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  1. WestJet folks had better be on their best behaviour. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/news/Qatar-Airways-chief-shames-drunk-flight-attendant-in-email/
  2. Interesting move. http://www.cbc.ca/news/business/air-canada-aeroplan-1.4109868
  3. http://money.cnn.com/2017/05/10/news/companies/boeing-halts-737-max-flying-engine-issue/index.html
  4. The firming up of revenue is good news for all carriers. I'm kind of surprised to see it given that air fares look cheaper than ever when I shop.
  5. Aside from whichever longhaul routes they decide to launch I expect that several of WestJet's southern markets, and probably a couple of of their transcons will be able to use the capacity. I'm sure the aircraft will be densely configured.
  6. That's more or less my point. The travelling public are getting what they have voted for with their purchasing decisions. Most travellers accept it for what it is or pay a bit extra for bigger seats or better service. It can be amusing to read whining from people who paid USD $500 (probably only about half of which ended up in the airline's pocket) rt to fly from the USA to DXB about how they weren't treated like royalty or given a free upgrade, but beyond that I don't think airline managers much care about what is written on Flyertalk. Why they pay consultants are marketing executives to lecture us endlessly about "brand" is beyond me.
  7. Well, the paint job kinda is, at least until the remainder of the fleet gets the updated livery.
  8. And yet JetBlue is finding that offering a product that is arguably better than what one gets on a legacy carrier today isn't working since people aren't willing to pay a premium for it. JetBlue recently started charging for checked baggage and is adding seats to its cabins. They cited low RASM for Q1 2017 results that were poor compared to what they earned in Q1 2016. I'm with you on the economy offerings of most airlines on their new or reconfigured fleets, but if the travelling public believes they have a God-given right to fly overseas today for considerably less than they'd have paid 30 years ago they aren't going to get luxury. Preferred seating, premium economy and business class offerings are available on most carriers. One can always pony up.
  9. The concept of using ancillary revenue to generate profit looks to me as if it was invented by Ryanair and their ilk. Their model works far better than Alitalia's does. If airlines have all this pricing power, how is the drop in RASM explained? I think that carriers like Spirit, WOW and Norwegian have a lot to do with it, and they seem to be able to expand wherever they want. Legacy carriers would have pricing power if people were willing to pay more for a legacy product ("brand"?), but I don't think that many travellers are.
  10. What sorts of moves have you seen an airline make that they could realistically have avoided in order to preserve their "brand" if they wanted to remain profitable while RASM is declining all over the place?
  11. I don't get the "brand" thing when it comes to airlines. AC lectures us at length about "brand", and I think they're wasting time and money. People don't feel an emotional connection to the carriers that fly them off to the DR for their cheap all-inclusive resort vacations. They buy based on price and schedule. I don't think anybody shopping for travel on Expedia says "This itinerary is $80 per person more expensive than the other, but we're going to buy it because it's AC and we just love that brand!" What does an airline's "brand" even represent? Hardly any airline has a consistent product. On the same carrier you might get a comfortable seat in a clapped-out old cabin, or a cramped, uncomfortable one in a snazzy new cabin. You might pay for checked baggage or you might not. You might be fed at no extra cost, or you might not. You might get free booze and free earphones, or you might pay for both.
  12. Assuming that the ULCC will use 10 738s from WestJet's existing fleet, I gather that about 10% of what is currently mainline capacity will be turned over to the new carrier. It'll be interesting to see where WS reduces mainline service.
  13. I'm surprised that WestJet kept the work in-house for as long as they did. Southwest is the only North American carrier I'm aware of that doesn't outsource its cabin provisioning.
  14. The Hilton and the Courtyard by Marriott are both within walking distance of one of the LGW terminals.