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  1. After reading of Kips and Upper Decks boating experiences over the years I gave in and bought a cottage near Algonquin Park on Aug 1st. Fortunately I don't know a thing about cottage life so the learning experience is great fun. The Two Jet skis I also bought weren't enough for the wife though. Now she wants a new car to tow the Jet Skis and to carry a group of friends around in comfort. Apparently my 11 yr old CRV with no faults and only 140 km isn't good enough anymore . I don't really want a pickup so what are the alternatives that folks would recommend that will deliver good towing capability off the shelf for the jet ski and boat trailers, 4 by 4 and AWD + high ground clearance for the trailers and the rough road, especially in winter (Private road maintained in winter) Good bit of Cargo space. Reliable CRV like comfort Also - Any recommendations on a nice ho hum reliable snowmobile for easy trail riding?
  2. I might add that I thought the tone of the discourse and the vitriol on here sometimes went well beyond what I would consider friendly or respectful. I know we lost some members who I genuinely respected and admired for their insights because of it. The nastiness snowballed after that because those that can't impose a bit of self control were then able to spend even more time beating up on those that remain.
  3. "...Fully loaded, the ES-30 is projected to have an all-electric, zero-emission range of 200 km. This can be extended to 400 km with power supplemented by the generators, and up to 800 km if the load is restricted to 25 passengers. Charging time for the aircraft is expected to be 30-to-50 minutes. ....." That certainly seems viable for some shorter routes but I'd probably drive just to save on time and have a car at the destination.
  4. https://www.newsweek.com/russia-pilots-repair-planes-sanctions-ukraine-war-report-1743217 During an address on "Air transport accessibility of the Far East in conditions of turbulence," he said: "Together with the Ministry of Transport, we must train and certify pilots as universal fighters: they must simultaneously be pilots and aircraft technicians. And the equipment should provide for the possibility of field repairs in operation. "We are talking about pilots, primarily of regional aviation, for which a fundamentally new system for maintaining the airworthiness of new types of domestic regional aircraft should be created." Are they talking about teaching Mechanics to fly or Pilot to be mechanics? I don;t think either is possible given the amount of learning each needs to do.
  5. There is no way on earth somebody who could retire on a full government pension at age 31 should ever be in charge of a political party let alone a country.
  6. All that snow and ice makes me wonder if I should start up the snow blower just to get ready or is it too soon?
  7. Wouldn't passengers have 02 masks in business aircraft?
  8. More info here https://aviation-safety.net/database/record.php?id=20220904-0 Citation II, Single pilot. 3 passengers. " German newspaper Bild reported that after take-off the plane had reported a problem with the cabin pressure and that contact was lost outside the Iberian Peninsula."
  9. https://crewroom.ca/panic-and-emergency-declared-on-air-nz-flight-as-masks-drop/ As the aircraft fell from 34,000 feet to 27,000 feet, according to a statement from the airline’s chief operational integrity and safety officer Captain David Morgan, oxygen masks were automatically deployed to prevent anticipated turbulence. So let me make sure I understand this. Doing what prevents turbulence? There should be awards for the reporter with the funniest airplane story
  10. https://www.cnbc.com/2022/08/12/europe-travel-airlines-halt-some-staff-flight-perks-buddy-passes.html
  11. One of the things I like about voting on other forums is that downvotes tend to stifle the obnoxious posters or keep them in check. Maybe there are other explanations for it but I seem to have notice a lot of interesting people have dropped off in the past few years just as the amount of persistent belligerent postings started to increase. We just don't have the discussions we used to have in days of yore. One or two obnoxious posts stifle things after just a few posts.
  12. Whatever happened to "The Customer is always right"?
  13. Fair enough. I will delete my comment
  14. I never got past the disappointment of it not being even remotely similar to the Space Station in 2001 A Space Odyssey. I think NASA must have run out of Canadian Engineers and Scientists.
  15. Karma can really bite sometimes. Not that the guy feels anything close to shame.
  16. Good tale. Those were the real wonder years I think.
  17. The Lockdown is over. Just saying.
  18. I would have bet hell would freeze over before something like this ever happened Air Canada and Emirates Form Strategic Partnership (newswire.ca)
  19. Not that I'm criticizing but that's a heck of a convoluted way to hide the fact that they're just raising prices.
  20. Kind of hard to schedule baggage handlers when predicting the actual time flights arrive or leave the gate is more challenging than Whack a Mole.
  21. Just a quick summing gave me over 100 flights cancelled.
  22. I actually liked the snow. It slowed things down a bit and made people more sympathetic or courteous to each other. Then again - I had a plow service.
  23. How does Montreal never make these lists? I'm a unilingual Anglo and it's still the best place I ever lived.
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