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From The "heart Warming" Files...

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Some of you will recall me telling of my daughter's boyfriend who was killed in a car accident 3 years ago, the night before their prom....

Well, she and several of their friends decided to dedicate one of the parking spaces at the high school they attended, to him, and thankfully, the school agreed to leave it be.... They've held a memorial gathering every year since, and planted a lilac tree beside the spot.... this year's gathering required some prep, and a repaint was in order.... Here's a photo of the gathering:


I'm really impressed with these guys.... AND I'm really impressed with the school for allowing it to go unchallenged.... Dealing with death is never easy, especially the sudden and tragic kind, but these kids all found each other to be tremendous comfort, and the parking space became a really good thing for them all.... Just look at their faces! ...as my daughter said on her facebook page, "You'll never find so much love in one place"

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We don't always give the young folk enough credit. Good on them.

:cool: :cool: :cool:

Nice story, for sure.

Says a lot about the parents of these kids too, Mitch.

I too think we can under estimate and short change this next generation. I guess we need to see more of these types of stories rather than just the negative stuff we get from the media.

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