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  1. boestar

    Shootings and Knifings

    no offence taken at all. Its just that people crap on Toronto all time but dont spend enough time here to appreciate what it has
  2. boestar

    Magnetic North on the move

    But dont do it in YYZ. The runway embedded lighting all over the airport affect the swing and is not accurate.
  3. boestar

    Shootings and Knifings

    I have lived in the GTA for 50 years. I am used to the idiosyncrasies of the area. Having spent time is pretty much every other major city in this country, my preference remains Toronto. I am outside of the city proper but do work at LBPIA so I do have to commute but I have a system that works so I don't get caught up too bad. I can leave my house unlocked without much of a worry. I don't see much, if any, violent crime in my area which is nice. You can hate it from afar but I will remain here thanks.
  4. The 37 seater fleet will disappear altogether from the CPA fleet at Jazz undoubtedly. There are only 15 left. Those seats will be consolidated into the new CRJ-900 additions.
  5. boestar

    Chorus Aviation

    Yes the capital injection will assist with fleet expansion. it also comes with a 17 year CPA guarantee.
  6. boestar

    Shootings and Knifings

    Still is. There is far more good here than bad. wouldnt have it any other way. It may be subjective but if you are not familiar with the subject then refrain from commenting.
  7. boestar

    WestJet 787

    Far from a new concept. it was done back in the golden age as well. As the premadonnas took hole the duty fell by the wayside. right along with the leather jackets.
  8. boestar

    WestJet 787

    And this is how a company culture is eroded. Just add union
  9. boestar

    Shootings and Knifings

    if you dont live here please dont coment on what its like to live here. It is a great city. Like EVERY city it has some issues but it is a great ciy
  10. boestar

    Trump 2.0 Continues

    Oce upon a time our debt was not held by private banks. The change was made some years ago to have private banks finance the debt. Prior to that is was the Bank of Canada that held it with NO INTEREST CHARGED. The change was to put money in the pockets of the bankers. The cycle continues.
  11. boestar

    Trump 2.0 Continues

    Thats where my issue sits. if two people make radically different incomes there is a potential that the higher earner can actually pay less overall tax than the lower income earner. This is where the unfair part comes in. Deductions from income have too many loopholes and methods to evade paying taxes. IF you are going to tax income then set a flat rate and leave it at that. no deductions. you want to save for retirement then that on you. All other taxes should be consumption based by using a standard VAT/GST scheme. At no point should total taxation approach or even come close to 50% of ones total income. if that kind of government taxation is required then it is government that needs fixing.
  12. boestar

    Pilotless F-16

    could these not be used as UCAVs instead of target drones?
  13. boestar

    Trump 2.0 Continues

    RRSPs are deductions from INCOME. If based on spending then the system becomes more fair
  14. boestar

    Trump 2.0 Continues

    HST REBATE???? LMAO I have never seen one