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  2. I received this as Andrew Scheers platform....
  3. I would put Michel and Lynda on my airlines no fly list.
  4. Obama's just bought a $15M waterfront home in Martha's Vineyard, so I guess they are not too worried about sea level rising making the property worthless.
  5. There are water bombers down there now and the company owners have said they are largely ineffective in fighting this type of fire. So is there a need to send more down?
  6. Unless you are the prey.
  7. He would have never got that reception back in the 60/70's.
  8. If You Want ‘Renewable Energy,’ Get Ready to Dig Building one wind turbine requires 900 tons of steel, 2,500 tons of concrete and 45 tons of plastic. By Mark P. Mills Aug. 5, 2019 6:48 pm ET
  9. Then why is Victoria spending $1B on a sewage treatment facility if the NP thinks it's not making any meaningful steps?
  10. They were both wet runways, WJ didn't keep the power up enough on short final and we fell to the runway.
  11. The first time I was on a WJ Q400, just after they got them, it felt that we were shot down on the landing, extremely hard landing. A few days later on a Horizon Q400 they greased the landing. Obviously experience helps.
  12. The window seat will have to contend with the middle seat from the row in front of him/her, 6 of one..... Pitch would be the same for every seat.
  13. The IPCC models have not managed to identify an underlying base line on which to add or subtract potential human impacts on climate, and ALL of the models have predicted significantly greater warming than has actually occurred. Well, in the past few months, researchers in THREE SEPARATE COUNTRIES, Japan, Finland, and Australia, have all published material claiming to have found the "missing link" that explains climate change. AND, all three conclude that man-made climate change (that is, climate change induced by carbon dioxide) is virtually non-existent, eclipsed by the heating and cooling effects of cloud formation due to increased cosmic radiation. (It's the SUN stupid). It will be interesting to see whether peer reviews of the material produce agreement with the conclusions. Here are some easy to read links: Here's a copy of the Finnish Research Paper: Here's a copy of the Japanese Paper:
  14. Appears to me the table is mislabeled, Canada can't import 53B if China is only exporting 30B.