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  1. No, I don't care to highlight differences but you stated that trans and "other communities" are "looking for rights equal to others". I'm simply holding your feet to the fire - what rights are they looking for that are being denied? They might believe they are being denied some right based on the fact they are constantly told they are helpless victims by groups like BLM but the truth is that they are not being denied any rights. In fact when it comes to employment, education and scholarship opportunities people of colour hold uber-rights.
  2. From the first paragraph: Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) rights in Canada are some of the most extensive in the Americas and in the world. From the second paragraph: Canada was referred to as the most gay-friendly country in the world, when it was ranked first in the Gay Travel Index chart in 2018, and among the five safest in Forbes magazine in 2019. From the third paragraph: In recent decades, Canada went through some major legal shifts in support of LGBT rights (e.g. decriminalization, anti-discrimination, anti-harassment, gay marriage, homoparentality, blood donations, transgender rights and outlawry of conversion therapies). How far do I have to go to get to the part that lists the "rights" being denied?
  3. I'm not basing it on fashion choices. I'm asking you to tell me what rights you think the "trans and other communities" are being short-changed on. You brought it up so now tell us.
  4. Yikes! Each to his own taste I guess but it's my opinion that's one of the stupidest things I've ever seen. If it has to be done, and I'd argue it doesn't, at least make it the Shuttle, or the Concorde or an F-14.
  5. What rights are they missing? I bet you can't think of one. That is, unless, you're going to come up with some nonsense like; they have the "right" to not have people laugh at their fashion choices. BTW, easier to treat people with respect when they don't get un-earned preference for everything from housing to scholarships to employment. Accept that you're not deserving of special treatment and you'll get your equal rights.
  6. There's a couple of issues besides the drivers. Did you happen to notice the perfect pavement? Even if this was legal in Canada you couldn't do it because the frost heaves and broken/repaired pavement would prevent it. Also the complete lack of broken retread carcasses littering the road - hit one of those at 100 mph and it's the end of the speed run, the end of the car and the end of the driver - imagine the carnage hitting one at 260 mph.
  7. Interesting thing I just noticed. I use an adblocker for most of my internet browsing but I have the AEF whitelisted (allowing advertising) to monitor the site in it's raw form. Usually I see the ads but don't pay much attention. Just after the topic of headlights was mentioned in the thread there appeared Canadian Tire ads for, you guessed it, headlights! Google is watching what we post.
  8. Depends on the day I would guess. I've been pessimistic about our chances since I first read Atlas Shrugged at age 17. In later years reading/learning about the Roman Empire and world history did nothing to change that! I try to put on a brave face, of course. There's no doubt in my mind that western civilization (as we know it) is doomed. A few decades or a few centuries - just a question of how long. The vast majority of human history has been life under oppression and there's no reason to think that we have reached stability simply because the last few centuries have been relatively free for the Western subset of the population of the world. The priviledge to have lived at this time and in this country is not lost on me as I know it's not the norm.
  9. You're dreaming. The average Canadian will tune in to the CBC and come away blaming Ford, the unvaxxed and Trump for the empty shelves and inflation and their cancelled surgeries. As you've said many times, the pain needs to be a lot greater than we've seen - pain on the order of starvation and no gas at the pumps not just a little more expensive.
  10. Yes, all true if one was to try to change the current system. Transport, industry and expectations all evolved together. Think what we would have if, say, back in the 50's it was decided that interstate highways were for car traffic only. Rail systems would have been developed that were highly efficient. Perhaps the cost savings from just-in-time manufacturing would have been offset by cheaper transport to begin with. Manufacturing plants would have been located near train tracks and train tracks built to serve to others. Anyway, just a mental exercise at this point. It does however remind me of one of the most dastardly undertakings of the automotive industry. General motors to be precise: The Streetcar Conspiracy Think about how different our society would be if commuter rail was cheap, and available.
  11. Yeah, I know. Still have the local trucks, just not the long-distance trucks. Trains for terminal to terminal, trucks for local delivery.
  12. It's cheaper to move stuff by train anyways - it just takes a little longer. If we (society) had any brains we'd use rail for all inter-city and longer transport, keep the trucks off the road.
  13. When dissent is crushed, access to knowledge suppressed and freedom of movement curtailed, civil cohesion is shattered and regulated orthodoxy becomes the rule of the day.As S. Adam Seagrave writes in American Mind, “The Covid-Era ‘new normal’ is not just about medical mitigation, it is about a new form of political governance.” Constitutional norms in our own country as well as Seagrave’s have been abrogated in favor of a Schwarzeneggerian “screw your freedom” ethos. (Yes, the California Terminator did say that, and a lot more.) Or as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sneered, only slightly less inelegantly: “Don’t think you can get on a plane or a train next to vaccinated people.” He made good on that election promise. Orders come down, we obey. If we don’t, the penalties are crippling. The effect of all this is plain to see and hard to deny; whether that was its purpose all along is the question. C2C Journal
  14. Could be but I don't see that as an accurate measure. During the federal election the focus is on defeating the Liberals (that's the goal in every federal election if you live in Alberta) but run a referendum on separation as a separate event - that would e the test and I think it would run significantly higher than 1.3% - significantly higher!
  15. Well, one was in an abusive relationship with a schizophrenic and twice divorced, the next one was also divorced and the third died from a drug overdose. I would guess their backs were good but ironic that one of them became a chiropractor.
  16. I also checked the Wikipedia article - seems like they did not have a happy life - was going to post a link but didn't want to rain on the parade.
  17. Here's another. I'm a little hesitant since the video actually freaks me out a bit but watch this (video cued to performance):
  18. From my POV it certainly seems like the two philosophies at play are irreconcilable. The only constant is change. If the US does break along Democrat and Republican lines I expect Alberta and Sask will agitate to split and join the Red Team.
  19. What strikes me as significant is that Venezuela should be one of the richest countries in the world. Caracas should be similar to Dubai. Instead there are shortages of basic consumer commodities, high child mortality, poverty, hyperinflation, malnutrition, high rates of serious crime and over 3 million people have fled the country in the last few years. If socialism can't be made to work in a country that actually has the resources to support expensive social programs how could it ever be made to work in poor countries?
  20. I agree. A very well-written (Even for Black) summation of the current situation.
  21. The following video has 52 million views - not sure why? Haha, just kidding, some serious talent. Her name is Viola Brand, you know, just in case you want to search for more.
  22. Sure, but the implication is that it's because of his political party. The exact same problem exists in provinces with other parties as government. Just because it's the correct thing to do doesn't mean people won't complain about it - the province could be completely bankrupt and people would still complain about a 1% increase in tax or a 1% reduction in service. With that being said I do not agree, in principle, with healthcare cuts. I could think of many, many places I'd cut first.
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