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  1. Flew MIA - YYZ in Rouge Premium or whatever they call it. Flight attendant was excellent and attentive. Service was on par with the Business class service on mainline. The YYZ-MIA was in the back of the bus (767 actually) Seat pitch was tight and my knees hit the seat in front. If they reclined I would have been in trouble but alas the seat was not occupied. The service was the standard Cafe service (same as mainline) They did one run through but that is no different than mainline either. Biggest noticeable different is that the FAs were younger.
  2. CBC stops at nothing to slag Air Canada. I have had great service on Rouge as well. just yesterday in fact. only complaint would be seat pitch.
  3. The concorde and Sr71 alike, due to their overall length required "slip joints" in all the connections for fuel, hydraulics and pneumatics. This is due to the expansion that take place due to the heating of the airframe. The SR 71 was refuelled in flight after takeoff to minimize fluid loss. if these "leaks" were not there then the lines would rupture under the stress. The leaks were engineered into the aircraft for all intents and purposes. As for the heating, yes the compression of the air at the leading edges and nose of the aircraft caused much of the heating much like a re-entry vehicle coming back from space. other areas of the fuselage became warm due to the friction of the air passing over the surface but to a much lesser degree. for example the windows were warm to the touch in flight. As I stated earlier those designs were on an actual Drawing board with actual pencils doing the designs using slide rules and brains. today we use CAD software which will actually do all of the fluid dynamics analysis of a surface for you without a wind tunnel. This allows for every detail to be optimized for the most efficient airflow. this reduces much of the aerodynamic drag and changes the properties of the shockwave propagation to reduce the sonic boom. We have come a long way in 50 years.
  4. they only leak on the ground. Everything tightens up in the air as the speed increases. Also do not forget that the technology in all the examples was 1950s - 1960s technology. there has been leaps and bounds in fluid dynamics and methods to reduce the heat generated by the friction of the air. Aerodynamics advances have also been able to reduce the sonic boom substantially.
  5. I have experienced 3 rejected takeoffs over the years, 2 on the same flight, as a passenger. One was a high speed reject. I would not describe it as a "terrifying" experience. Startling maybe.
  6. Is stopping your car from 80 miles per hour terrifying.
  7. So several thousand years ago when northern Alberta was a Tropical climate, MAN did that? when the earth was covered in Ice from pole to equator, MAN did that? The earth has gone through several Warming and cooling cycled in its life.some far more drastic than others from Ice age to Tropical and back. The say that MAN is the cause is frankly arrogant. We may have input but we are not the cause and we sure as hell arent the cure.
  8. its not limited to airlines. When my VISA card was compromised, I wan not made aware of it. It came to light when I tried to check in to a hotel in Miami and the card was rejected. The company knew the card was compromised and cancelled it without ever contacting me.
  9. It seems that facts are now subjective.
  10. Sticking with the agreement and trying to meet the goals that were set would have created thousands of jobs in the clean energy sector and brought the cost of things like solar power down significantly. Instead he pulled out while China stepped things up. so in essence Trump created thousands of China.
  11. Pretty much every time we see one of these "incident" videos, we are not getting the whole story. Either the video is edited with parts missing critical to the context or the recording starts after the triggering event. I would estimate that a high percentage like 99.999999% of these incidents are incited by the passenger. I have noticed a huge upswing in A-holes with a skewed sense of entitlement when flying. Everyone wants the royal treatment but are unwilling to pay for it. People disregard the FA's instructions and ignore the safety demos and generally don't give a @#$%. You cannot go by a snippet of video that shows the poor mistreated passenger you need the whole thing showing the passenger being a Di#$.
  12. No that would involve job creation.
  13. ban freedom... That'll fix it
  14. I must say this is a good thing. The criminal code and other laws of Canada have become a total mess over the decades. Cleaning house here is a good thing.