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  1. I heard it maybe a new livery ala Rouge for mainline fleet.
  2. What has this to do with sexual assault???? Should be in a new thread. seems like a lets dump on Westjet thread am disappointed on how this forum is leaning maybe time to pack it from this forum not cool not cool not cool
  3. Sad in this day and age some parents don't think their child's safety or welfare is worth $20.00
  4. Always nice to have known a straight shooter via this forum all the best manwest for you
  5. You're right it doesn't say she had or showed two no photo IDs, I was pointing out she had one piece acceptable and I would think most guests have two pieces of gov is I.d.
  6. For travel within Canada: Identification required* *must be presented during boarding at the gate and the name on the ID must match the name on the boarding pass Adults 18 years of age or older One piece of valid (not expired) government-issued photo ID that includes name, date of birth and gender. OR Two pieces of valid (not expired) government-issued non-photo ID (one of which must show name, date of birth and gender). The names on the two pieces of ID must match. If the last names do not match due to a name change, the guest must present a m
  7. It does comply as one of two pieces of non photo id she would also need another piece to have two non photo id pieces. One of the two non photo id require name gender and date of birth
  8. West Jet had this policy on Wednesday but no doctors note is required. Travel advisories WestJet travel advisory – Zika virusThe Public Health Agency of Canada has recently confirmed travel-related cases of Zika virus in some WestJet destinations. Canadians visiting affected areas should protect themselves against Zika by taking protective measures to prevent mosquito bites. It is recommended that women who are pregnant or who may become pregnant discuss their travel plans with their health care provider. WestJet recognizes that some guests who are pregnant or may become pregnant may wish to
  9. Cool Is there one of North America??
  11. Itinerary shows one way not round trip