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  1. Get an RBC or TD US bank account and Visa card. Auto pay full balance each month. You put money in your account at the most favourable rate you can find. Snowbirds association gives a pretty good rate, you just tell them how much you wish to deposit in your US account and they debit your Canadian account when you tell them.
  2. And if the person goes to jail they quit using drugs cold turkey, no methadone, no sympathy. I am all for treating addiction, but not encouraging it with low barrier shelters, safe injection sites etc. Would you give a loaded pistol to somebody to play Russian roulette, that is about the same thing. Incarcerate, involuntarily if needed, and get them off the drug/substance that is ruining their lives.
  3. PHXAV - you can reply to any post by using the "quote" button or click on the users name and you can send them a private personal message.
  4. What the heck thought process goes through people's head? Hey honey, how about we try some fentanyl tonight? Yeah, yeah, I know hundreds of people die from overdoses each month but what the heck lets give it a whirl. Incredibly stupid. No sympathy here except for the kids.
  5. And how is this going to be enforced? I'm sure the police will respond immediately if you report a drone flying at 100m. Laser pointing is illegal as well, has it helped? How many charges laid for the hundreds of incidents reported? I agree it's a good step but I just don't expect it to change much.
  6. Actually I just traded seats with my wife. It was like having single pane windows in a house on a cold day, even though the air in the house is warm you feel like there is a cold draft on the window side from conduction losses.
  7. I was in the window seat in a flight from YVR to AMS and was frozen. Had coat and blanket both trying to mitigate it. The whole bulkhead was cold to the touch.
  8. And there are more who won't support it because it is too generous.
  9. For Canada's 150th I hope to golf at 150 different golf courses across the country. You can help celebrate by donating to my go fund me campaign to cover the cost of green fees and hotel and travel costs.
  10. Would you take a flight on Air India at all. I would pass if there were other choices.
  11. Because Obama would never cosplay as military man....
  12. Can you describe Obama's military service to us.
  13. Build a wall!!!!!!
  14. I guess my day is a little fuller than yours.