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  1. This is probably a dumb question, but does anyone have sufficient insight into the recertification process to hazard an updated guess as to when the FAA might clear the MAX to fly again? The journalists who follow Boeing seem to have given up on providing estimates. Can't blame them.
  2. Does Swoop really have a policy of never, ever, booking pax who have suffered disruptions on other airlines no matter what? If so, what a weird way to operate. Fares out of CUN are often low, even if bought on the day of travel. There aren't many alternatives to YHM, but there must be options to YYZ or BUF on other carriers (starting with Swoop's parent?) that would suit some of the affected "guests". Covering the cost of several days of accommodation and meals for people can't be cheap.
  3. Tablets can now be used during taxi, takeoff and landing. They are, however, supposed to be switched to airplane mode as soon as the aircraft door is closed.
  4. I'm glad to hear of a case where an ignoramous who doesn't mind who she disturbs by Facetiming on public transportation got blowback. Too bad it doesn't happen more often.
  5. Margins in the airline business are thin. Airline staff have made enough in the way of concessions to enable people to fly around cheaply. If you want a seat with extra room, pay for it.
  6. In 1982 there were no codeshares, no FFPs, no electronic tickets to synch with other airline systems, no ancillary purchases in PNRs, and I believe that CP Air still allocated seats with stickies at the gate. Today's DCS at AC is fill in the blanks. When a PNR didn't migrate properly from RES III to Amadeus and/or when Amadeus hasn't sent the info through to DCS correctly and when the agent dealing with a customer has had no Amadeus training things get messy.
  7. Hoping for an acquisition of Porter, are we? ?
  8. Or has the company thrown its employees under the bus by not training them adequately to use the new system? It depends on one's perspective.
  9. https://www.bizjournals.com/dallas/news/2019/12/11/southwest-laguardia-delta-westjet.html
  10. I have never understood Air Canada's long standing fixation with Skytrax. Who chooses an airline based on its Skytrax ranking?
  11. The A-310 has quite a history in Canada. Didn't Air Transat operate the last ones in commercial service?
  12. I wonder if Muilenburg knows how to dance the Bhangra.
  13. Perhaps a sign that they expect FAA approval for its return to service soon?
  14. But unless yields increase it also reduces revenue. The MAX grounding seemed to occur just as analysts were beginning to opine that there was excess capacity in the market, so one would suppose that yields did improve. Should the grounding continue longer than Q2 2020 AC might have to make costly decisions to extend the life of its oldest 320s or the remaining 767s at mainline. And then of course all the "brand" experts will weigh in on the devastating damage AC's brand (whatever it actually is) will suffer by flying folks on Rouge or OMNI instead of mainline.
  15. It was in this instance perhaps because AC's largest Canadian competitor had to do it at the same time.