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  1. mo32a

    WestJet 787

    ^Really? I don't know where pilots get the reputation as being primadonnas.
  2. mo32a

    Shootings and Knifings

    But both the victims were black and presumably the shooters as well. Gangs get rich then get dead
  3. What happened to Canada being a secular nation with separation of church and state?
  4. Kinda like when people illegally cross the border and we are expected to feed water and accommodate them, indefinitely.
  5. mo32a

    Uncle Roger’s Quiz

    52% by WAG for the most part.
  6. But all they show on the MSM is the mother running with her child in her arms and saying how despicable this is. How about arresting the mother for child endangerment?
  7. mo32a

    Pissing in the Wind

    449,000 Californians received a jury summons last year to which they replied "I am not a citizen, therefore I cannot sit on a jury". The number one source for jury summons candidates is the voter registration list. Think about it!
  8. Well I guess you could say Gough was treating the guests well, indeed very well, so the message is consistent.
  9. I wish I could fall asleep on airplanes.
  10. Du rag, doo rag, do rag, never a dew rag.
  11. mo32a

    Climate Change?

    Well Trudeau has announced the carbon tax imposed on Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Saskatchewan and also the fact that everybody affected will get a rebate roughly equal to the amount they spent, some folks will get back more than they spent. Hmmm, the carbon tax, oh sorry it is now a "pollution tax," is meant to curb peoples use of fossil fuels, if you rebate them what they paid how is that going to change anybody's behaviour? If you are just virtue signalling to the rest of the world why not make it a 50% tax and really shine? Incredible.
  12. In Victoria there are over 40 illegal pot shops operating and have been for years, why would anything change now? Relax, this is one big nothing burger, just the media manufacturing a "crisis" where none exists. If border crossings to the US become more onerous there are hundreds of other countries I can spend my winters in.