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  1. We need your help to show Canadians the federal debt tab A baby girl was born this month and she’s already $29,000 in debt. As a new Canadian, that’s her share of the federal government’s debt that’s more than $1,000,000,000,000. This just isn’t right. You know Canada’s trillion-dollar debt is dangerous. You know it’s unfair to that baby girl. But that’s not enough. Too many of your neighbours have no idea about any of this. You need to tell them the debt is spiraling. And you need to introduce them to the baby girl who’s already on the hook to pay for it. You took a big first step by signing the Canadian Taxpayers Federation’s petition to stop the federal dive into debt. If things don’t change, taxpayers won’t see another balanced federal budget until 2070. That’s unacceptable! Your stand is so much stronger when thousands of other Canadians stand with you. We’re launching a Canada-wide billboard and social media advertising campaign to tell taxpayers the truth about how much federal debt they will have to pay back if politicians don’t get spending under control. Here’s a picture of the billboard we plan on running right across Canada: We need to get this debt warning to your neighbours across Canada, but campaigns aren’t cheap. We’ve budgeted $20,000 to put up billboards in major centres and run social media ads coast to coast. We’re counting on you and thousands of other Canadian Taxpayers Federation supporters. Please take a stand by donating $50 on our secure donation page: https://www.taxpayer.com/donate/warn-your-neighbours-canada’s-debt-is-soaring If you’d like to support the campaign, but can’t make a donation, you can take a stand by forwarding this email to your friends and neighbours to make sure they know how much money the government is borrowing in their name. Thanks for fighting for taxpayers – it’s making a difference! Sincerely, Franco, Shannon, Todd and the rest of the CTF team. PS: You know the debt problem is bad, but too many Canadians have no idea how bad it is. We’re putting up billboards and social media ads to tell people the truth: the government is borrowing billions and you’ll have to pay it back. Can you chip in to help out on this campaign? You can make a donation through our secure online donation page: https://www.taxpayer.com/donate/warn-your-neighbours-canada’s-debt-is-soaring
  2. I guess we are lucky it never goes below 40 degrees at altitude.
  3. It's high frequency rail, not high speed.
  4. Anyone who is fully vaccinated should be able to cross the US/Canada border restriction free, now.
  5. ^Don't think so.... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/No_Fly_List
  6. I would place all of them on the permanent no-fly list.
  7. ^Unfortunately that doesn't make for shocking headlines in the MSM, actually noting facts ruins the whole narrative. We went into a burial ground and found possible remains just doesn't get Trudeau crying.
  8. What severe shutdown did we have? You couldn't dine inside a restaurant or have a bunch of people over. Big deal. I could still go golfing, eat on the patios, go to the grocery store, go for a walk, go for a hike etc. There was no change from Monday to Wednesday for me or most of the people I know.
  9. So if Chauvin had twelve white jurors would impartiality matter?
  10. The cult dynamic of wokeness... https://newdiscourses.com/2020/06/cult-dynamics-wokeness/
  11. Well it was a research scientist from UBC in Vancouver who developed the mnra vaccine. https://science.ubc.ca/news/ubc-grown-biotech-leads-global-pandemic-efforts
  12. They bought that many doses so that they could look magnanimous when they give them away to third world countries and preen about it.
  13. Sheet music is racist Oxford University may stop teaching sheet music because of its 'complicity in white supremacy' The University of Oxford has taken the Black Lives Matter movement to heart, and as such is considering a plan to scrap sheet music, notation, and the classical music that was scored upon it. Sheet music is now considered "too colonial," while Beethoven and Mozart, and music curriculums in general, are believed to have "complicity in white supremacy." Who's in on this? Arguments against the music, which is one of the greatest achievements of western civilization, arose not just from activist students but from activist professors, who say that the music study in its current composition is focused on "white European music from the slave period." Musical notation is believed now to be part of a "colonialist representational system." The changes are being proposed to undergraduate level courses and the goal is to "decolonize" music study. These professors are intent on addressing "white hegemony," according to Telegraph. The professors argue that the teaching of musical notation would be a "slap in the face" for students because notation "has not 'shaken off its connection to its colonial past.'" Music study, moving forward, has been "earmarked for a rebranding to be more inclusive." Additionally, requirements will no longer dictate that music students are taught to play piano, or how to conduct orchestras, because this, too "structurally centres white European music." According to these music instructors at Oxford whose job it was to teach the history, scope, breadth and practice of music, this can cause "students of colour great distress." Even the way music is taught, these profs complain, is a problem because the "vast bulk of tutors for techniques are white men." If Oxford is no longer willing or able to uphold that 800 year history of musical scholarship in the western tradition, it is unclear who will.
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