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  1. But they are allowed to - if they have had the training, he was just a little premature, a perennial pilot problem.;)
  2. But if your name is Ahmed Mohamed you get an interview with the former US president for your ingenuity.
  3. And if he had given up his seat he might have got the first class seat.
  4. Yeah, that first jab in the thigh you were a little leery of how much it was going to hurt.
  5. Not much.
  6. ?According to a security expert it is much harder to make them explode remotely.
  7. My trusty little Swiss Army knife has a nail file, don't leave home without it.
  8. I guess the proctologist on Seinfeld wouldn't get his plate issued either - ASSMAN.
  9. Bring back the Knights Templar.
  10. Oh no, the airlines will have to provide in flight entertainment systems, how draconian.
  11. I remember watching an endless stream of them taking off from Subic Bay in Phillipines heading up to bomb North Vietnam, very impressive.
  12. Well another king has died, Chuck Barris, king of game shows, Dating Game, Newlywed Game and of course The Gong Show.
  13. Get an RBC or TD US bank account and Visa card. Auto pay full balance each month. You put money in your account at the most favourable rate you can find. Snowbirds association gives a pretty good rate, you just tell them how much you wish to deposit in your US account and they debit your Canadian account when you tell them.
  14. And if the person goes to jail they quit using drugs cold turkey, no methadone, no sympathy. I am all for treating addiction, but not encouraging it with low barrier shelters, safe injection sites etc. Would you give a loaded pistol to somebody to play Russian roulette, that is about the same thing. Incarcerate, involuntarily if needed, and get them off the drug/substance that is ruining their lives.