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  1. Frontier Coming to YYC

    Frontier is likely looking to pick up YYC-DEN-California, Arizona, Nevada, Mexico connecting traffic. Maybe WestJet wants Frontier off the YYC route to protect its own flights to sun destinations.
  2. I think most passengers prefer pre-clearance to US CBP facilities at JFK, EWR, MIA, ORD and most other US airports by a long shot. I doubt that AC would be able to serve DCA or LGA without it. At ORD AC aircraft would likely have to park at one terminal for CBP clearance and then be towed to a different one for departure.
  3. Delta stopped a few years back if my memory is correct. UA didn't. They fly EWR-India nonstop. I don't doubt that ATH is low yield. I wouldn't be so sure about Milan (at least prior to EK's entry to the route), as I believe there's a fair amount of business travel to and from the city. I expect that AA, DL and UA would like to get EK off its NYC-Milan route and that they don't want any of the Gulf carriers operating additional fifth freedom services to the USA.
  4. Consumers won't care since the competition has lowered fares, but US airlines probably take the view that South Asian markets would be higher yielding if their was less competition from Gulf carriers. AA and DL both considered it worthwhile to operate to India until the Gulf carriers expanded so largely in the US. American carriers probably also want to prevent the Gulf airlines from launching more fifth freedom routes such as EK's JFK-MXP.
  5. Double the Pleasure - Maybe?

    I wonder where Cruz thinks he's going with this. Within Europe with its cramped seating and a charge of almost $4 for a cup of coffee BA already resembles a budget carrier.
  6. Wasn't Trump going to have wiped all terrorists off the face of the earth by now? Why the need for the enhanced security theatre, I wonder.
  7. I don't have a link, but Duncan Bureau, AC's VP of Sales tweeted today that the Canadian government had turned AC down on its request for authority to operate YUL-BEY. Security reasons (?) were cited.
  8. If the writer thinks that longhaul ULCCs are bound to be a success just because they can fly 787s or A-350s, he hasn't seen Norwegian's financial statements.
  9. Having a handfull of MPs and MPPs who represent Scarborough ridings support the subway extension hardly makes it a given that the thing will be built. The cost keeps rising. Rob Ford had an entire term to tell us how he was going to pay for his subway expansion, but he could never come up with an explanation. Meanwhile, he cancelled plans to build the LRT--it would be opening soon had he not put the kibosh on it--that the province was willing to fund, and nothing has been built. I'm not so sure that Scarberians are unanimous in support of the subway either. Some journeys will be faster with it, and some will be slower once the SRT line is shuttered and not replaced. The Eglinton crosstown line might pick up some of the slack once it's running. Is the Smart Track stop at Lawrence East a sure thing? Tory promised 22 stations by 2022, and the project seems to be going nowhere. There have been rumblings of there perhaps having been something hooky going on over the Lawrence East stop, too. I vaguely remember reading something about it recently. I think it was suggested that Metrolynx, perhaps as a result of some sort of gerrymandering, had disregarded a study suggesting that that particular stop was not a good idea. We can probably agree that successive governments at both the municipal and provincial levels have made a mess of transit here.
  10. How much difference will a 1-stop extension of the existing subway service make? Almost every study done has concluded that Scarborough would be better served by the multi-stop LRT line of which the province had offered to pay the full cost. Do you really expect that the 1-stop subway will ever be built anyway when the cost keeps ballooning?
  11. "Educating" its employees. LOL. http://news.delta.com/delta-releases-full-length-video-educating-employees-gulf-carrier-subsidies
  12. Our Premier and our mayor think that spending $3.5 billion on a one stop subway extension in Scarborough is prudent. The mayor's promised-by-2022 22 station "Smart Track" plan is going nowhere. The premier is now yapping about a bullet train like service between Toronto and London, Ont. As if. What a joke!
  13. It's a Ryanair thing. I believe it's because their reservations systems aren't capable of collecting passport data in the fashion that most airlines do when it's required.
  14. As noted above, you do. I've flown Ryanair several times, and they're perfectly fine as long as they're cheap. Paying their nominal fee to select seats was a good idea as they now apparently go out of their way to split you up if you don't pre-select. Do stick carefully to their rules about baggage size/weight limits or expect to be dinged. Also, if you're traveling on a Canadian passport be sure to check whether you need to obtain their "visa stamp" on your boarding pass at check-in. It might not be needed on a Spanish domestic flight, but once at the gate you won't be permitted to board without it if it is required.
  15. Westjet F/A in the news...

    Would he only! Anyone who finds it necessary to go around filming every interaction they have is clearly better suited to dealing with numbers than with people.