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  1. there is no VR support for MSFS as yet.
  2. I was a Alpha tester on the program. The visuals are Quite Spectacular. There are still quite a few bugs that need to be remedied but over all it is far ahead of anything else out there. I am runing a Ryzen 7 3800X with 32 GB ram and an RX5700XT Video Card. Application is running off of an NvME SSD via PCIe4.0. I hit 50-60 FPS flying and 30-40 on the ground at a large airport. MS has some optimization to do yet. I am running a triple monitor 23" setup.
  3. if its a Dreamliner, I'll take a SteamLiner
  4. interesting. just tried the same thing in MSFS2020 in a 172. induced the same error and tried to get it airborne. i missed the hangar but took out another building.cutting the power and hitting the brakes worked fine even though I was on the lawn
  5. Gun violence is escalating because apparently in the US you are now allowed to play with them in public with no apparent reprocussions.
  6. Sounds like the passengers started to panic and ignore the FA.
  7. Sure but for a merger of 2 companies there should be international influence.
  8. look, like it or not China is a necessary evil. China spends a lot of money educating their people to perform high tech manufacturing on a scale that nowhere else can equal. Even low tech manufacturing on immense scales. Setting aside any perceived or actual human rights violations, China has set itself up as a manufacturing powerhouse, with which no one else can complete, in almost every sector from Textile to high tech. They do it big and, like it or not, do it well. they also do it CHEAP. So, sure we could stand up to china and bring manufacturing back on shore however th
  9. if you go back through this forum you will see that I predicted a couple of years ago that within the decade we would see an American revolution. Well folks. it has begun.
  10. I cannot believe that the EU can have any input at all on how private companies are run in Canada. We are not an EU member and there is plenty of choice from the EU for flights to and from Canada. Why do we bow down to this crap.
  11. funny they dont mention the large number of management personnel that were let go as well.
  12. I would fly LGW over LHR any day of the week. LHR is a Royal PITA. LGW is quick and easy. Also very close to my usual destination.
  13. the tail is wagging the dog. It won't end well.
  14. the escalation of violence involving police and minorities is a self fulfilling prophecy. As the media gets the general public all riled up the black community begin to fear the police and as a result are aprehensive when around police and sometimes to the point of pushing back not in defiance but in fear for their life. That push back can and will cause a situation to escalate. any interaction with the police and another party can go two ways. quiet interaction with a positive outcome (ie Both parties part ways with no violence) or one of the parties can do or say something that t
  15. mind you the mob did not behead the statue. The head became detached when it hit the ground. but spin is however it works for you.
  16. there were some cringeworthy statements in that video for those that understand it.
  17. apparently those that could not travel decided to build decks and sheds. The is a very large shortage of pressure treated lumber that has been going on for a few months.
  18. anyone know the details of the issue? All I have seen is something about rear section joints. I am really curious to know some details on it.
  19. I wonder if anyone can piece together that the same entity he asks to get rid of it, is the entity that created it. That entity is trying very hard to erradicate humans from the planet. he will succeed
  20. Does any one have ACs scheduled flight and load factor information? They are flying and loads are not horrible on what is operating from what I can see. all things considered.
  21. interesting. the consititution mentions nothing about magazines. it was also written when it took 38 seconds to load a round into a rifle.
  22. can we get on with it and fly.