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  1. A woman like this? ' www.youtube.com/embed/qDdZHIuAzVQ
  2. According to this article http://www.cbsnews.com/news/jumbo-jets-low-turn-wrong-course-startles-los-angeles-neighborhood/ the FAA is quoted as saying “The air-traffic controller at the approach control who was handling EVA instructed the pilot to make a left turn to a 180-degree heading,” FAA spokesman Gregor said.
  3. I'd think all would agree their SA (with respect to terrain and other aircraft) was lacking but the "erroneous heading" was trying to adhere to ATC transmissions which were a series of clearances attempting to correct ATC's initial left turn and EVA's slow reversal of this initial error. I'd submit that the quickest way might well have been to disengage the AP and manually get the aircraft turning to the right considering ATC's use of the term expedite. However, that's a big ask for this crew, who most likely engaged the AP at 400' and might have been in the midst of a configuration change and or level off. I see your point on cardinal headings and have experienced it first hand at some major US airports. When one is received it usually requires a brief explanation with ESL FO's. Not sure cardinal headings helped here. A good discussion.
  4. Wouldn't agree on your % of blame. The controller % goes up IMO when the ATC audio is further reviewed. This is assuming the audio is complete without blocked or missed transmissions The initial controller error of a left turn (habit from normal westerly departures?) should have generated a query by the crew for 2 reasons. It was a 270 degree turn and a turn into parallel departures. That didn't happen. Next, ATC then corrects with "right turn, right turn heading 180" which was acknowledged "copy, right turn heading 180". Seconds later ATC instructs "expedite your right turn" which was responded with "roger, we are passing heading 010 continue right turn heading". In the next transmission to the EVA crew ATC instructs "stop your climb" and moments later "turn left, left turn heading 29..correction 270" and EVA responded with "left heading 270". As though ATC forgets her last instruction of left heading 270, the controller (clearly agitated) says "what are you doing? turn southbound now, southbound now, stop your climb" which generates EVA to say "Confirm heading left...right 0..background voice presumably of PF". Getting no response EVA again requests "confirm the heading?" and ATC responds "turn southbound, turn southbound now" to which EVA acknowledges "Roger, turn southbound now". Had the crew turned the shortest distance to southbound (left turn) it would have been appropriate (with confirmation of course) as ATC never gave specific instructions. The crew is then being admonished for appearing northbound when in fact a right turn from heading 270 can only pass through a northerly heading. ATC using the repetitive term "southbound" with no direction (L or R) to EVA veorsus a specific heading (which incidentally all other aircraft received) certainly wasn't the quickest way to get this crew heading in the correct direction. There are many non-standard ATC clearances but IMO many of those occur in non ESL countries. Your blame of 90% on the crew? Was it that they didn't correct ATC's initial error? IMO, EVA followed all ATC's instructions. In the final analysis, ATC should get a good portion of the blame and I'd hazard a guess you will not hear cardinal headings issued as ATC clearances in SoCal airspace.
  5. He died playing hockey with his son. A proud Canadian to the end.
  6. This guy was lucky not to have lost his arm (or worse). I have never been to Reno races but would have thought a stalled aircraft on the runway would shut things down pdq.
  7. RNAV (GNSS) 06 RNAV (GNSS) 24 NDB 06 Would you really drive 45 mins from Hamilton (or Burlington) to YCM for the ride to YYZ? It's a pipe dream by an ambitious (but out of touch) regional councillor.
  8. What I find interesting (and what you might be alluding to) is that this most certainly looks like it's been shot from a drone. Edited: I now read in the over dramatic description that the video was shot from a helicopter.
  9. The video I posted above was removed but I have edited a new link to the same video. CCTV video's continue to surface. Attached is a new video, if accurate, shows latter stages of the approach, G/A and impact. G/A to impact is ~1 min. Flaps retraction issue?
  10. Kip, I've no knowledge of the Russian language either but the larger pieces you refer to at ~14 mins are from the Metrojet 9268 crash of 31 Oct. 2015. If I may hazard a guess, the presenter is attempting to connect the two accidents? The only connection I see is the regrettable fact that Russian fatalities were involved in both accidents.
  11. New CCTV video of final seconds. Warning....not easy to watch.
  12. Could it be somatographic illusion related? http://aviationknowledge.wikidot.com/aviation:somatogravic-illusion
  13. Well written piece. Hey Jeff, I had to. It's St. Catharines