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  1. Swoop??

    A very different strategy from Rouge, then, if rumours of Swoop operating strictly point-to-point are accurate. It'll be interesting to see how things play out.
  2. Swoop??

  3. Swoop??

    I understand that Navitaire is kind of a simple version of Amadeus. Why wouldn't it have been cheaper to use WestJet's existing Sabre system to sell Swoop's product? I'm also curious about whether Navitaire has the ability to link with Sabre or if with this move WestJet is entirely separating its mainline and ULCC products. Will combined itineraries be offered?
  4. WestJet 737 Max

    Yes, although almost half of the Y cabin will be "preferred" seating with better pitch (and additional cost, for some).
  5. WestJet 737 Max

    It looks as if WestJet has selected a much better aft lav/galley set-up than AC has. AC's seating, at least in the forward half of the Y cabin, looks as if it'll be roomier.
  6. Monarch (UK) grounded

    Transat seem to have a lot of spare aircraft this week. Can they send that much capacity for the Monarch rescue operation without disrupting their own flying program?
  7. WestJet 737 Max

    Is the first delivery today?
  8. http://www.newswire.ca/news-releases/air-canada-expands-its-global-network-with-new-and-enhanced-services-to-europe-south-america-and-africa-for-summer-2018-648502503.html?tc=eml_mycnw
  9. Swoop??

    Yes, but it will all fit well should Swoop decide to resurrect the oh-so-fun WestJet tradition of TP races in the aisle. Yee-haw.
  10. Seat Selection

    Was this Transavia? We flew on them a few months back and I remember similar seat chart weirdness. We bought up for the exit row were in fact seated in a row that had an exit and extra leg room. The non-exit seating looked quite squishy. The aircraft we were on had a GOL (the Brazilian carrier) interior. I wonder if having a few of those in the fleet with a configuration that varies from their standard one is the reason for the discrepancy. I do remember there being 3 rows showing as being exit rows when we booked, but I didn't notice whether the row behind the aft overwing exit actually had any additional leg room.
  11. Participating meaningfully in the share price rally? Perhaps not so much. On the other hand, for those of us who have been around for a long time and who have seen several downturns, the job security we have in the current environment is nothing to snuff at.
  12. For us at mainline, destinations have also vanished at an unbelievable pace. That is likely to continue as Rouge gets even bigger.
  13. This comment wasn't direct at me, but I'll respond anyway. There's certainly a case to be made that AC will need further cost savings given that we may soon see ULCCs operating in Canada, but that's a separate debate. Your contention, however, that there is absolutely no downside for AC pilots or other AC stakeholders to a large expansion of Rouge is highly debatable.
  14. http://www.newswire.ca/news-releases/air-canada-deepens-embrace-of-the-emerald-isle-with-expanded-non-stop-services-to-ireland-from-toronto-and-montreal-644157843.html
  15. Thanks for your insight Vsplat. Good luck.