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  1. For comparison's sake....
  2. I see people regularly moved out of seats they illegally occupied. If the usher doesn't catch them the people that paid for the seats rat on them, as they should.
  3. Definitely won't let you in PHX.
  4. I expect the early call on the crash being caused by technical difficulties was to quiet speculation as to a shoot-down .
  5. It's like going to a hockey game, you buy a seat in the nosebleeds for cheap the ushers won't let you take an unused seat in the lower bowl at center ice.
  6. Only 25% of Syrian refugees who arrived in 2015/16 are employed.
  7. ^In the Texas incident though the guy that shot the shooter was a trained security person who also trained others in the use of deadly force. He was the church's head of security. Sad as it is that a church/school needs security.
  8. emergency crews were forced to respond.... Isn't that kinda their job?
  9. I would like to ousted with a $40 million payout as well.
  10. Drove through San Francisco two years ago. Will never ever go back. I avoid California completely now.
  11. Watermelons - green on the outside, red inside. This all about income redistribution and getting rid of capitalism.
  12. One more loony leftie for the ignore list.
  13. That's not where I would like to see our Prime Minister.