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  1. Especially when the "seamless" connection involves a quarantine hotel stay as things now stand.
  2. You didn't ask me, but for what it's worth I think that encouraging Olympic athletes to travel while demonizing snowbirds or others who travel carefully and observe all necessary precautions during their trips is ludicrous. Are those who travel for essential reasons at equally high risk of spreading covid as those who travel for leisure? Probably, but if their travel is essential society seems willing to accept the risk they pose. Many people aren't willing to accept the same risk from people who don't need to travel but who do it anyway.
  3. Furness' Twitter account mentions that he's an infection control epidemiologist. Your example draws a distinction between those who cross borders and those who don't. He doesn't see any such distinction as far as I can tell. He considers all non-essential travel during the pandemic to be irresponsible. Agree with him or not, his position is clear to me.
  4. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/shooting-at-yvr-disrupts-major-traffic-routes-canada-line-in-richmond-1.6020183
  5. What areas of regulation are you concerned about? Route authorities hardly seem to matter now that open skies agreements are in place with many countries.
  6. That’s a bit much coming from someone who declared that we had shut the economy down over a flu.
  7. Fair enough, but that doesn’t mean that well heeled geezers who whine about having to provide a negative PCR test upon return to Canada during a pandemic aren’t tiresome crybabies.
  8. To me the reward for getting vaccinated is hugely lowering my risk of becoming infected with Covid and making it unlikely that I'll spread it or experience severe disease if I do catch it. PHAC's current stance on travel restrictions and such for the vaccinated isn't different from that of the authorities in most countries, but will probably change once Canada gets its act together on bringing the current wave under control.
  9. No, we cannot because "the remaining 10%" are by now probably long vaccinated yet the hospitals are overflowing with sick people from among the other 90% of us.
  10. Wouldn't it make more sense to impose an entry ban on people who have been in India during the past 14 days or to force them into hotel quarantine for an incubation period? The policy announced today only makes it less convenient to travel to Canada from India, and it doesn't impose any additional restrictions on travellers arriving from the hotspot.
  11. Expert Flyer is really good. It requires a paid subscription. Otherwise, any of the online travel agencies. Some of them permit filtering by nonstop, number of stops etc. For mobile devices, the Staff Traveller app is great. https://stafftraveler.com/
  12. Intends to serve YVR from JFK and BOS from summer of 2022. http://otp.investis.com/clients/us/jetblue_airways/usn/usnews-story.aspx?cid=981&newsid=74365
  13. Maybe it'll be sufficient to offset the preferential treatment Westjet gets in not being mandated to do everything in both official languages.
  14. Reminds me of several of our FAs who have had Covid and who insist that they got it on a flight. Almost all that I know who have had it are those who participate in layover room get-togethers where unmasked drinking, eating and merrymaking goes on. Yet they know for a fact that they were infected on the aircraft by a passenger despite the hepa filters, despite wearing PPE and despite the fact that passengers were masked. Ok then.