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  1. https://www.bbc.com/news/business-49761464
  2. This makes for an interesting take on events, long read but...... https://apple.news/AHhKSVOlLS0GHBTAPJI9UXA
  3. It's called "insurance" people, in the unlikely event you need it it is there to protect you, no insurance, no protection! When was the last time any of us got insured for nada, zilch, zero cost. Pays your money, gets your value (insurance)!
  4. Amen to all of the above, the inmates are now in charge of the asylum..........
  5. Just woke up after eight lovely hours sleep in my own bed which I have done now for 4020 nights in a row, took about 2 years of afternoon naps to catch up on the missed sleep over the 35 years of staying alert in the dark! Welcome to this world of retirement and enjoy every moment as you will have fewer years on this side than on the stick and rudder side! Kasey
  6. Back in the day....... AC said the same thing about CDN and look how long that lasted? Might be kept as a separate by merging it into Rouge? Just musing
  7. Ryanair might be able to help with the shortage....... "In a video message to staff Mr O'Leary said the carrier currently had an excess of more than 500 pilots"
  8. If in YYJ, try the "Flying Otter" in the inner harbour, great food too.......
  9. Kasey

    L 188

    But they had to hang the Allison's (Hercules engines) on the wing upside down with the gearbox on top so the 13+ foot blades cleared the tarmac
  10. BUT........ What happens in the unlikely event of a diversion? https://www.ctvnews.ca/lifestyle/canada-netherlands-to-test-paperless-air-travel-1.4484619
  11. I'd never heard of it so for the others that hadn't either............. Basler BT-67 The flagship of North Star Air's fleet, the Basler BT-67 is based on the rugged and simple design of the Douglas DC-3. Every Basler BT-67 is delivered as a "zero-time" aircraft, meaning all new components, including the Pratt and Whitney PT-6 turbine engines, one of the widest-used and most reliable engines ever built. The Basler BT-67's build makes it the optimal freight aircraft for Canada's North. Large front wheels allow it to operate onto short gravel runways, and as required onto soft, unprepared or ice runways. It's simple design is what makes it resilient to the harsh climate of Canada's North. The Basler BT-67 can be positioned throughout Canada and North America as required.
  12. Any landing that is discussed afterward in the mess is "perfect"