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  1. the vast majority of them if not all will be processed by US Customs and Immigration and LEGALLY seek refuge in the US. Like the vast majority of immigrants and refugees
  2. I suggest you have a look at our capabilities. Yes the equipment is old but it is well maintained and well utilized. In fact we typically outperform the US and other countries in Exercises. We have a well respected Air Force and Military. We just don't flaunt it
  3. except that is not where the jobs are located. kind of a catch 22
  4. The majority of my electricity is provided by Nuclear and Hydro Electric. I will continue to crank my AC in the summer.
  5. Where are they going to live until that Job shows up? Has anyone seen the rental rates and housing prices in Ontario lately?
  6. Well... Russia's track record is not stellar when it comes to invasion and military actions. so maybe a full scale attack is not a bad idea. At this point I think the Russian Bear is nothing more than a scared little orphaned cub lashing out with little success. Putin is exhibiting all of the hallmarks of a cornered animal. He no longer has strategic targets in sight and is just destroying everything. This is a sign of weakness which can be exploited. It is more likely that all the chest thumping and demonstrations of military might are much ado about nothing and it is all a façade. Is it worth taking the chance? Maybe, maybe not. Bolstering Ukraine is the best bet to push his forces out with their tail between their legs at the moment.
  7. Keeping in mind that most streets are 2 way.....
  8. fine. when you need a ventilator, we will leave you alone
  9. Conservatives will continue to pick losers as leaders. The pool of choice is pretty shallow. Even the good candidates will not be chosen as leader
  10. There are a lot of people surviving in Canada on Solar and wind only so take this with a grain of salt.
  11. Russian Vodka is being used in Molotov Cocktails in the Ukraine. So there is that
  12. yeah Putin threaten Finland. how did that go last time???
  13. Watched DOWNFALL last night. Good Documentary on the MAX issue.
  14. Only took him 10 years to be right.
  15. the truckers were (are) pawns in a much bigger game. You were not donating to truckers you were supporting an attempted takeover of the federal government. The Truckers were a good cover for a more nefarious agenda. fortunately one that failed
  16. This process was tried years ago in YYZ (without the BOT) but was abandoned when several incidents of issues during start cropped up which left a line up of aircraft waiting for a road block. All bets are off during the winter in de-icing season
  17. Perhaps someone should point out to the truckers that they are being played as pawns but no in the game they think they are playing.
  18. In EVERY group there are elements that will be extremists. Antifa is not immune. Nor is BLM or any other movement. Even the "Freedom Convoy" brought along elements that were not in line with the protest defined and operated outside their mandate. This is not the first time this has happened at a peaceful protest in Canada, People need to read between the lines.
  19. My go to Antimalarial is a good old Gin and Tonic. Apparently that will kill you now too.
  20. Imagine if you will someone jumping on the tomb of the unknows soldier in the US? How different that would have played out. To th eperson or people that urinated on the War Memorial. I would have put you against the wall;, if you know what I mean. All, if any, support for this "protest" was lost when they disrespect the people that fought for this country. They have no intention of making Canada Great they want to tear it down
  21. some inaccuracies in that article but some cool paint schemes.
  22. My wife got back from Cuba last night. Fastest transit through YYZ ever. Flight landed at 16:56 local and she was in my car at 17:30 PCR test and all.
  23. My wife is currently in Cuba. The only issues she will encounter is when she arrives back in YYZ because that is where stupidity breeds.
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