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  1. I do not recommend looking for a Oneplus One. This phone is 7 years old (I looked it up). When I bought it it was in particularly good physical shape and therefore made a good candidate for the operating system replacement described above. The odds of you finding a similar phone are low. I gave my story as what is possible not what's probable. This is not a procedure that an average person would be able to handle. As an iPhone user I definitely do not recommend it for you. An Android user who is familiar with sideloading an apk from a non-google app store - that's the person w
  2. boestar; I think my opinion on Facebook, Google, Apple and Microsoft can be easily discerned from observing my efforts to avoid them but I do realize there are some people who find some or all of their products and services to add value - I'm not judging, just discussing options. A lot of people will say; "I wish I could reduce my reliance/exposure to these large corporations but don't know how." My purpose is simply to provide a place to discuss the "how" for those who are interested. You are quite right about the irony of posting a Youtube video while complaining about Google. U
  3. Hi Eddy; I'll expand on this tomorrow but just a few comments now. I'm no expert on iPhones but from what I've read the Apple ecosystem is very secure but not private - Apple has access to much of what you do (not your data but your meta-data) but, if you follow the best protocols available (for Apple) you're pretty safe from outsiders accessing your stuff. The Oneplus1 is an old phone - probably coming up on 10 years old. I bought it for a hundred bucks and it runs virtually like a new phone. The reason for this is that the operating system (Lineage) has no connection to Google and t
  4. Jaydee; I'm not commenting on the choices you make. Some people find facebook to be a valuable addition to their life and that's fine. My purpose in starting this thread is to discuss security and privacy - from that POV, there is no way to make Facebook private or secure. Closing some of the blockers is like catching "most" of the mice in your basement or patching "most" of the holes in your boat. Again - make your choices as you see fit - I'm not criticizing.
  5. Jaydee - I hope you realize the "correct" answer is to burn any device that you've ever used for Facebook and never sign in again, right? Any change you make to your facebook settings is superficial and does not affect the underlying issue. Changing your facebook settings is like painting flames on your Chevette - looks good but has no real effect.
  6. For those who care about free and open technology that's not tracked, monitored or manipulated. Here's my current choices. I use a Macbook running (via USB drive) Elementary OS. This is a fork of Ubuntu Linux. No Windows, no Apple services., no Google. A Oneplus1 phone running Lineage OS. Lineage OS is a de-googlfied Android clone - not a single google service on the phone. Duckduckgo as search engine (obviously). Signal messenger. Protonmail as a secure, off-shore, encrypted email service Protondrive as a secure, encrypted, off-shore cloud service
  7. Deicer; I'm commenting on one thing - one thing only. The claim that banning Trump from Twitter resulted in less misinformation because there was less discussion of election fraud. The findings, from Jan. 9 through Friday, highlight how falsehoods flow across social media sites — reinforcing and amplifying each other — and offer an early indication of how concerted actions against misinformation can make a difference. This conclusion is completely unfounded without a measurement of how much discussion there was on other platforms and how much discussion there was about other t
  8. Did you even read what you wrote? Less fiery divisive lies (your words) about election fraud but no measurement taken of how much or what is being said about censorship. That's my point - they ban Trump from Twitter and then say it was a good thing because people aren't talking about the same things as last week - there's a gaping hole in the data that needs to be looked at before you can call the response to the banning a "good" thing. What if the fiery, divisive lies about censorship went up by 1000% as a result of the banning? What if fiery, divisive lies about censorship turn o
  9. No, you're missing the point. Both sides have the same facts. Rempel (and Scheer) say what was happening was a crisis (provincial governments running out of money, no beds in shelters, refugees being housed in hotels), the UN Commissioner says it's not a crisis because other countries have it worse and the CP and CBC calling Rempel full of baloney and inaccurate. The facts are not in dispute. The rhetoric of characterizing the situation as a crisis makes more sense than saying it wasn't because some other country managed fine. "I lost my job, can't pay my bills and am going to los
  10. Isn't that kind of like saying; "Complaints in Japan about the price of gas dropped dramatically in the week following the tsunami." D'uh! Twitter bans Trump and fewer people are talking about election fraud - it's because people are talking about the ban instead. Morons.
  11. Sprawl Calgary using a CBC article that uses a Canadian Press article that quotes a UN Commissioner of Refugees is the definition of a house-of-cards. And all of them criticize Rempel for criticizing the media. So - who's the more trustworthy, Rempel or the media?
  12. The problem with this is that if you don't trust the source, you won't trust the content. I have no idea if "Sprawl Calgary" is reliable, has an agenda, a bias, etc. (Don't bother trying to find the info and/or convince me either - don't care). There are many problems with the article you linked to; One of the hot-linked references takes the reader to a Huffington Post article as if that's proof of anything. Another goes to a CBC article. This one: Why? Because a CP reporter dared fact-check Rempel’s and Conservative leader Andrew Scheer’s oft-repeated “border crisis” c
  13. Pretty good - Keeping Up With the Kardasians has them beat though - 10 million viewers/episode.
  14. September 26, 2020 November 11, 2020 November 22, 2020 January 17, 2021 You sure are getting a lot of mileage out of that article Deicer - time for some new material!
  15. That's a beautiful article by Maclean's. I didn't think they had it in them. Now, just a few more articles about the Covid contracts handed out in QB and and the WE debacle and put them on "repeat"!
  16. I've been following this guy for a few years and I do have a de-googled phone. If anybody wants to hear more about - let me know.
  17. You can still read the previous posts so nothing is lost although I don't know how many people are going too far back in the 211 pages of the Trump thread. Note that I said the threads are "locked" (no new posts) not "blocked" from being read. Think of it as a fresh start.
  18. I've received private messages from many members. Consensus seems to be that the non-aviation forum is something that people want and would miss if it was gone. What people don't want are posts with personal attacks, racism, anti-gay statements, etc, etc. Everyone knows the list. Look, I'm not a lawyer and I can't write a list of; you can do this, but you can't do that, you can say this, but you can't say that. I expect civil discourse. The community expects civil discourse. Be respectful to each other. If necessary I will use the tools available; modifying/deleting p
  19. This is the same thing that was being said before Christmas. I wouldn't expect the new guy to anything to say for the first 6 months until he gets briefed-in.
  20. Exchange Income Corporation I had no idea that EIC had so much on-the-go.
  21. The "non-aviation" forum is turning into a bigger problem than I would have expected. Member posting/replying in this forum temporarily turned off, regular "aviation" forum continues as normal. Please send you opinion (by private message) on whether we should continue having a non-aviation section or not and what, if any, improvements are suggested. Thanks seeker
  22. Yup, I've watched it a dozen times! Reminds me of the WKRP thanksgiving day turkey drop. The dry delivery of the reporter makes it so much better.
  23. Awesome. What do think the odds are of the same being done with Twitter Antifa posts?