way too far in this once great to live in Country!
  15. I thought protrudences like external missile and bomb racks were anything but stealthy?