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  1. Interesting that the wording now says "Detachable Magazine" I don't think that was the wording before. There are at least 2 semi automatic rifles that are exempt from the 5 round rule due to design. The M1 Garande for example carries a 10 round clip and there is no 5 round alternative. Incidentally it IS a military rifle. It just doesnt look all scary and stuff.
  2. 2:20 from Toronto to Muskoka on a Friday afternoon is a pipe dream. The timing would likely be upwards of 3 easily and I have seen it above 6. Then do it all again on Sunday night southbound. 20 minute flight sounds pretty good.
  3. Nope... The beaver was lost to me when they put the new fangled turbo whatchamacallits on the front of it, giving it a big nose. Its just wrong and doesn't sound right.
  4. Looking at my 767 manual for the -200 it has a split system in the event of a Jam. 25 pounds is all thats required to split the columns
  5. does the 767-300 not have a breakout between the two control columns? I cannot remember for the life of me if it does or not. Many aircraft have a breakout device that seperates the columns in the even of a jam. push hard enough and you get the control for your side of the plane. Let it go and they link back up.
  6. I really wish people wouldnt lump Canada in with the US or at the very least get confused with them. Canada has fairly strict gun laws and VERY strict when compared to the US. In some places too strict and in some a little lax. but overall our system works well. The problem in Canada is 1) the unwillingness of the police and government to admin ineptitude is controling illegally imported weapons. 2) defining what a domestically sourced gun is. Law enforcement needs to get off their ass and the government needs to fund them to curb weapons coming in from outside our borders.
  7. THere are several charges that are laid in Ontario in incidents like this. Stunting = 50Km/h over the limit. Up to $10,000 fine, immediate 7 day suspension and 7 day impound. Careless Driving Speeding All charges are laid against the driver (stunting is the one that get the press). Because the police know that the charge will be challenged in court they lay all 3 charges which allows the driver to plea to one of the lesser charges. Generally the careless will stick and if not the speeding will stick. Either way they lose all the points and still suffer the suspension and impound. Insurance will then jump to over $5000 a year easily.
  8. Then he should go to daytona. There is no need to go that fast on a public roadway. It truly is getting stupid here in Ontario.
  9. The 737 despite being an "all New" 737-MAX is still the same old aircraft designed decades ago. All they have done is mix and match equipment on top of the old. Its just makeup on a pig. The aircraft systems of the 737 need a complete clean slate redesign to become an actual Modern airframe. It is still decades behind but hey...It's cheap. I am still a believer in the seat of the pants. There are only a couple of things that cause an aircraft to pitch like that. Stabilizer and Elevator (to a extent, especially on the max, the Engine thrust setting). does is not make sense that if the aircraft is misbehaving in pitch that maybe something in those systems is incorrect. Nose is pitching down and pulling up does nothing. Stab Trim. Hit the switches and start pulling on the wheel. To me as both a pilot on AME this only makes sense.eliminate the possible cause and reintroduce one at a time to identify the problem. Turn something on and things go south, turn that back off. I have a hard time grasping that experienced pilots would fight an aircraft all the way down like this whether they could see the AOA values or not. A miscompare light would tell you One AOA is bad but what if both are bad? No miscompare but bad AOA values. This happened on an A320 a few years ago and they nose dived into the water (XL888). In that case the aircraft thought everything was normal until every other systems told the computer something was wrong but it didnt know what. The machine told the pilots and they did nothing to correct the issue by MANUALLY TRIMMING the plane nose up. Sound familiar? IMHO pilots are forgetting how to fly and are just automation managers most of the time. Time and time again we see that plots are forgetting to AVIATE, NAVIGATE, COMMUNICATE.
  10. That can be accomplished without actually seeing the actual angle of the vane. The computers will work it all out in the background. Remember if you need the indication, you are far from looking for efficient cruise because you are in the $h!t and trying to get out. Remember all of the MCAS functions are disabled with AP engaged.
  11. I am not sure I would call an AOA indicator "Critical" How many aircraft have it now and if they do where is it displayed. enerally it would be buried on the flight control page of the EICAS/ECAM system and not on a PFD. I know in the Bombardier world there is a "Flight Test" page that can be displayed which shows the AOA as well as spoiler panel angles. But this page is only used during flight test when the pilots routinely explore the flight envelope at or near the stall. Once flight test is complete, access to the flight test display is removed. We did have a couple of customers that requested it be left active however to access it you need to enter the correct key sequence on the panel, it's not just out there to look at. concentrating on the AOA could very well distract the pilot from the correct course of action which would be to hit the cutoff switches. If the plane is behaving badly in the pitch axis would it not be prudent to remove power to all things pitch related (except the elevators themselves).
  12. Just for curiosity sake how many hours did the entire operational fleet of 737-MAX8's accumulate prior to the Lion Air Crash?
  13. a common thread accross the globe.... US Guns in Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Colombia and any other country the US touches. For good measure the US taught these countries how to use them. US demand for drugs being paid for with US guns and the US is blaming THEM. Amazing spin.
  14. However as soon as someone makes a disparaging remark against someone based on race, creed, sex, colour, religion or nationality. They lost the argument. Because if you have to stoop to that level you never had an argument to begin with.
  15. I think a large portion of the american population sits in the middle and there is NO ONE there to speak to them. The right is so far right they can't even see middle and the left seems to have fallen off the bloody map altogether. With all this idiotic "speak to the average american" BS that none of them can actually do because they don't have a clue what an average american actually is or wants. It has simply become an us Vs them, all else be damned fight for power. It is really not doing the average american any good. It is actually sad that politics has devolved from "For the People By the People" to "For Us, People be damned" And now back to your local Govertainment programming