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  1. Kip, I hope you realize that your failure to cash that cheque is the reason why the government's finances have been such a disaster since 1982!
  2. If I was a PO my MO would have been FIDO 10 years ago - now it's certain. I don't know what's going through the minds of these American POs who decide they want to do traffic stops for expired licence plates - what are they, stupid? Cash your paycheque, collect your pension - that's all the public asks of you. This whole idea of going out and looking for trouble - crazy.
  3. Wow! That is a huge steaming pile right there. You should have warned me Kargokings - I almost stepped in it.
  4. Name-calling and posts that directly target another poster in a negative way will be deleted. Argue the point.
  5. The Social Construction of Racism in the United States A long read but well worth the time: Essentially, continually talking about racism, by the MSM and on social media makes people think there's more of it than there really is (by a significant margin) and harms the very people it purports to help. A few paragraphs from the article: Yet as political scientist Eric Kaufmann lays out in this paper, the public has a mistaken perception of how much racism exists in America today. This m
  6. I think you want to talk to daniel.o:
  7. Most people probably know the story but if you haven't seen this and don't know the story I suggest you do not skip ahead or read the comments before viewing. B29 Frozen in Time, Kee Bird
  8. The wider the pool the better for everyone. I encourage and welcome all who might choose the career path. The problem comes when 15% of the applicants fit the "diversity" characterization but 50% of the chosen will come from there. I have worked with many excellent women pilots and many excellent pilots who would check the box for "diversity" - got no problem at all with that. The problem comes when an organization chooses to hire 50% of their pilots from a pool of only 15 % - that's gonna lead to hiring lesser quality people - simple statistics. If you're hiring people to sit in an offic
  9. Not just pilots - imagine if your hospital said they would hire surgeons according to diversity criteria. Would anyone accept this? Somehow the public seems to think pilots are exactly the same and are interchangeable - I'm here to tell you this is not so! This is not to say that women and minorities can't be excellent pilots - they certainly can and I've worked with many that are. The problem, however, is that if you decide to choose 50% of your newhires from a dramatically smaller pool it's statistically impossible to maintain the same standard.
  10. This is certain to help JT when he makes his run for Secretary General. If he shows up to give his speech in blackface the assembly might actually fall for it!
  11. D'uh. Only because it's compared to last year. If there was a pandemic during Obama's last year would you credit Trump with all the glory for simply being in place during the upswing?