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  1. Having been on both sides of the deal - better financing always wins. It is a business after all and operating economics are for the next guy to worry about.
  2. That's such an Irish thing to say - I gotta go work there just for the punchlines.
  3. Anybody hear of any rumblings to do the same over here?
  4. From the ground - the scariest plane there is I think cause it doesn't fly away - it just loiters there with that huge gun shooting everywhere and busting up every tank in sight. The Ukranians would love a few I bet.
  5. Not that I don't love the new planes but they're missing something with all that aluminum - a recycle icon on the side somewhere I think
  6. I'm no expert but I agree with his wife that it was some kind of depression. He has completely withdrawn from everybody which is why he and the union parted ways I think.
  7. He was but they parted somehow.
  8. A pilot friend at one our majors was recently terminated. He claims it was a medical issue that he felt put him in the position of operating an airplane unsafely and he refused to fly. The company said otherwise and now he needs a lawyer to negotiate a termination settlement with the company. Does anybody know of any lawyers out there for pilots?
  9. Given their history with GE on the narrowbody Airbus fleet that was a surprise.
  10. That's not exactly what was said - from the executive summary of the report being cited there there were 3 statements re Air Service Air Transport ■ The Panel believes that more foreign participation in the air transport sector is likely both inevitable, provided that “Open Skies” treaties can be negotiated between Canada and other nations, and desirable in terms of increased competitive intensity, which will benefit the travelling public. ■ Unilateral removal of foreign ownership restrictions on Canada’s international air carriers is not recommended, given that international air travel is governed by bilateral treaties. ■ Accordingly, Panel recommendations in the air transport sector focus on allowing greater foreign ownership on a reciprocal basis with other countries and the completion of “Open Skies” negotiations with the European Union.
  11. Seriously? That seems a bit much or am I out of touch with today's financial markets?
  12. If there's one thing I've learned from being in business all those years ago it's that there's no money in being competitive. Too many people chasing too little money.
  13. When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth? Ergo, the driver must have some means to make themselves invisible.
  14. The white smoke appears to start just a moment before the plane passed behind the white pick up. A blown tire doesn't create that much smoke or create the need for a turn back. A hydraulic issue could though.
  15. I would be surprised. They have been operating with 5G in the EU for a while now and it's been a non event. The chart below shows explains the difference between I think. The operational frequency band (dark blue) of 5G in the EU is well below the RA band. The introductijon of 5G in the US though is more problematic. Their Telcos started installing towers in Jan/Feb this year and the frequency band they're using is much higher than that in the EU (with an increased potential for interference) and they operate at higher power levels. After July 01 the allowed power levels around US airports will increase which further increases the risks.
  16. I'm just glad the decision has been made. I wasn't looking forward to learning Mandarin or Russian if we picked the Grippen.
  17. We've all seen Putin sitting sitting 30 ft away from everybody in mtgs and we all figured he was either paranoid or immunocompromised. What's the issue with Biden in this screenshot?- Did he come into contact with somebody who had COVID?
  18. Out of curiosity - how many hrs or TT would our F18 fleet have per aircraft - on average. Anybody know?
  19. Two friends had the same issue. Both were away on vacation at the time. One of them was declined any compensation from the Insurance as he left the house unattended for more than 7 days - apparently that invalidated his claim.
  20. "....dwarfs the largest military ship in the world, the U.S. Nimitz-class aircraft carrier." Wow!
  21. Sell it to the Americans. Anything of any value there will be bought by the Americans anyways so sell it to them. No brainer. We get money and improved security at minimal cost.
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