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  1. To understand what happens next with QAnon, it helps to look back at past cults What’s the difference between a cult and a religion? Scale. Every religion begins somewhere in a basement or a backyard or a barn with a small group of people and some scrap of received wisdom. Most of them end that way. But occasionally an idea, a leader, a concept, just … catches fire. It spreads, and adapts, and invariably mutates as it passes from that original founder
  2. How quickly they change. I guess we'll here more of the truth going forward....
  3. Says it all... Last Trump Job Approval 34%; Average Is Record-Low 41% STORY HIGHLIGHTS Last job approval rating of 34% is his lowest Averages 41% job approval, four points lower than any other president Approval ratings of Trump most politically polarized by wide margin WASHINGTON, D.C. -- As President Donald Trump prepares to leave the White House, 34% of Americans approve of the job he is doing as president, the worst evaluation of his presidency. His 41%
  4. Out Of 21 Of The Richest Countries On The Planet, The U.S. Is The Only One That Doesn't Offer Paid Vacation A recent report from the Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR) shows that the U.S. continues to be the only country out of 21 "rich countries," (including 16 European countries, Australia, Canada, Japan, and New Zealand) that does not offer workers mandatory paid vacation time and paid holidays. The report includes a chart laying out how much paid time off is offered to wor
  5. A return to normal is coming quickly... Biden Plans 10 Days of Action on Four ‘Overlapping’ Crises President-elect Joe Biden plans an early blitz of executive action to reverse some of President Donald Trump’s most contentious policies and address the coronavirus pandemic, according to an outline of Biden’s first 10 days in office. The plan, spelled out in a memo Saturday by Biden Chief of Staff Ron Klain to incoming White House advisers, will address wh
  6. Still research to be done, however, it is troubling... HIDDEN TOLL One in eight ‘recovered’ Covid patients die within 140 days, study finds with a THIRD readmitted within weeks ONE in eight recovered Covid patients die within 140 days - with a third readmitted to hospital within weeks, a study has found. New figures found that of 47,780 people discharged from hospital in the first wave, 29.4 per cent returned in less than five months. Of those readmitted, 12.3 per cent of them died, according
  7. But is it one small item? Interesting how 'one small item' has made so much change in so little time.
  8. "At noon on January 20, Trump will be in desperate shape. His business is floundering, his partners are fleeing, his loans are delinquent, prosecutors will be coming after him, and the legal impunity he enjoyed through his office will be gone. He will be walking naked into a cold and friendless world. What appeared to be a brilliant strategy for escaping consequences was merely a tactic for putting them off. The bill is coming due."
  9. Yes, he put out that statement, however, he has shown that the first two lines weren't that important. He may be courting those in Alberta, but no traction anywhere else in Canada.
  10. The situation in the U.S. can be summed up with this quote from Voltaire...
  11. Good Morning We are already seeing the effects of divisive lies. Isn't that why there was an attempted coup in the U.S. on Jan 6th? Isn't that why there are currently more troops in D.C. than there were in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria? Isn't that why gun sales are through the roof in the U.S.? When you have an individual that uses his position to cause such damage through untruths, something has to be done to tone it back down. It's capitalism. The platforms that censored trump are private companies. Do they not have liability for what happens with/on their platforms?
  12. So they were behaving in a suspicious manner, got pulled over for such, lied to police, therefore one was charged with obstruct police and then they were charged with violating the Reopening Ontario Act. I would say that is good policing. According to police, their vehicle was stopped in Chatham after an officer saw a suspicious vehicle on Grey Street and pulled it over in the area of Raleigh Street and Richmond Street. The four individuals were identified during the invest
  13. So you are saying that the vote was improper, therefore Rempel isn't worthy of the honour as well?
  14. Yet are they morons? With trump gone, less fiery divisive lies are being thrown out, therefore those who have belief in conspiracy theories and untruths have less to complain about. Valid argument. Besides, trump hasn't been silenced, the White House press briefing room has sat empty for how long?
  15. At least the CBC, Canadian Press, and UN Commissioner can and were fact checked. Rempel made allegations without basis. Does that answer your question? The way I see it is that it is facts vs. rhetoric.
  16. So you are saying I'm posting the Canadian version of Fox News?
  17. Elisabeth May was voted 'most knowledgeable' and Christia Freeland was 'parliamentarian of the year'. So they're all good?
  18. Misinformation dropped dramatically the week after Twitter banned Trump Zignal Labs charts 73 percent decline on Twitter and beyond following historic action against the president Online misinformation about election fraud plunged 73 percent after several social media sites suspended President Trump and key allies last week, research firm Zignal Labs has found, underscoring the power of tech companies to limit the falsehoods poisoning public debate when they act aggressively.
  19. I hope this version of the same is an update... What’s Happened To Michelle Rempel? Calgary MP’s online rants veer into conspiracy theory What in the world has happened to Calgary MP Michelle Rempel this summer? Rempel, who described herself as a “centrist” as recently as last year, has been on about what she calls “Trudeau’s border crisis,” the influx of asylum-seekers who have fled to Canada from the U.S. in recent years. And lately when Rempel sees somethi
  20. And more 'reality' with the Kardashians
  21. Worth repeating... Fox News won a court case by 'persuasively' arguing that no 'reasonable viewer' takes Tucker Carlson seriously A federal judge on Thursday dismissed a lawsuit against Fox News after lawyers for the network argued that no "reasonable viewer" would take the network's primetime star Tucker Carlson seriously. The network asked a judge to dismiss the case, arguing that "Carlson's statements were not statements of fact and that she failed adequately to allege actual malice."