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  1. But on what terms and what compensation. A cancelled flight replaced with a different flight at the same schedule should not require any compensation at all.
  2. I went to check in for a flight a few weeks ago. Went to the kiosk and entered my info to be met with " You flight has been Delayed or cancelled". Nice.. The flight was replaced with a new flight number, original tail and original passengers. The only thing different was the flight number. I have no idea why this change was made. This would be pretty startling to a regular passenger who didn't know the options. I would expect to see a lot more of this
  3. Nope 2 different technologies serving a similar purpose. more than one way to skin a cat.
  4. So 110 people show up for a 100 seat flight. We cannot seat everyone but we "HAVE" to. So we cancel the flight, rebook 100 passengers on the same plane with a new flight number and re-accommodate the 10 spares on the next available flight. OTP goes into the toilet and the issue gats even worse.
  5. Watch the flight cancellations skyrocket.
  6. They have been doing this for years
  7. Wiki for spinoff technology that came from Nasa. A lot of things I never knew of.
  8. Really??? An this is the airlines fault that cheap passengers don't want to pony up the $25 to check a bag? Again we can address this....for a price.
  9. We can make everyone happy but we will have to charge 50% more for the ticket. This eliminates a lot of issues. The only person that will be unhappy is the guy looking for the best service for the cheapest possible fare. You either pay RynaAir prices for Ryan Air Service or pay the full service fare for the full service. you cant get full service for a Ryanair price. it is not possible.
  10. Last time I flew United was my last ever. 3 rejected takeoffs on one flight. Even made me a little nervous.
  11. Never heard the FAs ask for volunteers but I have heard it at the gate
  12. yeah and they used to paint the top of the nose flat black. sort of an extension of the glare shield. I always like that look
  13. If a 15 year old travelling alone half way across the continent can't handle spending the night on a bench in the terminal or at a table at timmies then the problem is with the teen not the airline. What is wrong with kids these days? This stuff is easy. Question is why a 6pm Thunder bay flight the next day. there must be an earlier one.
  14. One would think that with the evolution of technology since the 60's we should be able to build an efficient one today.
  15. Nola had problems long before Katrina. Outside of the down town area are some pretty economically depressed areas. Even worse after Katrina