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  1. seeker

    Swoop Tagged With Complaint

    Sure am glad we got a guy like Gabor Lukacs looking out for everyone's best interests.
  2. I'm not losing any sleep over it but the official position is that using MJ or investing in MJ companies is grounds for a lifetime ban. Simply saying, "it's not a problem because they've never asked in the past" doesn't give much comfort to the thousands (millions after Oct 17th) who might have to answer "yes" to the question, if they're being truthful. The implications of this are significant. My company has a admonition against "illicit" drugs, well, after Oct 17th, MJ will not be illicit. So what are the career implications for someone who uses a legal substance but can't go cross-border? This is not an issue for me since I don't use it and don't plan to use it but it's an open question for others. Same goes for investing in MJ companies - my company has no rules regarding this. So if a person did invest and then answer truthfully at the border and get banned - what then? Yeah, I know, just don't do it, but I still see problems ahead. As for where you spend your winters, good for you - go somewhere else, does nothing to solve the problem for people who need to cross the border for work reasons.
  3. This proves exactly nothing. After Oct 17th, and all the hundred dozen news stories playing endlessly on CNN et all, how do you know this won't become the first question they ask? Just wait until the next time the border agents are negotiating their contract or pay or working conditions or staffing and they want to make a point - start asking every person....then what?
  4. seeker

    The New Bearded ones

    Here's a conspiracy theory for you - apparently the policy was changed because Mr. R. like to wear jeans when travelling, hence, policy changed to accommodate.
  5. There lots of interesting questions here. I know there's no point in trying to apply logic to the situation. 1) How can they (the US government) justify excluding someone from entering for an activity that's legal in their country? Maybe I could understand if the plan was to wait until after Oct. 17th and ask if the person had smoked it before it became legal because that would show they had committed a crime (even if they hadn't been convicted of it). 2) What about those who have been using MJ under a Dr's prescription? Not illegal. 3) As someone else has already mentioned you can buy shares in a legal MJ company on the NYSE. Why is it apparently OK for a citizen to participate in the industry within their own country but not OK for citizens of another country to participate in the industry in their country? 4) Why draw the line at owning shares in an MJ company? Why not include those who own shares in GE (produces grow lights) or Ontario Hydro (produces the electricity that powers the lights) or even every Canadian since the government will tax, and therefor benefit from, the operations? The line they are drawing is completely arbitrary. Yes, as I said, I know trying to apply logic is pointless.
  6. seeker

    Peoples Party of Canada

    Well now I'm curious - manipulated by whom and to what purpose (IYO)?
  7. seeker

    The New Bearded ones

    No notice, just showed up on the travel site, been a few years I think. Won't go into the details since Kip was good enough to post them.
  8. seeker

    The New Bearded ones

    Actually they are. Or more correctly, societal norms inform the rules of workplace appearance. Maybe you're not aware that employees can now wear jeans while travelling on a pass. This was an adjustment to societal norms. Wasn't too long ago that mandatory dress for pass travel was a suit and tie. Are you against this change too? Progress my friend - embrace it.
  9. seeker

    The New Bearded ones

    Easy now. I know the background story and have heard the same "theory". In case anyone here doesn't know - I'm one of the "older" cohort and, personally, I prefer the clean-shaven look too but the true reason for it goes back to a time when virtually all pilots were ex-military and all the managers were ex-military so clean-shaven airline pilots was assumed as the natural order. The justification of the O2 mask issue has been proven false. If you look around the non-airline part of society you will see beards are very popular; 20-somethings, businessmen, soccer dads travelling with their family to Florida. I don't think it's out-of-line for airlines to modernize the options. The caveat of course is that beards must be neatly trimmed.
  10. seeker

    Our Prime Minister

    Gerald Butts is the senior political adviser to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Since November 2015, he has been the Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister. From 2008 to 2012, he was president and CEO of the World Wildlife Fund Canada. Here is a video from his time at the WWF. I wonder if his opinion on pipelines has changed since then or if, deep down, he feels the same now?
  11. seeker


    You obviously haven't been to an airport for a while (or maybe aren't that observant). Yes, I realize you have seen the other thread and now know the whole story.
  12. Yes, guidance all the way to the runway, which you can't legally use without seeing the lights......and you can't see the lights because they're not part of an ILS installation and are substandard. Believe me, I have flown many, many RNAV APPs and I know they are pretty good, most of the time but they're not as good as an ILS. We don't see airports putting in ILSs because of the cost to install and the cost to run. The GPS/RNAV saves money in the terminal area, saves money for the airport but it's worse from a safety perspective than we had 20 years ago (40 years ago?) There's a couple of airports I go to where the RNAV APP will line you up with the runway edge - done it on different days with different fins and every time I'm lined up with the edge - never had an ILS treat me that way!
  13. Not surprised that those who use marijuana might face trouble crossing the border but I am surprised that those who invest in the companies are being included.
  14. The first LPV APP for runway 05 (from my source) shows MINS of 760' (which is 311' above ground) and 1 mile VIS. The second shows 690' (250 above ground) and 1 mile VIS. Neither is anywhere close to standard ILS MINS or CAT II MINS. I understand that RNAV APPS (and LPV APPS) are sometimes pretty close to ILS MINS but remember the precision approaches will always have much better lighting. If I was doing an approach on a dark and stormy night where the conditions were 300' and 3/4 in heavy snow and blowing snow and had the option of an ILS or RNAV LPV I know which one I'd choose. I think some people (maybe not you) get a false sense of the viability of RNAV LPV approaches because they do one on an ILS runway - they get the benefit of the ILS standard lighting. They get down to 300', see the lights and land thinking, "these RNAV approaches are just as good as ILSs." All the while not realizing that the same approach, in the same conditions to a non-ILS runway might not have been successful because the lighting would have been completely insufficient.
  15. If you've watched the news today at all you have probably heard of Bernier's new party; Founding memberships available for free until October 31st.