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  1. Geez boestar are you me? I've had 3 phone appointments with my family doctor, an MRI, two ultrasounds, four in person visits with orthopedic surgeons.
  2. ^Then you would have a much longer wait.
  3. Politicians never answer the question, JT is an expert at that.
  4. He is the only premier that can get away with that, anyone else and Trudeau would call them out and punish them.
  5. This feels like an english lit class where you are supposed to guess what the author meant in his novel. I hated it then and hate it now. If you have something to say, say it clearly. I have no idea what that song is about.
  6. Might have worked for me if it came with closed captions.
  7. My worry is the Americans will remove the Jones act and cruise ships will no longer have to stop at an intermediary country. Cruise ship ports in Canada would be decimated forever. But then they are just fossil fuel burning vessels and Ottawa doesn't have any sea ports so WTF.
  8. I wouldn't make any contingency plans at all, let Ottawa come up with a solution like a west/east pipeline. Until then they can freeze in the dark.
  9. ^I don't know, with JT's great reset there might be a lot less flying, except him of course.
  10. That's just CBC reminding Trudeau that it's time to pay them off again.
  11. Somebody's watching Yellowstone.
  12. Are the flight crew to sun destinations forced to quarantine the same as the passengers? Surely they can't be essential. Why doesn't interprovincial travel require the same restrictions and international? It should. Do the thousands of transplants temporarily living in BC need to back to their home province to get vaccinated? They should. Because the vaccine supply is based on normal provincial population should BC residents go to Alberta to get a better shot at getting the vaccine?
  13. That's why the feds are so keen to attack climate change now, they don't want to wait and have the problem solve itself.