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  1. Good Morning Deicer and Boestar: I enjoyed your responses with your ramp stories and with regards to the "rumble" deicer it was audible in the flight deck until the packs were selected on after the start. Boestar thank you for the remarks as this must have happened after I moved on to the 9. The bang start must have been fun to watch as well and I guess Transport didn't record that one.......... The link is about the L-1011 model in Eastern livery and this time he has added a camera to record his flying at sunset. Looking over the wing reminded me of being a passenger and on touch down ground spoiler deployment. I guess his next project will be installing Direct Lift Control (DLC) which made the L-1011 a treat to fly on approach. Enjoy the link. https://youtu.be/rjhR3V-XpLE
  2. Good Afternoon Junior: In your post above you made mention of W0X0F by any chance are you the new iteration of same??
  3. Good Evening Seeker: Why use 4 rounds when it only takes one. I have forgot some ballistic tables but a .303 is a through and through whereas the newer .223 ammunition although supersonic on hitting starts a shock wave that turns internal organs to mush and will "tumble" because of its mass on entry with the other three in trail will turn your target into "ground chuck" on the hoof. Yes I know of a couple of people who use muskets just because they can You are absolutely right one shot will do it so why multiples of as a single shot requires more skill?
  4. Good Evening Deicer: How about the air start of a DC-8-40? We could even hear that at the north end of YYZ.
  5. Good Morning Seeker: Well said +1 I am very old school bolt action 303 or lever action 30-30 with iron sights as if you need a semi-auto with a scope you shouldn't be in the bush?
  6. Good Evening Deicer: Thank you for posting this as yes I am a "Tritanic" fan. It was fun in YUL on M30C days EAL Mtce would ground run their RON aircraft first thing around 06:00 for about 5 minutes just to get the core temperature up which helped against "oil hiding". We always had the "pleasure" of starting an ice cold airplane then experience "oil hiding" where the oil quantity would go to 0 and one would have to wait for the quantity to return to 4 quarts under the level before start. If not one would experience high vibrations whicch meant a in-flight shutdown... Seeing the push back tractor reminded me of my first experience in ZRH as it really got your attention when the nose was raised up before pushback. It was much faster then then using a tow bar for pushback. I think it was the Swiss who invented the tractor but I could be mistaken. Thanks again for the memories.....
  7. Good Morning All: Another very interesting R/C model the Messerschmitt ME-163 Komet https://youtu.be/f38vA74V9K8
  8. Good Evening Doubledouble: With what has gone on so far what is your recommendation for dealing with the COVID-19 Pandemic which has hit the world just as hard as the Influenza pandemic post WW1. Are you in favour of letting it burn through society to achieve herd immunity? Yes there have been break through events of those who have been vaccinated but they do not need to go to hospital and the results are not as severe as those who are not vaccinated ie death. In Mississippi a couple of days ago a news report about a 64 year old heart attack victim could not find a ICU bed in state or out of state who eventually died. Looking forward to you reply on how one manages this and makes sure the population survives this
  9. Good Morning GDR: Or another way of looking at this is that the science is evolving as this goes on....
  10. Good Afternoon Deicer: Is this what one would call a posthumous Darwin Award???
  11. Good Afternoon Skeptic: Well said and spoken from the heart and brain +1
  12. Good Evening All: Some humour.....
  13. Good Afternoon Upper Deck: No worries I was just trying to insert some badly needed humour as it appeared a few were getting wound up. I appreciate your thoughts as this COVID-19 is a rapidly evolving situation which has not had the time for scientific peer review of new medicines. Until sanctioned I will stick to what my Doctor prescribes. Contrary to friend Seeker I do read the links provided but I am biased if it is not from Lancet, CMA or CDC but that is just me as I spent way too much time following procedures in the AOM, FCOM etc but I digress
  14. Good Afternoon Seeker: This is much better thank you. I must admit I have a substantial bias towards anything Russia from MH-17, Crimea, Eastern Ukraine KAL 007 Katyn Massacre to name a few but thats just me
  15. Good Afternoon Upper Deck It was meant to be a light hearted look at the anti-vax movement and those who do not look beyond the rhetoric. Last time I checked COVID-19 was a upper respiratory disease not a exclusive gastro intestinal disease.
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