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  1. I wish I could fall asleep on airplanes.
  2. Du rag, doo rag, do rag, never a dew rag.
  3. mo32a

    Climate Change?

    Well Trudeau has announced the carbon tax imposed on Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Saskatchewan and also the fact that everybody affected will get a rebate roughly equal to the amount they spent, some folks will get back more than they spent. Hmmm, the carbon tax, oh sorry it is now a "pollution tax," is meant to curb peoples use of fossil fuels, if you rebate them what they paid how is that going to change anybody's behaviour? If you are just virtue signalling to the rest of the world why not make it a 50% tax and really shine? Incredible.
  4. In Victoria there are over 40 illegal pot shops operating and have been for years, why would anything change now? Relax, this is one big nothing burger, just the media manufacturing a "crisis" where none exists. If border crossings to the US become more onerous there are hundreds of other countries I can spend my winters in.
  5. All of these "what if" situations are perpetrated by Canadian writers. I have crossed the border hundreds of times and have never ever been asked if I smoke MJ. This is just a big tempest in a teapot. Relax Canada - nothing is going to change.
  6. Go Dougie, fewer politicians is always better than more.
  7. mo32a

    All About Canada and Trade

    When we are in the US for the winter we buy milk when it goes on sale for $.99 a gallon. At least one of the 5 local stores has it on sale every week.
  8. Wife woke me up and pointed to the TV, I immediately thought terrorists. Got up, showered and went to work for the next 16 hours.
  9. mo32a

    Air Canada Buy-Out Pkg

    So you would give up $5500 now in order that your beneficiary would get $25k when you croak. If that is all you are giving up I would take the $5500 now and enjoy it.
  10. And everybody on this forum will be dead in less than half that.
  11. mo32a

    Holy sh!t!!!

    I still remember the on street interview with the lady in Seattle when they raised the minimum wage to $15 there. "I love the pay raise but I had to cut back on my hours or I would lose my housing subsidy" That's what your paying for folks.
  12. mo32a

    All About Canada and Trade

    Just remember that Cramer said Bear Stearns was a solid company, don't be afraid to invest in it.
  13. ^Well he works in SOCAL and Arizona so I am presuming the port of LA and others. They are in the research and implementation stage so it should a coming thing rather than a big existing market. His company is 100% committed to providing this and would do well in ports like Victoria where there is no shore power and very nearby housing areas. The neighbourhood association is always complaining about the diesel emissions from the ships as well as the busses that take the tourists around. Next time I am talking to him I will query how wide spread this is.