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  1. FireFox

    Trump 2.0 Continues

    Like most people, Deicer doesn't know what Fascism is or how it first arose. After the success of the communist revolution in Russia in 1917, Marxists believed that the workers of the world would unite and overthrow their governments. That the proletariat would rise up against capitalism and take control of countries all over the world. The anthem of socialism was "The Internationale". When socialism failed to spread outside of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic, Marxists began wondering why, and trying to find solutions. The answer they came up with was that socialism was being effectively opposed by nationalism. An Italian Marxist, Antonio Gramsci, came up with what he thought would be the solution - to combine socialism with nationalism. He invented Fascism. The symbol of Fascism was the fasces, bundles of sticks carried by lictors (bodyguards of elected officials) in ancient Rome. The symbolism is obvious. Citizens of the fascist state must act in cohesion in support of the state. There can be no dissent. So freedom of speech must be done away with. The state must control the media as well as the means of production. Fascism was first implemented by Benito Mussolini in Italy in the early 1920's. Mussolini was a lifelong Marxist. Vladimir Lenin sent Mussolini a letter of congratulation on his ascension to power, acknowledging that they were brothers in arms. Fascists, like communists, believed in total state control of the citizens. The success of the Fascists in Italy inspired Adolf Hitler to create a national socialist party in Germany. Like Mussolini, Hitler was a socialist. The term "Nazi" is an acronym for "national socialism". After World War Two, people everywhere were horrified by the evil of the Nazis and to a lesser extent the Fascists. Socialists in Europe and the US were also horrified, not so much at the evils revealed, but at the prospect that their own socialist movements might be tainted and compromised by association with fascism and nazism. So they pulled a HUGE con. A big bamboozle. Using the pretext that the communists and the Nazis had fought each other, they redefined nazism (and fascism) as being at the opposite end of the political spectrum from communism. The Far Right as opposed to the Far Left. Like you Deicer, I am worried about the rise of fascism, but unlike you I see it coming from the socialist side of the political spectrum, as evidenced by the behaviour of modern leftists in the US and Europe. The real fascists are the ones using violence on campuses and in the streets to shut down free speech. The real fascists want ever larger governments, regulations and rules telling people what to do, higher taxes, and an end to democracy. In the US, which side wants activist judges on the Supreme Court to implement progressive laws that cannot be achieved democratically? Which side wishes to shut down debate? Which side is "resisting" and trying to bring down a democratically elected president? Trump is no fascist. His Democratic opponents are. It is a major tactic out of the leftist (communist, fascist, nazi, progressive) playbook to accuse your opponent of what you yourself are doing.
  2. FireFox

    Trump 2.0 Continues POSTED ON OCTOBER 8, 2018 BY STEVEN HAYWARD IN BILL CLINTON, HILLARY CLINTON CLINTONS: THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING I thought this story was a satire, or something from the superb Babylon Bee, but it’s true! And it’s too good to be true. National Review reports: Oh, please, please be a precursor to Hillary running again in 2020! But even if not, I hope there are videos of these appearances. The entertainment value will be awesome. Can we get Chelsea involved, too? That would make it perfect.
  3. Go to for an interactive map of the BC wildfires: (Click on a fire for the data)
  4. FireFox

    Memory Lane

    Awesome stuff Blues...what a terrific career you've had, you should be very proud. Just wanted to pass this along for any PWA folks who may be attending the reunion in YVR on Aug., 12th:
  5. It's a moral battle...
  6. FireFox

    How to?

    Signed in to AEF on an iMac...with Google Chrome as a browser gives you the option on hover.
  7. FireFox

    It’s raining poop in Kelowna!

    Looks like another story was flushed out... Multiple cars hit by falling feces at park, B.C. woman says Abbotsford woman thought at first ‘real big bird’ with bad ‘diarrhea’ was to blame TYLER OLSEN Jun. 4, 2018 12:28 p.m. LOCAL NEWS NEWS An Abbotsford woman says her car was hit by a large amount of feces falling from the sky in mid-May, just a day after a similar incident in Kelowna that has prompted Transport Canada to look into whether aircraft are to blame. Karen Copeland and her daughter were sitting in their vehicle at Mill Lake Park on the evening of May 10, prior to a baseball game, when they heard a “splat, splat, splat, splat.” The pair looked at each other, and thought of the most likely culprits – birds. The scale of the mess, though, was far from ordinary. “We looked at the car next to us, and it was covered, and the [other] car next to us was covered too,” she said. When they stepped out of the car they saw five be-splattered cars. And it was, Copeland said, very clearly poop. “It reeked. It was disgusting,” she said. “We were gagging.” It was so bad, she immediately texted a friend. Even so, Copeland thought a bird was likely still to blame. “I honestly just thought it was a bird with really bad diarrhea,” she said. “I was like, ‘That had to be a real big bird to cover five cars.’” But after hearing about a Kelowna woman who was splattered with feces through the sunroof of her vehicle on May 9, Copeland began to consider whether an airplane was to blame. Since that incident was first publicized, others have come forward to share similar stories. Susan Allan, who was hit in Kelowna, contracted pinkeye after being splattered, believes a plane was to blame and wants the airport to take responsibility for her grief, and to clean the inside of her car. One researcher has suggested the feces could have come from a melting “poopsicle” that had been frozen on a plane overhead. RELATED: Man recounts truck suddenly covered in brown splatters from the sky Copeland, for her part, got her filthy car cleaned up the next morning. She has been told that Mill Lake Park is not beneath a normal flightpath and says is willing to consider other explanations. But with no large buildings nearby, the magnitude of the poop that fell on Mill Lake Park that day, and at least two other incidents occurring that same week elsewhere in the province, the possibility of an aircraft overhead doesn’t seem out of the question. Similar reports across B.C. have led Transport Canada to begin an investigation. Contacted by phone, a Transport Canada spokesperson requested inquiries be emailed because the agency has received such a large amount of requests on the matter. They have not yet responded to an email.
  8. FireFox

    It’s raining poop in Kelowna!

    Yup...a doughnut (seal), which was pushed up to start the outflow.
  9. FireFox

    PWA Reunion | YVR

    Actually....the were great! Don't wash 'em & it always looks like you've been busy. CP's looked like prison garb.
  10. FireFox

    PWA Reunion | YVR

  11. FireFox

    PWA Reunion | YVR

    It looks like my old hangar (#1) on Sea Island, south side...hangar #2 being the old dome shaped one that was taken over by BCIT. Heck, my mother even worked in it for Boeing during the Second Word War.
  12. FireFox

    PWA Reunion | YVR

    PACIFIC WESTERN AIRLINES PICNIC HOST: PWA employees SUNDAY, AUGUST 12 FROM 1:00 PMTO 11:00 PM Hazelmere RV Park18843 8th AvenueSurrey, BC V3Z9R9 ****** PWA Picnic - Reunion - A Message from Host ******There are just 3 months (August 12, 2018) remaining until we reunite in a day of fond memories and embellished stories, all washed down with great food and the beverage of your choice. The associated cost is $35 pp, which covers the venue, equipment rental and catering by B&B Gourmet Burger Truck. The menu will consist of burgers (chicken, beef or veggie), corn on the cob, fries, potato salad accompanied by pop, coffee or bottle water. Serving time 15:00 - 19:00. If anyone is interested in attending...PM me and I will forward you the contact info.
  13. FireFox

    Trump 2.0 Continues

    And he's (Trump) playing it well... "As President Trump has teased a summit between him and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un could still take place, the U.S. on Monday halted new sanctions against the rogue nation, according to The Wall Street Journal."
  14. Perhaps the BC Government has a legal point... Section 92A of the Constitution Act 1867 allows for provincial export control but the section contains a huge caveat - there can be no supply nor price discrimination directed against a particular province ("such laws may not authorize or provide for discrimination in prices or in supplies exported to another part of Canada."). Constitutionally Notley conceivably could act but she would have to cut off oil supply to all provinces. I do not see that happening. In 1982 Alberta Premier Peter Lougheed gave up the hammer to make the bastards freeze in the dark by turning off the taps when Trudeau the Elder was forced to recognize provincial control of natural resources as part of the Constitution patriation package. The result? Section 92A of the Constitution Act 1867 that in essence recognizes the exclusive power of provincial legislatures to make laws for “exploration”; “development, conservation and management” of provincial non-renewable resources as well as forestry resources and electrical energy. Provinces can also regulate (NOTE this huge caveat - without price or supply discrimination) the export of these natural resources (subsection 2). It is that caveat that stops Notley dead in her tracks. And if such discriminatory acts are legislated by Alberta the Feds can simply prohibit such action by passing legislation (subsection 3).>>>>>Non-Renewable Natural Resources, Forestry Resources and Electrical EnergyLaws respecting non-renewable natural resources, forestry resources and electrical energy92A. (1) In each province, the legislature may exclusively make laws in relation to(a) exploration for non-renewable natural resources in the province;(b) development, conservation and management of non-renewable natural resources and forestry resources in the province, including laws in relation to the rate of primary production therefrom; and(c) development, conservation and management of sites and facilities in the province for the generation and production of electrical energy.Export from provinces of resources(2) In each province, the legislature may make laws in relation to the export from the province to another part of Canada of the primary production from non-renewable natural resources and forestry resources in the province and the production from facilities in the province for the generation of electrical energy, but such laws may not authorize or provide for discrimination in prices or in supplies exported to another part of Canada.Authority of Parliament(3) Nothing in subsection (2) derogates from the authority of Parliament to enact laws in relation to the matters referred to in that subsection and, where such a law of Parliament and a law of a province conflict, the law of Parliament prevails to the extent of the conflict.<<<<<<