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  1. Thanks for reposting that. It's beautiful
  2. i did "Warm Truck" operations for a while (decades ago) we used to walk the dogs land side to let them get some exercise and relieve themselves. It also helped them relax.
  3. Canada as a whole cleans more carbon from the atmosphere than it produces. That is a Net Negative production rate. The government should be paying us.
  4. Not really... Was he operating within the limitations of the regulations or not? There are many places where private aircraft "infringe" on the Terminal area but are still legal and not "idiots". YYZ is such an area. NC3 has a cutout just for its operations and a non standard circuit height to accommodate YYZ operations. This altitude gets busted routinely, or at least it did at one time.
  5. The Government (in Ontario) shoulders much of the cost. Most Testing centres do not sell machines. Some do but not many. They are doctors offices not supply stores. I am well aware of the restrictions as I am a pilot like most of you. I revoked my own medical for health reasons before the diagnosis. It has since been reinstated with the restriction that I continue the CPAP therapy. the restriction was imposed by the Medical Examiner. I would suggest that anyone who has heard a complaint that they snore loud or excessively get tested. It truly made a world of difference for me (and my wife)
  6. Would Airdrie not put him well outside the CZ?
  7. My follow up lab was supposed to be 6-8 weeks from the initial study. it was done in 2 days because of the severity. They can be scheduled based on severity.
  8. yes only the wheel departed unless they have tire pressure monitoring there would be no indication. several incidents of this on the 767 years ago.
  9. I worked with some of the guys from Flying Colours when we completed Pierre Boudoins Global Express. They are a talented bunch.
  10. being a Sleep apnea sufferer I can attest that I could fall asleep on a roller coaster in the right conditions until I began using CPAP. I sought treatment when I began falling asleep at the wheel, my desk and just about anywhere else. I was a danger to myself and others. The only other "symptom" was snoring. When I had my sleep study done they noted that my breathing was stopping 69 times an hour. YES SIXTY NINE TIMES AN HOUR. more than once a minute. this placed me in the severe category. Treatment began immediately after the study. The results were swift and astounding. Any pilot that experiences chronic fatigue should undergo a sleep study and see if they have an issue. It was honestly the best thing I ever did. There are millions of undiagnosed people out there with Sleep Apnea.
  11. Miracle? There were only 7 other wheels to take the load.
  12. What would be the different in continuing on to LHR where Maintenance is available? Landing back in YUL would require dumping fuel and flying in circles for quite a while anyway. The result of continuing the flihgt to LHR was a lighter weight landing and possibly less damage to the aircraft as well as mitigating the other costs associated with a delay.
  13. Sometimes slow is an asset. Try to shoot down a Stearman with an F-18. Not an easy task
  14. Flying Colours has been doing completions for many years. Had the pleasure of working with some of their guys in the past and they are a talented bunch. Good to see them keeping busy
  15. Hows that cost cutting working for you now?