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  1. WAYYYYYY out in LEFT field!

    I liked mo32a's earlier comment; "Well I'm a man but I identify as a woman, but I'm a lesbian. I'm having a great time". Serious question ... If someone was to wake up one day and feel like identifying as a Native Canadian, wouldn't it be appropriate for the Governments of Canada to accept their new classification for taxation purposes?
  2. Thanks JO, I wasn't aware.
  3. What pilot shortage............?

    "How would pilot unions change anything?" Pilot unions have increasingly less credibility these days; in the eyes of industry & government they're just another labour organization. Accordingly, pilot unions have almost zero influence on the direction of the industry and that's not something that's going to improve going forward. In the pre-deregulation era pilot unions were strong and close to obtaining professional status, but failed to pursue the agenda and instead got hung up on their own sense of self-importance. As the article shows, today's FAA and TC etc. along with industry managers will be determining the necessary elements of pilot training, not a professional piloting body.
  4. "At a conference in Paris in late 2015, governments agreed a plan to phase out fossil fuels this century and shift to renewable energies such as wind and solar power." Only a politician could offer up silly solutions such as taxes and solar / wind power based economies. Imagine a futuristic world that's home to 15 billion 'souls' that are all dependent on solar / wind driven electrical power. We know the planet's climate 'IS' mostly driven by solar heating. If all that energy is removed from the natural environment to serve our needs, will there not be a corresponding change in the climate around the globe? As far as I can see, short of a giant reduction in the number of earthly inhabitants, nukes are the only logical source of useful power, which is grand solution but for the consequences that follow statistically certain disaster.
  5. Will Boeing Give a Damn?

    Boeing and its 737 series fell way behind technologically when the 320 series was first introduced. Now, both Boeing and Airbus are scrambling to catch up to newcomer Bombardier. For its part, Boeing had snubbed the CS project and instead of being able to compete with a clean sheet design today they continue to push the tired old 737 airframe. It'll probably be a decade, or more before either of the two big guys will be in a position to field a competitive offering. It's all up to Bombardier now.
  6. What pilot shortage............?

    "Reports on Monday also suggested recruitment problems were affecting the airline and that it had lost pilots to rival Norwegian Air." Wawcon must be really poor at Ryan Air for them to be losing large numbers of pilots to an outfit like Norwegian. Even with the passage of time it's easy to see that some things never change. In the old days outfits like Millardair benefited from by utilising slave labour to fill their DC6 FO seats. Back then one lived in the hangar and was always on call, all essentially for free. In return the individual was able to 'build time' on the DC6 heavy to gain an entry advantage into the lucrative airline world. It seems the cadet programs at carriers like the Ryan & Norwegian's of the world are just employing a modernized version of the same scam. Where are the pilot unions? .
  7. Good video demonstration. Can gate designs be reconsidered to facilitate boarding of most if not all types through more than one door?
  8. I wonder what the size of the Canadian audience would normally have been and what it dwindled to last night? Funny thing, but even the Lefties I associate with knew what was to come from the Hollywood slurps and chose to tune out instead of watching.
  9. Food trolley injuries statistic

    TC and or the Safety Board might be helpful sources?
  10. Squirrels are as good as it gets. On the other side, there's probably nothing worse tasting than Kangaroo; northern Ontario's whitetail deer is a delicacy by comparison.
  11. In India there are families, including grandparents on down that circulate around the Indian farming districts. In return for allowing them to squat, the migrant families catch and consume the rats that feed on the farmers crops. When the rat supply is depleted, the migrants move on.
  12. Trump Wins

    Trump doesn't like to spend money the US doesn't have on wasteful projects, or bloated agencies; so what's wrong with that? It's funny to have to pose a question like this on an aviation forum, but did anyone notice Trump's frequent use of the 757 versus the 747, or consider the huge amounts of cash being saved by doing so? How could the media and public miss the huge reduction in the numbers of administrative staff around the White House, or comment on the associated cost savings? Finally; Trump has never fully committed himself to a Party. Instead, he favours common sense politics and anyone who like him is in the fray to get things done! Trump clearly prefers making deals as opposed to following the tradition of blaming the other side to justify their government's inability to move the agenda forward; isn't this approach exactly what the people have been hoping to see from their leadership for decades now?
  13. Little Hands on Experience needed

    "Could we be looking forward to "Distracted Aviating" ?" A friend was on a thirty mile ILS final approach in VFR weather when his FO, the flying pilot, picked up his I phone intending to alert a buddy to his gate time'. The FO later advised; "other guys let me do it".
  14. If you're unfortunate enough to be involved in a serious incident somewhere on the planet and the local authorities are holding you in custody until ... ; do you really want to have to turn to UNIFOR for technical & legal assistance?
  15. Little Hands on Experience needed

    JO I'm certain there are all kinds of people out there capable of 'learning to operate' modern aircraft; it's just that the crucial learning phase, the one that weeds out those that should not go on, should be occurring prior to the individual's entry into the air carrier game imo. Earning an ATP doesn't mean one has learned everything there is to know either, but the license does indicate the individual is capable of advancement; the CPL does not.