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  1. Am interested in hearing from pilots here on whether this was a big deal or a non-event. https://onemileatatime.com/news/emirates-terrifying-boeing-777-flight-washington/
  2. Thanks! I had been under the impression that rapid tests gave false negatives far more often than false positives, but oh well. As for the travel advisory from the Canadian government, I think it's more of a caution that other countries may suddenly slam borders shut or order that flights be suspended than anything else. Given that Omicron seems spreads so easily despite it usually causing just minor symptoms (or none at all) there's also a much higher risk of testing positive while abroad and thus being unable to travel home when scheduled. Perhaps higher still if one uses SwiftHealth.
  3. Are they really that inaccurate??? I bought a few kits from them in preparation for winter vacation, but haven't used them yet.
  4. Advisory to avoid non-essential foreign travel renewed. To be reviewed in 4 weeks. https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/trudeau-travel-restrictions-omicron-1.6286656
  5. It's the case at many customer service organizations currently.
  6. I don’t get this policy at all. Perhaps it’s wise to test arriving travelers until we know whether the new variant actually makes vaccinated people sick (early indications from what I have read are that despite immune escape, it doesn’t). If testing travelers makes sense, why would those arriving from the USA be exempt? It’s hardly as if there’s no Covid there.
  7. WS, AC, TS and Sunwing have put their unvaccinated staff aside from those who were given exemptions on leave. Unless the respective unions decide to go to bat for the anti-vaxxers or the sale of ribbons generates funding sufficient to mount a legal challenge, it's over.
  8. Q3 results. https://aircanada.mediaroom.com/2021-11-02-Air-Canada-Reports-Third-Quarter-2021-Results
  9. Here, for anyone who can stand it, is the latest from F2F. Aside from the crocodile tears there are claims that the vaccines are experimental drugs (I suppose that explains the video being posted on Rumble), of government tyranny and of something they call medical apartheid. https://rumble.com/vnu6ak-sos-from-canada-aviation-professionals-speak-out-about-their-terminations-f.html?fbclid=IwAR06uMGakAFA9gxhpHI4lBxVPhk7jWMvmOO1vw4jBx8fi8QEv1FZvjazpYA
  10. A plug for Mike Mutzel's supplements now???? Revenue from the sale of the F2F ribbons must be coming up short.
  11. Cover up by media? You should change your nick to Conspiracy Theory Thinker. If you don't want to change your nick, perhaps think critically about the fact that death rates among the fully vaccinated are minuscule compared to those among the unvaccinated. That suggests that the vaccines work. Israel isn't the world's most vaccinated country, btw.
  12. The QR partnership was developed and DOH was launched almost spur of the moment as well, I think mostly to provide connections to airports in India not served nonstop from NA. I wondered if the YUL-DEL had something to do with AC trying to route pax arriving in Canada through airports other than YYZ since the GTAA isn't capable of running an efficient arrivals process now. I wouldn't be surprised to see some of the EU routes that normally rely heavily on connections moved from YYZ to YUL unless the authorities at T1 get their act together.
  13. https://buffalonews.com/news/u-s-side-of-canadian-border-to-open-to-vaccinated-travelers-in-november/article_72ee9e96-2bbe-11ec-8e6b-7fd9958876d4.html#tracking-source=home-breaking
  14. This poor, downtrodden soul who tries to enlist support for the F2F group whines that if only he were selfish he'd just make the choice to get vaccinated and thus remain employed. There's nothing selfish, of course, about insisting upon remaining unvaccinated and potentially putting those he works with at higher risk. To give him his due, he does at least acknowledge that it's a choice. https://www.newmarkettoday.ca/local-news/air-canada-pilot-refuses-to-get-vaccinated-in-peril-of-losing-job-4502240?fbclid=IwAR28_n3PDKKfClXO_no3Eyer6_IaDWMkYnFbM7fidrGs-4FGnXzY9gPN5h4
  15. Perceived small benefit. Many people regard lowering their own risk of infecting others to be a huge benefit.
  16. It isn’t an editorial objection. It’s an objection to your mischaracterization of the organisation’s claims. I’m bothered by the fact that the F2F group dispenses the kind of advice that when listened to leads to the kind of situation we see today in Alberta and in some of the U.S. states. There are too many people in our ICUs with Covid as it is. Fortunately, not everyone who becomes severely ill with Covid dies. The percentages you’re throwing around thus don’t do anything to make sense of the nonsensical claim that only the elderly or those with underlying conditions are at risk of serious illness should they contract Covid.
  17. No, the F2F group is not saying that. It is saying that ONLY the elderly and those with co-morbidities are at risk of serious disease from Covid. That is inaccurate.
  18. Well, not yet anyway. Plenty of other misinformation though.
  19. I see that they're hawking ribbons now. I wonder how sales are going. I hadn't noticed until I read your post that the site has changed a bit. It now contains a link to a site which proclaims "IT IS NOW WELL ESTABLISHED THAT THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO ARE AT RISK OF SERIOUS DISEASE FROM COVID-19 ARE THE ELDERLY, THOSE WITH MAJOR ILLNESSES, AND THOSE LIVING IN SHARED LIVING FACILITIES LIKE LONG TERM CARE CENTRES (LTCS)." The site suggests that readers should contact Derek Sloan, the former Conservative MP who accused Dr Theresa Tam of working for China and who opposed public health measures to control the pandemic. There's also a video link to a lawyer who talks at length about how forced vaccination violates our rights. What he has to say might be relevant if anyone in Canada was being forced to undergo vaccination, but nobody is. The linked document is: https://64499a81-d991-4e8d-a576-ea3dd3827ffa.filesusr.com/ugd/16b6b8_1a3b42ba484b463094ad624f9bc85a8f.pdf
  20. Yes of course I believe you! I was tempted to get into all of that myself. I decided not to because I wouldn't have known what I was talking about, although I think I get the gist of it, I do get your larger argument, or at least I think I do and I find it reasonable. But to bring it back to Covid-19, prevention (even with low vaccination rates) is cheap, or at least a lot less expensive than letting the virus run rampant as Premiers Kenny and Moe have finally discovered. Vaccination is inexpensive, too, even though the organization that is the subject of this thread would likely argue that it causes us to become magnetic, or that we're secretly being implanted with microchips during the process, or.........
  21. Just in case the Free to Fly group decides to put out further misinformation: https://www.cbc.ca/news/health/vaccine-name-change-canada-1.6178484
  22. My question as to what your point was was a genuine one. I didn't intend offence with it, I just didn't get where you were going with your thoughts. I now understand better. I haven't ever considered disease prevention or medical science to have anything to do with conceit on the part of humanity. If we can prevent illness, why wouldn't we? If we can cure it, why wouldn't we? Nobody seriously advocates doing away with health care services. Nobody except Maxime Bernier or the few quacks who came up with the Great Barrington Declaration (or for that matter the Free to Fly organization) would advocate allowing the virus to rip through society unchecked killing millions--both with Covid itself and with other medical conditions that wouldn't be treatable due to hospitals busting at the seams. Even Jason Kenny and his Dr Hinshaw seem to have woken up to the reality that measures to contain the pandemic need to continue. In first world countries Covid is avoidable with precautions that most of us in can easily take. Severe Covid is nearly always preventable with vaccines that are now readily available. Those are good things in my view, not problems.
  23. Oh of course. Just like the post in which you called someone stupid for supporting the idea of a vaccine passport to reduce the spread of Covid-19.
  24. It's wonderful at last to hear from someone who truly understands that matters of public health are all about social status and where one buys coffee.
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