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  1. What are the chances we see MSM airplay of this story? I think you know the answer.
  2. The latest from my favourite Irish commentator about Trudeau's plans for the future (spoiler - you won't like it!):
  3. Sometimes the interjections are good. I think each person should be allowed to interject but at the cost of a 15 second loss to their allotted time. This way they will weigh the value of the comment they want to make - if it's zinger and worth the cost they'll pay the price but if it just a snarky comment they'll hold back. Best of both.
  4. You want a wake-up call to the way things used to be? Watch Saturday Night Fever or Grease (the movies). Recorded these on the PVR a while back - wow! Did not age well.
  5. There are lots of terrible things said by BLM, Anitifa and leftist loony activists but the fact that this was said by a person running for political office and that he wasn't immediately condemned, cut-loose and disavowed by the party is shocking frankly. He is, clearly, completely and thoroughly unfit to serve in public office (or even to be free to walk the streets). Where is the outrage? Well, we know the answer to that question.
  6. That's some pure evil right there. Can you imagine actually voting for someone who publicly state such a thing. This man should be in a straight-jacket on a psych ward.
  7. Comparisons with other environments Comparison with schools Hofstra University researcher Charol Shakeshaft, the author of a report on sexual offenses in schools, said sexual violence is much more prevalent in schools than in the Church. According to the report, up to 422,000 students from California will be victims of sexual violence in the future. Comparison with Protestant Churches and Jehovah's Witnesses A report issued by Christian Ministry Resources (CMR) in 2002 stated that contrary to popular opinion, there are more allegations of pedophilia in Protestant congregat
  8. Booo! There's at least another dozen jokes that could be written in this thread and you've spoiled the fun.
  9. Do you honestly believe this? That he is out of touch with the scope of the pandemic? With all the resources of the federal government, advisors, data analysis, daily briefings? That he doesn't know what's going on? That's ridiculous. I believe he is quite aware of what is going on and has chosen to project a brave face and act as the stabilizing force rather than running around with his hair on fire. The truth of the situation doesn't even matter - the leader must always - always! - project confidence or all is lost.
  10. A large part of what a commander/leader must do is inspire confidence. Trump standing on the balcony, removing his mask and saying "don't fear the covid" is an exercise to inspire confidence. The idiot talking-heads on CNN who are losing their minds over this have lost the plot. If Trump had scurried into the WH and refused to show his face they would say he was showing a lack of leadership - it's a no-win scenario. Do you want a president who tells the population to be afraid and predicts doom or one who projects calm confidence? It doesn't matter if confidence is warranted the leader mu
  11. Looks to me like a bunch of posers claiming prescience while actually relying on hindsight. It's easy, dead easy, to look back at some complicated series of events and point out errors with the benefit of knowing how things actually developed. It's a trap. I make decisions in my life based on my assessment of the choices and potential outcomes at the time when a decision needs to be made and then do not go back and second guess them based on future knowledge. Did the governments of the world make less than ideal choices? Of course. The real question should be; were the decisions made
  12. The Great Reset For decades, progressives have attempted to use climate change to justify liberal policy changes. But their latest attempt – a new proposal called the “Great Reset” – is the most ambitious and radical plan the world has seen in more than a generation. At a virtual meeting earlier in June hosted by the World Economic Forum, some of the planet’s most powerful business leaders, government officials and activists announced a proposal to “reset” the global economy. Instead of traditional capitalism, the high-profile group said the world should adopt more socialistic
  13. I found this interesting footage and narration by a US war correspondant from France following after D-Day. The video is cued to start at a small section showing some P-47s and P-38s operating from a forward base and a mid-air collision but I'll bet most people will watch it from the beginning after seeing this teaser:
  14. I don't think we have any real "trolls" here. This quiet little corner of the interwebs is inhabited by people who actually believe what they post.
  15. Actually, I don't see a problem with this - a private clinic that intersects with the public system in no way at all. How is this different from visiting your dentist or physiotherapist and paying for the service? Executives of the private clinics say they are not draining resources from the public health care system, noting they use commercial labs to process their tests.
  16. The guy in the back needs a pepperoni pizza, a case of Blue and a piss tube. Those missing items are what makes it criminal.
  17. I have nothing against people who belong to any of those groups until they try to use their identity as leverage - then I will actively work against them. Example; someone self-identifies as a member of some "group". I don't care, counts neither as a positive or negative but if they say I should vote for them or support them on the basis of their self-identification not only will I not support them but I will actively support their opponent.
  18. Because which identity groups she belongs to is vastly more important than actual accomplishments or skills. Really, how else can you exclude the middle-aged white dudes?
  19. Hmmm, Annamie Paul is a black, jewish, female lawyer and leader of the Green Party - gotta be a joke in there somewhere but I just don't see it. If you've got one post it!
  20. A bakery that's open at 2:00 AM - something seems off.
  21. Seems pretty straightforward - what do you need to know?