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  1. The IPCC models have not managed to identify an underlying base line on which to add or subtract potential human impacts on climate, and ALL of the models have predicted significantly greater warming than has actually occurred. Well, in the past few months, researchers in THREE SEPARATE COUNTRIES, Japan, Finland, and Australia, have all published material claiming to have found the "missing link" that explains climate change. AND, all three conclude that man-made climate change (that is, climate change induced by carbon dioxide) is virtually non-existent, eclipsed by the heating and cooling effects of cloud formation due to increased cosmic radiation. (It's the SUN stupid). It will be interesting to see whether peer reviews of the material produce agreement with the conclusions. Here are some easy to read links: Here's a copy of the Finnish Research Paper: Here's a copy of the Japanese Paper:
  2. Appears to me the table is mislabeled, Canada can't import 53B if China is only exporting 30B.
  3. When my kids were little, (a long time ago) I refused to drive the babysitters home, my wife had that duty.
  4. Everyone of those illegal immigrants had a choice to be arrested or not, they could have stayed in Mexico or any other country they travelled through and stayed all together as a family and file their request for asylum. If they don't want to be seperated don't cross into the USA. Women aren't imprisoned in Men's prisons nor are kids imprisoned in adult prisons.
  5. An update from the Atlantic Monthly
  6. ^^So 29% of immigrants who arrived less than 5 years ago still aren't working.
  7. Garneau said airlines would never invent mechanical problems to avoid having to pay out. A little naive I think.
  8. Ford is doing exactly what the people that voted for him want him to do. He won a majority government, too bad so sad for you that didn't vote for him.
  9. Qubeccor? and another Qubec company Mach?
  10. There is all the flooding going on in Ontario and Quebec, 2000 members of the military called out, mayors and politicians screaming for volunteers to come and help sandbag. We have thousands of asylum seekers being housed, clothed and fed at our expense, why aren't they being "volunteered" to help? Don't need language skills or any other skill set, just pick up a shovel.
  11. So is automation at fault, or did Boeing sabotage an Airbus to get the heat off them?
  12. That must be true, every time deicer posts something I ignore it.