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  1. AC leaves aircraft on the ground at GRU for 8-9 hours routinely, but I think the time is used to perform certain maintenance functions.
  2. I'm not so sure about the last part. What value is there in a company having a higher profile if it continues to lose money? I have no idea in whose hands TS will end up and I'm well aware of how messy airline mergers are. I'd still wager that an amalgamation with AC would return TS to profitability.
  3. Limits on how long pax can be on board and aircraft on the ground without being given the opportunity to get off have resulted in an increase in flight cancellations in the US. Airlines there are quicker to cancel flights if they anticipate lengthy ramp delays.
  4. FA@AC


    The new owners might take the position that WestJet was more profitable than it is now before it expanded all over the place with the projects you mention, or they might be of the view that increased profitability will come if WestJet stays the course. They might also decide on a new course that results in WestJet's operations being less complex than they are today, but less simple than they were during the first years. They might expand Swoop, dump Swoop, expand long haul or dump longhaul. Time will tell.
  5. Maybe I'm being pedantic, but to speculate that this is "just another step towards abandoning the MAX at AC" suggests that AC has already made moves indicating that it plans to get rid of the aircraft. Aside from the recent announcement about returning some 737 pilots to their previous fleets has AC done anything to suggest that it wants to dump the MAX?
  6. Is anyone here (hello Dagger!) informed enough to speculate on how the competition bureau or other regulatory bodies would view a takeover of TS by AC should it turn out that AC is interested? An AC-TS amalgamation would be a really interesting, if messy for a while, scenario. I'd be fascinated to see what plans Calin and his team had for whether TS would be folded into Rouge, or partly each to mainline and Rouge, or if some other structure would be devised. AC, I guess due to differences in the Canadian vs marketplaces, is already a very different entity from the other N American carriers, but would likely become more different still.
  7. The work force integration would be hugely messy at least for a while. I'm not sure how TS pilots are treated, but TS FAs wouldn't enjoy working under Rouge conditions. TS management must be hugely motivated to do something, though. They run a good airline, but struggle financially. With Rouge seemingly ever expanding and ULCCs now in the market things aren't going to gt any easier for TS.
  8. Yes, they were very highly regarded. Seems that India is a LCC market now and that Jet completely failed to adapt.
  9. Southwest have now removed 737 MAX flying from its schedules until August.
  10. https://toronto.ctvnews.ca/porter-airlines-founder-hands-over-ceo-duties-to-his-son-1.4374897
  11. I doubt that AC is interested in additional slots in China at the moment. Yields there have been low for a while, and AC has reduced capacity by switching 777s to 787s on some flights to PVG and HKG. I'd be surprised if Jet's LHR slots were of interest either given the worsening mess in the UK.
  12. If AC did a deal somewhere to replace its 737s with A320 variants, how big a deal would it be to get existing 319s modified for ETOPS? I'm wondering how AC would operate TATL narrow-bodied routes over the near term without the MAX. I had always wondered if the 321NEO-LR would be the replacement for the 767s currently at Rouge, but AC doesn't seem to be in any hurry to replace them.
  13. Interesting perspective. I'm sure we all find it distasteful to discuss seizing commercial advantage from two horrible tragedies, but CR is responsible for acting in AC's best interests. I would doubt that Airbus feels any pressure whatsoever to offer sweetheart deals to any carrier who is now looking to buy 140-200 seat aircraft and I'd also be surprised if (gently?) used 737 MAX aircraft would fetch much on the market over the near term, but we shall see.
  14. Garuda, the national airline of the country in which the first MAX crash unfortunately occurred, has cancelled MAX orders. Are there other cancellations? If one doesn't have the figures on what AC paid for the MAX, what it would have paid have it bought something else, when that something else would have been delivered or what it would otherwise have cost to dispose of a chunk of its Embraer fleet, one can't determine whether it is actually a short term pain/long term gain scenario costly though the current situation is likely to be. That's why I asked if you had the numbers.
  15. Are you privy to the details of how much AC paid for the MAX? Are you also able to tell us what it would have had to pay for the NEO had it opted for the Airbus product, and when Airbus could have delivered it? What arrangements would AC then have had to make for disposal of the Embraer 190 fleet?