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  1. Over 129,000 hours....

    Did some math; Inservice for 29.5 years X 365 days X 24 hours = 258,420 hours. 129,900 hours = 14.8 years That aircraft has spent almost exactly half of it's entire service life in the air - not bad when you factor in down time for maintenance, paint jobs, engine changes etc.
  2. Fired While on LTD

    Hah! 'Cause no company has ever made a mistake or acted improperly. To be clear, even though this story is about Westjet, my distrust and suspicion is for all companies.
  3. Employee Travel a Taxable Benefit?

    Yeah, but we have this new thing called a "computer" now. The government and CRA will simply off-load the tracking and calculating to the employers. In fact, I would expect some smaller companies will end their employee discounts because the calculations will be too onerous.
  4. Employee Travel a Taxable Benefit?

    This is exactly what happened and if anybody thinks it won't happen they are dreaming. Here's how it will go: Government wants the tax revenue. Tells CRA to announce the tax and waits to see the public's reaction. Strong negative reaction so government says it was an error. CRA says, "whoops, should have held consultations and asked for public input first." Public consultations held, of course everyone is against the tax. CRA again announces the tax but this time it includes some token "free" allowance such as first $200/year no-tax and everything over that limit taxable. Government brags about "responding to concerns of the tax-payers" and about how only the rich will be affected anyway.
  5. Mysteries Solvied

    I mean "security" in who you were not in what your job was. She saw in you the personality traits that made you a person she thought she could rely on which was obviously a correct assessment. Same goes for the "companionship" vs being your BFF - we're saying the same thing. You say you were on a short commission and I say I was a lowly float pilot - same thing - neither of us was in a stable, long term situation and yet your wife, and mine, saw the drive and personality traits that would make us secure (eventually).
  6. Mysteries Solvied

    Kip. Your "indescribable and deep feeling of attachment with each other that makes powering through even the worst of times a challenging adventure that both of you know you can endure and at the end have produced even deeper feelings of togetherness." Is this not companionship? Now, I don't know your wife and would certainly not presume to pass any judgement but would be willing to bet that "security" was a big part of what made you attractive to her. I don't know how you will read that but please don't be insulted. What I'm trying to say is that she probably saw in you that you would stick around through good and bad and be there to support her - obviously true since you did those things. - that's security. My wife married me when I was a lowly float pilot but saw in me the same things - that I would stick around and do what was necessary - nothing but potential and the right attitude.
  7. Mysteries Solvied

    This thread has the potential to cause lots of discord. If I was smart I wouldn't post anything..... Why do men put up with women? For sex, companionship and children. Why do women put up with men? For resources (money and security), children and sex. Gay couples? Don't know, haven't thought about it. Both genders provide something the other wants and needs and both try to manipulate the other and get the best deal. Young, sexually attractive women use their advantages to get the most resources they can and attract the richest/most powerful and best looking men they can. Does anyone fault them for this? Rich, powerful men try to get sex in exchange for their resources - seems like a fair trade. Obviously there are limits. If it's true that HW targeted any underage women/girls this should be punished severely. I guess there are other scenarios that may cross the line but I'm not going to try to think through and list every possible permutation. In general though; "have sex with me and I'll help your career" doesn't seem to be anything more than putting into words the way the sexual dynamic has always worked and been understood to work between men and women.
  8. AC Declares Emergency 4 X

    Not sure I'm understanding. What "crew" and offered cash by whom?
  9. Cultural enrichment. Just remember, diversity is our strength.
  10. WestJet 737 Max

    I went looking. Found this description of the problem: Caused by engine mounts that weren't strong enough to dampen whirl mode oscillations.
  11. Swoop??

    I don't even work for Westjet but I can tell you what the answer will be; "It's different because we'll do it for lower cost and still make money at it (just not as much as we'd like)"
  12. Swoop??

    No doubt.
  13. Swoop??

    Yes, Westjet will attempt to do to Jetlines and Newleaf what Canadian was supposed to do to them.
  14. Swoop??

    Thesaurus is your friend if you're in marketing. Here's what I found for swoop (some don't seem a good fit for an airline); dive plummet pounce fall plunge rush slide stoop
  15. Swoop??