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  1. Yeah... Last year when I was picking my daughter up from Ottawa to come home for the summer, the car got a little full so my wife flew back. My other daughter (who lives in Ottawa). drove her to the airport and myself and my other daughter headed home. We arrived home (Toronto) 5 minutes after my wife. Is it really worth flying short routes?
  2. Quite normal. I have seen winglets blown to bits and static wicks blown off. That is not the strike area. that is the EXIT wound
  3. I am not sure why the guy in the photo is looking in the wheel well??????
  4. If there is no crew, there is no safety issue. Kind of like "nobody works, nobody gets hurt"
  5. yup good old stunned mentality. Stop them from hiring foreign pilots so you can accelerate your path to bankruptcy.
  6. I find that I do not frequent the forums as much as I used to because of the divisive nature of the "NON AVIATION" posts. I do ignore them now when I come to the forum but IMHO those discussions are better left in the political forums.
  7. I worked on a contract for a top CEO of a very large Database company that we all know. We were working based at MaClellan AFB in Sacramento CA where the FBO was located. The CEO of the company FLEW in from San Francisco on a CJ5 to pick up his G5 (which was parked next to his Global Express which we were working on) to fly off to wherever. its crazy when you are rich.
  8. if I had a dollar for all of the "Brand new canadian airlines" that no longer exist I could buy a meal at Mcdonalds
  9. after examining the data I am not so worried. The data is all stored on the device until you submit it to the CBSA. No background operation.
  10. Here is my solution. Everyone that uses ArriveCan goes through Line "A" everyone that chooses pen,paper,kiosk uses line "B" I will wave on my way by in Line A If you have never used it by all means shut up
  11. if you are trying to get home from LHR,LGW MUC,FRA FORGET ABOUT IT. The airports have placed restrictions on the capacity of aircraft at 90%. That means planes are leaving without cons. For a while there was a ban on all NON-Rev passengers DEPARTING LHR and LGW. It is a Poopshow for cons in Europe right now. I am going to LHR in a couple of weeks and I am returning from another airport due to the restrictions unless they are no extended past the Sep 11 date at which time I will alter my bookings.
  12. ok what is everyones issue with ArriveCan other than the obvious Vaccination stuff. It electronically does everything I need to do with pen and paper now. It does make life easier aside from the nefarious bits.
  13. I always like "The Airplane fell from XXXX to XXXX feet" As if it were held up there by the pressurized air in the cabin. It did not fall. it was driven there
  14. LHR has banned all NON_REV passengers until Sept 11 on departing flights. All Flights were capped at 90% of available seats which ended earlier this month. LHR adn LGW are a bloody mess and this is their solution it is the AIRPORT imposing these restrictions
  15. This is just the continuing story of the Liberals coming to the wrong conclusion and doing the wrong thing. Seems to be a trend. Well there is a Tornado so blame the airline. Severe Thunderstorm at the destination...Blame the airline. Someone was shot in Toronto blame legal gun owners. I am sure there are a thousand more examples of their incompetence.
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