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  1. A bakery that's open at 2:00 AM - something seems off.
  2. Seems pretty straightforward - what do you need to know?
  3. deicer; Thanks for the reply. Thoughtful, but I do find some points I disagree with. I'm busy today and tomorrow but I'm working on my reply -give me some time. First though, perhaps we have to set some limits. Are we going to discuss Canada, the USA, the whole world? Gonna be a big discussion.
  4. The root of the problem is that the definition of racism depends on who, where and why and it is very hard to nail down. All humans develop attitudes about how the world works and prejudices that guide their choices based on their lived experience. I don't mean "prejudice" in a bad way. Here's a small example; one day when my son was 6 years old a dog jumped up on him while waiting for the school bus and he got several painful scratches on his arm and leg. The dog, which some parent had brought along to the bus stop, was not aggressive just poorly trained. For years after this e
  5. Come on now Jaydee, be nice. The worst thing of all is to surround yourself with people who think exactly the same as you - you're guaranteed to never grow. Are you completely right in everything you believe, is deicer, am I? Unlikely. The truth lies somewhere in-between, let's move in that direction.
  6. deicer; Let's start fresh. Here's what I propose; I'll talk (write) to you as if I know nothing about you or your history here and you do the same for me - fresh conversation. I would like to engage with you and discuss these topics. I have, in full disclosure, found some of our previous exchanges to be frustrating but I do find value in having meaningful conversations with people I disagree with. Let's talk. No posting of memes or lazy links to outside sources as a reply. What do you say?
  7. deicer; I have some thoughts on this and would be happy to share them, and engage in a discussion with you, but before I spend an hour typing them out - are you really interested in discussing this? Don't want to invest the time to get a link to a CNN video as a reply. I'm perfectly willing to get into it with an open mind but if you aren't - let me know.
  9. Are you actually in agreement with that post or are you posting it as an example of how disingenuous the BLM gang is? If so, good one!
  10. Doctor speaks out against mandatory vaccinations - worth watching:
  11. Yes, again, I'm 90% in agreement. The Yatim case is hard to justify and that officer was convicted. Police officers are human and humans are imperfect. We are all subject to the same biology. Better screening and better training will reduce these occurrences but never eliminate them. As for your plan of shoot once and wait to see if the threat is gone - the obvious problem is that you might miss or only slightly injure and thereby give the assailant time to continue their attack. This falls into the category as is sometimes suggested that the police should attempt a non-lethal shot;
  12. I mostly agree but I think you are simplifying a little too much. Take this fictional example; someone has been threatening people with a knife or even has already attacked someone and they turn to run away - do you assume they are simply fleeing and pose no threat or do you assume they are looking for another target (maybe they are running toward a group of people)? You have about 2 seconds to decide. I don't think it's unreasonable to think they might be a threat and a police officer shooting them is a pre-emptive act to prevent them from inflicting more violence on another person. M
  14. It all comes down to the particular situation and the assumptions being made. The permutations are endless. Some dude proclaims; "I'm going to kill you" and then turns around and commences to load a firearm - shooting them, even in the back, might be warranted. There are millions of possible scenarios - some justified and others maybe not. The simple fact that someone is shot in the back does not preclude the possibility that it was the right choice.