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  1. True enough, growth is a painful process but the alternative is worse.
  2. It's in Japanese so you won't understand the words although no problem understanding what's going on. Make sure to pause at :18 seconds and make your prediction.
  3. Sometimes these exchanges with you make me feel like I'm in a Turing test chamber.
  4. They can excel or fall flat on their faces according to their ability and desire to succeed. What I'm saying is that we shouldn't throw cash and opportunities at them while tying anchors to everyone else and expect a happy respectful relationship. Respect is for those who earn it. How much respect do I have for a diversity hire? I think you know.
  5. So you acknowledge the pendulum has swung too far but still go on about how these "communities" are simply looking for the same rights as everyone else. We are long past the same rights but that's OK because 100 years ago it was the other way 'round. Some black dude was discriminated against in the 50's so we'll discriminate against a white dude now to balance it out. There's a recipe for success! I'm all for encouraging members from a marginalized community to participate. I'm all for tearing down obstacles and ensuring equality but when it comes to writing the entrance test - everybody writes the same test.
  6. Well, it's because you do this all the time - casually throw out some line like "the trans community is just looking for the same rights as everyone else". You've probably used that line, and been unchallenged, so many times that you can't even process the concept of providing some proof of it. Every once in a while I like to ask - what rights are they being denied? I asked you and you linked me to a Wikipedia article that said, essentially, that Canada is one of the best places in the World to be trans or BIPOC or from a minority community and that there are no rights being denied. I'm not surprised that you can't provide any data to back up your claim. Riiiiight. Like the CBC posting job positions with the statement "if you're not a minority don't bother to apply." Peterson just posted an article about this very topic. His white, male grad students have virtually no chance of employment in their field due to diversity hiring formulas but you think I'm upset because minority communities have been given the "same" rights? You haven't been following along - there is virtually no-one anywhere that is opposed to equal opportunity for everyone, everywhere. We passed equality several decades ago. The problem is that certain blowhard leftists now want equal outcome - a completely different animal altogether. And, respect? How much respect is due to someone who get's accepted to university with lesser marks (because of their racial background), get's more tuition assistance, scholarships and bursuries (because of their racial background) and then gets more and better career opportunities (because of their racial background). Respect and equality - possible. Respect and equity - not possible. I'll tell a little story. My daughter graduated from High School some years ago - a smallish High School in a small suburban community. There was maybe 20 small scholarships available - more than half of them went to a single minority girl/woman who was going to university. She was no stellar student and certainly no more deserving than any other student except for one thing - I think you can guess what it was. So, how fair is that? Each scholarship committee came to the exact same decision for the exact same reason - "here's a minority, let's give her the money". This woman had all of her tuition paid, all of her expenses paid with money left over and the white kid from the single parent family who's mother works as a cashier at Walmart got SFA. Your comment - we should all just respect each other kinda rankles me since I've seen the system in action and seen the fallout. I would never in a million years say that race, gender, sexual orientation, etc, etc, should exclude someone from any job, educational opportunity, club membership, neighbourhood and, in Canada, it hasn't for a very long time. This is not what we're talking about here.
  7. From the linked article: Project Tundra concluded with the arrests of Tareen, Gharda, and 27-year-old Toronto resident Sire Castillo-Amparo on Sept. 21. Each were “charged accordingly,” police said. No doubt each were duly released on bail accordingly.
  8. No, I don't care to highlight differences but you stated that trans and "other communities" are "looking for rights equal to others". I'm simply holding your feet to the fire - what rights are they looking for that are being denied? They might believe they are being denied some right based on the fact they are constantly told they are helpless victims by groups like BLM but the truth is that they are not being denied any rights. In fact when it comes to employment, education and scholarship opportunities people of colour hold uber-rights.
  9. From the first paragraph: Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) rights in Canada are some of the most extensive in the Americas and in the world. From the second paragraph: Canada was referred to as the most gay-friendly country in the world, when it was ranked first in the Gay Travel Index chart in 2018, and among the five safest in Forbes magazine in 2019. From the third paragraph: In recent decades, Canada went through some major legal shifts in support of LGBT rights (e.g. decriminalization, anti-discrimination, anti-harassment, gay marriage, homoparentality, blood donations, transgender rights and outlawry of conversion therapies). How far do I have to go to get to the part that lists the "rights" being denied?
  10. I'm not basing it on fashion choices. I'm asking you to tell me what rights you think the "trans and other communities" are being short-changed on. You brought it up so now tell us.
  11. Yikes! Each to his own taste I guess but it's my opinion that's one of the stupidest things I've ever seen. If it has to be done, and I'd argue it doesn't, at least make it the Shuttle, or the Concorde or an F-14.
  12. What rights are they missing? I bet you can't think of one. That is, unless, you're going to come up with some nonsense like; they have the "right" to not have people laugh at their fashion choices. BTW, easier to treat people with respect when they don't get un-earned preference for everything from housing to scholarships to employment. Accept that you're not deserving of special treatment and you'll get your equal rights.
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