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  1. In a poll I received, they asked if there was a candidate I would never vote for, it was Brown for me.
  2. I heard on the news today that Alberta is now awash in money, over a billion dollars in the black due to high oil prices. Tell me again how Putin's responsible for high gas prices. Someone is making a lot of money from these high prices, and it's not me or you.
  3. Uh, isn't China part of the UN security council?
  4. Everything to encourage and aid the drug users to continue to use, nothing to get them to stop. Woke insanity! You wouldn't want to stigmatize drug use because that would just embarrass them. We restricted the hell out of tobacco, made smoking unpalatable, restricted smoking everywhere, and it worked. But this method won't work with drugs.
  5. The reason nothing has been dug up is that if they do dig, and the findings are not as implied, the money truck drives away. I find it amazing they can recall their oral history for thousands of years, but they can't remember if they sent a child to school, and they didn't come home.
  6. Ya sayin Trump had someone else doin his tweets?
  7. Now if Bannon only knew how to spell correctly.
  8. As a passenger I would rather have a two-hour layover somewhere, get off the aircraft, go to a lounge, have some food and refreshments, wash up then fly on.
  9. You won't get me on any 20 hour flight.
  10. Maybe you could change the thread to Polls vs Poles?
  11. You see nothing in the MSM about the investigations going on regarding BLM, I see it on Fox news at the gym but crickets from any other outlet. https://www.wsj.com/articles/blm-spending-culture-war-america-11650659183
  12. So where is the BLM crowd now? If they were to be taken seriously they would be protesting every black person shot, not just the ones shot by police.
  13. Re the subway shooting, ABC and CBS didn't mention the fact the perp was black, NBC stated he was a dark skinned male. They didn't mention he was black even after they posted a picture of him. Initially they stated he was wearing a green safety vest, wrong, a 38 calibre handgun, wrong, and he was about 5'5" tall, wrong.
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