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  1. boestar

    Trump 2.0 Continues

    you can bet that if there are any "incidents" at the border, they will be well documented. Place several thousands of "invaders" next to an international border and wait for some trigger happy (insert military branch here) to let off a round or two and all of a sudden you have an international incident with Trumps name written all over it. Big issue here is the idiot took the bait.
  2. Hey...I filled my tank last night at 99.9. That the first dip below $1.00 in years. Whats bad for oil companies it good for the consumer.
  3. if they find a way to streamline the excessively long security lineups and speed the process at both ends then it would be worth it. But alas new technologies have not helped in the past.
  4. boestar

    Lion Air Down

    someone dropped the ball.
  5. The act is specific to Cannibis. It soes not specify Percocette or any other prescription medication. However if the prescription medication specifies that one should not operate a motor vehicle then you could be considered legally impaired but transportation of the medication is not restricted. Otherwise you could just sit outside a shoppers Drug Mart and lay charges all day.
  6. boestar

    Ontario Plant Closings

    The proper immigration channel stipulates certain conditions (at least it used to) you had to be able to support yourself or have someone to support you until you can find work. You need to have skills or education that make you an asset to Canada. Refugees are a different story. The 2 should never be confused. Immigrants (proper channel) are generally a benefit to their communities and tend the be successful. Refugees are a split some are very successful and others not so much. its a bit of a crap shoot.
  7. boestar

    Ontario Plant Closings

    Honestly we are not breeding enough. With a birth rate of 1.6 we are unable to sustain ourselves. Immigration allows us to continue as a country. we would require a birthrate of 2.1 or better. Immigration is a necessary function. Integration should also be a necessary function because within a couple of generations the cultural background of the majority will significantly change based on where most of the immigrants originate. This would have a profound effect on out laws and way of life.
  8. boestar

    Climate Change?

    you cannot beat mother nature for cleaning up here house. Eventually she will rid the house of the vermin that occupy it.
  9. Automation can make your 757 hover. didn't you know that?
  10. boestar

    747 at YHZ

    As I mentioned above (again not a 747 pilot) I loaded the weather for the date and time into the sim and attempted the approach from 10NM. Not bad for the most part but close to the ground the tailwind was noticeable. Failed the approach the first two times and barely kept is from going off the end the third time and that wasn't pretty (well none were pretty from short final onward.)
  11. boestar

    Airline Safety Videos

    One thing is for certain. These videos as well as humorous presentations, keep the attention of the viewer. something that cannot be said for the droning of the 12000th time a FA has done the "dance". Safety does not need to be presented in a boardroom fashion because people will tune out faster that you can say "Where's my exit"
  12. Bombardier cuts the jobs. Longview (viking) picks them up. The only change is the name on the top of the pay stub. Viking will continue the line with, I am sure, some restructuring. The company name will revert to something along the lines of Viking Aircraft - DeHavilland division. All jobs will remain in Canada.
  13. My first thought after seeing the flight path was exactly that...crossed control cables. Seen it in small aircraft which usually does not have a good outcome. The pilots did a pretty good job of "re-Learning" how to fly all things considered.
  14. boestar

    747 at YHZ

    3rd times a charm...made it stick but used the entire length....
  15. boestar

    747 at YHZ

    just attempted that approach with this mornings weather loaded in a 747-400. it was a bit nasty. now I am not a 747 pilot by any means but it was gusty for sure. BTW I failed