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  1. Beautiful aircraft...will not be surprising to see some of these tails find their way to WestJet.
  2. Yes, but more important is the quick recovery from last quarter's losses and unrest. This will allow WestJet to unfold its plans to expand Swoop, grow B787 fleet, complete the J.V with possibly small jets for its thinner routes, all of which will mean stronger tailwinds for WestJet for the next few years and its stock has rightfully been upgraded.
  3. I agree, new ideas are needed, not repeating old ones hoping for better results!
  4. It's easy to make a "rumour", but after the recent ALPA experiment by WestJet, it's unlikely that others will follow suit, much less Porter! Firstly, two union attempts have failed at Porter and majority of those unionists have left, most to WestJet and likely involved in its union drive? The last attempt was by ALPA itself when hardly anyone showed up to their briefings. Secondly, Porter pilots have worked hard over the years to build a strong rapport with its management with good results; why risk all that for a WestJet like outcome with a union where they have to pay dues as well?
  5. WJA will likely do well and make money for its shareholders; and WestJet will continue to provide a very respectable employment. It's just too bad that its pilots will now have to fork over 1.85% of their salary to Herndon, Virginia to do the same thing they did before; ironic how that is basically the raise they got! While making some deliberate effort over some time trying to recover from the toxic, divisive and combative environment that was created by ALPA and its supporters. The intended results were not reached. From what I've seen, WestJet will gradually shrink to 90% as growth happens in its sister companies. Swoop will grow to 30 tails rather quickly, and up to 50 small jets/props of 76 seats (Q400, EMB or RJ) will be added to Encore or another newly created airline or a CPA. The silver-lining is the B787 and its launch will be critical; same as the J.V. Their successful launch and reception by the public could create some movements at the mainline, otherwise those mentioned above will busy WestJet for some time.
  6. Those are solemn reflections guys to which many can relate I'm sure. The overinflated unrealistic promises by ALPA which then fled the scenes quickly after the demise of Canada 3000 when the dues stopped still fresh in many memories. The bigger contributor in that process was the combative posture of CUPE which looked for unrealistic and frankly unnecessary pledges at the 11th hour and their negotiator saying that he "didn't care if the airline went bankrupt, his mortgage was paid off!" In like manner to your story, he later became a CUPE executive. At any rate, life goes on. Many pilots wrongly assume that ALPA, as a big labour organization, is the panacea to all their ills. It most certainly is not, rather a strong cooperative culture. ALPA is a very large, very "rich" pyramid like organization interested in growing and making more money. There has never been a "great" contract won by ALPA in a combative atmosphere, much less in arbitration, rather those have always been won through the hard work of the pilots and management who created a positive mutually beneficial relationship and even then only in good economic times. It is clear that this long process sadly did not culminate in a positive outcome for WestJet pilots, how do you feel then that the pilot group at the grassroots level intends to recover from this set-back?
  7. With Indigo's backing, Enerjet will prove a tough competitor. Be nice to hear Bean's perspective.
  8. Well, I remember at Canada 3000, ALPA was initially promising pay parity with Air Canada, which after September 11th turned into a pay-cut, lay-off by equipment and out of seniority, shut-down, and two days after, ALPA closing the web site set-up for furloughed pilots to find jobs, and disappearing! And yes CUPE made its contributions too with supposedly the final nail in the coffin. At any rate, this is a familiar pattern of over-promising to sign on the pilots, and then under-delivering once faced with reality of things. WestJet pilots now have to pay their dues for this contract. The question is, are they still happy to keep ALPA?
  9. Canada 3000, 11/9/2001!! Ironically same union, same unrealistic expectations!
  10. "As with any labour dispute after bargaining has broken down, our intent with the job action was to put pressure on the employer while it continued to operate the airline," said Yee. "But Flair's threats of possible illegal actions could jeopardize our members' job security, and we can't allow that to happen." What pure nonsense! It's not hard for Flair to win this. All it has to do is to compare its pay with its competitors. CUPE may even lose the "grandfather" clause!
  11. The green light of greed...apparently one of CUPE top negotiators was heard saying that he didn't care if Canada 3000 went under, his mortgage was already paid off! I realize that's hearsay or he may have said that in the heat of the moment, but the mindset is very important. What people often don't get is that there is such a thing as pricing themselves out of the market. Apparently Flair had to adjust its rates to its competitors, as did Porter recently. That is fair business. If a company prices its costs out of its market, then it cannot function and has to close its doors. So then what's the point of having higher pay if it doesn't last? There is a fine balance in negotiations and a group does not need a union to achieve it!
  12. Oh dear, as I recall CUPE did not reach an agreement with Canada 3000 right to the bitter end.
  13. Spoken like an ALPA spokesperson!
  14. Hey, but weed is legal now; that was their main concern right?!! Otherwise failure to support industry and manufacturing, increased spending, higher taxes are the same as before. At least it's good that production will continue, de Havilland will be resurrected and hopefully successful.
  15. Do any of those slots belong to leasing companies? Plus airlines, as this discussion entails, sometimes cancel, delay, defer deliveries, not to mention sell slots, all of which would create opportunities for expediting.