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  1. I'm sure they allocate as many seats as they're able to sell to the higher fares, but the prohibition of hidden city ticketing in the tariffs of most airlines suggests that such weird pricing is common. BA's fares to LHR are usually substantially higher than their fares to EU via LHR. KL usually charges more for YYZ-AMS than it does for YYZ-AMS-EU elsewhere. LAX-ORD-YYZ or LAX-NYC-YYZ on AA and UA is often less expensive than LAX-ORD or LAX-NYC on the same flights.
  2. AC might see some effect of a downturn in travel to the US given its current strategy of using its Canadian hubs to capture US-bound travel from overseas. Probably good news for us overall, though, if more seats on our international flights end up being sold to people actually travelling to Canada rather than transiting here. EU/Asia-Canada-USA fares are often lower than EU/Asia-Canada fares. I wonder if AC's rumoured interest in serving Iran will go away if Trump's travel ban that we aren't supposed to call a ban actually sees the light of day in some form. I'd expect that AC had hoped to attract a lot of traffic from California.
  3. I thought he preferred Breitbart.
  4. Sure, but I was addressing labour costs.
  5. I could be wrong, but my guess would be that given the low CAD$ and the pretty rich contracts awarded to pilots and FAs at the US airlines AC now enjoys lower labour costs even at the mainline carrier than its American competitors do. Certainly AC's pension plans are more generous, but wage rates are not. AC's cost advantage where it deploys Rouge must be humungous.
  6. Hehe, well yeah, but "interesting" from the perspective of an airline employee. Flying in Y class on a 787 or a 10-abreast 777 is pretty often described as "painful" too, but people want cheap seats and most of them aren't paying much for long haul travel nowadays.
  7. Is WestJet's first 737 MAX delivery still far enough out that there's no chance of this being an announcement of a TATL route from YUL with it? If the aircraft has the range for some TATL sectors from central Canada we might see both WS and AC doing some interesting things with the aircraft.
  8. I'll be surprised if it's a C series order. Didn't Saretsky more or less pronounce the aircraft as useless to Canadian carriers just shortly before AC placed its order?
  9. Looks a lot like the 1995 livery again.
  10. I'm sure there'll be the odd winner, but even if Trump hadn't already brought considerable chaos it'd be difficult to imagine such a cuckoo clock as President not being a net negative for the economy.
  11. Since I don't know enough about economics to speculate on how specific measures taken by the U.S. government might affect us, I'm more inclined to wonder about the effect on Canada and other countries if Trump's policies send the U.S. economy down the tubes. Cut taxes while spending gazillions of dollars building useless walls and hiring masses of officers to round up illegal immigrants? Cause massive inflation by imposing steep tariffs on all imports including those of materials used by U.S. manufacturers? Make it difficult/impossible for U.S. businesses to hire foreign talent? None of it makes any sense to me. The above is always assuming that Trump's plans actually see the light of day. I think that many of them won't.
  12. According to the rumour mill it's the unveiling of a new livery. The rondel is going back on the tails.
  13. Different medium, I guess, but the same old thing otherwise. Look at how many people were taken in by the GWB lies about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq before social media was big.
  14. Yes, that's likely the point of Trump. He'd love you to feel that you can't trust anything you read in the media because he lies as easily as he breathes, and doesn't want to be fact checked.