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  1. as I mentioned above. Peoples faces when you try to explain it (in laymans terms) can be priceless. No one believes you. When you tell them that for the last 20 minutes they were all actually doing it it gets even better. You have no choice but to counter steer and you figure it out very very quickly when just leisurely riding around and it is second nature. When it becomes an issue is when you need to rapidly react to an obstacle or a Truck or whatever and need to turn NOW. Brain says Turn left go left. Physics says turn left go right. This is why we drill it into new riders. PUS
  2. There once was a time when a cop would find someone "sleeping it off" in their car. They would give them a poke and make sure all was ok and let them sleep it off. The first person in the video gave him that option. To that point he had caused no harm to himself or anyone else and was posing no threat to anyone. The second cop showed up with a totally different attitude and gave him the sobriety test which was positive. Ok cause for arrest for sure. Cause to be tazed and shot in the back absolutely not. He still posed no credible threat to himself or anyone else. in fact the cop pos
  3. and a perfect portrait of Trump
  4. who paid for the science??? X-Rays dont affect you either...Until you have had too many
  5. LET HIM RUN....He poses no danger if he is allowed to flee. you have his car. Impound it. at no point was anyones life in Danger. Except his.
  6. Here it is again. At what point in any of the above was a human life in imminent danger? A young woman has a knife. Well I have a gun....bang. Drunk guy resisting arrest. screw it....bang. oh that guy who was speeding is now running away...too many donuts today....bang Cops Need better training. The gus is supposed to be a weapon of last resort not the go to for a traffic stop. I understand fully the in the US every citizen could be packing heat but in Canada there really is no excuse. the cops know who you are before thy get out of the car.
  7. notice they do not explain WHY they are prohibited. A revolver on its own is not a prohibited weapon but restricted. I know the answer but the source never tells you.
  8. if you are getting your news solely from a single source, be it Fox, CNN, MSNBC, or the plethora of internet "news" broadcasts then you are being manipulated by propaganda. I don't care if you say this or that is unbiased....It's NOT. EVERY single agency or source from the Biggest to the guy in his moms basement has a specific agenda. It is simple to go online and find several "news" sources that align with your specific beliefs and cast a narrative along that line. Daily we see fabricated edited video that is passed along as fact. Millions of people become outraged as a result. Job
  9. good point but do we go on creating foreign wars just for education. I suppose just experiencing the other cultures would give some perspective of what some of these "foreigners" had to deal with.
  10. It is actually funny to put them in their place. When we teach counter steering, generally, about 50% of the class gets a glazed look and fails to comprehend the theory. even though they had been doing it in practice in the previous lesson without us explaining it. After the lesson there is comprehension that it works but still skepticism. I always ask before hand "Who thinks I am lying" then after I ask "Who Believes me now" That single lesson would have avoided that accident.
  11. I agree with the Mandatory service component. not necessarily the foreign deployment. 2 years mandatory service for every able bodied citizen over age 18.
  12. count how many case of a person being shot while FLEEING. Lethal force is only to be used in cases where someones life is in IMMINENT danger. However it seems the gun is the go to for preventing burning off the donut calories. Why chase when I can shoot. Unfortunately the police today are attracting the kind of officer that was just one tick away from shooting up a school room.
  13. As a motorcycle safety instructor, I teach this every weekend.
  14. if you watch the video closely, in a valiant attempt to avoid the truck he steers to the right TWICE. Turning the bars right at speed initiates a left turn. This course of action fails him twice before he impacts. This screams of a severe lack of rider training. All he needed to do was push on the right bar and he would have made it.
  15. It is the difference between a TRADE union and an Labour Union. As you describe a Trade Union represents a particular Trade. A labour union represents a work force.
  16. Helicopters dont actually fly. They are just so ugly, the earth repels them
  17. Well one of our crews was returned to YYZ on a 737 Max a week or so ago
  18. and it has been operating flight on the MAX back and forth to MZJ for some time shuttling pilots home from parking 767s and the like.
  19. sometimes when you are looking where you think you want to go, that's exactly where you end up. ^^^ is the out outcome. Lack of training and experience out out of his depth sent him there......Sound Familiar?
  20. or.....We could just let the economy implode and sink into a depression. Just sayin'
  21. Again we have the reporting of a "Slump in air travel" This is not a "Slump" this is a government induced shutting down of air travel. People did not stop demanding air travel, people were forced out. IMHO there is a big difference. I choose to believe that when the service is made available, people will get back on board.
  22. These articles always say "a return to 2019 levels" 2019 was an exceptional year in aviation and most definitely NOT an average year. Growth in the sector was unprecedented. I think the best we can hope for in the short term is a return to 2016 levels.
  23. however he should have been fired already for "previous CRIMINAL charges" commit a criminal offence as an officer of the law....bye bye career IMHO.
  24. Build a Wall around it and send Snake in....
  25. That is the move from protester to Terrorist.