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  1. From Deicer's linked article: "The regulator has pointed to Premier Doug Ford’s efforts to force former Hydro One CEO Mayo Schmidt to retire — which was followed by the resignation of the utility’s entire board — as a sign that the province was willing to put political interests above those of shareholders." Imagine that eh; Dougie wasn't willing to place the shareholder's interests first?
  2. Good effort Wolfhunter, but when your opposition creates & maintains a position contrary to common sense, you might as well paint a spot on a wall and debate with it as waste time arguing with those that are bent on bringing the house down regardless. So, how many weeks will it be before the US and Canada resemble today's Venezuela?
  3. The picture above tells a story; 'the lights are on, but no one's home'.
  4. Ten years from now the same body will be revamping the list again on the basis the old was flawed. Eat what you want; you're going to die regardless.
  5. I only measure the man by the results of his work. All the minutia only distracts us from the big picture.
  6. It's all part of the package. If the Donald wasn't Donald he'd be another typical politician and like them just as unlikely to get anything done. I find that a grain of salt can make some of his 'utterances' quite funny.
  7. The poster is kind of misleading I think? The Green Peace guy didn't cut down any trees, so does he really need to plant any? Disclaimer ... I do acknowledge the fellow as an end use consumer of forest products; I would hope his protest recognizes that reality too? I'm not much of a fan of the forestry industry; I think greed has resulted in a lot of environmental abuses. A couple of things industry doesn't want you to know ... Forest fires are part of the natural regeneration process, which is absolutely necessary to maintaining a healthy forest environment. When
  8. Agree; there's no doubt Trump would be very difficult to work for. Advice is just that, but it is Trump's Presidency and history will remember him for the results of the decisions he makes. So far, the results seem to be pretty darn good, especially considering all the daily drama caused by the left.
  9. Some of these departures are for obvious reasons and others are a little mysterious, but I think the never ending expressions of hate from lefties probably takes quite a toll on family life and drives exceptionally competent people like Nikki Haley to leave.
  10. I have to agree. As silly as the custom may be, the handshake is part of an initiation policy that belongs to the Danes. Western cultures have used the handshake to seal deals for ever; the practice confirms a covenant of sorts.
  11. Deicer " I have many friends and neighbours who benefited from the cap and trade because the portion that was supposed to be returned to the public was. They replaced windows, doors, installed new insulation and it was all covered by the cap and trade rebates. That's what it was about." But someone else has friends that had to pay the tax to cover your friends upgrades and how fair is that? Even worse, when the government shakes the taxpayer down 60% of the cash collected is used to cover the government's cost of transferring the bounty to another man's pocket.
  12. From the article posted above by Jaydee it looks like things are moving along quite nicely in the China trade talks eh Deicer?
  13. "Loose Lips Sink Ships" Says silly old Nancy. It's kind of odd don't you think that Pelosi would book tickets for a bag of well known government lefties over the phone and then claim the Administration leaked their travel plans? Is there any more fake news for Friday?
  14. Did you hear Malcolm; the life raft carrying the so-called 'smart rats' has sunk?
  15. "Will have to see how it really plays out, however they didn't deny the allegations, just said they are 'not accurate'" .'We'll have to see'??? It's amazing to see how easy the fake news sucks you in Decier.
  16. There are lots of great things to be discovered and found in Toronto; the ROM and the PMH for instance.
  17. I wonder if trudeau senior ever intended, or expected people from other lands to integrate when he introduced his multicultural ideals? When the dancing fool claimed we didn't have a core identity and may be the first post- nation state was it wishful thinking, or the actual plan?
  18. Just a small point, but any concern I may have expressed with regard to the declining health of the City shouldn't be characterized as hateful. And I don't 'hate from afar, but I can certainly sense the changing pulse of a City I'm familiar enough with to be taking notice. I can't say I understand your taking offence?
  19. ""Compulsive behaviour and impaired judgment are symptoms of the mental illness of substance use disorder. They were manifested in this case ... by either no capacity or diminished capacity on the part of (D.S.) to comply with workplace rules prohibiting diversion of narcotics and falsification of medical records." What happened to the Criminal Code and or the Narcotics Control Act? When does personal responsibility and discipline enter the equation? This Decision would seem to give employed junkies a get out of jail free card when they commit crimes in the workplace in support
  20. I'm familiar with the topic boestar; restraining discussion for the sake of protecting your sensibilities just ain't on.
  21. "“To make sure Indigenous, traditional or different ways of knowing are included in research,” Duncan said during the announcement in Saskatoon Monday. “If you live on the land for 10,000 years you need to be able to read the sky, the land, or the water or you don’t survive.”" What kind of research worth $5.6M is needed? I mean, people have 'survived' all over the planet since the beginning by reading the sky, the land, or the water. Best practices were retained and civilization moved forward. I think Malcolm's right; trudeau's out to buy votes with this waste of resources