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  1. Controlling the flow of traffic around the world. Another rout to domination. silent but deadly.
  2. I am sure they are shaking in their boots
  3. Maybe Not Quebec First

    The entire world economy requires growth, about 2%. without that growth the global economy shrinks rapidly leading to recession and depression. It is that way to ensure the controlling interests maintain the wealth and power while offering a glimmer of hope to the peons.
  4. Loud and Proud to be Canadian

    Free speech has limits. They crossed a line
  5. Amelia Earhart

    Oh well that's different then. We all know Twitter is fact ridden
  6. Amelia Earhart

    research is all done via google. we all know that if its on the internet it must be true. People have become lazy
  7. Loud and Proud to be Canadian

    So their actions were OK with you?
  8. WAYYYYYY out in LEFT field!

    If a kid is traumatized by the slaughtering of a chicken then there are other issues for the little snowflake. the human race slaughtered animals for thousands of years for food and in many places, including Canada, still do on a regular basis. If you cant handle that move to a commune and eat Quinoa
  9. WAYYYYYY out in LEFT field!

    Except that america was founded on SECULAR values not Christian ones.
  10. Our Prime Minister

    You guys do know that Allah is used in the bible in reference to God and that the 2 are interchangeable, right?
  11. SFO Incident

    I have problems at the best of times seeing an airport in a rural area let alone in a sea of lights like SFO. I can only go by the video as I have never been there so I can only guess at what they saw.
  12. SFO Incident

    Here is a video...not the greatest but I am not sure how you can make the mistake. I know there could be factors at work here, and there must be, but the approach and PAPI and unmissable.
  13. The story (the facts we know). * Canadian born Khadr was taken to Afghanistan at 15 years old, by his father. We don't know if he wanted to go, and we don't know why they went. There has been zero evidence put forth to suggest the trip had anything to do with terrorism. Regardless, as he was only 15, he had no choice in the matter. (EDIT: He was actually taken to Afghanistan at 9 years of age. He was taken to Gitmo at 15) * Khadr was found in critical condition following a firefight. The mission debrief report filed by the US troops stated that a middle aged man threw a grenade, which killed one US soldier. The grenadier was shot in the head and confirmed killed. * Khadr was taken to Guantanamo Bay prison. No charges were filed against him at that time. * Several years later, formal charges were filed. These charges were technically not even charges of war crimes, as if they were true, Khadr would be considered an enemy combatant during a time of war, and thus everything he was accused of doing, was legal under rules of engagement. He was denied access to a lawyer at this point and no trial date was set. He was held in detention and tortured for nearly 10 years. * Nearly a decade later, an addendum to the original mission debrief was submitted, which identified the grenadier as Khadr by name. The description was updated to match that of a 15 year old Khadr. The original report was not rescinded. No one knows who made the addendum. No US personnel present during the firefight confirms the addendum. * A week later, Khadr is offered a plea deal. The terms of the deal were to admit guilt to all charges and serve a few more years in a Canadian prison, or refuse to admit guilt and be denied trial indefinitely. * Khadr takes the plea deal, is transferred to Canada. * Khadr sues the Canadian government for their involvement in his illegal detention, torture, and lack of a trial. All of the above is true as far as anyone knows. That is the official story, from both the Canadian and US governments. They have said straight out that Khadr would not be offered a trial unless he took the plea deal. Just let that sink in for a moment. Now let me ask you a question. As a Canadian, what do you stand for? Do you believe that you, as a Canadian, have the right to be presumed innocent, until proven guilty, as well as the right to a fair and quick trial? I know this is hard for many of you to consider without jumping to "oh, but he's a terrorist, so **bleep** him, he's a traitor and doesn't deserve anything", but we'll get to that in a minute. Seriously consider this. Do you believe you have, as a Canadian, the inalienable right to everything laid out in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms? If you do, but still think Khadr does not, because he is a terrorist, let me ask you; "How do you know he is guilty?" There was no trial for 10 years, and he was only offered a trial on the condition that he plead guilty. How do we, as Canadians, determine guilt? Have you read and understood the Chart of Rights and Freedoms? It's entire purpose is precisely to ensure that what happened to Khadr, is not allowed to happen. Period. Now I know many of you still can't get past the "but he's a traitor so he doesn't deserve a trial" even though neither you, nor me, nor the US or Canadian government were able to provide ANY evidence whatsoever, of his guilt (no evidence was submitted during his trial, presumably because none exists), but that doesn't matter. Let me explain the problem to you. You are worried that terrorists are trying to take away your freedoms as a Canadian right? They're trying to force Sharia law upon us and we as Canadians, won't stand for that right? Do you see where I'm going here? Presuming Khadr's guilt, with no evidence and without trial, is precisely what the terrorists want to do to Canada. Isn't that your concern? Does it not strike you then, that by saying that Khadr doesn't deserve a fair trial because he is a terrorist, with absolutely no evidence, nor a trial to prove the charges, that you are doing precisely what you are worried the terrorists are trying to do do us? A presumption of guilt, no trial, a decade of detention and torture. Is that not Sharia law? At this point, I don't think any of us should even be concerned about Khadrs innocence or guilt. He is inconsequential at this point. The REAL concern for all Canadians, is that our government denied a Canadian citizen his inalienable rights, guaranteed to him under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. They did EXACTLY what you are worried the terrorists are trying to do. If Khadr was guilty, a trial probably would have proven such, so why was he denied a trial? For your information, the Canadian government did not simply offer up an apology and $10m for no reason. They were sued. The Canadian Supreme Court found in favour of Khadr, in that the Canadian government was in breach of Canadian and International law. That money will mostly be covering his legal fees. But here's where you should be more concerned about the money. The Canadian government spent $120m of your money, defending itself for committing what is legally, war crimes. Seriously. Your government, was just successfully sued, for war crimes. Crimes they committed not only against Khadr, but against the entire Canadian public. They assured us that we would all be given a fair trial, but now we know that is not true. They assured us that we will always be presumed innocent until proven guilty. We know that is not true. They took your money, money which could have been spent on building half a hospital or something, and spent it instead, on committing war crimes, and crimes directly against the Charter on which our country was founded. In summation: If you believe Khadr did not deserve a fair and quick trial, you are not Canadian. You do not stand for what Canada stands for. You are saying very clearly, that you don't care about evidence, treating people (who we presume are innocent until proven guilty) with basic decency, or your own or anyone else's right to a fair trial. You are, quite literally, openly supporting about half of Sharia law.
  14. SFO Incident

    VSPLAT: You raised something I was going to ask. Do commercial airliners deviate from the runway centreline during a go around as I was taught when I received my license? I was taught to initiate the go around and move to the side of the runway which could potentially place you over an active taxiway
  15. Air Canada in Calgary News

    I have been involved with it in the past in YYZ and there is generally a news crew around but the story only gets a small story on the broadcast. I also had a nephew take part in this and it was spectacular.