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  1. Swoop takes an lightning strike and takes a few cancellations due to the aircraft out of service for inspection. Any reprotection for guest on WestJet ? Anyone know if Westjet will do that or is Swoop guest stuck ?
  2. Swoop adding YHM to MBJ twice a week starting Dec 15th to Apr 24th
  3. Westjet always has an angle on what they release to the press. This will publicly show the share holders the effort WestJet is taking to reduce cost and also help in future barging with employees, as the next step in cost cutting is wage freeze or face lay-offs.
  4. wizard

    Air Canada sold the Emb 190 fleet...

    The Max would be a good fit for Rouge to work domestic markets. How much life left in the A320’s ? The cycles must be very high on those birds.
  5. wizard

    Where is Bean ?

    Really I must be out of the loop. I will go back read. Thanks
  6. wizard

    Where is Bean ?

    While we’re on the subject of legends on the forum. What about Dagger ? Just asking because I have not been on this forum and just noticed a few poster Who added a lot of info no longer posting. Thanks
  7. wizard

    Where is Bean ?

    Do you have a link to that forum?
  8. wizard

    Where is Bean ?

    Thanks for the update everyone.
  9. wizard

    Where is Bean ?

    Would anyone know if he’s still around our did he retire from this forum ? Always like his post.
  10. Is Swoop common employer with WestJet? If yes then it should be the same pay rates if no then you should be worried if you work for Westjet as they overlap the same routes and the Swoop plane is going out full and mainline starts to lose guest then they add another Swoop plane on the route and pull a mainline who’s losing their higher paying job.
  11. It doesn’t matter if they have overlap because it’s more money for share holders and the big wigs at Westjet. revenue goes into the same pocket and less for employees and more layoffs for Westjet mainline or lower paying jobs if you want to work for Swoop.
  12. wizard

    Westjet pilots strike vote

    WestJet sounds all messed up. Will they push ahead with Swoop now our back away and end up offering Swoop fares on select flights. I can’t see them making money with Swoop. Canadian public want cheep but don’t like paying for extras like a carry on bag or if they charge to print a boarding pass
  13. This story is funny as the reporter is just another typical passenger who complans about anything most likely not just Air Canada. The Air Canada free ticket on Twitter was a fun feel good thing to do in a time were we don’t get that much fun from the media every day. This was taken right out of the 20 year old Westjet playbook, which they don’t use as much. Must be the pressure of labour issues and trying to be everything to everyone is catching up with the not so little airline that could.
  14. good move for Air Canada to feed the east coast connections into YUL from southern Ontario. This will effect encore feeding Westjet at the Toronto hub to the east connections out of Windsor and London airports.
  15. Starting July 2nd new service from Windsor and London to Montreal. YQG will have 50 seat RJ and YXU will be 78 seat Q400. https://aircanada.mediaroom.com/2018-04-25-Air-Canada-to-Launch-Daily-non-stop-Montreal-London-Ontario-and-Montreal-Windsor-Ontario-flights#.WuDMFRggacI.twitter