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  1. Air North Coming to YYJ

    I'm not really sure there is a lot of pent up demand for this service. Nobody I know wants to go to Whitehorse. Perhaps there is demand the other direction.
  2. WestJet Catering

    We bought a few super bowls, which are supposed to be a healthy all in one meal. We wont be buying them again.
  3. They say now that most of the flights are filled that they expect very few cancelled flights.
  4. ^No, probably not, but it does speak to his attitude toward rules and safety.
  5. Who would have thought that not being able to speak one official language would be an impediment to getting work. Shocking.
  6. And I have no problem paying increased costs for maintaining the infrastructure and grid, what I don't want to pay is a useless tax that goes into government's pockets. Your second paragraph describes exactly what is going on in Arizona. APS was promised xxxx amount of customers to amortize their costs. When people started going to solar power APS greatly increased their charges for people to hook up to the grid to cover their costs. Unless you can go completely off the grid, you wind up paying pretty much what you were paying before you went solar.
  7. The Yellow Press

    ^I don't know what social media the above stories were shared on, but I didn't see one of them, so I guess I must be using the "correct" social media.
  8. I will say it again. In BC 95% of our electricity is hydro-electric, clean, green, non-polluting. If any government was serious about reducing CO2 they would be encouraging us to use more electricity for heating/lighting our homes, cooking etc. But they are not. They charge you a higher rate the more you use. They are not serious about reducing CO2 they just want your money. I am not willing to continue to support their increasingly wacky ideas.
  9. The Future of Automobiles ?

    The November issue of Car and Driver has a in depth look at autonomous vehicles and their roll out. Well worth a read.
  10. Never heard of him.
  11. I don't know about you, but I would rather buy a certified product from a licensed legal distributor, same as I do for my wine and whiskey. You might have a bit of trouble trying to sue the Hells Angels if there was some fentanyl in your product and a family member died.
  12. I have said it before and I will say it again. Carbon taxes are just that - taxes. They do nothing to reduce anybody's carbon production they just go the the government so they can spend it on their own policies. In BC we produce electricity with hydro-electric, clean green and if site C goes ahead, plentiful. But the government doesn't incentivise us to use more electricity, they punish us by raising rates if we go over a threshold that is easily achieved by most homeowners. If any government was serious about climate change, reducing carbon footprint they can do it by producing cheap green hydro electric or nuclear power. Until I see them do that, a pox on all their houses.
  13. Well if she had said something like this "Can you believe that still today in learned society, some people still believe that Trudeau knows what he is doing and can lead a country" I could have got behind her 100%. Otherwise STFU.
  14. Free it really?

    Not me, I like the HOV lane, the idiots can only come at you from one direction, usually.
  15. Road Safety

    Once in a while.