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  1. What is interesting is that climate wise and frost levels are almost the same as in Canada in Germany. The difference is that the foundation under the road is almost 3 times deeper and of different materials than we use here in Canada. Our roads are 5 year roads where in Germany they are 25+ year roads. There is no money in longevity. Also the driver training and awareness over there is FAR superior to what one gets here and there is no sense of entitlement on the highway. and "Autobahn" style highway would never work over here. Especially in Ontario
  2. still need trucks from the train yard to final destination the volume does not change just the distance
  3. why not just have headlights on all the time like motorcycles? Much simpler solution just eliminate the switch altogether
  4. The point I was making is that I have seen the "Cost of sending in the military" in so many places accompanied by a whopping large number. The point being that the number is always misrepresented. As for your original post. It matters not what he does and how it turns out. Some people will always have an issue with it. That also goes both ways. You cannot make 100% of the people happy 100% of the time.
  5. Well it certainly hit close to home last night. My Mother in Law suffered a mild stroke and needs an ICU bed. I live in a fairly small town and yet they could not accommodate her in ICU at the hospital that is less than 1 Km from here house because all of the beds are taken up by unvaccinated people with COVID. THIS IS WHY EVERYONE NEEDS TO GET VACCINATED.
  6. I always find these comments interesting because of the way the finances are disected. CAlling in the Military does have a cost but not as high as the costs reported. Those men and women are already being paid no matter what. So long as they are employed by the military, they get a paycheck. This means that cost is negated from the equation. The actual cost is the transport and accommodation of the people and equipment which is far less than numbers reported. Fully 50% of a domestic military deployment reported cost is Personnel pay. Money they would have received anyway. numbers are fun
  7. no you need a negative test within the 72 hours prior to boarding
  8. i Omicron doubled infections every 1.5 days as was stated by the powers that be. That would make around 45 days from case 1 until the entire population of the planet was infected. Actually less than that as that would be over 8 billion cases. by that count every man woman and child on the planet will be infected before the end of January Happy New year
  9. We already have 5G service in Canada and so far nothing
  10. Omicron is now doubling its infections every 1.5 - 3 days. Inside of a month everyone should have it. Mutation is more virulent but symptoms are far less apparently.
  11. cases cases cases.....yup lots of cases these days..... Has anyone looked in the hospitals????? ICU's are not overrun People are not being treated in the halls (at least no more than before Covid) the ones that are in ICU are mostly un-Vaccinated the rest are just mild cases or asymptomatic positives. Much ado about nothing IMHO.
  12. Bottom line over better service. Now if only the "NEW GEN CEO's" realized that with better customer service comes a better bottom line.
  13. If someone is shot in the BACK 9 times they were NOT posing an immediate threat to human life. They were FLEEING. Once the initial threat no longer exists then using deadly force is no longer warranted. That is something that is lost these days but it is how it is supposed to work.
  14. The American Adage. I will defend my STUFF with YOUR LIFE. Capitalism at its finest.
  15. You do realize that by finding one or 2 in the wild, there are thousands undetected right? Testing is just an indicator by the time you detect a variant by testing in the wild its too damned late to do anything about it. All you can do is make it look like you are doing something useful.
  16. but but but....Illegal firearms are domestically sourced.
  17. Seeker I believe you are missing HIS point. The inflation we are seeing RIGHT NOW is due specifically to greed and nothing more. If a business turned a profit before and now turns a larger profit during the pandemic then the issue is purely greed. There is not justification for a price increase for the same product except to increase profit. All other factors are either the same or severely diminished. There are only a few major factors at play but greed wins out. Supply issue have been purely manufactured. Once a tax was imposed on every container stuck on the dock (I believe it was $100 per container per day) they started moving very quickly to clear the backlog because thousands of containers equated to hundreds of thousands of dollars per day. Funny how that works
  18. UMMMM. Coal is a primary ingredient in steel. you can't have steel without Carbon and that Carbon comes from coal. I suppose you could replace steel with carbon fi....oh wait
  19. it alkl goes in the same bag at the end of the day anyway. This just makes people feel like they are doing the right thing. It is the same at almost every establishment.
  20. it is the release from storage that is where the rubber hits the road. Storage checks are just upkeep. The release from storage is the functional and operational testing. That needs to be done properly and perfectly.
  21. My point was the POV of a Conspiracy theory. It is definitely the more plausible case than killing half the population WITH a vaccine. No control. I am not in any way condoning it.
  22. look closer at the Ontario ads. Those are mainly for ROOMS in a house or ROOMS in an apartment.
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