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  1. MD2

    Winter Flair

    "As with any labour dispute after bargaining has broken down, our intent with the job action was to put pressure on the employer while it continued to operate the airline," said Yee. "But Flair's threats of possible illegal actions could jeopardize our members' job security, and we can't allow that to happen." What pure nonsense! It's not hard for Flair to win this. All it has to do is to compare its pay with its competitors. CUPE may even lose the "grandfather" clause!
  2. MD2

    Winter Flair

    The green light of greed...apparently one of CUPE top negotiators was heard saying that he didn't care if Canada 3000 went under, his mortgage was already paid off! I realize that's hearsay or he may have said that in the heat of the moment, but the mindset is very important. What people often don't get is that there is such a thing as pricing themselves out of the market. Apparently Flair had to adjust its rates to its competitors, as did Porter recently. That is fair business. If a company prices its costs out of its market, then it cannot function and has to close its doors. So then what's the point of having higher pay if it doesn't last? There is a fine balance in negotiations and a group does not need a union to achieve it!
  3. MD2

    Winter Flair

    Oh dear, as I recall CUPE did not reach an agreement with Canada 3000 right to the bitter end.
  4. MD2

    Swoop has a bad day at YHZ

    Spoken like an ALPA spokesperson!
  5. Hey, but weed is legal now; that was their main concern right?!! Otherwise failure to support industry and manufacturing, increased spending, higher taxes are the same as before. At least it's good that production will continue, de Havilland will be resurrected and hopefully successful.
  6. Do any of those slots belong to leasing companies? Plus airlines, as this discussion entails, sometimes cancel, delay, defer deliveries, not to mention sell slots, all of which would create opportunities for expediting.
  7. MD2

    WOW coming to YVR

    Are either WOW or Norwegian planning on using Canadian pilots?
  8. I doubt very much that WestJet will waste its resources by using them only as back-ups. In all likelihood, depending on the outcome of their first contract and the level of cooperation of its pilot group, B767s could very likely become part of a larger fleet in Swoop as a response to Rouge, while the deliveries of B787s could possibly be expedited, stay the same, or slowed, all depending on the cost of the contract. Hopefully history will not repeat itself when the pilot group prices itself out of the market!
  9. I take issue with the topic of this thread as well, Canada's favourite airline is Porter not WestJet! On a more serious note though, in a broad sense the privacy and dignity of an individual seems to be eroding more and more. In the beginning, it was one's family and friends, as one chose, who would be put into the circle of trust. That circle had to grow. First it was the doctor and the police, then the lawyer, the nurse, the dentist, the lab technician, the real estate agent, the utility company, the captain, the bus driver, now the FAs, soon the florist, the hair-dresser, etc. who absolutely have to know everything about the individual in order to do their jobs and in accordance with some regulation that someone wrote! If the person has a companion, that person will see to their well-being and "ask" for help if needed. Doesn't matter if one is on medication or addicted to drugs, alcohol, etc. it simply is NOT everyone's "job" to know about it, period.
  10. MD2

    WestJet 787

    I wonder if WestJet will expedite 787 deliveries or exercise some options once pilot contract is completed.
  11. MD2

    AC To Buy Back Aeroplan?

    A very wise choice by AIMIA to partner with Porter because its product and hub are highly regarded in the industry.
  12. MD2

    90 Seat Q400

    Porter 74 Encore 78 Jazz 78?
  13. MD2

    Westjet Posts Loss

    The last time WestJet lost money was when Jetsgo was offering deep discounts - as it turned out at unsustainable prices - forcing WestJet to lower its prices too. Jetsgo wanted to expand into profitability, which never works. This time WestJet was attempting to limit the same impact by other potential new entrants by introducing Swoop to defend the rear while it embarks on transition into a full service airline with multi class cabins, Delta partnership, wide body aircraft, etc. Now that the framework is in place, it’s return to profitability should be fairly brisk. It’s interesting that some members complain about media’s senstionalization and yet fall victim to the same themselves! I don’t believe there were “foreign” pilots hired at Swoop, rather Canadians that worked overseas for a period. At any rate, it is good that consumers finally have a choice in overseas travel between Canadian carriers and Delta partnership should help profitability as well.
  14. MD2

    Skytrax best airlines

    Wow, yes l received the same email, but have not voted! At any rate, congratulations to Air Canada and WestJet. To be fair, Air Canada experience has improved quite a bit in recent years.
  15. Even though it has come at a great cost of changing its ownership and name, it’s nice to see that this airplane is finally getting the attention it deserves and hopefully will be used extensively at urban airports where its strengths lie.