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  1. THAT would be a good video to see at full speed, at half speed and at 1/4 speed.
  2. Kathy & I are cleaning up and getting ready to move to a smaller place. Part of the moving process is to go through old files and try to throw out the one that have not been touched in years, something I'm doing today. I just came across one of Kip's postings that I thought so much of when I read it that I printed it out and put it in my 'good things to read' file. I'm sure glad I did; it was just as powerful today as it was years ago. Thanks (again) Kip. For those who were not here in 2003 have a look at this link:
  3. Kip, I was told that those boats get about ten feet per gallon - that means you hold about 588 gallons. Not too shabby.
  4. Remember when BA (and others) did five minute mini-movie style commercials? Perhaps they would not be effective with a generation of "4 seconds to hold interest or I click another page" consumers. Ah, the good ol' days, right?
  5. I agree with everything that Kip said; with enthusiasm. For most of my career I was involved in retirement planning in one form or another (helped set up a Group RRSP, helped set up a DB Pension Plan etc.) and I looked forward to my last flight. I was ready, willing and able to take the family for my last flight, hand in the red card and get on with life. BONUS: I managed to do it while still in my 50's. (But not 'freedom 55' as I had wished for.) I did not, however, truly appreciate the retired lifestyle and learned very quickly that Kip is right when he said "I don’t have enough time in each day to do everything I want to do." On the other hand, there are many pilots who dedicate a vast amount of time to their work and their whole social life revolves around work and/or co-workers. Some of these pilots have difficulty making the transition to retiree as they are cut off from the only thing they know and feel comfortable with. They are NOT ready, willing and able to retire. To those pilots I'd suggest trying some hobbies, or some new activities (pickle ball is not just for seniors), or some old activities (ridden that old bike lately?). It just might be a little taste of what awaits for you.
  6. You can not use your red tag to get past security if not on duty and working for the employer shown on it. In 2010 I was an Olympic volunteer based at YVR during the Paralympics. We had some volunteer stations that were on the gate side of security so I had to get my red card updated to show the YVR Olympic Committee and my airline as 'employers'. I was told there was only one other person volunteering for the Olympics that came 'pre-cleared' with another employer. It took me all of 4 minutes in the pass office to get the modified red tag. (But, ironically, much longer to get it reversed to one employer.) P.S. I support blues' idea of being carried through the goal posts.
  7. What have people been saying lately? "Your words count."
  8. Thanks Kip - that Well worth the Watch video was well worth the time it took to watch. Comment: Last summer the Port of Vancouver was advertising how it provided shore power to cruise ships. The commercial showed the massive electrical conduits being attached while a voice over mentioned how much airborne pollution was being prevented by having the ships shut down their engines while in port. Huge numbers. Your video makes mention of how much pollution is spewed out by just 16 large tankers and it is rather amazing isn't it? Kinda makes one wonder why consumers like us are being forced to pay much more than our fair share for the sins of the global tanker industry.
  9. Kip - Kathy & I will be sleeping the new year in as well. Bought a big RV this year and must be up early to catch a flight to our 'winter home' where it's parked. Here is a shot of our front yard in the early morning:
  10. Kip, after reading your post I had no inclination to add up the numbers. But I am fond of quoting Mark Twain: "Just be glad you are not getting all the government you're paying for." Also was thinking of the (lucky super-senior) Challenger crew getting an all-expensed paid vacation in the sunny south. I sure hope they appreciate my small contribution to their lifestyle.
  11. Last day of the year. Last day of the career. Even if this pilot is having a lot of personal turmoil right now it's very hard to have sympathy for drinking and driving and even more so for drinking and flying. Very sad for all involved.
  12. It's a lot easier to see when you know where to look!
  13. On the TSB website on ongoing investigations there are now only four aviation accidents that pre-date this one. I wonder if it will make the bottom of the list one day. Ongoing aviation investigations
  14. Looks like Don is still using White Rock snow tires on that plow. Hope the plows he ships to North Vancouver (and all of Ontario) come with chains.