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  1. Well, you know what they say. There's only two kinds of people; those that have and those that will.
  2. Looks like it came from here:
  3. Why do you have such a hatred for AC? Every post you make drips with it. Did they lose your baggage or something?
  4. Well, AC's objection is valid. They are not against the buyout, just against it as structured. Onex simply needs to ensure the rules are followed. As an aside, you can be sure WS would object if AC was involved in a buyout with the same concerns (and that would be appropriate).
  5. YYZ-ATL is a desired route? The junior french-speaking FAs can have it!
  6. Collected newsreel clips of Saunders-Roe flying boats from 40s and 50s. Do I see a Canadian Pacific (Comet?) in background at around 3:35?
  7. parasite [par´ah-sīt] 1. a plant or animal that lives upon or within another living organism at whose expense it obtains some advantage;
  8. Anything is possible. The question is will efforts (extra crew, scheduling departure times to match circadian body clock, etc) be sufficient or just barely adequate and will the profit margin offset the extra costs?
  9. Actually, I find the anonymous Rediit post to be more reliable than the crap posted in the MSM. Any info given by AC will intentionally be no-committal and vague.
  10. Yes! The passenger runs to the media (or Gabor) and says, "I don't know why they treated me so poorly? I was an angel who never did anything wrong. Must be racism!" Meanwhile the airline (or coffee shop or grocery store) can't say anything about the how the person was being a complete savage, running around throwing punches and swearing like a drunk sailor. My default position is that the person complaining on twitter, or the CBC, or facebook is a lying, low-life thief looking for a freebie. Sometimes I'm wrong but not very often.
  11. Always stop watching when they get fundamental facts wrong. At 2:10, start talking about bigger engines making the nose point up and about the MCAS being needed to counteract this. Wrong, or at best, a gross simplification. Yes, you could argue that the finer points are not needed for whatever the intended audience is. This may be true but if the finer points aren't being covered in this part of the video how do I know that the finer points in other parts of the discussion are also not being covered?
  12. The good thing a about an "emotional support horse" is that it serves a dual purpose - emotional support and also replaces the golf cart as transportation between gates.
  13. This is the current standard. Announcements made before boarding commences that everyone must remove ball caps, etc. I've even been asked to remove my uniform hat. The reaction to that? People remove their hats, what reaction would you expect. I'm sure there's some eye-rolling but no adverse reaction that I've observed. I am also regularly asked by US Border patrol to remove my uniform hat.
  14. Regarding the second story: 1) "Why did they make her remove the hijab at the gate, after passing security?" Well, asking this question clearly shows these people have zero understanding of the difference between passenger screening and ID verification at the gate, nor any understanding of the requirements the airline is forced to follow. 2) "But Fatima’s face was fully visible and despite her pleas, was not taken to a private area." So, out of sight of the other passengers, around the corner and on the bridge isn't "private" enough? 3) "“What makes it so serious is the aspect that it involves, smells and feels like racism … targeting them because of what they look like or their religion.” - I wonder, does Gabor actually understand the meaning of the word "racism" or does he just throw it around because it gets people worked up? 4) Gabor added that if the airline thought she was a threat, they should have contacted police or security. They didn't think she was a threat, they were checking her ID according to the regs. 5) etc, etc,