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  1. Yes Air Canada is just going to let Jazz shut down and have the entire regional feed vanish and not feed the hubs. You crack me up LoL. I will say the buyer is from the United States. United Airlines or Skywest ?
  2. Really cool story Mitch. It’s really great to see you again in the forum as I’ve always respected your post. Hope your enjoying your retirement take care.
  3. Yes I’ve now seen people using eye mask for face mask ? looks like it works ok.
  4. So it’s 17:30 pm and not one plane taking off or landing at Yyz. But if you look at New York Chicago Atlanta or any other big U.S airport why are they still so busy ?
  5. No replies yet So that is a NO ?
  6. https://www.cp24.com/news/flair-airlines-pulling-out-of-abbotsford-as-competition-with-swoop-takes-off-1.4808305 So my question is the Loonie sale by Swoop predatory?
  7. ATC delays are also beyond airline control.
  8. The amount airlines pay is not worth working as a front line employee as the general public has become too difficult unless you enjoy having an disagreement with 95% of all air travellers.
  9. Did you guys change the reservation system like Air Canada ? You recovered in 2 days as Air Canada still not not recovered after 30 days as customer service on phone lines is down right brutal. Aeroplan tickets can’t be touched at airports as customers must call Aeroplan. Customers also can’t do upgrade request at the airport.
  10. Please add some flying pigs along with the cows
  11. Just have to say that New Westjet commercial is so ridiculously stupid.
  12. This is an old news release or did swoop re release this news today. These London Ontario swoop routes were announced back on June 25th
  13. If you no show at a sporting event or music concert do you get your money back ? Nope Toronto maple Leafs are not obligated to refund your ticket based on you having a death in the family so why are the airlines ? If they can’t over sell the flight to protect against no shows then you can’t have your cake and eat it too.
  14. It will be the same as Porter in terms of not being a public company. we will no longer know if a WestJet is making a profit or losing it’s shirt. If Swoop continues to lose money, they can roll the ULC fares and rules into Westjet and offer Swoop fares on select flights just like Air Canada did with Tango fares. Encore being sold off I can definitely see that happening.
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