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  1. Well, that's exactly the point - no end. Look, we have the Wet’suwet’en Hereditary chiefs and the Wet’suwet’en elected Chief and Council. The Wet’suwet’en people themselves have chosen who is to be their leader and who is to represent them in negotiations. If they wanted the "Hereditary Chiefs" to be their leader and representative they would have chosen them. Why would we (Canada) negotiate with anyone other than the duelly elected council and can you imaging the outcry if some sort of agreement was negotiated with anyone other than the Elected Chief and Council? "How dare we shutout the "elected" Chief, as chosen by the people, when the "Hereditary Chiefs" clearly have no standing?" Except that they do have standing but only when it suits those who disagree with the elected Council.
  2. I wonder at what point regular Canadians, who can't get to work, can't get groceries can't get heat for their homes will decide to enforce the laws that the RCMP won't? This, after all is the bargain we (society ) have made; we do not resort to vigilantism and person solutions to solve grievances and make people answer for wrongs committed because we expect the police and courts to do it expeditiously and fairly. If the police and courts do not hold up their end of the bargain, well, what is the expected end game? An example of what we can expect (and personally, I'm surprised it doesn't happen more often);
  3. Yeah, I agree, it's a stupid article - everyone knows that when the "climate change" really kicks in there will massive starvation and therefore average passenger weights will fall and average TOW will be less than before CC and the effect of the higher temperatures will be mitigated!
  4. take-off-distances-will-get-longer-as-the-climate-warms “Climate” essentially means the average weather conditions at any given place. Scientists know this is changing, but not uniformly. While global temperatures have risen by about 1°C on average, some places have warmed by much more already – and others may be getting cooler. But climate change isn’t just about temperature – winds are slowing down and changing direction around the world too. This is a problem for airport runways that were built many years ago to align with the prevailing winds at the time. Research has predicted that take-off distances will get longer as the climate warms. This is because higher temperatures reduce air density, which the wings and engines need to get airborne. With reduced headwinds, aeroplanes also need to generate more groundspeed just to get into the air. Once they’re up there, they’re subject to in-flight turbulence, which is getting worse due to climate change increasing the energy in jet stream winds.
  5. I agree but Trudeau is not a diplomat, he is just a political animal puppet. (There, fixed it for you.)
  6. Personally, I would welcome the conflict. These protestors are clearly in violation of our country's laws - send in the Army. CS gas and truncheons - that would be my solution. "You have 30 minutes to vacate or we will remove you." and then do it. Don't care if it's Greenpeace, Antifa, Neo-nazis or First Nations - off to the Gulag. If more show up tomorrow, remove them too. Peaceful protest along side the road where it doesn't impede anyone, fine, stand there all day and night if you want. Block a gate, door, road, railway, sidewalk - taser, tear gas and cable-tie handcuffs.
  7. My father-in-law had a cottage 30 miles up a lonely road (which was in turn hours from the nearest city). A small rail depot, that had long since been taken out of service, had resulted in a number of dwellings alongside a lake and these had been converted to recreational properties. Not a particularly noteworthy lake and the isolation meant it would never be developed into anything more than it was. Amongst these cottages was a family that ran a small seasonal store. He always made a point of buying supplies from this small store even though he could just as easily have bought them before leaving the city for his weekend at the cottage - said he wanted to support the store so that it would be there when he needed it. Yes, somewhat self-serving but taught me that "price" is not always the primary concern. Since I was exposed to this concept over 30 years ago I have adopted it myself and specifically make a point out of stopping to buy stuff from isolated stores, gas-stations and businesses - so that they are there sometime when I need them.
  8. I'm clearly not an economist but I've always puzzled about this idea of "growth" as the ultimate goal. Many years ago Westjet was in this position where they were massively profitable (in their niche) - consistantly throwing off huge profits. Then they embarqued on a growth strategy that involved Scoop, Encore, 787s, etc. Why? If you have a profitable business why do you need to expand? I understand that there's economies of scale and you might want to expand to prevent your competitors from growing but every business seems to fall into this trap of "growth" for growth's sake. I'm not picking on Westjet, that's just an example - same thing can be seen in retail and service industries - why not just have a dozen stores that are consistently profitable instead of trying to expand to a hundred stores? Well, as I said I no economist. But doesn't seem rational to me.
  9. I've posted this link before so if you've already seen it please excuse me. Worth watching in it's entirety but I've set the link to begin at a part of the presentation that addresses the issue you have mentioned (the pertinent part is about 5 minutes long, 12:53 - 17:55):
  10. Yes, very strange. Even the most lefty, politcally-correct, teacher on the planet knows that a 6 year old with Downs Syndrome does not represent a threat so why, exactly, would they report it and call the police? These people have lost the ability the assess a situation and even worse have lost the ability to make a decision and take responsibility for it - everything gets reported a a level 11 incident and passed off to some higher authority for action.
  11. I absolutely love this. I have posted it here a few times myself. Some memes and little story/examples/jokes like this look good on the surface but breakdown when you look closer but this one actually does hold true on the surface and when you look deeper - it's the perfect description of a progressive tax system. Many antifa, leftist, university student types actually believe that the "rich" pay no tax while, in fact they pay the vast majority of tax. They believe that the "rich" should be taxed more while not understanding/acknowledging that they pay no tax at all (aside from GST and consumption tax - which is insignificant when compared to income tax)
  12. It's a terrible thing when innocent, unwilling bystanders are killed but, as far as stupid people dying doing stupid things - not much sympathy.
  13. This is absolutely infuriating. Protestors blocking roads and rail lines are most definitely NOT "peaceful protestors". Peaceful protests are people standing well back from the side of the road (or sidewalk) quietly holding signs - the moment that they impede/harass/disturb anyone they should be removed by whatever means necessary and charged.