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  1. the problem is there is an element that will keep it the way it is.
  2. its a great way to destroy a perfectly good airplane is what it is. They come back with millions in damage every time.
  3. and that is why social networking is a blind failure because keyboard warriors can spout off anything they want to try and conform you to their beliefs.
  4. its in the release notes so they didnt sneek it in. it has been there for 2 minor releases but has been unavailable in canada until the last update.
  5. and again to my point. The IAMAW also represents the Baggage and Ramp personnel. Whose interests are better served?
  6. Canada still has some of the "best and brightest" in the aerospace sector and we still continue to lose them to the US. We still do a LOT of engineering and system work for companies like Boeing, Airbus, Lockheed Martin etc. But we would have been so much farther ahead had this project been allowed to see service.
  7. the problem is that the airports and any other sector of the industry is hurting just as bad.
  8. you would be amazed what happens on test flights. Especially test flights designed to test the flight envelope of the aircraft. For example. I know a certain business jet will lose its aft lavatory service panel when the aircraft exceeds Mach 1.02.
  9. it most definetly does work and I do not know the success rate either. anecdotal evidence of the vocal minority on social media says it does happen to some extent.
  10. how stupid do you have to be. When the spotlight is firmly planted on your organization, why would you screw things op again. Dilligence should be the word of the day. Is it so ingrained that even when they know they should be doing better, they can't? Advice which has served me well over the years. "When you are up to your eyeballs in $hit, It is a good idea to keep your mouth closed"
  11. bee good to your military. THEY Are the ones with the power to overthrow the government.
  12. The app ustilizes (at least on IOS) a now built in feature of the OS that performs the "tracking" functions. From what I can tell the data is limited to anonymous data shared only between the two devices involved. Any other data is limited to location date and time. The feature was originally tagged as "Not available in your region" for users in Canada but it is now active. The app is simply and interface for the built in functionality of the OS.
  13. seems to apply to all parties.
  14. That's actually work...Hard work....Don't hold your breath
  15. Trudeau is the single best gun salesman in CAnada
  16. don't fly. The plane might crash. There is risk in everything. Until there is a pattern there will be one off exceptions. In a country like the US where they sue for everything sure. But what's worse?
  17. I can attest that for major software platforms like reservation and maintenanace systems, the money is in support not the purchase.
  18. I find it interesting that all of the future aircraft like the Tilt rotor and this thing with the compound rotors all add complexity and more points of failure for an aircraft designed to operate in a hostile environment. Faster and more complex does not mean better.
  19. It is al a change in the way things were done. Companies as well as unions figured they could get a better deal by dealing with only a single entity. It likely worked but not for both parties. ACPA and CALPA as an example. The AC figured they could do better alone instead of with a broader group. Did it work? Depends who you ask. but for the industry as a whole, I would say the split was detrimental. In the "Trade Union" example the wages of the entire group are defined by the union. If the company needs a pilot they pay the rate. Period. It would be up to the Union to defin
  20. All valid points. My stand is that the original responding officer did the correct thing. "hey buddy pull over there and sleep just not in the drive thru line". Ideally that would be the end of the story. The cop took the guys out of harms way. prevented the possibility of him doing harm to others and in the process was a good cop. No need for arrest. Sure he was drunk but he was taken out of circulation before anything happened. This is why we have RIDE programs. Get them off the road before they do damage. Not all DUIs are reported or booked. Many cop has allowed the car t
  21. maybe its government sponsored population control...
  22. my understanding of parachutes from WAYYYY back when I took a course in packing chutes, was that the Chute required 500-700 feet from activation to full deployment when falling vertically. That does not leave a lot of room for error when you are that low. They also did not eject upward which is the preferred direction. being accelerated downward would increase that distance due to sheer speed. to maybe 1000 feet before a full deployment. Just my observation but the pilots chute was likely deployed but not fully and hers may have been only partially deployed.
  23. yeah it may not be written in Canadian Law but thats how they were defined. Trade Union representing everyone in a single trade Like the Pipe Fitters or Stone Masons. You want a Fitter you called the union and got a fitter and you payed him the going union rate. Later on we ended up with union representing entire labour forces consisting of different trades and positions. The contract spelled out the agreed upon rates for each position as agreed by both parties. This actually weakened the unions somewhat because they no longer controlled the rates but this is where we are today for
  24. speaking of worlds longest. What about the runway in Fast and Furious 6?