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  1. Boeings Argument is just a way of saying we want to build it cheap and provide the same old aircraft with as few safety enhancements as possible and without having to rework the entire Avionics suite etc etc etc. Or in laymans terms 737 Good please buy cheap plane.
  2. all a "Like" is, is clarification that someone happens to share your opinion or agrees with our statement. Using it as a statistical measure is impossible without knowing how many people actually read the post and also taking into account those who do not respond at all. This is where we find society in the era of social media. Likes are given value where no value exists. The only value a like provides is a quick shot of dopamine to the original poster.
  3. and in 2020 sales surged in Q1 declined slightly in Q2 and are on the rise again.
  4. interesting comment. In Ontario, as well as other places in Canada the subsidies have ceased for Electric vehicles and yet sales show an increase year over year. the only subsidy you can get now for an EV is up to $1000 towards installation of a Level 2 Charger but ONLY if it works with a vehicle for which the earlier subsidy applied.
  5. Easy fix. Lift all restrictions and let everyone get back to work. the economy will grow. Then a whack of people will get infected and the old people will get it and get sick and die. 2 birds one stone. /sarcasm
  6. This is Boeing trying to do the cheapest possible upgrades and still gain certification based on the original Type Certificate. The 737 is the most bastardized aircraft in existence. There is no proper systems integration that would even allow for a robust EICAS system that met todays standards. There is still steam flowing through that airframe and the smoke still keeps the boxes running. It's time for it to die.
  7. respectfully, this issue was NOT beyond the airlines control. They admitted that the demand was less than expected when the flight was made available. They cannot keep blaming Covid for bad business decisions. A cash refund should be available.
  8. While it is likely necessary, targeting the center mass of the individual almost always leads to death. It is more difficult to target an extremity or something less critical but it would lead to incapacitation and unlikely to lead to death. Ask anyone whoo has actually been shot(I have asked). wheather it is the hand, arm, shoulder, leg, anything you will not be able to fight back at that point. It is not like the movies. you are in extreme pain and for all intents and purposes, incapacitated. I realize that under stress it is a difficult shot to make but no one even tries. Its
  9. who stands to gain the most? Read between the bloody lines. dig a little deeper. Trump and his band of misfits do not care about anyone but the elite and themselves.