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  1. And there is part of the problem. 2 Generations (at Least) have been brought up in a time of unbridled prosperity. They know nothing else. They have never had to work for anything, it has all just been there. When times get tough in the Dystopia that will follow the revolution, these will be the ones who will neither be able to fend for themselves or fight to maintain a place in society. Just sayin'
  2. You make a good point Don. We are eliminating what I always referred to a passive communication. several years ago they took our position out of the STOC center and moved them to a remote location. Something I always disagreed with. When sitting tn the STOC center you could hear what was going on with all aspects of the operation. This came in handy when Maintenance was being blamed for a delay. It was easy to protest on the spot and clear things up. This resulted in an increase of delays due to maintenance after our guys were removed. That is only a single example of the pass
  3. all I know is that my prediction from a few years ago will come to pass sooner than I predicted. The complete destabilization of the USA and descent into revolution will likely take place sometime in the next 6-10 months.
  4. There is no vaccine for the common cold because of the ZERO mortality rate and the fact that they make far more money of symptom relief rather than a cure. Let people get a cold because they will not die from it and we can sell them all kinds of other meds to provide relief from the symptoms . Economics 101
  5. Use your Travel voucher / credit to purchase a fully refundable fare to any destination. call back and cancel the flight and ask for your refund. problem solved.
  7. they are still moving ahead with the T3 extension at the moment.
  8. call it Murder, that is what it was.
  9. Its funny how no one wanted to listen to the WHO when they advocated for Lockdowns but now push to adopt the recommendations of not locking down. The Tides keep turning
  10. The current liberal Agenda focuses on the Climate Change agenda because the perceive that it is what is important to Canadians. If they get on the good side of the majority it means votes which means they stay in power. It could have been any initiative that was highly publicized and popular. There are hundreds of things they need to do first and worry about the climate as a peripheral measure.
  11. the border was only ever closed to ground traffic. you could fly anywhere an air carrier would take you. you just had to quarantine for 14 days when you got back. No one ever said the borders were closed to air traffic.
  12. Someone I ride with was recently on a solo adventure ride on the Gaspe peninsula. She ended up stranded hours from anywhere and realized, after trying for a long time to get out, that she needed Help. She hit the little SOS button on her Garmin Locator and within a couple of hours help arrived and got her and her bike to safety. If you do anything at all "off the beaten path" the locators are invaluable.
  13. I wonder who is doing the interior completions for them?
  14. 747 and 767 are miles apart. for 1 the 767 only has 2 so there is that. 1 of which can be inoperative at any given time with a whole bunch of M# procedures that need to be done as well as operational restrictions. taking into account that the information I am using comes from revision 39 of the MMEL for the 767, things may have changed since they were using a MUCH earlier version of the Company Approved MEL which may differ slightly from the MMEL. I cannot comment on what was in the MEL prior to the accident, suffice it to say the MMEL and the MEL were revised since that time. I
  15. pretty sure some are breeding here
  16. so noone addresses the fact that she goth there because she raised the most money. And people say our politicians can't be bought. The system is rigged.
  17. in Ontario 0.8% of the TESTED population were tested positive. Less than 1% perspective
  18. ah Facebook Jail. Spent some time there myself for posting verifiable facts.
  19. how about voting for the one that is not tearing the country apart.
  20. I have family that is transitioning from CERB as well. Although they do qualify for EI they took another route. They got a JOB.
  21. so we are still looking at 0.8% of the TESTED population being infected. Still pretty low.