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  1. Very cool - see-thru jet engine.
  2. Yeah, and the part about limiting traffic at Schipol airport to reduce emissions - not all emissions, just the emissions in their country. What this will do is cause airports in countries that don't care about emissions to expand and increase their connection traffic. It's quite likely that this will increase global emissions by forcing people to connect at airports that increase the distance they need to travel. Instead of connecting in Europe, which is efficient, you'll have to connect in Dubai. Good news, however, Schipol emissions will drop dramatically, along with tax revenue, employment opportunities, commercial entities, etc, etc. On a similar note, Trudeau would be perfectly happy to see Air Canada and Westjet close their doors and be written into the history books. Foreign carriers will do the international flying and United will be happy to do all the Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal flying - with a connection through Denver. Trudeau can brag about reducing the carbon emissions from the transportation sector and who cares about the inconvenience and cost for those neanderthals who choose to travel anyway.
  3. https://thecountersignal.com/dutch-uprising/ The Dutch people are rising up to protest destructive WEF climate law. We are going to share their story with the world. The World Economic Forum controlled Dutch government announced last week an end to modern farming – putting harsh controls on nitrogen, and spelling the end to thousands of family farms. In response, Dutch farmers took a page out of the Canadian Freedom Convoy playbook. They took to the highways, blockaded borders, and launched massive protests. Support our work So far, the global media has vilified the farmers, brushing aside their concerns with the New World Order-style policy, and propagating government lines. Farmers are worried that this will is one step closer to a global food crisis and total government control of the food supply. This is critical journalism, and it falls to The Counter Signal to tell the honest story. Please help us share the Dutch Uprising with the world.
  4. https://thecountersignal.com/dutch-farmers-protest-climate-change-policy/ Dutch farmers are fighting for their very livelihoods, taking to the streets over a climate change policy that will cap nitrogen emissions and lead to mass job loss. Dutch farmers protest insane climate change policy Video shows several farmers on the streets attacking police and emergency vehicles with sledgehammers while others chase the vehicles down and launch kicks against the windows. Dutch farmers have been protesting in the streets for days against the government’s plan to target the livestock sector with nitrogen emission cuts. The Dutch government said “The honest message… is that not all farmers can continue their business,”. In another video, farmers, who brought their own tractors, can be seen outside the Minister for Nitrogen and Nature policy’s house spraying what appears to be manure on the house and police vehicles while other protesters attempt to flip a car. Dutch farmers protesting outside the home of the Minister for Nitrogen & Nature Policy against the govts plan to target the livestock sector with nitrogen emission cuts. The plan could see up to 30% reduction in livestock farming & farms out of business. According to Bloomberg, yesterday, several farmers also brought their cows to parliament to protest the policy, going so far as threatening to slaughter them on the spot. “If the nitrogen measures are adopted, one of these two ladies [cows] will not go home but will receive a one-way ticket to the slaughterhouse,” farmer Koos Cromwijk told Dutch news agency ANP outside parliament. The policy in question will require Dutch businesses to reduce nitrogen emissions nationwide by 50% and up to 95% in some provinces by 2030, with cows and fertilizers being significant contributors. “The honest message … is that not all farmers can continue their business,” a government statement reads. The agriculture industry isn’t the only one being targeted, though — aviation has also come under fire. According to Climate Change News, by the end of 2023, Schipol airport, one of the busiest in Europe, will be forced to limit annual flights to accommodate just 440,000 passengers (12% less than the number of flights in 2019). “This is a difficult message for the aviation sector that is still recovering from the far-reaching consequences of the coronavirus pandemic,” said transport minister Mark Harbers. Climate change activists are, of course, thrilled by the developments, with Greenpeace calling the cap on airport traffic a “historic breakthrough.” “It is good that the Cabinet realizes that Schiphol has, for years, been flying beyond all boundaries when it comes to noise, nitrogen, ultrafine particles and the climate,” Greenpeace activist Dewi Zloch said in a statement.
  5. Eventually it will come to a point where the instruments themselves become the target. In the same way that businesses that propagate woke ideologies law enforcement organizations that enforce draconian and illegal "laws" need to be boycotted and ostracized.
  6. Oil being the cyclical and capital-intensive industry that it is makes me a little more accepting of those dastardly oil companies making some profit now. I save my anger for the governments glee-fully raking in the tax dollars to spend in ways I would never condone while pleading the whole thing is out of their hands.
  7. And then, actually keep those convicted of serious firearms offences, violent assaults etc in jail !
  8. I'm pretty sure if you look in the dictionary under "weasel" you'd find a picture of Patrick Brown - seems others have come to the same conclusion. That's an opinion I formed from reading his own book, BTW.
  9. Here's a good one - 1 minute clip from a longer Russel Brand video:
  10. It's clearly not racist. The dude dressed up as a Sikh was dressed as a Sikh because Jagmeet is a Sikh. It's simply to help the audience identify who the character is. Any claim that it's racist is BS. They know it, we know it, everyone knows it. Of course the CBC will run with the "racist" angle anyways. The same goes for the "pitchfork is violence" angle - complete BS. The pitchfork is for shovelling the **bleep**. Anyone who grew up on a farm (like me) will know that. I've cleaned a lot of stalls and shovelled a lot of **bleep** - it's done with a pitchfork!
  11. Even better, let's get the e-vehicle owners to pay for their environmental impact in the same way that we are demanding that fossil fuel vehicle owners pay for their's. Carbon tax for ICE vehicles? Fine, where's the carbon tax for the production of the batteries for the electric vehicles? Where's the tax for mining the lithium? Where's the carbon tax on mining the copper?
  12. Well, the solution is obvious. No prosecutors? Just stop charging the accused. Voila! Problem solved! We're well on the way to anarchy anyway: defended police forces, no prosecutors and judges under threat of assault and violence in their own homes. Hmmm, I wonder where this goes?
  13. Exactly. Can somebody tell this idiot to sit down and shut up already. Has any other world leader commented on this? No, none of their business, none of ours and none of Trudeau's.
  14. https://www.bbc.com/news/av/uk-61909617
  15. I'd bet 9 out of 10 Rwandans already know about Roxham Road so I'd say, no, we don't need an embassy in Rwanda.
  16. Idiots. Motorcycles are not nearly as dangerous as a politician with an agenda. BTW, what is it with Democratic politicians and bulldozers? Some sort of weird fascination - Daley bulldozing Meigs Field in Chicago, Adams bulldozing 100 motorcycles.
  17. Latest Tweet from Caitlyn Jenner:
  18. Now this is funny! SpaceX has reportedly fired the employees who released an open letter this week criticizing CEO Elon Musk and referring to his recent behavior as a “distraction and embarrassment” to the company. Criticizing the guy who created the company and who also happens to be the majority owner and CEO of the company you work for. As Bugs Bunny would say - "What a bunch of Maroons!" SpaceX fires workers who ripped Elon Musk in open letter: report
  19. What's interesting to me is that crypto currency was always presented as an alternative/contrary option to the regular currency and market. The line being something like; "When there's lots of uncertainty in the world, wars, high inflation, over-reaching government, censorship, etc, etc that crypto will be a solid and reliable alternative." What we actually get is something that seems to follow the main currency but with bigger swings - when the regular currency and market is growing, crypto grows faster, when the regular currency and market is falling, crypto falls faster. If that's the case - fine. Any predictable pattern can be played for profit. The questions that follow are; how certain are you that the pattern you think you have identified is real and can you predict where we are in the business cycle?
  20. My trust for Bill Gates is lower than zero. That is, I believe he is actively working against the public good. Not saying he's wrong but don't believe it just because he's rich and famous.
  21. That's right - there is a backlash. I'd don't always agree with or condone the backlash but I certainly expect it.
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