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  1. Pilot Shortage Is Here

    OSAP in Ontario will cover some f the training costs but leaves you with a hefty loan.
  2. Trump Wins

    WRT the DOW. One needs to look at history to see what is coming. One also needs to look at why its high. Don't kid yourself, this is not a good thing. In fact this is a very bad thing. Trump will be responsible for the largest depression the world has ever seen and no american except for the top 1% will have any protection because of the moves he made. This is not a mark of his success but will be his largest failure
  3. Pilot Shortage Is Here

    Thats a vicious circle. Pay the instructors more and charge the students more which drives up the cost and becomes an inhibitor to people entering the training cycle. Historically flying instructor was not a full time, family supporting job. it was a means to an end to build up commercial flying time in order to get a job flying for a living (not a great living but a living) eventually culminating in an airline of Biz jet job. The hours in the seat are as valuable as the dollars for the young instructor. Heck I flew with instructors that were full time AC pilots. Some of whom may even visit here.
  4. Audio/video recording in the workplace

    I would suggest that more can be take from a voice recording that a video recording if something is being said that you wouldnt want anyone else to hear.
  5. Downsview for sale...

    Only the south side of downsview is owned by Bombardier. I believe the north side is still owned by the Government of Canada. That land is worth Billions as a development. Years ago they already lopped off part of the field when they extended Dufferen Avenue north. The east side was developed and is all housing now.
  6. Is This Your Canada?

    Video Store? and blaming labour costs? how about "Who the hell rents videos anymore"
  7. Again... We have been letting these immigrants in for decades at the rate of about 200,000 a year. Doesn't matter which government is in power.
  8. Kathleen Wynne

    anecdotal evidence in other jurisdictions says no
  9. Pilot Shortage Is Here

    This same sort of topic on Pilot compensation makes the rounds here on a fairly regular basis. Exactly what should a pilot get paid. Ask 10 different people get 10 different answers. Pilot shortage or not the end game is $$$$$$ and how many $ should be there. Once upon a time it was the love of the job but it has been diminished to that of a bus driver. So now its a matter of money makes it bearable.
  10. Audio/video recording in the workplace

    Many investigations can come down to listening to the CVR trying to hear the "Click" of the switch. Just because you verbalize something does not mean it actually took place. I think the video camera is a good idea when implemented correctly.
  11. Pilot Shortage Is Here

    Amazon has a fleet of 40 Cargo aircraft. Operated by Atlas Air CArgo
  12. Bot Props rotate counter clockwise. Many other aircraft negate the torque effect by having one turn each way.
  13. Pilot Shortage Is Here

    Why is this discussion all about $$$$$ There is far more to a job, especially a flying job than money. Sure you can make more dollars but what about lifestyle. If your flying sucks then dollars don't make up for that. IMHO. I work to live I do not live to work.
  14. Pretty wide brush you are painting with.
  15. Kathleen Wynne

    increasing the minimum wage at the rate of inflation is good but when you freeze that increase for years at a time so you fall far behind the inflation curve to the point where 2017 Minimum wage was equivalent to the 1972 rate then you have an issue and the catch up needs to happen. The rate should be set and increase annually at the average inflation rate. Look back at the minimum wage year over year for the last 40 years and you do se a relatively steady increase until the Freezes set the wage back. This act is adjustment to put things back where they should have been all along. whether it was done in small increments during the years (if you take the freezes out of the equation) or in a single jump, the end point is the same.