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  1. Sorry for the long post - there was no link... Covid Vaccines for Canada- A Sad Story. Introduction I have been closely following the Covid vaccine issue in Canada and felt compelled to write about it. As President and CEO of GlaxoSmithKline Canada for 16 years, I was intimately involved in the production and distribution of the Canadian vaccine for the H1N1 pandemic in 2009. All of the vaccine for that pandemic was produced in the GSK vaccine factory in Quebec City. The campaign, although there were a few glitches, was a tremendous success. The vaccine was developed, rolled out an
  2. My scroll button is wearing out as well. Apparently A330pilot is not aware that he only needs to show a couple of lines of an article and the link rather than the whole article.
  3. How about making available a rapid test when you arrive so that you don't have to quarantine.
  4. No politician committed to getting rid of our manufacturing of pharmaceuticals - they were all private companies who chose the more tax favourable USA to move to.
  5. i don't know why they have to pass a bill decriminalizing drugs, there are safe injection sites, people shooting up all day every day on the streets. Pretty low hanging fruit if the police were actually going to charge anyone.
  6. Presumably the people that are sick and need the drug will get the doses. This is to treat Covid not prevent it.
  7. I'm not sure I follow, if you have a non primary residence you can claim any improvements or expenses to maintain the dwelling against the capital gains involved in the sale of the dwelling, no? My experience is in the US however.
  8. If they were to start taxing the sale of primary residences they would have to have a "valuation day" after the tax was imposed, otherwise you could go back decades (if you lived in the same place) deducting hundreds of thousands of dollars. After the valuation day, house prices would probably go down, as people wouldn't see it as an investment tool, so you would be claiming capital losses. Hey, if the government can loose money selling drugs, they could do it with housing as well.
  9. Thanks for taking this on seeker, it's my go to forum for mostly intelligent discussion. I'm willing to donate as well. Thanks to the previous hosts who did a great job.
  10. And that is when I invested in them, turned out pretty good.
  11. My son and his wife (who is from HK) live in HK. Their intention was to stay another 3 years, they are coming back next summer.
  12. Quarantining is not that bad if you know about it before you leave. You can have an ample supply of food and alcohol at the house ready for your return.
  13. Just make scrambled eggs, problem solved.
  14. Stop flying in and out of Quebec if you want to see some fast government action.