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  1. Merry Christmas... Happy Holidays... Happy Saturday... I hope you are all keeping well and holding your loved ones close in these difficult times. What else could matter? Cheers all!
  2. Yessir! Thanks for that confirmation Rich. I thought so.... Still pretty as a peacock!
  3. I just came across this and it made me smile... I hope you haven't all seen it already:
  4. Lol... I'm sorry, but I have to throw this out there... Mr. IFG... I don't think I've ever told you how much I love your writing.. You make me smile every time you write, somehow. I can see your grins. I can hear your chuckles. ...and I feel like I can grok your point of view perfectly. ...at least until you frazzle me, that is. Then I'm lost. ?
  5. By the time the aircraft is at any sort of too-cold altitude, the batteries won't be cold. I think electric aircraft are the next all-metal-cantilevered-wing like thing. If I was 18... and in any sort of position to be betting on this kind of venture, I'd be soaking a huge bunch of my investment coin in this kind of stuff. There are oodles of folks chipping away with different designs for this kind of new tech.
  6. Beautiful model, beautifully flown! Well done! ....So often you see gorgeous scale models handled terribly. It's good to see some successes like this once in a while.
  7. Yes Mr. Loon.... You're one of those guys... you know... like Mav said. I've always appreciated reading your thoughts and input on things. They say you have to keep busy in retirement or you'll just croak.... I'm here to tell you you can sit on your ass and do nothing if you want and still live to smile about it.
  8. Lol... Yassir. Life is grand! [I knew I'd screwed up the grammar in that, but couldn't find the itch to fix it without laughing too hard at myself. ]
  9. I just had a look and it seems there's a shipload of us "lurkers" out there. I get it, I've been only an occasional peekster every month or so, (or less) for a long time... I got the notion a while back, that this forum seemed dominated by radical, r/w zealots, ...and one particular ... how shall I say it?... Never mind. Suffice it to say, it felt very unfriendly to a non-radical r/w tunnel-visioned dope, such as myself... But I'm quite surprised, and pleased, to see so many familiar names still in the online list. Cheers Y'all! Mitch
  10. I've learned not to trust my memory, but does anyone else remember an over-wing refuelling port existing on the dear old -200's? You don't suppose....? ...nah...
  11. I just had a long, hard look at this thread and I can only say what I said in the initial post. , So I repost:
  12. I've been lost listening to several from her.... Yessir, she's good.
  13. Nah. I'd have to agree with J.O. on that. I think both Dark Side and Wish You Were Here are better than Animals. ...and here we come to the point we all recognize it's a good thing we all have different preferences, otherwise all men would want the same lady. In your previous post, Seeker, you nailed it with the favourite recipe analogy. I get it, and I agree, really. I'll always prefer hearing Gilmour's classic guitar work, but for a change, I thought I'd listen to the pretty piano lady and was quite surprised to hear how well she pulled it off. Cheers all, M
  14. Right on the money JL. ...But the thing I wanted to discover was whether my ear had been influenced by my eyes... I can certainly forgive myself for that, given the pleasure of seeing such a beauty, but I'm inclined to think in this case my ears alone would have made me a fan of hers. Dangit, I always thought that was an instrumental. Yessir! I've been listening to Kent Nishimura for a little while now. He can make a guitar neck seem malleable... or like he's got 8 fingers on each hand! But in his case, I know it's my ears. Cheers all... M
  15. OK... I need answers... I'm interested in discovering whether it's just that she's pretty and I've fallen for that magic, or is this as awesome as I think it is? I know there are a lot of Floyd fans here... Please have a listen and let me know what you think?: https://youtu.be/lHYbrc2D40I
  16. Thank you Kip. That's good to hear.
  17. This image was posted on twitter... Nice gesture by the Thunderbirds:
  18. I haven't heard anything about the condition of the pilot who survived this accident... Can anyone shed some light? I know there were questions of all sorts, and in case it's inappropriate, I won't ask any of them, but it would be nice to hear if there's any news about him? Anyone?
  19. Hi Blues. Thanks for the thoughts. I doubt it's a great story, but it is funny if you can see it in the right light. I've learned that with mental illness, confidence goes awol, so that's restricted my music considerably. I stopped playing anything for a while. I'll still pick up my acoustic guitar, maybe every other day for some light fiddling, but that's about it nowadays. I miss the jamming with the boys on Thursday nights though... Maybe another time I'll get back at something like that. I always enjoyed the times when everyone is contributing to the music and just soaking in the moment, like a group meditation. Anyway, it's good to see you're still kicking around here. Surprising to think of the years gone by... Cheers, Mitch
  20. Damn. .... I'd really hoped to keep quiet. ... I thought I could get away with popping the "Thanks" button on a few posts and not have to bring this back up again... But y'see... (he says in a Bugsy Malone sorta voice)... I got's this kinda issue with bein' a dick, and I don't wanna do it. But now, after having ground through some several hours worth of noggin nonsense that the pro's call "ruminating", I've decided, since I answered the one time poster, Tyler (who, of course I had to answer, Thank you again,Tyler, for your addition to the thread.) I owe you other guys a response. Please understand it's only a messed mind that makes me hesitate, and that what I say comes from the heart. It's just that I'd kinda wished I'd STFU by now. [wow eh? you can perhaps begin to see the mess in this mind by these ramblings?] J.O. Thank you, but it's more of a curse than a gift. I get in soooo much trouble, still, in my 60's. Maverick! Great to see you're still here to represent. Trust me, I handled nothing well. That curse J.O. called a gift, ...it gave me a familiarity with people who didn't appreciate ...what I had to say, sometimes. Some people are a little bit like bears; If you stand sideways to them and make a lot of noise, they might go away. Others are like dogs, and they'll keep watching for your weaknesses, so you gotta stay one step ahead of 'em. Being a people watcher can be both entertaining and educational. Conehead... Thank you for such kind words. I doubt I earned 'em, but thank you, none the less. Very nice to hear. ... and I know , the beard was way out of control... now it's tame, it's just the rest of me that's gone. Lol. Mister Hudson.... [grin] Don... I wish somehow things had gone differently enough, that you and I could have spent every Saturday afternoon at a pub someplace, beating around theories of everlasting nothingness and everything-ness over a few ales... I'm sure I'd have enjoyed that immensely. Cheers all.... I'm ducking for the comfort of silence now. [grin] Mitch ...I just broke my own rule.... about posting while drinking... Screw it, there it is.
  21. Thanks for that Tyler! I quite enjoyed reading through that thread just now. I feel like I've forgotten more than I ever knew that I knew, by now, but reading through that helped remind me of a time when I still knew a couple of things about airplanes. I remember that incident now and I'd guess you probably know all about what had caused it. Our written mtc procedures were modified afterwards to make sure any leak checks we did after opening fuel lines on engines included adding sufficient power to be sure said fuel lines were well pressurized. As I recall in that case the boys in YVR had done an idle leak check, but that hadn't provided enough pressure to discover the problem. That's a good Milton story. I've heard a few of them. I always thought he could have been a damned good leader, if he'd had either the will or maybe the right advice? He sure had the charm. The bugger never sent me a bottle! (Rum, if you're listening Robert! ) Cheers, Mitch
  22. Some of you will remember, and some of you probably thought I was lying... I couldn't tell the whole tale at the time, but I'm retired now and nobody will take offence, I don't think. I was off work at the time, on disability for what I was first told by my doctor was, "sleep deprivation", but had then been diagnosed as, "depression", by a psychiatrist. All I knew was I was in a hell of a state. I'd just returned from a visit to the psychiatrist in Toronto and I was shaky as hell. I never have liked the city and any visits anywhere near downtown got my nerves spinning. Visiting the shrink was also a particularly nerve rattling affair for me anyway. So I sat in my office at home, smoked a joint to relax me a little as I read through posts on the AEF, and I came across some conversation about how Milton had presided so well over the AC/CDN merger (or something like that). I thought he'd blown it badly. We all know the results of that merger and I won't go into it other than to say that what I had witnessed didn't make any sense financially. So I had my opinions. Now, being an opinionated arsehole who isn't shy about voicing those opinions, I added my thoughts to the thread and said something like, "If he doesn't think he blew it, he's an idiot". ...then within a few minutes of hitting the "Submit" button on that post, my telephone rang. Now, please remember, I'm just a poorly educated slug, who'd crawled my way out of the lower end of the 'grunt labourer' world, by pushing myself back to school as a married and unemployed bum, to learn the craft of aircraft maintenance. I'm essentially a 'nobody' (I know, we're really all nobodies, floating around the universe on this little speck of debris from an exploded star, orbiting our tiny little "G type" star, in a universe with billions of billions of stars. ;)). I don't know the corporate world and I don't speak corporate speak and I very rarely communicate with those who do. Yes, I said I'd smoked a joint to relax me a bit. Dope wasn't legal at the time, but tough, it is now so I can say it. I've always found it's good for my nerves when I'm rattled and in that time period (what was it? 2000? somewhere around then.) my mental health was such that "rattled" was almost the best I could hope for. I was a mess, and smoking a little pot helped calm me somewhat. "Ring, Ring" ... "Hello?"... "Hi, is that Mitch?" "Yeah, I'm Mitch." "Hi Mitch, it's Robert Milton." Well crap! I think my jaw hit the floor at the same time my heart hit the ceiling. I didn't fall out of my chair, but that was probably only because I was frozen stiff. "Oh F$#%!" I'm thinking... "I'm gonna get fired now, I just called him an idiot and he's obviously pi$sed" For a brief moment I actually wondered if he knew? ...and how did he know? ...does he read the AEF, is he a contributor? A zillion thoughts raced across my mind. (I eventually gave up wondering but thought the most likely scenario was he was the contributor who called himself "Airmail" at the time. ...and I think it was a post by "Airmail", blowing smoke up Milton's behind, which I had responded to.) But there he was... the ultimate boss. The-buck-stops-here guy. The freaking Chief Executive of the company I worked for was calling little old ME on the telephone! "How TF am I ever going to explain this to Diana if he fires me?" I probably should have said, "Hello Mr. Milton." But I thought, since he'd introduced himself as "Robert Milton", maybe it was OK to call him "Robert"? ...so I believe what I said was, "Hi Robert, oddly enough I was just talking about you on an online aviation forum where someone was blowing smoke your way and I didn't think you'd done a very good job with the merger, and I said so." I thought I'd better get that out in the open right quickly, before he'd have to read it to me. Anyway, he spent about 10 minutes talking to me, mostly defending himself and telling me all the obstacles he'd had to deal with during the merger (and they were plenty), but he never did fire me. Toward the end of the conversation I asked him if he'd agree that, in the final analysis, he hadn't handled the actual merging of the two different entities very well? (To many of us, from both airlines, it was pretty obvious that it was a complete $#it show for a while) After taking a moment to think, he said, "Well I know you're going to quote me, so I think all I'd say is: I guess, in hindsight, I can see that I could have done better." Afterward, as I headed off to the local LCBO for some rum (a joint would NOT be sufficient to calm me after that call!), I laughed as I thought about the oddity of such a man, sitting in his big office, probably wearing a suit and tie, taking the time to call a little shmuck with a keyboard, who just got home from a visit with his shrink because his head was such a mess, and had just smoked a joint... and what a shame it was that I couldn't tell anyone that part of the story. So now I have. Cheers all. Hope you're wearing your masks and staying COVID free. Mitch
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