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  1. Swoop - Apply now

    That comment jumped-the-shark about 10 years ago.
  2. Why is AC.TO price tanking?

    Yup, that makes sense, thanks.
  3. Why is AC.TO price tanking?

    Looks like it's some kind of joke about cake but I'm not getting it. Eating cake? Having cake? Choking on my cake?
  4. Why is AC.TO price tanking?

    Everybody is rolling the dice on pot and crypto stocks (me included). Sold my AC shares at $25 and making fat stacks on the venture!
  5. Swoop - Apply now

    I wouldn't go quite that far. Both Westjet and AC are hiring like crazy. If you were a qualified applicant where would you rather go? So yeah, there will be applicants but I don't think Swoop will getting the pick of the litter. Add in fact that everyone knows the working conditions will suck and the fact that having worked there will carry a taint....I don't think they'll be stacking resumes in a shipping container 'cause they ran out of room in HR.
  6. Swoop - Apply now

    I don't think I'd call it "dumb." It's just human nature - everybody wants to get ahead of the other guy and/or protect what they have. I'd call it "self-serving." It is ironic though. Back when Westjet started they were essentially stealing passengers, jobs and growth from Air Canada and Canadian. Naturally nobody from AC or CDN liked that very much and told them so. I distinctly remember comments from the upstart Westjetters about pilots, and other staff, at AC being overpaid and underworked! I distinctly remember the reply, "wait till you're big enough for someone to undercut you and you'll have a different opinion." Well, here it is - their jobs, pay scale and productivity is about to be undercut by their own management (again, 'cause Encore was kinda the same thing).
  7. Swoop - Apply now

    I don't know. Maybe it isn't possible but if the word spreads that this is their feeling it might reduce the number who apply. Of course some just want to get enough time to fly overseas. Here's the Avcanada thread:
  8. Swoop - Apply now

    This thread has the potential to be very volatile. I've heard that the WJ pilots have approached other airline pilots to have any Swoop pilots blackballed.
  9. Disagreement in the flight deck

    So each pump is 84 HP.
  10. Calgary Airport off track AGAIN

    Agreed. I don't need to pet a dog or cat when I'm at the airport but sure seems to be well received by some people.
  11. Pilot Shortage Is Here

    Again? Really? How many times do we need to discuss pilotless aircraft? Look, I already gave you the answer. It is possible to have pilotless aircraft now but it isn't possible, nor will it likely ever be possible to simultaneously achieve the current levels of safety, reliability and cost without a human at the controls. You don't even need to be airborne - who will check the wings for contamination? Take the Westjet evacuation last week in Toronto - without a pilot who will call the evacuation?
  12. Pilot Shortage Is Here

    Wolfhunter; The question you have to ask yourself is this; "Can I outlast the companies that are doing the hiring?" Eventually it will get to the point at which companies will need to pay more but if you have to wait 30 years (or 20, or 10) is it worth waiting and what will you do while you're waiting? Of course if all pilots thought the same and acted together the day would come sooner but since there are always a few who act in self-interest, perhaps out of necessity, you may find the wait to be unacceptable. Your point about veteran pilots refusing to accept lower wages is interesting. Veteran pilots, perhaps with the mortgage paid off and money in the bank, can afford to be altruistic but a young guy with loans to pay and no pay cheque in sight can't really be faulted for making the hard choice to accept a position with a training bond.
  13. Sorry Kip, I didn't understand what you were saying. I understand it now but, unfortunately, I think you actually still have this wrong. The problem was not that the props were rotating counterclockwise it was that they were both rotating the same way. If the props had been rotating clockwise the exact same issue would have existed except that the aircraft would have veered to the left instead of to the right. This is the fault of the report. It makes a big deal out of the props rotating one way, aircraft veering the other way. This makes it sound as if it's something unique. It's not. The focus should have been on the pilot not being able to handle the application of high-power at low-speed not on which way the props were turning or which way the aircraft veered.
  14. Don't understand. What's your question? Both props on a MU-2 rotate counterclockwise but this is not the same as counter-rotating props. You said: "It was also apparent he was not fully cognizant of the quirks of the aircraft when applying full power onto counter rotating props." There is no "quirk" when the props are counter-rotating. When the props are counter-rotating the P-factor and torque are cancelled out. The "quirk" is when the props are not counter-rotating (as in this case). The P-factor and torque effect is summed which can lead to an upset (as it did here).
  15. Both props on an MU-2 rotate counterclockwise but this is not the same as counter rotating props. Actually very few aircraft have counter rotating props. The only place a pilot might realistically encounter these today is on a light Piper; Seneca, Seminole, some Navajos.