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  1. Canadian Culture is founded in our diversity. we are all immigrants or ancestors of immigrants.
  2. Personally I wouldnt class that as a terrorist shooting. Hate crime or racially motivated but certainly not terrorist. The idea of a Terror attack is to inflict as much damage as possible to inflict terror on as many people as possible. It is over used in this day and age I believe. Yes this is the negative direction the US has taken. Unfortunately it is just exposing what has been there all along but was not "Politically Correct" to speak up about. The Donald has removed that "filter" so hate and racism are the new america.
  3. Scary looking at that big prop outside the window like that
  4. How did that line go....Hello Devil, Welcome to hell.
  5. Average Payout...Average....Many get far less and may get far more. Its an average. you payout is determined by a percentage of your base salary. Make more, get more. Thats the way it works.
  6. Clearly America is going to hell in a handbasket all while the Fox News Zombies Cheer and applaud. Trump was right when he said the republicans were the stupidest bunch of voters.
  7. Heathrow is a nightmare.
  8. whatever works. It's all lies
  10. So you are against the rights of the individual?
  11. I just skimmed that so may have missed it but, exactly, where does one park these extra aircraft? It is all fine and dandy to arrive more aircraft but you also need to depart an equal amount. There are only so many gates. It is bad enough now that we need to wait for a gate to open, which has happened to me on 4 of my last 5 flights into YYZ
  12. Ok so you hold someone in confinement and treat them like crap and are then surprised that the same person holds a significant grudge? America is spectacular at Pi$$ing people off and then being surprised that they get attacked. Stupid is as stupid does I guess.
  13. This Sort of this is just a little silly. the process for connecting passengers is stupid for Border security and well as airport security. If you remain in the sterile portion of the terminal when transiting to a different airline then why should you 1) have to clear a border checkpoint at all and 2) have to clear airport security a second time. Last time I had a connection in YUL I cleared customs as I was entering Canada and connecting to a domestic flight. I get the clearance here but I then had to leave the sterile area and go through security. This led to my SECURITY SEALED bag of booze being opened and Scanned by security nearly making me miss my connection. The purpose of the security sealed bag is so you don't have to do this and why did I have to leave the sterile area and re clear security? Their processes are so screwed up is silly. The US is getting even worse.
  14. Americans have been brainwashed about Cuba. That good for the rest of us that know better.
  15. When I started riding a motorcycle several years ago I noticed a LOT more of what was going on around me on the road. Now I am also a far more attentive driver. Situational awareness is crucial whether you are walking, driving or flying. Failing to be aware of what is going on around you can be, as we saw above, fatal. It amazes me how many people walk around like zombies without a single clue of what is happening around them.