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  1. So if Chauvin had twelve white jurors would impartiality matter?
  2. The cult dynamic of wokeness...
  3. Well it was a research scientist from UBC in Vancouver who developed the mnra vaccine.
  4. They bought that many doses so that they could look magnanimous when they give them away to third world countries and preen about it.
  5. Sheet music is racist Oxford University may stop teaching sheet music because of its 'complicity in white supremacy' The University of Oxford has taken the Black Lives Matter movement to heart, and as such is considering a plan to scrap sheet music, notation, and the classical music that was scored upon it. Sheet music is now considered "too colonial," while Beethoven and Mozart, and music curriculums in general, are believed to have "complicity in white supremacy." Who's in on this? Arguments against the music, which is one of the greatest achievements of western civiliza
  6. But at least now they are contained in "jail like structures" not cages.
  7. VIDEO-2021-01-12-19-32-05.mp4
  8. I find that if you add enough vodka to the prep it is quite bearable. Last one I had I wasn't even drowsy, wheeled into a cubicle, got dressed and went home. A little disappointing really.
  9. The unaccompanied minors are being held in the same facilities Trump used but now they are "jail like structures" rather than "cages."
  10. You would add imi if it was a question.
  11. I found it interesting watching the ABC national news yesterday regarding undocumented minors entering the country. They are being held in the same facilities that Trump held them in but now they are "jail like structures" not cages.
  12. I do not believe in aliens either, why are photos/video of them always blurry? There is no clear evidence of them outside of the few people from Arkansas who have been abducted by them. Total nonsense. Oh, I don't believe in God either. We have science now, we don't need an other worldly explanation for eclipses etc.