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  1. boestar

    Trump 2.0 Continues

    and with that Defcon Proves beyond a doubt that he has no decent argument or proof of anything so resorts to school yard name calling and personal accusation. Be like your hero and tweet it to complete the circle. with that all discussion with Defcon Will cease since it is obvious he is unable to support any logical discussion
  2. so look you are obviously looking behind the wrong curtain
  3. Difference being, between the US and Canada, with regards to prisons. in the US they re FOR PROFIT so operate as cheaply as possible which usually translates to poor food and poor conditions. In Canada they are Government operated which does make a big difference. On a side note. this also seems to be why incarceration rates in the US are higher than anywhere else in the world. Follow the money.
  4. boestar

    Trump 2.0 Continues

    I'm not sure owned Bush though.
  5. Really? jury is still out? I suppose you still hold dear to the research that says it causes Autism. How many BILLIONS of kids have been vaccinated over the last 100 years? How many have had any issues that have been PROVEN to be related to the vaccine? Seems the me the evidence says that vaccination works pretty well and is safe. As with ANYTHING in life there will be a very small percentage of people that have some form of reaction to it. I am allergic to grass. Should we disallow lawns? I would estimate that more people have reacted to grass than to vaccines. Seems grass is pretty dangerous stuff.
  6. boestar

    Trump 2.0 Continues

    Deflect deflect deflect. you are like a weasel and a shiny object. Trump basically commits Treason on live television so lets look at Obama giving a speech. Deflection is one of the most obvious ploys of a guilty conscience. I am not sure if you realize this but Obama is now a private citizen. What he does, while it dose have a minor impact, is inconsequential. Trump president. He is also a treasonous liar. Get used to it.
  7. The firm hired to conduct the focus groups, Corporate Research Associates Inc., wrote that parents reacted to the proposed ad with “nervous laughter, raised eyebrows and head shaking,” and that a “good number of participants across groups considered that the concept made them less comfortable about childhood vaccination.” Bullying Fran? A second proposed ad didn’t fare much better. It shows three young girls engaged in a clapping game and singing “Itchy rash, itchy rash, cranky Fran. Her fever’s rising as high as it can. Coughing, and sneezing, and feeling sleepy. She’s spreading infection to you and me.” As the last syllable is sung, one child slaps another girl’s hand and she’s knocked out of the game. This is what happens when social media and celebrities run amok. Anti Vaxxers still believe the hype even though the doctor responsible has lost his license and the completely fabricated study results have been stricken from the record. But the internet never forgets, even when the data is wrong. Social media is the bane of our existence.
  8. Well the removed the resource officers from the schools and this is what follows. Put the cops back.
  9. I suspect he is farther away than it appears. With a 4K camera you can zoom in pretty good and retain clarity. Camera lenses can play tricks with perspective
  10. boestar

    Reality 2018

    Wow Thats Class For ya.
  11. How much is that low cost carrier costing you now? Good thing you got the cheapest flight. Would be a shame to spend a little more to get back to your job on time.
  12. boestar

    Our Prime Minister

    Deicer.... To make the masses happy. When you paste the link into the body of the message Press RETURN after pasting it. The URL should then resolve as a clickable link. If not then do as seeker suggests.
  13. boestar

    Our Prime Minister

    a lot of guilty conscious going on here. I explained it. My message was not directed at any person. if you get it Congratulations if not then now you know.
  14. boestar

    Skytrax best airlines

    Next we will have the Hyper-Low Cost Carrier
  15. boestar

    Trump 2.0 Continues

    The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure - Jefferson