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  1. Cool, I want one $$$$$$$$$ permitting!
  2. Now what was that plane anyway?? All miracles aside! "The Airbus A330, carrying 294 passengers, lost one of its eight wheels as it was taking off from Montreal's Trudeau Airport, Air Canada confirmed to CBC." "An Air Canada Boeing 777-300 travelling from Montreal to London lost a wheel during take-off and still managed to arrive safely in what one airport worker called a “miracle” landing."
  3. This just in......... Subject: New Motto's for United Airlines“Drag and Drop”“We put the hospital in hospitality”“Board as a doctor, leave as a patient”“Our prices can’t be beaten, but our passengers can”“We have First Class, Business Class and No Class”“Not enough seating, prepare for a beating”“We treat you like we treat your luggage”“We beat the customer. Not the competition”“And you thought leg room was an issue”“Where voluntary is mandatory”“Fight or flight. We decide”“Now offering one free carry off”“Beating random customers since 2017”“If our staff needs a seat, we’ll drag you out by your feet”“A bloody good airline”
  4. Or you could educate their liars, oops lawyers! Silly me they are all liars, sorry again, lawyers! LOL. Happy Easter all..........
  5. http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/delta-overbooked-compensation-1.4071453
  6. That Sir/Madam is well founded but when said nation travel "abroad" they demand, yes demand 5 star accommodation for chimpanzee nuts!
  7. Question is, have any spotters been spotted spotting said Il's and An's arriving/departing in such a "highly" populated area of this fair land?
  8. And.......... all of you SWM's carry one of these, right?? "The slot will be plugged with a plastic cap. Remove the cap and push down on the button with a nail file"
  9. Kip the electronic mechanic! Cheers
  10. So, same as the Brit subs!!! LOL
  11. Next up......... Synthetic Pilots!
  12. Haven't seen a hearse yet with pockets or a uhaul trailer behind, so live, love, laugh and enjoy the trip! The destination is the same for all ;-)
  13. Kip, (and Malcom) This is the Tulsa thread? Civil disturbance (not racial) followed by an all out coming together of the two sides now pitted by a solar point called DT! Who has, in his way (racial and other ways) turned American against American! This scenario has not even begun to simmer let alone boil and there are two evenly split sides (52/48) or whatever poll you read on whatever day. Point is people are mad as hell and anything goes, IMHO your honour! K
  14. Not very far at all.............. "The White House says Donald Trump's upcoming budget will propose a whopping $54-billion increase in defence spending and impose corresponding cuts to domestic programs and foreign aid."
  15. He must have been displaced from the prairies.......... "freezin' grain caller" lol!