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  1. Perceived small benefit. Many people regard lowering their own risk of infecting others to be a huge benefit.
  2. It isn’t an editorial objection. It’s an objection to your mischaracterization of the organisation’s claims. I’m bothered by the fact that the F2F group dispenses the kind of advice that when listened to leads to the kind of situation we see today in Alberta and in some of the U.S. states. There are too many people in our ICUs with Covid as it is. Fortunately, not everyone who becomes severely ill with Covid dies. The percentages you’re throwing around thus don’t do anything to make sense of the nonsensical claim that only the elderly or those with underlying conditions are at risk of serious illness should they contract Covid.
  3. No, the F2F group is not saying that. It is saying that ONLY the elderly and those with co-morbidities are at risk of serious disease from Covid. That is inaccurate.
  4. Well, not yet anyway. Plenty of other misinformation though.
  5. I see that they're hawking ribbons now. I wonder how sales are going. I hadn't noticed until I read your post that the site has changed a bit. It now contains a link to a site which proclaims "IT IS NOW WELL ESTABLISHED THAT THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO ARE AT RISK OF SERIOUS DISEASE FROM COVID-19 ARE THE ELDERLY, THOSE WITH MAJOR ILLNESSES, AND THOSE LIVING IN SHARED LIVING FACILITIES LIKE LONG TERM CARE CENTRES (LTCS)." The site suggests that readers should contact Derek Sloan, the former Conservative MP who accused Dr Theresa Tam of working for China and who opposed public health measures to control the pandemic. There's also a video link to a lawyer who talks at length about how forced vaccination violates our rights. What he has to say might be relevant if anyone in Canada was being forced to undergo vaccination, but nobody is. The linked document is: https://64499a81-d991-4e8d-a576-ea3dd3827ffa.filesusr.com/ugd/16b6b8_1a3b42ba484b463094ad624f9bc85a8f.pdf
  6. Yes of course I believe you! I was tempted to get into all of that myself. I decided not to because I wouldn't have known what I was talking about, although I think I get the gist of it, I do get your larger argument, or at least I think I do and I find it reasonable. But to bring it back to Covid-19, prevention (even with low vaccination rates) is cheap, or at least a lot less expensive than letting the virus run rampant as Premiers Kenny and Moe have finally discovered. Vaccination is inexpensive, too, even though the organization that is the subject of this thread would likely argue that it causes us to become magnetic, or that we're secretly being implanted with microchips during the process, or.........
  7. Just in case the Free to Fly group decides to put out further misinformation: https://www.cbc.ca/news/health/vaccine-name-change-canada-1.6178484
  8. My question as to what your point was was a genuine one. I didn't intend offence with it, I just didn't get where you were going with your thoughts. I now understand better. I haven't ever considered disease prevention or medical science to have anything to do with conceit on the part of humanity. If we can prevent illness, why wouldn't we? If we can cure it, why wouldn't we? Nobody seriously advocates doing away with health care services. Nobody except Maxime Bernier or the few quacks who came up with the Great Barrington Declaration (or for that matter the Free to Fly organization) would advocate allowing the virus to rip through society unchecked killing millions--both with Covid itself and with other medical conditions that wouldn't be treatable due to hospitals busting at the seams. Even Jason Kenny and his Dr Hinshaw seem to have woken up to the reality that measures to contain the pandemic need to continue. In first world countries Covid is avoidable with precautions that most of us in can easily take. Severe Covid is nearly always preventable with vaccines that are now readily available. Those are good things in my view, not problems.
  9. Oh of course. Just like the post in which you called someone stupid for supporting the idea of a vaccine passport to reduce the spread of Covid-19.
  10. It's wonderful at last to hear from someone who truly understands that matters of public health are all about social status and where one buys coffee.
  11. Covid is mostly avoidable with precautions, and severe Covid is usually avoidable thanks to vaccines. I'm sure that you don't advocate leaving most cases of cancer or heart disease untreated and that you don't discourage adopting lifestyles that make them less likely to occur in the first place, so I don't understand your point.
  12. Are you sure you don't know of anyone who'd suggest that? At least one poster here suggests that everyone diagnosed with the "minor medical issue" that is Covid-19 should be given Ivermectin. The same person isn't keen on vaccination and has opined that history will prove the anti-vaxers (other than those who die of covid or who infect others who then die of it) correct.
  13. Months ago? I have no idea what conversation you’re referring to. You proclaimed covid-19 to be a minor medical issue on this thread a few days ago.
  14. One could also ask why those who are filling the ICUs and dying of what you claim to be a “minor medical issue” are almost all unvaccinated.
  15. Since a cause of death discussion is now happening on the thread would anyone like to guess what this year's #1 cause of death of law enforcement officers in Florida is? https://news.wfsu.org/state-news/2021-09-02/covid-19-leading-cause-of-death-among-florida-law-enforcement-officers-in-2021
  16. We all make mistakes. My question was more about whether people who say/post stuff like that on a regular basis should be surprised when they're taken as members of the tinfoil hat brigade.
  17. What sort of response can you reasonably expect when you spread misinformation about vaccine approval or suggest that unvaccinated people are being denied entry to grocery stores?
  18. It's claimed that the approved vaccines prevent infection in many cases. They reduce the severity of disease when breakthrough infections occur. I think that most of us who follow the news about Covid are aware that some in the medical establishment do believe that Ivermectin can sometimes be of use in treating Covid-19 and that it should be further studied. In the meantime, as one who is fed up with the pandemic and with the anti-vaxxers who are standing in the way of us ending it (just look at what is happening in Florida and elsewhere where 60% of the population is vaccinated and imagine what it would be like if 0% were vaccinated), I don't mind a bit of comic relief over the idiocy of people who'll happily ingest quantities of de-wormer intended for a cow but who run around infecting others while preaching that nobody should undergo vaccination. The creation of humorous memes ridiculing them probably isn't isn't the best way to go about changing their minds, but the anti-vaxxers I have engaged with simply cannot be reasoned with and attempts to get them to look at the science result in lectures about microchips, aliens, the "plandemic", or claims that doctors are all lying about the number of patients in their ERs. Don't Fauci their Florida.
  19. Some of the looney fringe of the FA group are doing their own thing rather than joining Free to Fly. I'd have thought the groups would be stronger together but perhaps they can't agree on what needs to be done about the microchips that are being snuck into the vaccines or on what type of tin hat should be worn for protection. Or maybe they differ on what dosage of horse de-wormer to recommend as prophylaxis. Oh, and the FA group alleges criminality too. LOL. https://freedominaction.ca/ac-fa-letter-to-cupe/?fbclid=IwAR2bhaacMUC3CQpUtLraRixLmO7P_qNol6gtHLABOMFIc4u-7g6kHmJnM54
  20. What do you make of what is going on in the southern US states currently?
  21. I don't think one can calculate it that way. If more people in the community are vaccinated, less Covid circulates. If the virus circulates less, exposures and thus breakthrough infections should be less frequent I'd think.
  22. 26,000 deaths of Covid-19 so far in Canada. Over 600,000 so far in the USA. Hospitals overwhelmed to the point that they're on the verge of rationing care. People begging for oxygen in hospital parking lots in India, Brazil and Indonesia. That's some minor health issue.
  23. Where in Canada will the unvaccinated not be able to enter a grocery store? I don't know where you're getting this stuff. From the FDA press release I posted: Today, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the first COVID-19 vaccine. The vaccine has been known as the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine, and will now be marketed as Comirnaty (koe-mir’-na-tee), for the prevention of COVID-19 disease in individuals 16 years of age and older.
  24. I think you're incorrect. According to this FDA press release "Comirnaty" is the name under which the Pfizer vaccine will now be marketed. Same vaccine, different name unless my interpretation of the press release is off. Speaking of being woefully uninformed, where is the "forced vaccination" you referred to upthread? You must be aware that nobody in Canada is being forced to undergo vaccination against Covid 19. https://www.fda.gov/news-events/press-announcements/fda-approves-first-covid-19-vaccine
  25. The page is full of it. Will you be updating it now that the Pfizer vax has full FDA approval?
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