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  1. ummm...What? How are we removing the energy from the environment? The sun will always shine. Well until it become a red giant and kills us all anyway.
  2. This is the method I was talking about.
  3. I watched a video on a boarding process that is supposed to be the more efficient but it is confusing. Boarding was done by every three rows, windows inward. They boarded a single aisle aircraft in 8 minutes or something like that. I cannot find the video.
  4. Little Hands on Experience needed

    I see people using the on ramps all the time to pass traffic. It drives me nuts.
  5. Food trolley injuries statistic

    that information would be held in the company accident reporting or SMS system. Not easy to get.
  6. Several years ago I flew on a Thomas Cook 757 from LGW to YYZ. in LGW they placed us all in a predeparture lounge where they checked out ID and everything on entry. we were lined up in this lounge based on our rows. When the plane was ready to board we all just walked on and ended up in the right place, it was the fastest boarding I have ever seen. However it is the only time I have ever seen it done this way.
  7. Irma

    LOL The world is a scary place
  8. Irma

    That along with the 75 cases of bottled water. 750 pieces of canned food, Various Firearms and associated ammunition. The 2 ton truck with the 12 steel armour backed up with 3/4" ballistic aramid fibre sheeting. Should be good to outlast the Zombies.
  9. No we are stuffing more people in to tighter seats with less room. This make for increased stress. Too many mice in the cage ALWAYS results in an uprising of some sort.
  10. thanks Conehead That's exactly what I was wondering
  11. Tremendous leverage with Chinese banks? How much of the US debt do Chinese banks hold again?
  12. so if you sell "black Market" pot after the legalization, what do you get charged with? Tax Evasion?
  13. Not familiar with the Embraer. Is the Middle compartment door just a latched door or is it screwed on? VSPLAT has a point if it is a simple latched door. Much contraband has been found in easily accessible areas of aircraft in the past.
  14. What Mechanic would take a drink into a confined space while performing maintenance. in 30 years I have NEVER seen that.
  15. some estimates say 90% of the buildigs on the island were severely damaged or destroyed.