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  1. let alone Mustangs and corvettes or even many performance motorcycles. Some people seek risk because they love the adrenaline rush it provides. Why else would someone jump out of a perfectly serviceable aircraft for fun? Flying low and pushing the limits while flying solo, over water placed no one but himself at risk. The times he was close to inhabited areas did place others at risk but they got "lucky". I don't know many people that don't "push the envelope" when introduce to something new like a sports car, motorcycle, plane. It is human nature to test the limits, be it the vehicles limits or your own. Judge not lest ye be judged.
  2. This is another case of judging the past by the standards of today. What we deem acceptable has changed through history. Back in the 60s and 70s a slap on the butt was acceptable. Today its harassment and rightly so. Assigning guilt today for something that was ok 30 or 40 years ago is absurd at best. Peoples lives are being ruined by this.
  3. I am still unsure what this has to do with immigration policy. The Canadian (and World) economy is based on Growth. I have said this before. Canadians are not reproducing at a rate significant enough to meet the need for growth. I believe that umber is around 2.1 kids per family. Problem is the number of family units is decreasing and for the ones that remain the birth rate is like 1.6. This is where immigration comes in. in order to fill the void left by people not reproducing we need to take them from elsewhere. Since the 1950s that number has been north of 100,000 /year and up to over 250,000 per year on occasion. These are the regular joe, wants to move to Canada People that go through the process. We also service Refugees from other countries and ALWAYS have. Historically those numbers were relatively low. Recent world events have caused that number to increase dramatically. So now we augment that immigration trhough regular channels with refugees. Not much changes. A minor spike in numbers in the grans scheme of things. The media wants you believe it is a huge issue and a major crisis but it is really business as usual as far as the number are concerned.
  4. First AC 777 in New Colours

    The window frames themselves do not hold paint well which is why they are usually bare. Extending the glareshield forward with black paint is a good call. I would leave the actual window frames bare and paint around them to prevent this. The aircraft paint is a layerd process so bonding layers should not be an issue.
  5. Many people are fully aware of the risks and that is EXACTLY why they do it.
  6. 2 months ago for a broken toe and sprained ankle. no issues. Also had to get EMS response for someone else. Excellent response and support in the ER.
  7. Ontario. halton Region specifically
  8. Dunno. Never mentioned healthcare. It's not getting any worse though.
  9. all one has to do is drive across the 401 on any given day at any given time to see the idiocy on the roads.
  10. Trump Wins

    birds of a feather...
  11. The Future of Motorcycles

    just buy a bloody car. The exhilaration of riding a bike is the wind in your face. Why would you build a shell around it? As for self driving....To heck with that. Again part of the experience it actually riding the bloody thing.
  12. not currently checking for it? The first case is alread in the courts.
  13. Those articles make me angry. Are motorcycles more dangerous to operate? no not really. They ARE more dangerous in an accident because the rider is not protected by a steel cage. The problem is the absolutely horrible drivers we allow on the roads who have no idea at all what is happening around them let alone the consequences of their actions. This summer I rode through 13 states as well as Ontario and by far the worst drivers were in Ontario.
  14. Canada has brought in around 200,000+ immigrants EVERY year for decades. we are still here
  15. one little "bump" and its a cartwheeling you go