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  1. Great now we will have people eating rat poison at alarming rates along with their horse de wormer
  2. These are all on the know possible side effects list.
  3. why would anyone invite Trudeau to "counter China" He is on their side
  4. we got in the habit of idling the engines before the crew showed up. Some days just a dry motor was all that was required.
  5. I respectfully disagree. A strong herd is healthy and thrives. When the weak and sick are allowed to remain part of the heard, it is slowly decayed until overcome and eventually wiped out. The sick, spread disease to the rest of the herd and when left unchecked will kill the majority of it. The weak and sick are breeding grounds for disease and again left unchecked those diseases will mutate and become more virulent. It is not the Herd Mentality that brings us down, it is not learning from nature that brings us down. We may be one of the most advanced species on the planet but we are not the dominant one.
  6. no. Survival of the fittest. In the natural order the weak and old naturally die off. Humans are the only species that artificailly prolongs life "unnaturally" This leads to the overall weakness of the species. It also make us vulnerable.
  7. This is why the human race is suffering. We found a way to circumvent natural selection and keep the sick and slow alive and allowed them to breed. This has severely weakened the herd. It is a first world problem. Problem is that thte first world is now supporting the third world in the same manner. We cannot, as a species, evolve and grow when the herd is slowly dragging us all down.
  8. all military hardware left behind was rendered inoperative or "De-militarized" when they left. None of the aircraft have the ability to fly ever again and weaponry was rendered inop.
  9. 5097 deaths attributed to Phizer and Moderna in the database equalling a total of just over 1% of reports (just shy of 2 million reports) The most reported adverse reactions are exactly the ones listed on the sheet they give you when you get the shot. No surprise there
  10. now go to the ACTUAL VAERS data at http://wonder.cdc.gov/vaers.html and search the actual data for yourself. Never rely on someone elses interpretation of the data. They can spin it any way they want.
  11. CAA was not allowing people to ride with the driver when a car was towed but that was last year before vaccines were even available. Don't know if the policy has changed.
  12. That is what the tail skid is for. We used to get these on the 727 all the time. Inspect the tail skid and determine if further action is required. More often than no its good to go. No turnback requirement
  13. Don't get me wrong. I am sure it can reduce "Symptoms" but it does not do anything for the underlying infection. In fact the vaccine doesn't either. The Vaccine is prophylaxis not cure. I too would welcome any treatment available. The problem is there would be no money in it for the drug supplier. Why use off the shelf medication when you can make millions from something new.
  14. They are dropping like flies now....Karma at work
  15. The issue with Ivermectin is that it treats the symptoms NOT the cause. It is theraputic in that the dying patient is more comfortable. Moraphine would work too
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