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  1. I heard stories of pilots seeing UFOs in the Sault Ste. Marie area many years back. dark Triangular objects shadowing their path. Nothing on Radar, primary or secondary. Turned out to be, as rumour had it, F117 aircraft. I would think that it would be a bad thing to fly a fighter jet into foreign airspace but I guess what they didn't see didn't exist
  2. I have ad 3 appointments with my family doctor, an MRI, an Ultrasound, and a face to face appointment with an orthopaedic surgeon. The family doctor is the only one done remotely over the phone
  3. By February 2020 we were in the mix no matter if you shut it down or not. All it takes is one individual to start a pandemic. The virus was on our shores and we were not getting away from it no matter what. There is no point in Shoulda woulda coulda at this point. The Experts (loosely used) made decisions based on available information AT THE TIME. Those decisions were the best known course of action AT THE TIME. They did NOT have the benefit of hindsight. Now .... WHAT DID WE LEARN is the question that we should be asking. What worked? what did not? A full "After
  4. family practice doctors would be the least likely health professionals to see a Covid case. For 1 you would be lucky to see one face to face for an evaluation and 2 people have been told what to do if they get it and 3 people who suspect they have it get tested.
  5. I will state that the above issue is generated by two different bylaws to which no one happened to see the conflict. I only know of 1 person to ever have a ticket for it however (there may have been more to his issue). I think this fine example of municipal bylaw planning is a good example as to why anything criminal which could permanently harm an individual should be kept firmly out of the hands of municipal governments
  6. yes you are correct. I (and apparently many others) have always spelled it Perserverence. I suppose I should have looked it up but it is how I have always spelled it and have never been corrected.
  7. Long term maybe a few years, big deal. but it does not make a person more prone to a viral infection than the next guy. I know personal ly 2 people my age, one just a bit younger, Both in excellent health. I am a big guy but in good health, not a long distance runner by any means. The other 2 guys have both suffered strokes under 55 years of age. Yes its anecdotal but there is case after case of "perfectly healthy" fit individuals having heart attacks, strokes and all sorts of other health issues. Big small or in between you can get sick and die. Saying I am more prone t
  8. Certain offences under the HTA actually are supported under the criminal code. Dangerous driving for one is a criminal offence and not an HTA offence although it is referenced. Provincial LAWS may be more restrictive than federal laws I agree however those provincial LAWS have to go through due process to become LAW. Municipal BYLAWS do not have the same process or scrutiny. (this is why, in my home town, I am not allowed to back into OR out of my driveway) a Bylaw simply cannot impose anything greater than a fine as punishment. It also cannot be considered a "Crime" under the criminal code.
  9. I watched a documentary on Perseverence (I noticed it was spelled wrong during the documentary as well) Amazing feat of engineering even far above it's predecessor.
  10. I saw the same thing. He was reading it and even stumbled on a few words. Blatantly obvious it was prepared so he knew the question was coming. The answer however dodged the question completely and he was never pressed for the answer again. I think the reason for that is that the answer is the vaccine supply is in the hands of the supplier. no matter if we bought 10 doses or 100 million doses we are only going to get it as fast as they ship it. They all know this. the show is for the general public to get all riled up. By the time the list gets to my name for a vaccine, COVID w
  11. Texas wanted to be completely isolated from every other state on the power grid. Isolationist thinking. They wanted a seperate republic. Well how did that work out when the unexpected happened. No one to back you up since your power grid is isolated from the rest of the country. Sure no one saw the blast of cold, snow and wind coming so why prepare for it? Problem is you should ALWAYS have a back up plan. and since only a measly 10% of the power in Texas is derived from wind and solar, what was the "Real" problem? no we don't have these issue in Canada since our power grid is in
  12. No. in order to be charged for a crime under the criminal code you have to violate the criminal code. in this instance if you have done your due dillignece and filed for a Transport permit and had it approved and are abiding by its conditions then there is no way you can be charged under the code. That would require an amendment to the code which would need to go through due process. If you could pass a bylaw that allowed you to criminally charge someone then that process would be running rampant in every municipality because a bylaw just needs a bunch of local yokels to vote yes on it
  13. there would be a lot of flat tires at that station if it were me
  14. Training one day , 2 for restricted. Wife and EXES have to sign off on it. References have to be contacted to "vouch for your sanity" Full background check carried out prior to issuance of RPAL Daily review of any criminal infractions after issuance of RPAL. All handguns have to be registered, optional for long guns. So how is the new US bill any different? oh yeah a public registry, yeah thats kind of dumb