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  1. ^I disagree. There is no motivation for him killing innocent people. He had no ideology, was not trying to send any message, was not trying to foment any change. He was just bat **bleep** crazy.
  2. Lindbergh - solo - landed Frenchmen - duo - crashed I think the US is OK in claiming he made the first solo crossing.
  3. Mysteries Solvied

    It's also interesting to note that no one anywhere pats themselves on the back as much as the entertainment industry. They hold themselves up as examples of moral purity railing against Republicans(mostly) and Trump specifically then they come out and tell you they have known about HW's proclivities for years and years, and did nothing. But, of course, he is huge Democrat and donated $1.5M to Hillary.
  4. All About NAFTA

    So where are all the anti-NAFTA protesters now? There seemed to be thousands of them claiming that NAFTA was going to be the worst thing ever for Canada. I don't hear them cheering the possible demise of the agreement. Could it be that they were wrong then?
  5. NDP...Breath of Fresh Air

    The only good thing this guy will do is unseat Trudeau and the Liberals as the government, allowing the Conservatives to regain power. Go Jagmeet go.
  6. Kathleen Wynne

    I also quit going to Sears when their return policy changed. We bought a coffee maker that quit after a month's use, I took it back to the Sears store and they told me I had to contact the manufacturer. I never darkened their door again. Good riddance. I will stick with Costco.
  7. Trump Wins

    And why is there no outrage at the American meddling in Canada's election?
  8. Will Boeing Give a Damn?

    I was thinking the same thing, but I was thinking just have Bombardier lease the aircraft themselves. Would they have to go through a secondary company or do they just need the money from the sales?
  9. Trump Wins

    I'm trying to figure out why the National Anthem is played at any non-national sporting event. These teams are not representing their country, heck, not even the state or city. They are representing a wealthy owner trying to get wealthier. Why does this require the playing of the anthem? If I was the NFL, NHL, CFL, MLB I would dispense with playing the anthem before each game. Save that for when you were playing international games where you are representing your country on a national team. If you don't want to stand for the playing of the anthem of your country or the country you are playing then you don't belong on a national team and I would presume that you would refuse to play on it if asked. Pretty simple solution and gets all the political divisiveness out of an "entertainment product".
  10. Reckless self-entitlement

    Simple solution - confiscate their phones if they are unwilling to comply with the regulations. That would do more good than any fine will. And most cars now are bluetooth equipped, or you can buy a bluetooth device for your vehicle that will read your messages to you and allow you to answer without touching your phone, why do people not avail themselves of this?
  11. If I had been Ritz my apology would have been a little different, "I'm sorry I called you Barbie as it is an insult to dolls everywhere."
  12. I watched the big roll out prepared to be amazed. I was totally underwhelmed. Oh good I can get emoji's to mimic facial expressions, man that's something I've been hankering for, for a long time. Loved when he demonstrated the facial recognition software, and it didn't work, priceless. A whole bunch of useless features that 99% of people will never use. The only thing this has done is brought about a price drop to the iphone7, and I might upgrade to that, but only if I get a screaming deal.
  13. If you don't declare PAN or Maday and just explain you have a problem the controller will ask you if you are declaring an emergency. If your response is yes you will get priority handling as though you declared either of the above. If you say no, you will be treated as routine traffic and take your place in line. Declaring PAN or Mayday just speeds up the response a little.
  14. Maynard's Fuzzy Peach candies.
  15. OT, but very impressive.

    link doesn't work for me