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  1. Short clip (2:20) with Joe Rogan discussing CNN's reporting of his Ivermectin with Dr. Sanjay Gupta:
  2. It happened at 0517 and landing east into the sun which was just above the horizon. Also, other aircraft reported glare due to moisture in the air. This info is in the first 3 minutes of the vid. You must have just missed it.
  3. Interesting. The linked article contains this: Alberta Health Services says its scientific advisory group has updated its review into using ivermectin to treat COVID-19, warning that existing studies have problems and the available evidence doesn’t deem it safe. Notice: "Alberta Health Services says its scientific advisory group has updated its review". The headline simply says "advisory group" but not "it's" advisory group. The rest of the article reads almost exactly like the BBC clip in my post just above. I would be very surprised if AHS has done the "review" it claims. I think it's much more likely that they are simply using the BBC group's output. You have to love this part too: The province’s health delivery agency says in a series of tweets that studies to date into using ivermectin, which is primarily used to treat cases of worms in livestock. Yeah, maybe in Alberta it's primarily used for livestock but there have been 3.7 billion of doses of human ivermectin given around the world and a Nobel prize awarded for it's discovery and use - in humans! Does, it work as a Covid treatment? I sure don't know but it annoys me that it's constantly portrayed in the media as some dangerous veterinary drug and that the idea of a human taking it is ridiculous.
  4. Nice. Just vague enough that you can play it either way depending on how the thread goes. You have learned well grasshopper.
  5. CBC is not a trusted source. It is however what most people seem to use as their daily goto. The point is - what I expressed is now being published by a mainstream source. I'd read the same thing, and came to the same conclusion, months ago and posted such here on the forums to much derision. Was I wrong? Is the CBC article wrong? Somebody's got some 'splaining to do. BTW, it's not just a "one man's story" situation. Multiple sources come to the same conclusion; the vaccinated are a bigger threat to the unvaccinated than the other way 'round. I'll not get into the whole argument about who's clogging up the ICU beds or delaying surgeries which is a serious problem being caused by the unvaccinated. On the simple question of which way the threat vector lies - it's clear (to me at least).
  6. Sometime in the last month or so in one of these Covid threads I made the statement; "The vaccinated are a greater threat to the unvaccinated than the unvaccinated are to the vaccinated". I received much negative blowback for that heretical statement. Now I read, on the CBC no less, the very same thing: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/manitoba-covid-19-anti-vaccine-man-changes-mind-1.6201220 "They said, 'Well, (if you're vaccinated) you might still carry COVID or delta, but it's not going to affect you the same way, and chances of you going to the hospital or death is extremely low,'" he said. The brother-in-law then said he, being double-vaccinated, was more of a danger to Lerato (who was unvaccinated) than Lerato was to him. "I said how? He said, 'Because I could be carrying delta or COVID but it won't affect me really because I'm vaccinated. So, if I give you a handshake or give you a hug and you're not vaccinated, you're going to get it.' It kind of woke me up." So, should I expect the same level of outrage at this article or apologies from those who trounced me for saying it earlier?
  7. Trudeau, and the Liberals, are a bunch of lying, thieving, self-serving idiots. Once you accept this everything makes sense and you're never surprised by what they do.
  8. How so? Good news if true but I don't see the connection.
  9. I find it hard to believe that even someone as dim as Trudeau wouldn't see the problem with taking a government jet to go vacation at his favourite surfing beach on the very first Truth and Reconciliation Day. Even more shocking - that none of his various assistants, secretaries, deputies, advisors, party members, etc wouldn't mention it to him. This can only leave one conclusion - that he did know it was likely to be a problem and just doesn't care. Of course as we've seen the public has proven they are willing to give him a pass for anything so why not go? The people who hate him won't hate him any more. The people who adore him don't care that his actions are viewed by many Canadians as, to put charitably, despicable. If you think things are bad now, just wait. My predictions. With the support of the Bloc and the NDP; The "assault weapon" buyback will begin to great fanfare about making Canada safer. It will naturally cost about 18X more than promised and will do nothing to make Canada safer. It will deprive law-abiding citizens of their legally acquired property and rights. Oh, yeah, Trudeau allows municipalities to create their own firearms laws (banning handguns, etc). This also does nothing to actually make Canada safer but it sure looks good on the news ticker on the bottom of CBC Newsworld screen. Various new laws to control "hate-speech" will hit the books. These will include forcing tech-platforms to remove and censor according to government dictate. I expect some real high-level stupidity here. Taxing foreign tech companies on their Canadian operations while subsidizing their operations to offset the cost of the censorship requirements - that sort of thing. VPN subscriptions increase dramatically, enormous amount of money burnt and a couple of soccer moms charged with a hate-crime for saying something mean about their mayor. The Vaccine Passport morphs into a National Standard, Federally-supported but provincially run boondoggle which irretrieveably fractures Canada. New and exciting "green" announcements - mostly squeezing Canadians for every possible tax dollar with zero effect on climate change but providing many opportunities for politicians to virtue signal. The CBC says "In order to do a really good job" we need an extra billion/year and they get it.
  10. That's what she said. (Sorry, couldn't resist. Big fan of The Office.)
  11. In that example the Maritimes gets the worst deal!
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