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  1. "Society is changing and not for the better." Agree, but where' does it end?
  2. Our Prime Minister

    Such a wise looking fellow, but the empty headed party master is proof that looks can fool; nice hair though.
  3. Bill Morneau.

    Standard story; the rich guy is trying to keep his money in his pocket and not give it away to others that didn't earn it. Right, wrong, or otherwise, someone may get their hand slapped, but nothing will change overall so long as the Left keeps requiring high earners to contribute ridiculously high percentages of their wealth in taxes.
  4. Bench Prayers

    Firecrackers could come in handy too?
  5. Justice System a Joke

    Thanks Malcolm.
  6. Other than keeping the hope alive that public discourse will somehow result in the cancellation of the carbon tax, what's the point of all the back and forth on this issue? As long as human populations keep growing and encroaching on everything environmental, there's no study, tax, or hope human generated carbon numbers are going to do anything but increase. Is it an in-the-gut sense of hopelessness that compels people to keep going round and round debating completely fanciful scientific theories when we should know the discussion always ends in the same empty place? Is our need to remain politically correct forcing us to resist and avoid any & all discussion / debate in respect of limiting and or reducing the global human population?
  7. Justice System a Joke

    Maybe I missed it, but I don't recall seeing anything identifying the creep as a 'Canadian?
  8. Bench Prayers

    Why wait? I'll bet the the hooded ignoramus would have woken up in a hurry had your wife started to move all the crap blocking the seat.
  9. Justice System a Joke

    "He went to Syria, met with some terrorists and a month later came back home. He then encouraged others to join the "cause" and urged others to commit acts of terror but, apparently, didn't commit any acts himself." The jihadi vacation perhaps? You know, the all inclusive tour type that gives clients the opportunity to participate in all the local festivities including beheadings, crucifixtions, gang rapes, burning infidels in cages and all sorts of other leisure activities ... yes, I know, he gave his word he was only there to watch. There is only one reasonable sentence for this sort of criminal traitor in Canada . The real question is, I think; why was he 'free' to return to Canada in the first place? In six months, or so from now, he'll be unleashed on society again; lucky us.
  10. Alaska Pilots get a good pay raise

    I think today's under forty crowd are likely to see a professional College that brings it / us all together. Unions and labour board oversight should rightly become footnotes of history.
  11. The F-35

    The aircraft would make a good technology research platform for the next twenty years, but I doubt it'll reach true operational status before becoming obsolete.
  12. Air Canada's first 737-Max 8

    Compare the 320 series to the 737. With a foot more in fuselage diameter the 320 at least gives the perception of space where the 737 gets to feeling quite 'tight' in short order.
  13. Justice System a Joke

    The minority is noisily enforcing their view of everything on the majority anymore in this once free Country; think, or talk contrary to their misguided wishes and it's sanctions for you.
  14. Happy terrorists; can it get any better? The public will now pay to house & care for this guy, his bride, and spawn for untold years to come; quite the deal for the people in return for extending their welcoming hands.
  15. We don't know what kind of threat level the program poses Malcolm. If 50 of every 50000 do bad over a five year period with their acts of terror, the assessment is troubling, but if only one of the 50000 somehow manages to kill thousands, the picture becomes very dark. As it stands we don't have the foggiest idea who the bad guys are, which make immigration schemes that allow people in just because especially dangerous. If there's any case at all to support continuing immigration, and I doubt there is, then I agree with the President's merit based approach.