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  1. Malcolm: Let's all post suggestions for places to see in Canada. Me: Lots of good places all across Canada but my favourites are the East and West coasts. Malcolm: Don't limit yourself to the coasts, there other places that are good too. Me: Did you read my post? That's what I said. Malcolm: I did read your post but I wanted to encourage people to look other places besides the coasts. Me: (exasperated) Yeah, that's what I said in my post. Malcolm: Enough already. Me: So I'm the bad guy?
  2. As did I when I said this, "Lots of good stuff to see and times to be had almost everywhere but the best concentration of stuff is Vancouver Island and Nova Scotia."
  3. Did you read my post? I've been to the Cypress Hills, and the Rockies, and Drumheller, and La Ronge, and Sleeping Giant, and Quetico and the James bay coast and Bathurst Inlet and North of Superior and Qu Applle Valley and the BC interior and Northern BC and the North West Territories and central Sask and southern MB and Eastern On, and Southern On and Northern New Brunswick and Isle de la Madelaine and Northern Newfoundalnd and Labrador and Northern Que and Northern ON and Eastern NS and Western NS and the Bay of Fundy (both sides). I'm like Johnny Cash - I've been everywhere, man. It's all amazing but the best is Vancouver Island and Nova Scotia.
  4. The best places to visit in Canada are the west coast and the east coast; Vancouver Island and Nova Scotia. I've lived in and visited the entire country (mostly). Lots of good stuff to see and times to be had almost everywhere but the best concentration of stuff is Vancouver Island and Nova Scotia. Honourable mention would be Newfoundland, PEI and the Sunshine coast.
  5. The CBC article focuses mainly on the passenger impact - having a tech stop that wasn't part of the publicly advertised service. This is kind of underhanded but not really an issue as far as I'm concerned. The biggest issue is having crews filing flight plans and/or accepting clearances to airports that are not within range. This is the issue: Air Transat's manager of commercial operations was prepared for the planes not being able to make the northbound flight non-stop. In an email to Flair's director of flight operations, Mauricio Diaz gave the following instructions. "Due to Mexican authorities restrictions, we always need to file a direct flight (flight plans) CUN-YEG [from Cancun to Edmonton]," he wrote in a May 2016 email to Flair. "Never file CUN-MSY-YEG [Cancun-New Orleans-Edmonton] because it will be refused by [the Mexican authorities]," the email continues. "When the flight is airborne from [Cancun], you can plan the technical stop in [New Orleans] and advise ATC [air traffic control]." The DFO is clearly telling his crews to accept a clearance that is not within the capabilities of the aircraft in order to deceive the Mexicans. If I was Mexico I'd be pulling their route authority.
  6. Virtually guaranteed to be damaged if placed close to the side but if cushioned between soft clothing in the middle of the case I wouldn't expect a problem. The theft issue, OTOH, is real. If I was faced with the option of having no computer or having to check it I'd get a cheap Netbook or basic laptop, keep no personal data on the laptop, encrypt the crap out of it and then if it went missing - claim it and replace it.
  7. Don't see the advantage to renting one at destination vs simply putting your own in the checked luggage. Personally, there is no way I would trust a rental computer for my business and personal use no matter how sincere their "promises" to erase everything after I returned it.
  8. "When Demelza Steel's father visited Canada this spring from southwestern England, she encouraged him to fly WestJet from London to Calgary. "He's a big fan of British Airways, but I pushed him to fly WestJet," she said. It was a decision she later regretted. The trouble started when he tried to catch a flight home to the U.K. on May 16. After driving an hour from Canmore to the airport in Calgary, he learned his flight was cancelled because of mechanical issues." So we can safely assume that the flight from LGW-YYC was flawless because I'm sure these people would be complaining on Facebook if anything wasn't completely correct such as; the inflight magazine had been put in the pocket upside down! Now, about the return flight - so, she regrets her decision to suggest Westjet does she? I wonder how much regret she'd be feeling if she had her father book on BA and he had spent 3 days (and counting) at the airport due to the computer outage?
  9. On what aircraft? The only place you get a DECs on on the most junior aircraft. The Embraer has no shortage of interested bidders, nor does the Old Boot and the C is still years away.
  10. First one I learned was CISTRSC (sister sea).
  11. We haven't seen the end of the story yet - some believe the world is coming to an end!
  12. The 737 sim is already installed and guys are bidding the positions. I guess it's not impossible that an A321Neo might still show up but the odds are low.
  13. Nice, looks like a good aircraft, too bad we won't be seeing any of them in Canada. Meanwhile, over at Boeing, here's a video of the cockpit procedures on the brand new 737 Max:
  14. Of course that's not my position. I believe the investigators did undertake the "in depth exploration of everything related to each of the crew members qualifications, experience and personal history" and found nothing significant or worth mentioning in that area. You, OTOH, seem to believe you're found some secret hidden factor and for post after post kept repeating the same thing. You're right about one thing though, there are unanswered questions, just not the ones you think. The unanswered questions are about ATAC's lobbying of the regulator to allow reductions to the minimum approach visibility in direct opposition to accepted industry safety standards in other jurisdictions and, the use of AIFs for cosmetic and ego-boosting by airport authorities instead of for infrastructure. You might want to ask about the effect of airport rents on the financial resources of the airport authorities while you're at it.