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  1. The "need" to film airline staff trying to keep passengers informed about a delay during a winter storm? What an idiot.
  2. Hmmmm nothing. Yes, Porter has a great product. I was just disagreeing with one of the conclusions drawn by the writer of the article. If Porter can provide the services it does and still turn a profit, more power to them.
  3. Only until said passengers are asked to pay $1 to cover the airline's cost of providing the increased convenience, or increased comfort or any amenity at all, upon which most of them are promptly swayed back again.
  4. AC 737 Max

    Yes they are. The Airbus narrow bodied aircraft were equipped with rafts that can be deployed right from the exits 25 years ago. In a water landing--assuming that the aircraft did float--pax would evacuate from the cabin directly onto rafts. Should the ultra-modern 737 MAX ever ditch in the North Atlantic, everyone will need to evacuate into the water. Should they not freeze to death first, they'll later be able to board an inflatable dingy if the last couple of people to evacuate are able to haul 90lbs of raft down from the ceiling compartments, move rafts to the exits and launch them. I'm a bit surprised that the aircraft was approved for etops with such a set up.
  5. AC 737 Max

    Bigger bins, several of which can't be used for bags as they're filled with catering equipment thanks to the skimpy aft galley configuration AC chose. FA Facebook talk, for what it's worth, made mention of many bags having to be gate-checked on the first couple of flights. This was not expected to be necessary. It might be because people aren't yet used to stowing rollaboard bags on their sides as is supposed to be possible on this aircraft.
  6. Ryanair..... again......still

    Ryanair have had a lot of problems crewing their aircraft lately. They have had to reduce their schedule by about 50 daily flights until at least next summer due to pilot staffing constraints. As other airlines hire, staff leave Ryanair in droves.
  7. New Low Cost Start up in Canada

    Of course O'Leary can pay relatively high salaries when a large proportion of his crews are outsourced "independent contractors" who receive no benefits, must pay for their own interviews, training, ID cards, medicals, water and coffee on board the aircraft, and who must pay O'Leary 15,000 Euros if they last less than 5 years at Ryanair.
  8. Air Canada's first 737-Max 8

    AC has operated the 319 on routes where I believe the 320 wouldn't have had the legs. BOG and PTY are a couple of examples.
  9. Air Canada's first 737-Max 8

    Few airlines nowadays fly the 777 or the 787 in configurations that I'd describe as comfortable in economy class, so there might not be much difference. Maybe you're getting more at the idea of being in a tube-like cabin as opposed to a wide-bodied one, which I can see. If I were flying SNN-YYZ in Y I'd definitely opt for the nonstop before I'd connect through the LHR or FRA zoos just to fly a wide-bodied aircraft with an equally uncomfortable seat, but to each his own. Where AC will encounter flack is in trying to charge J class fares for TATL flights on the 7M8 for seats that are about the equivalent of PY seats on the rest of the fleet. We seem to get away with it on YYT-LHR, but I don't think we will on 8-hour flights.
  10. Air Canada's first 737-Max 8

    While the airplane isn't exactly exciting, some of the things it can do are. Having a 170-ish seat aircraft that can fly 7-8 hour sectors could make a number of new routes viable.
  11. Air Canada's first 737-Max 8

    How does the 737 MAX 8 compare with the 320 NEO on an operating costs basis?
  12. New Low Cost Start up in Canada

    That's only about the way most airlines operate nowadays--marketing fluff and endless yapping by management to front line employees about wonderful customer "experience" and the importance of "the brand" notwithstanding.
  13. New Low Cost Start up in Canada

    The separate reservation system and separate staffing at airports sound like massive inefficiency, but I suppose WestJet know what they're doing. I'm really surprised that there'll be no ULCC-Mainline connectivity. WestJet will potentially be reducing feed to its own mainline operation by the amount of capacity it dedicates to Swoop.
  14. Air Canada's first 737-Max 8

    No internal fanfare so far either.
  15. I doubt that he did. I'd don noise cancelling ear buds the second he started to perform.