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  1. UA suspended its ORD-HKG route the other week, and now this news of CX. The strife in HKG is really affecting things. Not mentioned in the article, but CX is also dropping its YVR-JFK flight which they say was already unprofitable. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-cathay-pacific-demand/cathay-pacific-to-cut-capacity-as-demand-for-hong-kong-travel-falls-idUSKCN1VW0ZB
  2. It is understood that if more than one carrier serves a route, no one carrier has a monopoly (unless the two carriers codeshare or something). By your weird definition, AC already has a monopoly to LHR so there'd be no difference anyway. Speaking of codesharing, perhaps Porter will mount competition to the UK by codesharing on Jet Blue when it begins flying there. So much for AC's "monopoly".
  3. No it does not. I'm surprised that you haven't heard of British Airways. It's a large airline and its routes include Canada to LHR.
  4. Yup. There's the possibility that I'm doing the same.
  5. I think Gabor should be appointed Minister of Transport. I'm puzzled as to why WestJet wants LHR slots, though. According to a former WestJet executive who used to post here frequently, WestJet was going to bring AC and all of the other TATL carriers to their knees when it launched its rustbucket service to LGW a few years back. Skeptics were lectured that "Back in 1996.......", and "WestJet is a disrupter, therefore.....", "Lowest costs blah blah......". It's a wonder that AC and TS even exist today having faced such a devastating competitive onslaught.
  6. If TS doesn't own LHR slots currently I'm not sure why AC would be obliged to sell any of its slots there to WestJet, but who knows? While WestJet is at it, perhaps it will step up and launch a huge TATL network from YUL to fill the coming competitive void that you're concerned about.
  7. There is an airline called British Airways that operates between several points in Canada and LHR and that is free to add service to additional Canadian cities whenever it chooses.
  8. The existence of both Rouge and Air Transat is probably redundant from the marketing standpoint, but AC has incredibly cheap FA labour at Rouge and AC will want to keep it that way. My understanding is that Pilot labour costs at TS are far low than they are at AC. Management won't be in a hurry to change that either. It'll be really interesting to see what pans out. Negotiations around the workforce integration, if/when they occur, will be complex.
  9. I must have missed that. I have no recollection of Porter placing an aircraft order in order to provide competition on any of the AC/TS routes that you claim will lack competition once the takeover deal closes. Was it recent?
  10. Why doesn't Porter order a great big fleet of longer range aircraft to provide competition then?
  11. AC claims to have no plans to merge TS into AC or Rouge, although I don't think anyone believes it. I don't see why TS wouldn't continue to operate from T3 at YYZ at least as long as they remain separate.
  12. I don't know, nor do I know whether an assault occurred, but unlike you I'm not drawing conclusions. I wasn't there and I have no idea what happened or didn't. Neither do you.
  13. I guess you're familiar enough with Romanian law and with how law enforcement in Romania functions to conclude that if no criminal charges were filed an assault couldn't possibly have been committed. I know I'm not. As for there being no first-hand witnesses, who is to say that there aren't any? Perhaps they haven't gone public.
  14. The aft galley/lav/jumpseat layout AC has chosen is even worse than the one the installed on the 737 MAX. It's awful for customers in the last couple of rows and it severely detracts from our ability to give service efficiently. The aircraft looks impressive otherwise, but FAs are going to hate it. Too bad that AC decided against the layout that Delta selected for its 220s.
  15. According to this report, WS and AF have held talks with unspecified PQ investors about making a bid for TS. French only. https://www.tvanouvelles.ca/2019/08/12/westjet-et-air-france-interesses-par-transat