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  1. A whistle blower is a WITNESS not the accuser in these cases. The accuser is the Attourney General or equivalent. .
  2. The basis of our system in Canada stems from EVERY citizen gets a vote because every decision made by the government affects every citizen. Denying a significant portion of the citizenry that ability to express themselves by disallowing the vote would severely undermine our system of government. 1 Citizen 1 vote. Period. Now the popular vote for PM... Someone needs to explain that to me. In Canada we vot for our representative in ottawa. He with the most representatives gets to have their guy in charge. I do not see a problem with this. If we had a party with a majority of the seats but the PM was elected from a different party by popular vote. All we would have is a Lame duck government. Our system may not be perfect but it has worked. The only people that complain about reforming it are those that keep losing.
  3. Which they do and their governments use them to move their leaders.
  4. It was a silly comment. I am a long time Legion Member and I do not wear the poppy but I do donate in Money and time for the cause. I am not a virtue signalling Pratt. I do not need to be reminded to "support the troops" I am well aware of their sacrifice.
  5. He was fired, simply, for a poor choice of words to make his point. Not the correct action. He does have a rather lengthy history of off colour remarks against immigrants but usually in a totally different context.
  6. SOCIAL MEDIA. From the same people that brought you Brexit.
  7. Jaydee. Don't be blind to it. There are conservatives in this country (and the US in greater numbers) that would have women and girls wearing burkas if they could. Look at all the cases where girls are being told "you cannot wear this or cannot wear that because the boys can't control themselves". there IS a North American Taliban. It's called the religious Right
  8. turns out They were correct. Hyundai has the best overall reliability of almost any brand. Calling it a hyundai was a compliment. Although at the time it wasn't seen that way with so many Pomy's dissolving before your eyes
  9. Ford continued the Liberal policy of paying for things, expensive things, that we will never see. Much like the Gas plant scandal wher the taxpayer was on the hook for billions, Ford cancelled several energy contracts that were literally weeks from completion. So we the tax payer paid hundreds of millions in penalties and still received nothing in return. All so Ford can say he stuck it to the Liberals. Problem is he didn't stick it to the Liberals, he stuck it to the taxpayer. You absolutely CAN NOT praise Ford and Talk Down Wynne in the same conversation. They are doing EXACTLY the same things. The only difference is that Ford is making Huge cuts (Same as Harris before him) to the same detriment of ontario. No one ever claimed that Drug Addicts understood economics.
  10. if you didn't know that you werent paying attention
  11. The 737 has been a patchwork in progress since the -300 came along. Systems integration was just a pipe dream. and as was proven, a more efficient engine became too complex a situation to do properly. The 737 fleet should come to an end. Steam and electronics do not mix well.
  12. When you think about it. For all the money the government gave to Bombardier / Canadair over the years, They should be giving the government 2 brand new aircraft.
  13. UMM...NOT RVSM? The 601 or the 604 should both be certified RVSM. If there was a FL restriction to 10,000 feet then they probably should have taken another plane