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  1. Vsplat; You started this off by posting; "Bowling green, Sweden, Air Canada. This administration is making a laughing stock.of the US." I've been trying to show you why and how the references to Sweden and Air Canada were misunderstood by the general population and distorted and exaggerated by the media. You then followed this with comments such as; What was going on in Sweden? What problems? I think Sweden themselves confirmed there was nothing to the statement. I think there are real problems in Sweden and I think Trump was referring to them. The fact that you aren't aware of them or choose to ignore them doesn't mean they aren't real. I would love to deal with your actual statements but since you have posted cut-and-paste from other sources I assume you agree with them so arguing their validity is fair, no?
  2. Well, see, this is where we differ. The mainstream media and the politicians in Sweden, the same bunch who are opening the borders and allowing unbridled immigration, say everything is peachy but that doesn't actually mean they are. If you have the time just go to youtube and search "Sweden immigration problems". Sweden has huuuge problems (see what I did there? lol). I think Trump was referring to these problems. Yeah, you didn't mention terrorism but the MSM sure did while refusing to acknowledge other problems he could have been referring to.
  3. Porter is grasping at straws if they think YJT will be a money-maker.
  4. The fact is he did mean what he said but the media reacted to something he didn't say. “We’ve got to keep our country safe. You look at what’s happening in Germany, you look at what’s happening last night in Sweden.” “Sweden, who would believe this? Sweden. They took in large numbers. They’re having problems like they never thought possible. You look at what’s happening in Brussels. You look at what’s happening all over the world. Take a look at Nice. Take a look at Paris.” The media claimed he said there was a terrorist event in Sweden. He didn't say that.
  5. Well there is a clear mechanism - Trump is bad therefore let's report everything as negative. Look, I'm not giving Trump and his organization a pass but to me it's seems nothing more than inexperience and the normal growing pains associated with a bunch of people in new positions and a desire to make changes. Of course I agree that they should all be doing a better job and should stop shooting themselves in the foot but if you want to hold them to a higher standard we should also be holding the media to a higher standard. Do you disagree with what I wrote above about Air Canada getting named and the spin applied by the Globe and Mail? What if the report was this; "John Kelly stated that all major North American airlines such as United and Air Canada have been subject to terrorist threats" and a headline stating such. This is a more accurate reporting and changes the focus from Air Canada specifically to the airline industry as a whole. This is not only more accurate but is actually the point Kelly was trying to make. The discussion we should have been having was about the global threat of terrorism towards aviation and what we are and can be doing about it instead of three days of whether or not Air Canada was specifically targeted. It seems to me that the media is overly focused on picking out a word here or word there instead of actually discussing the topic.
  6. So you're saying that those in power are intentionally blurring the lines - a conspiracy - but taking every opportunity to shade the reports in a negative light isn't a conspiracy. Riiiight.
  7. Fake news from the Globe and mail. Here's what they wrote; OTTAWA — U.S. Homeland Secretary John Kelly says there have been countless attempts by terrorists to blow up passenger jets operated by Air Canada and U.S. airlines – plots that have been stopped because of intelligence work by U.S. and Canadian intelligence agencies. “I can’t count the number of aircraft that have not been blown up in flight, whether they are United [Airlines] or Air Canada … but I can tell you there are dozens and dozens of plots ongoing all the time.” John Kelly's actual quote is the second sentence. Notice that he refers to "United" and "Air Canada" Would a logical person assume that he means specifically "United" and not other American airlines or that saying United is simply an example of an American airline? It's clear to me from the structure of the sentence that he's simply referring to United and Air Canada in a general sense as a typical American and a typical Canadian airline. I would expect that all the world's airlines have seen threats and yet the Globe and Mail changes Kelly's statement to mean something like, "Air Canada was directly targeted and others weren't." The problem is that Kelly didn't speak concisely and didn't add a sentence to clarify. This is Trump's problem too. Trump commented on Sweden's problem with integrating millions of refugees without being clear about what he was referring to and then in the next sentence mentioned Brussels. The media, of course, tried to say he was incorrectly talking about terrorism in Sweden and was therefore uninformed and/or stupid. In both cases any rational person reading the actual quote can understand what was trying to be said. Of course Trump, and Kelly, could fix and/or prevent these sorts of problems by speaking concisely to begin with but the MSM's insistance on latching onto a poorly worded sentence as proof of incompetence is the "FAKE NEWS" we're hearing so much about these days - it's them throwing a handful of gunpowder on a spark instead of a splash of water just so they can watch the fireworks. I'm not giving Trump, or others in the administration, a pass for not speaking clearly and concisely but I'm not giving the MSM a pass for their gaming either.
  8. Don't know what happened on this particular flight but I do know 100% that flightaware is not a reliable source of detailed information. I know this because I have compared it to flights I did personally and the info displayed on the website was not correct. They capture the track, distances, speed, etc at something like a 1 minute intervals and their software will average the data or interpolate. It will show stuff like cruising altitude correctly but when the state of the aircraft is changing all you get are snapshots which are not that detailed.
  9. Are you saying that my "Canada 150" project isn't worthy? Haha, yes, I agree the Hope Air cause is probably a better idea.
  10. True but sometimes it means the ACM has blown a seal. Admitted that's unlikely, probably a couple of guys who just reacted without thought or investigation when the FA called to say there was "smoke." I one time had a lav smoke detector go off which triggered the FA to go off which triggered the FO to go off. This happened a few minutes after we had manually cranked the cabin temp. Co-incidence? Nope. Turned the heat down, calmed down the FA and FO, a minute later the smoke detector calmed down too, did a PA for the pax, carried on to destination.
  11. Hey, good plan. I will be celebrating Canada's 150th by visiting 150 of the best bars in all of Canada and drinking a different pint at each of them - GoFundMe link to follow soon.
  12. Yup, daycare from the age of one, full-time nannies, single mothers. Basically, feminism has ruined the western world.