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  1. FireFox

    Windowless Planes

    It may be interesting if the close up resolution was decent... In A Few Years, Windowless Planes Will Give Passengers A Panoramic View Of The Sky They plan on eliminating windows all together and wrapping the interior walls of the plane with OLED screens that will display the skies from cameras mounted outside. The OLED panels will provide a complete realistic view of the skies surrounding you, giving you a sense of flying without a vessel wrapped around you.
  2. FireFox

    Trump 2.0 Continues

    Absolutely Jaydee, good post. Sean Hannity: Democrats disavow Northam but they don't want you to know about their racist past As of Monday, most Democrats have called on Democratic Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam to resign over his alleged appearance in a racist photo showing two people, one in a KKK costume and the other in blackface, that appeared on his page in his medical yearbook more than 30 years ago. But Northam was once endorsed by all of his party's key political players, including Sens. Mark Warner, Tim Kaine and Clinton hack Terry McAuliffe. He was even endorsed by President Obama, who claimed Northam would put an end to "divisive politics." While Republicans are proud to represent themselves as the party of Abe Lincoln -- the Emancipation Proclamation, the 1960s civil right movement -- Democrats don't want you to know anything about their past conduct. For example, 112 Democratic lawmakers voted against the 1964 Civil Rights Act, which outlawed racism against minorities. Al Gore's father, a prominent Democratic senator, voted against the Civil Rights Act. One year later, 70 Democrats voted against the 1965 Voting Rights Act, which prevented racism at the ballot box. The Democratic Party also largely opposed racial integration in schools. In 1959, 99 Democratic lawmakers signed off on the "Southern Manifesto," which was drafted to counter the historic Brown vs. the Board of Education Supreme Court decision. As governor, Democrat George Wallace, stood in the doorway of a Birmingham school to physically block racial integration. Former President Bill Clinton called J. William Fulbright his mentor. Fulbright vigorously opposed all integration efforts. So, Clinton’s beloved mentor was a segregationist. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton has said that Sen. Robert "KKK" Byrd was her mentor. Byrd was a lifelong Democrat. Before serving in Congress, Byrd was actually in the Klan. In the Senate, Byrd actually filibustered the 1964 Civil Rights Act for 14 hours. He later apologized for his racist past and KKK ties. But in 2001, Hillary Clinton's mentor sparked controversy when he used the N-word during an interview with Tony Snow. Meanwhile, another prominent Democrat, former Vice President Joe Biden has also faced charges of racism. According to the Washington Examiner, in 1975, he opposed a policy called desegregation busing, which helped integrate public schools. This shouldn't surprise anyone. Crazy Uncle Joe has a long history of making dumb remarks. Remember when he referred to Obama as the "first sort of mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean" Or when he said, "You cannot go to a 7-Eleven or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent"? Today, deflection is the name of the game in the Democratic Party. Every two and four years, the party actively avoids its racist past and claims that all Republicans are racist. I guess it shouldn't surprise anyone that the party of Robert Byrd, George Wallace and Al Gore Sr. is now using race as a political ploy.
  3. Rather long, but well worth the time...
  4. I want one of these for Christmas...
  5. FireFox

    Crap from the Left

    Migrant group demands Trump either let them in or pay them each $50G to turn around: report Two groups of Central American migrants marched to the U.S. Consulate in Tijuana on Tuesday with a list of demands, with one group delivering an ultimatum to the Trump administration: either let them in the U.S. or pay them $50,000 each to go home, a report said. Among other demands were that deportations be halted and that asylum seekers be processed faster and in greater numbers, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported. The first group of caravan members, which included about 100 migrants, arrived at the consulate around 11 a.m. Alfonso Guerreo Ulloa, an organizer from Honduras, said the $50,000 figure was chosen as a group. “It may seem like a lot of money to you,” Ulloa told the paper. “But it is a small sum compared to everything the United States has stolen from Honduras.” He said the money would allow the migrants to return home and start a small business. A letter from the group criticized U.S. intervention in Central America and asked the U.S. to remove Honduran President Orlando Hernandez from office. They gave the consulate 72 hours to respond. A letter from the second group of about 50 migrants arrived at the consulate around 1:20 p.m. asking the U.S. to speed up the asylum process and to admit up to 300 asylum seekers each day at the San Ysidro Port of Entry in San Diego. Currently, around 40 to 100 are admitted.
  6. Feel free to contribute's mine: Nebraska principal reportedly bans candy canes, says 'J shape' stands for Jesus An elementary school principal in Nebraska was reportedly placed on leave after telling teachers to avoid decorating their classrooms with Christmas-themed ornamentations so as not to offend those who don't celebrate the holiday. The principal at Manchester Elementary School, identified by Fox affiliate KPTM as Jennifer Sinclair, sent out a memo earlier this week with guidelines as to what is considered appropriate for classroom decorations and assignments. Teachers were reportedly told that generic winter-themed items, such as sledding and scarves, and the "Frozen" character Olaf, were acceptable. Decorations that included Santa, Christmas trees, reindeer, green and red colored items and even candy canes were not acceptable for the elementary school. The candy canes, according to KETV, were prohibited because Sinclair deemed them to have religious significance. "Historically, the shape is a 'J' for Jesus. The red is for the blood of Christ, and the white is a symbol of his resurrection," she reportedly wrote. "This would also include different colored candy canes." "I feel uncomfortable that I have to get this specific, but for everyone's comfort, I will," Sinclair reportedly wrote in the memo. The Elkhorn School District, which did not immediately return Fox News' requests for comment, told KPTM in a statement that "the memo does not reflect the policy of Elkhorn Public Schools regarding holiday symbols in the school." The district's policy states that "Christmas trees, Santa Claus and Easter eggs and bunnies are considered to be secular, seasonal symbols and may be displayed as teaching aids provided they do not disrupt the instructional program for students." Sinclair was reportedly placed on administrative leave as of Thursday morning.
  7. FireFox

    Trump 2.0 Continues

    They're looking to play on the sympathies in California vs those in Texas...which wouldn't be in line with their thinking, to put it mildly. If they headed into Brownsville, Trump wouldn't have to call out the military, there'd be plenty of Volunteers.
  8. FireFox

    Pissing in the Wind

    I guess it's a damned if you do...damned if you don't sort of thing. You would think that if voting was mandatory that EVENTUALLY, the general public would TRY to be more informed. Perhaps that is wishful thinking?
  9. the Yukon they pay you $6 a gram to use. Talk about tax dollars going up in smoke. (Welcome back Malcolm)
  10. FireFox

    Trump 2.0 Continues

    Like most people, Deicer doesn't know what Fascism is or how it first arose. After the success of the communist revolution in Russia in 1917, Marxists believed that the workers of the world would unite and overthrow their governments. That the proletariat would rise up against capitalism and take control of countries all over the world. The anthem of socialism was "The Internationale". When socialism failed to spread outside of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic, Marxists began wondering why, and trying to find solutions. The answer they came up with was that socialism was being effectively opposed by nationalism. An Italian Marxist, Antonio Gramsci, came up with what he thought would be the solution - to combine socialism with nationalism. He invented Fascism. The symbol of Fascism was the fasces, bundles of sticks carried by lictors (bodyguards of elected officials) in ancient Rome. The symbolism is obvious. Citizens of the fascist state must act in cohesion in support of the state. There can be no dissent. So freedom of speech must be done away with. The state must control the media as well as the means of production. Fascism was first implemented by Benito Mussolini in Italy in the early 1920's. Mussolini was a lifelong Marxist. Vladimir Lenin sent Mussolini a letter of congratulation on his ascension to power, acknowledging that they were brothers in arms. Fascists, like communists, believed in total state control of the citizens. The success of the Fascists in Italy inspired Adolf Hitler to create a national socialist party in Germany. Like Mussolini, Hitler was a socialist. The term "Nazi" is an acronym for "national socialism". After World War Two, people everywhere were horrified by the evil of the Nazis and to a lesser extent the Fascists. Socialists in Europe and the US were also horrified, not so much at the evils revealed, but at the prospect that their own socialist movements might be tainted and compromised by association with fascism and nazism. So they pulled a HUGE con. A big bamboozle. Using the pretext that the communists and the Nazis had fought each other, they redefined nazism (and fascism) as being at the opposite end of the political spectrum from communism. The Far Right as opposed to the Far Left. Like you Deicer, I am worried about the rise of fascism, but unlike you I see it coming from the socialist side of the political spectrum, as evidenced by the behaviour of modern leftists in the US and Europe. The real fascists are the ones using violence on campuses and in the streets to shut down free speech. The real fascists want ever larger governments, regulations and rules telling people what to do, higher taxes, and an end to democracy. In the US, which side wants activist judges on the Supreme Court to implement progressive laws that cannot be achieved democratically? Which side wishes to shut down debate? Which side is "resisting" and trying to bring down a democratically elected president? Trump is no fascist. His Democratic opponents are. It is a major tactic out of the leftist (communist, fascist, nazi, progressive) playbook to accuse your opponent of what you yourself are doing.
  11. FireFox

    Trump 2.0 Continues POSTED ON OCTOBER 8, 2018 BY STEVEN HAYWARD IN BILL CLINTON, HILLARY CLINTON CLINTONS: THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING I thought this story was a satire, or something from the superb Babylon Bee, but it’s true! And it’s too good to be true. National Review reports: Oh, please, please be a precursor to Hillary running again in 2020! But even if not, I hope there are videos of these appearances. The entertainment value will be awesome. Can we get Chelsea involved, too? That would make it perfect.
  12. Go to for an interactive map of the BC wildfires: (Click on a fire for the data)