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  1. Next up......... Synthetic Pilots!
  2. Haven't seen a hearse yet with pockets or a uhaul trailer behind, so live, love, laugh and enjoy the trip! The destination is the same for all ;-)
  3. Kip, (and Malcom) This is the Tulsa thread? Civil disturbance (not racial) followed by an all out coming together of the two sides now pitted by a solar point called DT! Who has, in his way (racial and other ways) turned American against American! This scenario has not even begun to simmer let alone boil and there are two evenly split sides (52/48) or whatever poll you read on whatever day. Point is people are mad as hell and anything goes, IMHO your honour! K
  4. Not very far at all.............. "The White House says Donald Trump's upcoming budget will propose a whopping $54-billion increase in defence spending and impose corresponding cuts to domestic programs and foreign aid."
  5. He must have been displaced from the prairies.......... "freezin' grain caller" lol!
  6. Try this Blues, works like a charm and frequently as the web page shows! 20 UK pounds one way! http://www.nationalexpress.com/airports/heathrow-to-gatwick-coach.aspx
  7. Amen to that and "God bless Help America"!
  8. Careful for what you wish for DC, the landslide usually ends up with death and destruction in it's path and the end result can be devastating!
  9. maybe a play from Danny Kaye "The emperor has no clothes" lol!
  10. But, the taxiway had NO markings at all except the vertical signs in yellow and black........... LOL!
  11. Thats more like a new uniform for the alternative facts guy in that big white house down south LOL!!
  12. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-guernsey-38909695
  13. Judging by the holding pattern they must have had problems getting the right info into the CDU (LOL)
  14. You mean they won't keep the wraps on
  15. Soooooo, it's ok for the "administration south" to shovel jumbo sizes "horse pokey" as we have all seen and deny they are doing it!!! But everybody else is exempt! Time to get a very large fan going and keep said "horse pokey" flying back at them, this is just the beginning!