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  1. Motion M-103 now In Parliament

    "By the by the Nazi genocide was not in WWI" What gave you the idea that I believed otherwise? Yes, history is full of bad. Unfortunately, like most every preceding culture, modern men haven't learned a thing from the mistakes of others, which means we're doomed to a 'Groundhog Day' (the movie) like existence.
  2. "The Chippewas were granted funding to participate as an intervener, they were involved during oral hearings and had the opportunity to present evidence and a final argument." I read; 'funding to hire lawyers'. Meanwhile, we have a big neighbourhood problem with certain activities of the Federal Government. Accordingly, why isn't our local association entitled to 'intervenor funding' when we seek to have our say?
  3. Motion M-103 now In Parliament

    But Malcolm, grand expressions of hatred, the nazis ideology for instance, 'always' come from small beginnings.
  4. Is it not fair to note that in spite of the fact that 'we all' couldn't be any more aware of the medievally inspired anti-female sentiments being expressed & fostered right here in Canada, the land of the free, from the Federal Government on down, society a whole chooses to remain taciturn. Even more bizarre are the white modern Millies who for the last century have never let up on their crusade for equal Rights, respect and opportunity for women, but somehow manage to remain oblivious to the most aggressive anti-female force the world has ever known. Differing opinions okay, but how did stupid ever get enough of a hold on the West that it became such a prevalent feature of the human condition?
  5. Motion M-103 now In Parliament

    Why does truth shock so many people Malcolm? It seems to me the attitude displayed today is pretty much the same as the one that led to WW 1, II and the near elimination of an entire race. Jaydee posted a poignant meme at the top of this page, which should lead to a question; why don't the masses respond to the horrible reality that is slapping them so squarely in the face?
  6. whats that noise???

    Because there's no problem with competency out there ...
  7. Double the Pleasure - Maybe?

    Aren't two & three class cabins already in use?
  8. I have lived on the Point Pelee Monarch migration route for may years now. This beautiful little creature is in big trouble; at one time millions and millions passed through on their way south, but their numbers are so low now fewer than a couple dozen were observed passing through here last fall. Insecticides and the destruction of milkweed are causal factors in their decline for certain, but I think it's the reality of their slow motion crossing of countless east / west lying roads that is the real culprit.
  9. Increasing unfunded demand on the health care system brings it closer to collapse every day.
  10. Aaaand It's Not Just Passengers

    It would be nice to know what really happened.
  11. Motion M-103 now In Parliament

    No sarcasm intended Malcolm; if you hadn't already noticed, whites are already hated widely because of their skin colour. Meanwhile, trudeau works to ensure our demise, a task that isn't proving to be all that difficult because we're a damn apathetic group. Did you miss the memo; white guilt is now a duty! A quote from a post of your own taken from another thread as a for instance: "Van Jones of CNN on July 7th following Sarsour's hate speech ... "We got your back, sister! Everyone knows these people are full of it. Keep on speaking your truth. @lsarsour …""
  12. Our Prime Minister

    Canada's pesky women don't need protection from Trudeau's animal friends; they apparently need an education in the sharia.
  13. WAYYYYYY out in LEFT field!

    12 year old boys need to stay safe and close to mommy in the girls change room? Humanity has lost its way and allowed the cuckoos to run the show.
  14. Kathleen Wynne

    GO liberals!