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  1. Can’t link it, but the article is on the front page of today’s (Tue) Business section.
  2. No info in the article, just a video.
  3. AC is trying to recruit cabin groomers at around $16/hour. I believe the starting pay for a CSA who can expect to be left solo and expected to perform tasks for which they haven't been trained while dealing with mobs of justifiably angry customers is about the same. Amazon offers $19-ish hourly.
  4. Big shift in capacity to the west. Looks as if Encore will be exiting a lot of its markets elsewhere. https://calgaryherald.com/business/westjet-ceo-unveils-new-strategic-plan-for-airline
  5. Am interested in hearing from pilots here on whether this was a big deal or a non-event. https://onemileatatime.com/news/emirates-terrifying-boeing-777-flight-washington/
  6. Thanks! I had been under the impression that rapid tests gave false negatives far more often than false positives, but oh well. As for the travel advisory from the Canadian government, I think it's more of a caution that other countries may suddenly slam borders shut or order that flights be suspended than anything else. Given that Omicron seems spreads so easily despite it usually causing just minor symptoms (or none at all) there's also a much higher risk of testing positive while abroad and thus being unable to travel home when scheduled. Perhaps higher still if one uses SwiftHealth.
  7. Are they really that inaccurate??? I bought a few kits from them in preparation for winter vacation, but haven't used them yet.
  8. Advisory to avoid non-essential foreign travel renewed. To be reviewed in 4 weeks. https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/trudeau-travel-restrictions-omicron-1.6286656
  9. It's the case at many customer service organizations currently.
  10. I don’t get this policy at all. Perhaps it’s wise to test arriving travelers until we know whether the new variant actually makes vaccinated people sick (early indications from what I have read are that despite immune escape, it doesn’t). If testing travelers makes sense, why would those arriving from the USA be exempt? It’s hardly as if there’s no Covid there.
  11. WS, AC, TS and Sunwing have put their unvaccinated staff aside from those who were given exemptions on leave. Unless the respective unions decide to go to bat for the anti-vaxxers or the sale of ribbons generates funding sufficient to mount a legal challenge, it's over.
  12. Q3 results. https://aircanada.mediaroom.com/2021-11-02-Air-Canada-Reports-Third-Quarter-2021-Results
  13. Here, for anyone who can stand it, is the latest from F2F. Aside from the crocodile tears there are claims that the vaccines are experimental drugs (I suppose that explains the video being posted on Rumble), of government tyranny and of something they call medical apartheid. https://rumble.com/vnu6ak-sos-from-canada-aviation-professionals-speak-out-about-their-terminations-f.html?fbclid=IwAR06uMGakAFA9gxhpHI4lBxVPhk7jWMvmOO1vw4jBx8fi8QEv1FZvjazpYA
  14. A plug for Mike Mutzel's supplements now???? Revenue from the sale of the F2F ribbons must be coming up short.
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