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  1. Rent-a-cops. https://toronto.citynews.ca/2021/02/24/halton-police-quarantine-screening-officer-charged/
  2. Likely because the metric has been determinative of a couple of things (hospitalizations and deaths, even if calculating the exact number isn't a precise science) since the beginning of the pandemic. In places where more of the vulnerable are vaccinated it is likely less of a certainty that infections will lead to hospitalizations and deaths or at least to as many of them, but as you know, Canada's vaccination program is thus far nowhere.
  3. I'd suppose the aircraft was pretty heavy since it had just departed. Our of curiosity, and I'm sure this is a dumb question, but would an engine fire make fuel dumping out of the question?
  4. I think the answer probably has to do with what restrictions are in place in different places and in what percentage of the respective populations are presumed to be immune whether through previous infection or vaccination. The percentage of the population that has immunity due to both factors is substantially higher in the US than it is here according to everything I have read.
  5. The 3 flights from Haiti that arrived in Canada with all pax deemed infected probably informed the government's making of the new policy. You're making government's point for them. Haiti isn't a country from which we import labour under the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program.
  6. I'm not sure what it is that puzzles the Sun's writers about Dr Tam's concerns. When the so-called UK variant became the dominant strain of the virus in the UK and in Ireland case numbers skyrocketed. One would expect that given that the UK variant is so easily transmissible. Why wouldn't the same happen here if lockdown measures were significantly reduced? Case numbers in the UK are now falling again, but that might be attributable to the fact that the UK is still in lockdown and that the vaccination program there is well underway. Ours has so far been a joke.
  7. Maybe something smaller than a 787 for TATL routes if WS is interested in operating them. 321neo LR unless the MAX 9 or 10 has the range?
  8. I haven't seen recent comment here about PKP. Can anyone opine on whether his interest in TS should be taken seriously?
  9. I wasn't aware of the stipulations you mention. Was just going by what the press releases had reported. Some of the requirements you cite do come across as being on the heavy side. Am curious to see what happens on the 15th should EU regulatory approval not come in before then. As for WestJet's response, well gee, if they're concerned about higher fares resulting from an AC-TS amalgamation then all they need to do is hero up and lower their own fares.
  10. The requirements of this and that staying in Quebec almost sound like the Air Canada PPA Part Two. The conditions otherwise don't appear to be onerous.
  11. Am hearing that the deal was just approved. EU regulatory approval still needed.
  12. An article claiming that 13% of people worldwide have had a first dose of Covid vaccination is bunk. Lockdown measures are the reason for the decline in cases at home.
  13. Where did you hear of additional layoffs? Not that it would be a surprise, but I’m not aware of any announcement having been made..
  14. I think the intent of the new restriction is to deter travel, especially during March break, to destinations such as Cancun and the DR where apparently some morons are still partying away and probably spreading Covid which they might then bring home. I hope the restriction is temporary and that something that makes more sense across the board will be brought in before the end of Apr when the route suspensions are supposed to expire. In the meantime it's hard to see the logic of having airlines suspend service to BGI and Costa Rica where the new variants of concern may or may not be while