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  1. "Appears" is a good word. Appearances are everything. It always appears to work when no one is trying to breach it.
  2. You're dating yourself but yes...those were the days
  3. Guys. You are missing the bloody point. I don't give a crap what it actually cost I don't buy it often. The point is the price went up steadily over the last thousand years and it wasnt minimum wage that drove it.
  4. Some one should dump barrels of human waste at one of his campaign rallies
  5. The Economy is based on perpetual growth. Along with that growth comes inflation. That inflation leads to higher wages which leads to more inflation ( in the order of around 2% / year) The problem is that the minimum wage NEVER kept up with the rate of inflation. (on that note neither did base salaries in most corporations). The only people that were being compensated for inflation were the Highest paid wage earners. The major problem here is that there are becoming more and more bottom end earners which actually stifles the economy because they have no spending power to put back into the economy. They barely make enough to survive. Given the increase in the minimum wage they have a little more power for discretionary spending so that money goes back into the economy and the cycle continues. Anyone here remember paying less that $5 for a Big MAc Combo? It wasn't that long ago. The Wage increase didn't drive that price up to $14 inflation did. Why do you think Airlines right now cannot find Mechanics or Rampies? Because they are still paying the same base wage they paid in !995. It is not a living wage. To survive in any Major city in this country you need a decent income. Rent in Toronto for a small 1 bedroom is sitting close to if not over $2000/month At minimum wage That leave a minimum wage earner with $500 on which to live and thats before you account for taxes. Now before all the Baby Boomers pipe up and say "well you have to pay your dues. Remember back in 1963 a house in Toronto was $16,000 Today that same house would be almost $1.5 million. The work ethic and drive no longer apply here. It is impossible for an entry level worker to achieve what the previous generations achieved just by working hard or multiple jobs. Bottom line. increasing minimum wage was necessary to the economy. The benefits of that will lag the initial effect by a couple of years until the market adjusts.
  6. Oh no not software to fix an instability problem. Isn't that scary? We should never do that. /end Sarcasm
  7. Omni has been flying AC lift for a few months now. Wide body aircraft not MAX traffic. Jazz is flying a lot more hours than contracted to help keep up as I am sure Sky Regional is as well. The Max Absence is having a large impact on the schedule both now and in the winter sked. However giving up a single tail for a charter will not significantly add to that issue
  8. I worked Cargo 30 years ago and the Pallet locking system in civilian Freighters has not changed in that time.I have loaded some pretty big crap into 747 freighters with the standard pallet locks. When all positions are occupied, there is no way for a pallet to become "Free". There have been accidents in the past where all of the locks were not use because of poor building of the pallet left an overhang so the thinking went "The adjacent pallets will hold it in place" This is flawed thinking and caused at least one crash that know of. If Boeing or the DND decided they came up with a better idea then they are sorely mistaken.
  9. Cargo locks are in use on thousands of aircraft worldwide. Did the Airforce try to reinvent the wheel? Stick with what works.
  10. AME is a Skilled Trade like it or not. It's about time it was recognized as one
  11. Better a couple of hours in emerg than a $10,000 bill when you leave,