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  1. Maybe people should read the terms and conditions of their CONTRACT of carriage. But alas no one does. Cancellation insurance isn't so expensive sounding now is it?
  2. Sure, Shrink in back to the 60's and 70's and see how many people will pay $3500 to fly to Vancouver from YYZ. ECONOMY
  3. How did that flaw even make it through initial functional testing. Were there no standards in place? Boeing has done a pathetic job in transforming a proven airframe into a working tanker. It really is shameful.
  4. I am pretty sure they reversed the original rule after the rather large out cry
  5. Last I saw AC was still operating flights to 5 international destinations and 12 in North America
  6. by my (rough) calculation on transportation alone we have reduced somewhere around 16 Mt of CO2 over the last 30 days by virtue of the fact the highways, byways and airways are basically empty. The transportation sector makes up 28% of Our emissions and we have decreased that by a huge amount over the last month. Another Month of this and the reduction will be 32Mt. We are well on our way to meeting our targets now. Just need to keep this up for a year.
  7. News outlets are just a vehicle for people with money and power to put forth an agenda. Don't expect anything else.
  8. True They are also NOT processing applications and licenses right now so it's kind of moot point.
  9. Migrant Farm workers are being allowed accross the border as they were deemed an essential service. Friends of mine use Migrant workers on their farm and, although they were worried earlier, have had no issues with their workers getting here.
  10. yeah some report the loss as year over year (ahem AC) and not current situation.
  11. is that a year over year loss or an actual expense vs revenue for the period loss?
  12. one of my riding buddies owns a photo store and does Passport and PAL photos. He said the number of PAL photo requests was WAY up at the beginning of March until he had to close.
  13. I get the reasons however people not paying attention and the government NOT intervening is akin to killing the citizenry. If people are too stupid then the government regulates. Just like your helmet. we mus because those before us were stupid. lack of action by the Cheeto in charge is by default causing deaths. Yes those deaths are also caused by a healthcare system that was ill prepared to handle the onslaught caused by sheer ignorance. Ignorance on one side I can accept but ignorance on both is just plain....well....ignorant.
  14. My kid works security in YOW 3 passengers screened on here shift this morning.