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  1. Some charter airline will take the offer and provide scattered flights to a few destinations at odd times of the day. Aimia will stagger on for a year or two losing more money each year as cardholders bailout when they realize the redemption of their points is getting harder and harder. Then we'll have one day of incessant news reports about the unaware who saved points for 30 years for their dream vacation and got stuck holding the bag. Gabor Lukacs will make his appearance yakking about passenger rights and....we're done!
  2. Not noticing the pitot covers is pretty bad but even worse is continuing a take-off with no valid speed indication.
  3. Bunch of funny videos (1-2 minutes). Here are a couple to get you started:
  4. seeker

    Our Prime Minister

    I know how it works and am not too lazy to cut-and-paste but just wondering if everyone knows to make use of the "link" button when adding a link (it's the little icon that looks like links of a chain in the toolbar above the posting window, for those who might not know). This almost always makes the link "clickable".
  5. seeker

    Our Prime Minister

    Agreed. So, what are you going to do about it?
  6. seeker

    Our Prime Minister

    He probably talked about his socks on the first day and then after that had nothing else to say.
  7. seeker

    Crap from the Left

    I'm disappointed that you would lump me (or any of the other regulars here) in with gullible people who fall for pseudoscience snake oil scams. The video I posted has bias (everything does) but seems pretty honest IMO. How do you reconcile the left's penchant for facemasks, swinging bike locks and pulling fire alarms to shut down the voicing of differing opinions? Certainly not tolerant. Of course not everyone on the left gets physically violent, some just sit at their computers trolling, doxing and posting angry comments on facebook but that's not tolerant either.
  8. seeker

    Airbus now Lists C Series

    It's the Avro Arrow all over again. I have mixed feelings - glad to see the aircraft design survive and (hopefully) prosper but disappointed that we (as a country) couldn't make a go of it ourselves. And, yes, I do know the forces at play are much bigger than one small company in one small country.
  9. seeker

    Crap from the Left

    Can you refute any of the points in the video? Nope. Attempting to bait me into talking about evil Russians won't work either.
  10. What are you talking about? Nobody interfered with her protest. The airport authority asked her to move outside the terminal (which is standard practise for any protest) and Westjet denied to comment. And "hiding?" Westjet isn't hiding, they're waiting for the legal process which she initiated to move through the court system.
  11. Please explain/clarify your statement. The complainants claim (I'm paraphrasing) is that Westjet allows and encourages a culture of harassment and protects pilots who assault FAs - Westjet says, "Ahhh, no, we don't." What "stand" would you expect them to take?
  12. seeker

    Crap from the Left

    Sorry Deicer but that's no reply at all (cue Phil Collins). The final message in your video, which is about pseudoscience, says, "ask questions, be sceptical, don't fall for conspiracy theories." All good advice but in no way connected to the video about tolerance.
  13. seeker

    Our Prime Minister

    My point is about the hypocrisy he's demonstrated through his entire life; talks publicly about ethics and acts in complete contravention when he wants a fancy vacation, hangs other guys out to dry for lesser offences than the one he most assuredly committed himself. You're right, standards change; a butt grab 18 years ago is not the same as one today - which is why the reporter, 18 years ago, complained about it and let it go. He was being a jerk, she called him on it, he apologized and life goes on. Gotta say though I'm loving watching him squirm; "ah, well, ah, ah, ah, well, sometimes, ah, men, and ah, ah, women, ah, experience, ah, ah things differently, ah, ah and I've reflected and we've reflected and society needs to reflect and I-don't-remember-any-negative-interactions-and-I'm-a-feminist." Do I actually want him to have to resign? No, because that would make me a hypocrite. What I want is for him to finally see the light and extend the same understanding to other people in the same situation as he clearly wants for himself now that he's been caught.
  14. seeker

    Our Prime Minister

    Now that's funny! Prove it? I don't have to prove it. By the standards of the day she said it happened, so it happened. JT himself said (earlier this year); "As women speak up, it is our responsibility to listen, and more importantly, to believe," Who am I to disagree with the attitude espoused by my Prime Minister? Besides that, she said it happened, her publisher and editor said they believe it happened and JT apologized for "it" the next day. You may want to try to make the point that it was misunderstood or below the threshold of concern but to argue that it didn't happen at all is foolish.
  15. seeker

    Our Prime Minister

    Jill agrees with me: