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EK Incident


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9 hours ago, FA@AC said:

Am interested in hearing from pilots here on whether this was a big deal or a non-event.


The terrain around Dubai is very flat with few obstacles.  The fact that the airplane didn't climb is, by itself, not much of a concern.  The problem is that the crew did not, apparently, react correctly to the fact that the airplane wasn't climbing is the problem.

Automation is great but when it doesn't work the crew must recognize it and intervene.  The problem here is that the crew did not recognize and intervene in a timely manner.  I would say this falls into the category of "big deal".  

The fact that the triple in the incident got to 262 knots shows either an unwareness on the part of the crew or a lack of knowledge/skill on how to prevent it - either way - bad.

The "aircraft damaged" note probably refers to a flap overpseed.  This is a "thing" but not necessarily significant.  Depending on the magnitude of the overspeed may be addressed with a simple inspection by maintenance.  

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4 hours ago, Rich Pulman said:

If those numbers are correct, … 

I think the Avherald info/numbers are suspect. I am not sure how accurate the info is at that stage of the flight.

I find it hard to believe it was a non rotation event. I think maybe it was an issue when TO/GA changed to VNAV after lift off and ‘saw’ a conflict between the FMC path and MCP set altitude (00000).  Instead of PATH it commanded VNAV ALT and levelled very early.

Surprise and confusion may have led to some inappropriate mode selections before recovering to a normal profile?


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