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  1. Employment contracts are wonderful things. When the Bonus structure is written into the contract there isn't much wiggle room. Executives get bonuses based on performance. That is a fact of life. If you have never worked outside a unionized environment, you wouldn't understand performance based compensation. The overall performance of the company rests squarely on the CEO. HE is the one that takes the punches when things go awry ANYWHERE in the company. with that heap of responsibility comes compensation commensurate with it. Ultimately it is his / her decisions that shape the company whether you want to admit that or not. AC weathered the storm very well long before the government finally got involved to provide LOANS to keep them going. The only thing that the so called "bail out" actually accomplished was getting cash into the hands of the non-refundable ticket holders who were given vouchers. nothing more.
  2. See Vsplats post. "Cost recovery basis" This means if they install it, the airlines will pay for it over time. It is apparent that the airlines do not want to pay for it.
  3. ummmmm....WEIGHT. Sure carry more people but you can't bring bags
  4. funny it isn't the liberals that are dissing the rules here. It is the Karens that are reporting them that are liberal.
  5. all the time you are focused on your neighbors and reporting them for "Crimes", you are being robbbed blind by the authorities that facilitated it.
  6. did you have a point or just tossing out information? the mitigation rules and processes put into place kept that number low. In short we did more to prevent the spread then they did (could do ) in 1918. It worked. not perfectly but it worked.
  7. I served on my Squadrons drill team many many moons ago. The practice we put into those Drill demonstrations was intense. All for aa couple of competitions and our annual inspection. Loved every minute of it
  8. I believe he is attempting to make a point that we Canadian have become weak. Weakness is defined by doing what is necessary to protect our fellow citizens from sickness and death. That is referred to as Sacrifice. Yes over the last 15 months we have had to SACRIFICE temporarily some freedoms in order to facilitate the well being of our fellow citizens. This is no different than an enlisted soldier sacrificing his freedoms (Temporarily) to fight on behalf of the safety of his fellow citizens. The main difference is that the soldier is placing himself directly in harms way to provide that protection. We, on the other hand, are removing ourselves from harms way to the same end. All Canadian have the responsibility to help their fellow Citizen. sometimes that involves sacrifice in various forms.
  9. we have been at the point of no return now for almost a decade. it must be a pretty wide range for the point of no return to be so long. Do something quick we may only have 10,000 years left.
  10. Look Guys... Fight about left right and center all you want. The cold hard truth is that WE ALL are being subject to massive amounts of propaganda every day. Some from the left, some from the right and some from another bloody galaxy it seems. I usually just gloss over all of these posts back and forth and once and a while I comment. The one thing I have noticed is that in this 46 page thread (and others) is that to some extent you ALL suffer from the effects of brainwashing at the hands of propaganda be it from one side or the other. admittedly I get swayed from time to time but then I take a look at thing with a common sense perspective and look at bot sides. This keeps me centered. There is good on both sides and there is bad on both sides that will never change as EVERY politician has an agenda and that agenda does include ANYONE but him/her self. Mainstream news media is verifiably biased left or right. that is easy to spot. The internet "news media" is most definitely serving an agenda and is wholly unregulated. Much of it is produced in their parents basement anyway. I have watched people on this forum and many others swing from one side to the other and sometimes back based on information that was dubious at best. I have also watch as people post specifically biased media content to support a supposition which is plain silly and just shows that the propaganda works. Though is not a crime (yet). use your brain, do the research, formulate a conclusion. Leave the media out of it.
  11. The USAF has a department that specifically tracks all objects in orbit. from small to large it is all tracked in order to avoid collisions. Perhaps they need to send some of that crashing back to earth to burn up in the atmosphere.
  12. When I was in Germanay in 1999, the facility we were working at had an aircraft that was outfitted for fully autonomous flight from start up to parking. The monitoring pilot touched nothing. It was pretty cool to watch a test flight if the aircraft. Keep in mind that was over 20 years ago. Unfortunately Video recording was strictly prohibited on the premises
  13. can someone explain Covid Vaccine math to me. Say we only get the 2 dose vaccine in Canada.... Canada has like 36 million people. That makes 72 million doses required. Some genius signs a contract for 110 Million doses to be delivered to Canada. So what happens to the other 38 million doses???????
  14. am MP should only be paid the MEDIAN salary of his constituents. This provides incentive to act in the best interest of his constituency. the better they do the better he does. It also prevents the job from just being what it is.
  15. so the pandemic made it worse.... Well the number of aircraft flying in Canada is around 15% of pre pandemic so its not aviation causing the problem Traffic on the roads is around 50% of pre pandemic so its not vehicular traffic Warmer than the last winter this year so its not gas heating causing the problem So which sector is actually causing the problem? Likely all the hot air being expended by Trudeau.
  16. Magical dreamland of free money......They haven't filed their taxes yet,,,,,All debts come due
  17. Just take note that you should fear the White American Born and Bred Male and not the immigrant Muslim or any other immigrant. Most of the largest attacks on americans are by americans.
  18. It is just par for the course that there is NOTHING in the news that all but 1 Liberal voted against it.
  19. Seems the news is non-existent on the NAY vote to supporting the airline and travel sector. Has anyone heard anything on this? I hear that all except 1 Liberal voted against the plan. Silence in the media though.
  20. and mother nature continues her trend, all while the human race tries to blame each other for it.
  21. my point was.... if the restrictions are dropped the demand will skyrocket in very short order. People are chomping at the bit to travel virus be damned.
  22. notice under the canopy in big black letters it said EXPERIMENTAL. That significantly reduces the requirements. Certifying it would require a lot of work including, as mentioned above engine out performance demonstration.
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