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  1. Possibly this one for QGW Does my landing gear appear to be down and in place? (unhidden by admin on March 15)
  2. Just passed the 10 year mark and loving it.
  3. This is going to get very interesting.
  4. An interesting CBC article would differ with the inference that Americans are brainwashed. “It's hard to miss the spectacular sight of protesters honking car horns, waving Confederate flags and pressing angry faces against windows as they demand the lifting of lockdown orders. They're a small group of mainly Trump supporters, and they're being egged on by Fox News and the president. But this is not the prevailing sentiment in the U.S. In fact, it's not even Trump's own policy. What various polls show,
  5. Has anyone had any luck getting through to and getting a refund from Air Transat. Apparently a lot of people are getting very frustrated by the lack of contact with and info from the company. My daughter has been trying since last Thursday with no success.
  7. Actually you aren't the only one. It is my favourite musical and your use of those lyrics summed the situation up perfectly.
  8. More sign's of the future of aviation.