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  1. The 737 is at least one generation further along than is should be. The systems are being stretch beyond their limits but a "just make it work" approach. The aircraft is makeup on a pig but the mascara is starting to run. It is outdated and needs to be replaced with a clean slate design.
  2. One would think that all of the flight control software would have been provided to CAE to simulate the function as expected on the aircraft. Likely that functionality is simulated but the failure mode is not. If the simulator behaviour deviates from tha tof the actual aircraft, how can Cat D be supported?
  3. Show me stats on how many times that has actually happened in the last 50 years.
  4. Still baffles me how it only affected schools in the area. Please explain the physics.
  5. all vehicles today have a "black Box" which can easily verify claims of "my foot was on the brake" It wouldnt be the first time someone hit the gas instead of the brake and crashed.
  6. In my Airline history I have "fished" several passports from Aircraft Lavatories. Not a remotely fun job but at least it prevents false claims.
  7. The new rules force them to. I guess they didn't get the memo.
  8. history repeats. Bin Laden was trained by the US
  9. This is Extremism. This is outright FAR left Extremism. If you don't think these same conversations happen on the extreme right you are delusional. They just aren't stupid enough to record it. In every political and religious group you will have the extremists that will do "whatever it takes" We refer to them at Terrorists when their skin colour does not match ours but in the end they are political or religious extremists. Fortunately they make up a very small percentage of the actual population at large. At any rate would Milwaukee really be a great loss?
  10. Iran was once a very progressive country. It was a Regime Change that gave us what we have now. Kind of like the US.
  11. First revenue flight for AC is this morning to Calgary
  12. I still don't understand for the life of me why airlines cannot be forthright and honest with passengers. A simple "One of out flight attendants was injured and as such the flight will need to be cancelled or delayed until we can get a replacement crew member. Sorry for the inconvenience. Here is some food and a hotel. We will let you know when we can get alternate arrangements for travel." Simple. Now of course they "could" have operated the flight and only re accommodated 5 of the passengers and still been legal to fly would they not. Is crew compliment not based on passenger count to be "legal"
  13. Oh wait now its 60 people. All in only the elementary schools? The plane dumped fuel over several MILES from altitude and the fuel magically decended only on Elementary schools. No High Schools, Middle Schools or vocational schools? How about a Wal-Mart? Chick-Fil-A? McDonalds? Strange it only affected Elementary schools. I wonder what the physics is behind that?
  14. The article is clearly tugging at the emotional heart strings. Elementary schools are located in populated areas. why only mention them? "40 Injured..." injured how? Je fuel has a very strong odour. We all know this. When atomized at a low altitude you will get a very strong smell over a wide area. Sure its not great and it stinks but "Injured"? Go home, get some fresh air and take a shower. I spent most of my career covered in Jet fuel. not fun but I was never "injured" by it. While things were done wrong here, it is a little over blown