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  1. Any pilot I have spoken to considers the Neo and even the first generation of the 320 series to be a far more sophisticated aircraft than the 737 MAX. Air Canada FAs all hate the 737 because of the galley/lav configuration that AC chose. It's brutal, but the 320 NEO with the space flex galley arrangement wouldn't be much better.
  2. If I remember correctly, Boeing took the 20 or so 190s that AC removed from its fleet some time ago. I don't recall there being any arrangement for them to take the remaining 25.
  3. FA@AC

    Where is Bean ?

    I don't remember his predictions turning out to be accurate any more frequently than those of anybody else here.
  4. Good riddance. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/saudi-arabian-group-apologizes-for-posting-image-appearing-to-threaten-canada-with-9-11-style-attack-1.4775509
  5. Did TS previously self-handle at YUL?
  6. Who is the "they" who made that estimate? And do "they" really expect WestJet to add 100+ aircraft within the next two years?
  7. I don't even think about food when I purchase air travel, but the airlines must figure that some people do. They'd stop serving it and save millions of dollars otherwise.
  8. Most would say that food in AC's J class is significantly better than what WestJet offers in Plus. Since WS is installing ovens I gather they have improvements planned.
  9. Except for the financial performance.
  10. https://www.westjet.com/en-ca/travel-info/inflight/premium?sm_cid=social:product:premium:youtube
  11. FA@AC

    Skytrax best airlines

    Isn't Swoop usually referred to as ultra low cost (a ULCC)?
  12. FA@AC

    AC YYZ-YVR Profitable!

    Perhaps so, but the data referenced by the writer cites revenue only. There's nothing in the data to suggest that the route is the world's 9th most profitable. The "journalist" leaps to that conclusion on his own.
  13. FA@AC

    AC YYZ-YVR Profitable!

    The writer of the article doesn't seem to know that revenue and profit are different things.
  14. FA@AC

    AirTransat Expands to Europe

    I don't notice any difference, and I don't find that many people do.
  15. AC is suspending YYC-NRT for the winter season too.