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  1. boestar

    Trump's Space Force

    yes, signed in the 60s . but when has that ever stopped anyone.
  2. My contention is that those who have issues at the border, much like those that get pulled over by the cops, bring those issues on themselves. Be polite, answer the questions and have your documents ready and the transition is smooth. If I can pull up the the border with a group of 6 bilkers all wearing patch clad leather vests with 9 days of facial hair growth smelling of a barnyard and be through after 4 questions and under 3 minutes then what is the issue? I can count on one finger the number of times I have received the fine I actually deserved when pulled over but I hear guys all the time bitching about the cop and my question is always "Did you speak to him like that?" Usually that is the case. You reap what you sow.
  3. Its a victory for now but hang on to your tax dollars. There will be a class action lawsuit against the Ford Government. This is far from over. It was the right thing to do but the wrong way to do it.
  4. boestar

    Trump 2.0 Continues

    DEFCON. You have no idea what or where I get my news and information from. I know what the lies are and I have a pretty good vision of what is going on in the world let alone the US. It just seems that there is a certain group of really gullible people in the world that are totaly missing whats going on. Let me give you a hint. If its on TV, Thats not the news story. I keep saying you need to pull back the curtain. I would suggest some reading but I am sure that would be too much effort but lets just say Life imitates art in this case.
  5. It aint all gonna happen at a 2 minute border crossing interview.
  6. CO2 is not the only GHG that comes out of a Volcano.
  7. So we introduce a "fart" fine. you have to pay a tax every time you fart to fight your GHG commissions. One Major Volcanic eruption undoes decades of GHG reductions by the population that actually does so. Mother nature is bigger than us and she will win.
  8. boestar

    Shootings and Knifings

    Wolf you know as well as anyone that our current laws around firearms are pathetic.
  9. FYI Kip. Hard hats are not a requirement. Boots are adn well...the cigarette is just french
  10. While I do believe we humans have had an impact, I also believe that the Arctic Ice would have melted and Kilimanjaro Glacial ice would have retreated or melted, Greenland would become green, all without us being present. One has to go back thousands of years to see the cycle of the planet. Did we speed the process up? probably. Can we stop it? not likely. Can we slow it down? Maybe. Mother nature will find the balance. I am pretty sure that balance will come with a reduction of the human population on the planet.
  11. boestar

    The New Bearded ones

    It was, once upon a time, almost a formal occasion to travel on passes. Suit and tie. Then it was if you dressed up you stood a good chance at Business or First Class. Now you dress like the masses and sit with the masses
  12. boestar

    Our Prime Minister

    too little too late. Bernier screwed the conservatives. May as well have handed them the election. Right move wrong time.