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  1. might I suggest you read the charter and look at the ORDER that the rights are presented. Right to life is the top one that cannot be infringed by ANY of the other rights.
  2. I watched an interview with a researcher who stated that the development time for the actual drug (The Science) is generally quite short. It is the approval process and red tape that take the time. Sometimes years after the trials and studies are concluded. That process was waived this time around. They are working on it but ret tape takes time
  3. well that is the stupidest meme ever. People WILLINGLY pay for her music. they WILLINGLY pay for her concerts. People WILLING pay for things endorsed by her. The CEO takes whatever he can get on the backs of the people that truly make a company run.
  4. The withdraw from Afghanistan was a Trump policy. He signed the peace deal with the Taliban and was committed to having the Americas out by 31 MAy 2021. That policy was upheld by the current administration. You cannot place any of this on Biden. Leave the country and if they start to play rough, turn them to glass.
  5. So what did you think was going to happen. Sign a deal with the devil and here ya go. Another Trump legacy
  6. SO I hear a stat today that I did not bother to research because....well...Don't really want to but it does make some sense. Per Capita China produces less Carbon than the rest of the G7 countries...PER CAPITA. when you look at the numbers that makes the USA the number 1 Carbon producer. This does not take into account the carbon produced in China on behalf of American interests. One day I might dive into the stats but not today
  7. What the heck is "low Carbon Hydrogen"? Hydrogen does not contain ANY Other element. Hydrogen is hydrogen. This has clueless marketing team written all over it
  8. Yes Electric card have inverters to convert to AC for the AC induction motors. everything else in the car runs on DC
  9. I spent many hours building RC planes years ago. It all slowed to a stop after getting married and having kids. I loved building the models but many of them only ever flew once or twice.
  10. I would imagine that the aircraft would use AC Motors like electric cars do though.
  11. if you want to see animation in real time and interactive (and a bit childish) check out the Code Miko Project on youtube. Real time motion capture live.
  12. the motors have no issue. its the batteries that have cold issues
  13. Its not like shutting down an engine will take any time.
  14. anad of course the mandatory reinforcement of the floor strucure and the installation of the appropriate 16g bulkheads etc etc etc .
  15. The part that make me laugh it he "High Frequency Rail" part. We dont need High Frequency we need High SPEED Rail. The Windsor - Toronto - Ottawa - Montreal corridor could use the High Speed rail system It has needed it for decades but Canada is not progresssive enough to do it, So now we will get a very expensive half assed attempt which people will not use because it is too slow. Porter from the island would be faster to YUL or YOW. I agree with a high speed rail system but not what they are proposing because its too little gain for the money.
  16. FYI Google uses that same data from the Cell towers to provide Traffic data in google maps. They have done it that way for years. GPS data just adds to accuracy. All functionality for location services can be turned off on your phone. Personally I really don't give a crap if people know where I am going, in fact I have 2 apps on my phone that I use specifically to track what I am doing and for one of them I grant semi private access to it. I do all the same things as a normal Canadian so do not stand out in a crowd. I am not so self important that I believe anyone gives a crap beyond selling me things which I ad block anyway
  17. we are already stuck with him. Give us a better option
  18. If the PC party would just put somebody in charge that had a decent personality and knew how to speak to people then maybe they would stand a chance at a majority O'Toole is a bit of a nut case
  19. Linking beef production to climate change is the work of the I'm a vegan so you should be a vegan to crowd i choose to ignore it
  20. A vaccine has no way of making you more vulnerable to another virus it simply causes the body to react to the specific spike protein. If that spike protein does not exist the body does not respond if a new virus comes out that would indicate that the spike protein is different or of a different shape and would require a new vaccine there is no way for the current vaccine to make your body's response worse to a new virus that's not how it works
  21. Then get the AstraZeneca or the Johnson and Johnson those ones are not new technology those are all based on live virus. Only the Pfizer and moderna are M RNA vaccines. In the general way they function they are equivalent to a standard traditional vaccine except that they do not use a live virus to create the proteins required and are considered to actually be safer.
  22. If you carry a cellphone whether it is equipped with a GPS or not you can still be tracked to a certain degree of error so if you don't wanna be tracked where you don't want people to know what you're up to dump your cell phone go back to a landline. Besides what makes you guys think anybody is remotely interested in where you're going and what you're doing other than to throw targeted ads at you periodically period
  23. Can we just call an election already so we can start complaining about something else
  24. High speed rail reliability and OTP is far better than airlines. Just look to Europe and Japan. Japans system is in the neighborhood of 99.9% OTP and Uptime
  25. ummmm. Branson was the first one in the race with Virgin Galactic. Their approach is very different but Musk and Bezos came from behind.
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