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  1. Great story, thanks for posting that, although this stood out to me.... Four life sentences and 15 years and he is out in seven???????
  2. An interesting opinion piece written by a democrat strangely enough...
  3. Gator You are talking about pollution not climate change. I'm all for reducing pollution in all it's forms but to think that is going to change the climate is a big leap. The climate will change despite our efforts to stop it, reduce our pollution to make everybody's life better now, I'm all in.
  4. I would buy that, or even what used to be economy class, bigger seats, more legroom, fewer passengers vying for overhead space, a decent hot meal and complementary soft drinks juices etc. Oh, and one price that covers everything, no baggage charge for the first bag etc.
  5. I guess those East German woman olympians were just ahead of their time.
  6. ^That has happened to me three times, no warning, no notification, you are just standing there with a useless piece of plastic in your hand. I always carry more than one credit card so I am never stranded but just the same.....
  7. Quebec - first among equals.
  8. They raised the minimum wage to $15 in Seattle. In a "woman in the street" interview, a woman said she was really happy about the increase in the minimum wage but she had to cut back on her hours at work so that she didn't lose her housing subsidy.
  9. I have seen several of these "escorts" and every time they flew above and behind the target aircraft. Passengers and crew were totally unaware of any "company" they had. I think with good reason, if the crew thinks they are going to be shot down they may make less rational decisions about their predicament.
  10. I guess he could have put his kevlar vest and helmet on to board the flight, he then would have made the weight requirements and would be better protected if he had to be "re-accommodated."
  11. The compensation covers cancelled flights as well so this wont be an "out" for the airlines.
  12. 15 and 43 appear to be the same.
  13. On seat width/pitch I agree, the first thing I do after getting a list of flights that I could choose is compare both parameters. Overbooking - I don't like it at all. If I am on a flight website and see that 8 seats are available at XX price if I buy one of those seats I expect it is mine. If the airlines overbook they should list the flight as fully sold but you can put in a "standby request" and pay YY dollars, and if a seat becomes available you get it in the priority with which you purchased your ticket. That way the standby guy gets a cheaper fare for his inconvenience, all the while knowing he may not get on that flight. The person that paid XX knows that his seat is available for his use and won't get dragged off the plane. For those passengers that have to get somewhere - pay the full fare and show up. For those passengers with more leisurely schedules, buy a standby ticket and hope for the best, you could buy them for subsequent trips and eventually you will get where you are going. This solves the problem of getting pulled off a flight and ever increasing number of people standing around hoping for compensation to agree to be left behind.
  14. But they are allowed to - if they have had the training, he was just a little premature, a perennial pilot problem.;)
  15. But if your name is Ahmed Mohamed you get an interview with the former US president for your ingenuity.