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  1. Good on you Malcolm. A proper diet will serve you well but there are a few essential nutrients that are worth considering as supplements. Vitamins K2, D3 and E (tocotrienol) are some that can be deficient even in people who have a "good" diet. If you are aware and make specific diet and lifestyle choices you can meet these requirements but you need to be aware and track your intake. Note that the Vitamin E requirement is for the tocotrienol version not the tocopherol version and the vitamin K2 is not a supplement but will need to come from diet. I'm no doctor but this is my research a
  2. Nope. Vitamin K2 and Vitamin D.
  3. Odd. When I posted it it worked but now doesn't. Yes, same article. I fixed the link.
  4. Eddy; Congratulations. Your initial post in thread is incredibly powerful. Thank you for posting it. Not for the specific circumstance it describes (Covid/vaccines) but rather for highlighting the power of narrative. I agree, narrative is the most powerful weapon and this thread and topic deserves many more responses. I'll further the discussion with this link because the author says it so much better than I ever could: Society is made of narrative So much of what we see in the world (and on this board) are people pushing their narrative (myself included) without ever taki
  5. Solzhenitsyn is being a little disengenuous. The police/military conducted their mass arrests relatively easily because there was no uprising. If there had been an uprising of the masses the police and military would have conducted their mass arrests using rifles and machine guns. If the uprising continued they'd use tanks and mortars. The idea that the masses could rise up and overwhelm the military using hammers and pokers is delusional.
  6. One thing that certainly doesn't help the airline industry is journalism that says stuff like; "now she only earns $58/hour" without giving some context. The average person reading the article, with no knowledge of how the industry calculates pay, is left thinking the FA earns something like $110,000/year (based on $58/hour) when in reality it's $50,000/yr. Everyone, please, stop telling the media/friends/family what your hourly rate is. If you absolutely need to tell someone how much you get paid - tell them how much per year or per month and then tell them how many days away from family a
  7. I'm hoping there's typo in the article because that works out to $1250/dose. Even for our government with the bottomless wallet that seems a bit high.
  8. Thanks. But if my wife read that she'd would warn you about the dangers of over-feeding my ego!
  9. Yikes! Good call on not posting the lyrics. Thank you. I had to see for myself so I went to Youtube (from a private browser tab using a VPN). Wow. I've seen some "stuff" on the internet but that is without a doubt the most explicit set of obscene lyrics ever. Particularly interesting is that the video is not even protected behind an age declaration login page or warning which is Youtube's normal practice for potentially offensive material. I guess it's not considered offensive.
  10. So the best person should get the job but if that isn't a PoC then it's because of systemic racism? Sorry, you're going to have to pick one as your personal opinion as they can't be held simultaneously. Maybe, before Powell and Rice, the best person for the job wasn't a PoC, maybe PoCs weren't interested in the job? Was it because of racism? Certainly that's a possibility but you've chosen a tough row to hoe if you want to try to prove it. BTW, does your "the best person should get the job" cover Trudeau's 2015 cabinet selections? It's statistically impossible for 50% of the best
  11. I remember a similar sentiment when Colin Powell became the first African-American Secretary of State and when Rice became the first African-American woman Secretary of State. The sentiment being; it's about time and now things are going to change (for the better). Both were successful, as I recall anyways, but I did not detect any difference in how they handled their responsibilities which could be attributed to their ancestry. Rice, for example, was pro-2nd amendment, against same-sex marriage, a centrist on race issues and in favour of strong immigration controls (all this from wiki
  12. I hate to say it but the working class is ignorant - most feel like they are hard done by when they have to live with the hardship of an iPhone 10 rather than having the iPhone 11.
  13. One of the great failings of humans. We can pass information on how to build things forward through hundreds of generations but, somehow, cannot pass forward information on how a society should be organized or run. We (the world) already know communism/socialism doesn't work - been proven over and over and yet every year a fresh batch of students enter University and are exposed to it and say, "hey, this sounds good. I think I'll fight for communism."
  14. He has literally just proven that he's more reliable than everyone at CNN combined (although there was that one bit recently with Blitzer and Pelosi that shocked me with it's honesty). I'll have to see more of it before I accept it as real though.
  15. Come on now Deicer, you and I have been around here long enough to know how this goes. If someone was so inclined (which I'm not ATM) they could cherry-pick some things from Trump's term; some of his trade agreements, (which benefitted the US economy), some of his achievements in the middle east (which are good for world peace), his efforts to force/persuade NATO countries to pay their fair share (which is good for the American tax-payer) or some random economic data showing employment rates for a subset of the workforce and use this to argue he was better in some way than Obama. R