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  1. That was when you HAD to "FLY" them and not the other way round, seat of the pants and brain calculations lol!
  2. The Ford "Intoxication Nation"..............
  3. Maybe not so fast as the NDP, holders of the balance of power, are B..R..O..K..E! (I eliminated the Bloc for personal reasons LOL) So maybe 2022 to bolster up the coffers again $$$$$$$$$$$
  4. In Canada we would have said "Sorry" and gone home............... lol!
  5. If only looks could kill, we would now be in the election process sob after the look she gave POTUS!!
  6. I guess when his 30 days are up he will have to "walk" home as hopefully there won't be an airline that will let him on!!
  7. FAA orders Boeing to inspect dozens of 737s for structural cracks The "Order"is in! https://www.cbc.ca/news/business/boeing-737-1.5307170
  8. "It has also triggered the biggest ever peacetime repatriation aimed at bringing more than 150,000 British holidaymakers home." Thats just the Brits! Upwards of 500,000+ left stranded and a figure north of the 200M pounds needed to keep them afloat will be needed to "repatriate" the "guests" back home! Is this the first of many..............
  9. Gone......... https://www.bbc.com/news/business-49791249
  10. https://www.bbc.com/news/business-49761464
  11. This makes for an interesting take on events, long read but...... https://apple.news/AHhKSVOlLS0GHBTAPJI9UXA
  12. It's called "insurance" people, in the unlikely event you need it it is there to protect you, no insurance, no protection! When was the last time any of us got insured for nada, zilch, zero cost. Pays your money, gets your value (insurance)!
  13. Amen to all of the above, the inmates are now in charge of the asylum..........
  14. Just woke up after eight lovely hours sleep in my own bed which I have done now for 4020 nights in a row, took about 2 years of afternoon naps to catch up on the missed sleep over the 35 years of staying alert in the dark! Welcome to this world of retirement and enjoy every moment as you will have fewer years on this side than on the stick and rudder side! Kasey