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  1. This strike was likely deliberate. The competing factions within the Islamic regime have a habit of eliminating competition through "mechanical failures", and direct strike when pressed for time. Had this been a domestic flight, it would have been swept under the rug. Some say that top ranking officials of the regime were leaving the country with incriminating evidence, possibly to defect, and this was a desperate last resort by the IRGC to eliminate them. Likely multiple missiles too (3?), the last hit possibly while the plane was coming back. There is more to this story and a true independent investigation would reveal that.
  2. I believe it is public knowledge for those who know how to search for information in the union contracts and such. From what I understand, it guarantees 60% of hiring at WestJet (and Swoop?) will come from Encore up to 90 max per annum without interview. The corporation can freeze flow if Encore is understaffed, but they have committed to meet those numbers. After flow, they will also top up their pay for 24 months at a rate of $2000 per month. So overall, not a bad deal if one is a young aspiring pilot, get through Encore interview and just sit there until your number comes up. It is ahead of Air Canada flow in some aspects, no interview, two top-up pay and the flow itself, although to be fair AC has flow too but not sure what the numbers and ratio is. Likely this will all but stop attrition at Encore, although likely will expedite it at mainline with a lot of unhappy pilots that just got pushed down about 500 numbers! So interesting dichotomy at play for Onex. The surprising factor is that ALPA, the airline of date of hire for seniority, has gone along with this and in essence disenfranchised its own members for members of another (albeit ALPA) shop. A lot will depend on the rate of expansion with Onex. If it can expedite meaningful expansion with WBs, it may quell the unrest, otherwise with stagnant numbers, likely there will be larger attrition at mainline. Even though Onex also has the scope to add 50 regional jets, they will be at the lower end of pay and either at Encore, or likely at Georgian and will not attract mainline pilots. One would have thought that WestJet would have been better off to leave the mainline alone and try to appease Encore by introducing the RJs there at rates slightly rates to stop attrition, but this is the route they have chosen and will be interesting to see how it plays out for them. As for Air Canada, I think due to its momentum, higher retirement numbers, and higher hiring forecast which allow for faster upgrades, it still has the upper hand in recruitment with little market pressure to increase its payroll, even entry levels.
  3. All correct, but there is such a thing as story of the day! You do good work, just selective sometimes, like CNN!! Nice week-end.
  4. Wow ace, you got all that from "Look out Air Canada for Onex airlines!"?? What snowflake! You do work for Air Canada! For the record, I never said (at least in this post) that Air Canada was good or bad, or anything about its recruitment efforts. But since you mentioned it, you are right, Air Canada has had an easy time recruiting pilots from Encore among other places, even WestJet if I understand correctly. This agreement may slow recruitment from Encore, although there probably be less interest in WestJet mainline, which may balance it out, so who knows. In general, even without guaranteed flow and top-up pay at its regionals, Air Canada seems to be the preferred route for most. As for the airline itself though, where things had been stagnant recently, with the sale complete and this issue clarified, there will be news of expansion at WestJet/Onex soon. Already there is an appetite to expand out East. And there will be more WBs coming that will put pressure on your network. And with their J.V with Delta almost complete, there will be more trans border flights on city pairs that are currently only served by AC. I understand they put a provision for 50 small jets in their scope, which was smart on their part. I believe that's where they will be deployed and likely get a good rate on it using the competition between Encore and possibly Georgian. So this will be an interesting year with more competition for AC.
  5. But hold on now, I thought this Air Canada problem was much bigger than just one airport check in line-up or few people not getting TV signal. Even astronaut made minister weighed in! Plus if one is neutral is reporting the news, one would report all of it, good and bad! ?
  6. Has the booking system been sorted out yet?
  7. Porter is not for sale, and of course you're looking in the wrong places.
  8. Management has also won a major Pilot Transfer Agreement which will ensure contained labour costs and sufficient supply of pilots through Encore which likely will set-up a cadet program. In spite of strong headwinds over the recent months, WestJet management has done really well to pacify labour unrest and navigate through some turbulent air. This bodes well for Onex and its stakeholders to contain cost, making further acquisition and consolidation possible, while executing its master plan. Reading the WestJet CBA, it's not difficult to envision this plan over the next 3 to 5 years. Look out Air Canada for Onex Airlines!!
  9. Good for them. Curious why Encore is not mentioned in that report?!
  10. Very clever move! So far Onex has played this really well and got Air Canada exactly where they want it. Its vanity is its great folly, and Onex is several moves ahead! Now, if only I could have a penny for every time Marshall started a thread about Swoop or WestJet!
  11. Some are too partisan to remember that much more interference and far worse damage has been done by Liberal regimes, including causing the bankruptcy of Canada 3000 and killing a democratic process for Toronto City airport expansion which is sorely needed in Canada's largest city. As for Air Canada strikes, this is yet another indication that multiple strong airlines in Canada are a necessity so that Air Canada staff can go on strike all they want without being forced back to work.
  12. I understand that with so many open (and secret) admirers (more added after your recent hiring spree) anything else may appear as "hatred". But no, just keeping a level playing field. And that is why, speaking to the discussion at hand, if Air Canada wants to take over another airline, it will have to make some hard choices, including giving up some things. When the dust settles, there will likely be other Canadian carrier(s) serving LHR and beyond.
  13. As this proposed merger will change the dynamics of the market, likely all options will be on the table; and all routes subject to scrutiny and possible modifications, including but not limited to LHR and HKG. The competition Bureau and other federal agencies, free from partisan politics and all cloak'n dagger, will have to examine the end product of the merger, weigh its impact on the market to ensure competition is not stifled in all sectors, not only to EU and Sun where the new airline will be very dominant, but also to the Pacific, Asia and Latin America where it can dump capacity in the market to stifle new entrants from gaining traction. One such example was YUL-FLL where Air Canada dumped so much capacity in its B767s to squeeze out the competition. That can't happen again.
  14. So basically do as you say, not as you do?!