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  1. vikingwarrior, I'm going to go ahead and assume that you don't know much IPOs. Don't fret, many don't. I don't presume to know much about it either. At any rate, there is more to doing an IPO than simply markets being up. Let's just say that there has to be some use for that cash and at the moment Porter seems to have a lot of cash and no need for more unless and until Porter plans are approved at the island. And as someone already asked, why the keen interest in Porter's IPO, got a pile of cash ready to invest? All things in their good time...
  2. I don't believe Olivia is currently an MP. Porter only uses 08/26. Nude!
  3. For the time being, the government seems to have been forced into an embarrassing situation by one Toronto MP. In the meantime, some overdue and much-needed work is being done at the airport which is good for all such as resurfacing the runways, adding centerline lighting, adding pre-clearance, "rejuvenating" the terminal, addressing RESA, taking steps to reduce noise even more by adding run-up barriers and decommissioning RWY 15/33, etc. As for the long-standing Porter sale(!), presumably all things can be for sale for the right price, however as things are right now there is no real advantage in selling for Porter as it will likely not maximize its potential, nor is there a desperate need for any airline in Canada to buy it as they see Porter contained and then in a better climate the true value of the company is best unlocked through an IPO.
  4. This seems like another reactive "screening" which will not help with the problem but demean pilots with more scrutiny. The goal does not appear to be providing support and well-being for a group of professionals with a stressful job, rather to appear to be responding and reacting to the voting public. This further highlights the stigma attached to mental health. Was it not the same stigma that caused this accident since the report was seemingly there but likely not followed because of its consequences? When they start to talk about wellness of mind and body and reducing stress as opposed to increasing it by more tests and screening, then we may be on the right track. In general mental health and well-being is so misunderstood, so misguided, with so much stigma and discrimination that it quietly debilitates great numbers especially the youth.
  5. In fact there may be substantial growth with the introduction of the wide body. Compensation also seems to be reasonably good, which is why the root cause seems illusive in this case.
  6. When people join a company, it is for various reasons but the relationship is presumably a two way street. At the same time, conditions are not always stagnant, they change and evolve based on the inputs of both sides. Both sides make a contribution to the evolution and progress (or regress) of the company, but more so for management as they lead the company. Therefore it would be unfair to expect an employee, after possibly many years of contribution, to simply pick-up and leave if they don't like it! It is as much "their" company as anyone else's. Granted leaving is an option, but it cannot be a foregone conclusion that because this company had no union when one joined, if one does not like the prevailing conditions, then one must leave! Good labor relations is an ongoing battle in any company...
  7. You mean Non-Directional Party?! (to add an aviation flavor)
  8. Interesting analysis, thanks for posting. His assessment is right on. "Stupid" is the only way to explain the policies that choose Saudi oil over Canadian oil & gas and the pipelines that would bring them to the rest of country. I'd vote for O'Leary over the amateurs that are running the country any day.
  9. I don't know the facts of this case and will assume innocent until guilty, as we all should. At the same time, the argument has been made that in certain countries pilots are tested before every flight possibly implying that is the way to go. Which begs the question what would be next, doing an EKG, blood test and blood pressure before every flight? Perhaps those who fail can be persecuted too? It is quite ironic that from the one hand our societies promote moderate amount of boozing and drugging and then express "outrage" when someone is intoxicated! And now our new government is dead set to legalize pot, without even consulting the medical community or law enforcement agencies, as if we lived in paradise on earth and that was the last thing missing! And of course to most boozing and drugging are ok only to the amount that "they" do or like?! It is quite simple, after certain amount of drinking or drugging one does get intoxicated. The amount may vary but its eventual occurrence is for certain. Maybe now our government gets it that legalizing drugs is not going to solve the problem. The only lasting solution is prevention by education so that kids from a young age understand the disastrous effects of drugs and alcohol, perhaps do some volunteer work with its victims including addicts, and then stay clear of it.
  10. I think not. I have a few "favorite" airlines as you say. Most of them are winning awards, but they too may have their share of delays and disruptions. And if one of them mishandles the situation quite badly as in this case, they too deserve to take some heat.
  11. Malcolm, thank you, I will. Also thank you for the note in the other post about suggesting to join as a member. Let's just say there is not enough diversity or dare I say tolerance towards opposing views to even keep some aviation folks interested let alone members of the public, but thank you all the same. I also appreciated comments from j.k. and cp fa that although were not aware of the details helped me understand the general practices and policies... Accusatory uninformed rant over! Fare well.
  12. Malcolm, why do you presume that "evidently not representing anyone who was on this flight"? When I have said that I was in close contact as the events unfolded and in fact after the lengthy delay that lingered on the next day my party changed the plans and went back home. No matter, I wanted to understand the thinking behind the series of unfortunate errors and perchance others with similar frustrating experience glean some information, however I am not interested in defensive arguments and the mob mentality that is beginning to emerge. I see no point to continue. As I said in the beginning, no airline can be faulted for having a delay, however the issue is how they respond to it. If Air Canada aspires to be a world class airline like British Airways, Emirates and Singapore Airlines, it has got to do better than this. Fare well.
  13. J.O. frankly you are out of line by this comment. I can't imagine FAA inspectors that is supposed to oversee the activities of the airlines saying to the public that it's OK if the airline kept you on the ramp for more than 3 hours and offered no food, and had more delays the next day and did not rebook your return ticket to honor the same length of stay; I'm sure they have good reasons and since your relatives work for an airline you should have more empathy! Do you?! Just writing JMHO doesn't make it humble, although it is clearly an opinion.
  14. Even North Korea is more open to criticism it seems! Don't know why bothered...
  15. j.k. I appreciate you are trying to defend the mother corporation. At the same time, there is really little to defend and in this case it was really a series of things that could go wrong, did go wrong. For instance you mention rebooking, no one said anything about rebooking. Passengers were left under the impression that they would come back on the same plane and told there would be agents when they get off. There were none. Other AC staff had no idea, and after a long time of investigation passengers gradually discovered they had to rebook, by reclaiming their bags and going to ticketing. People did ask for water or food, but were told they had to wait until cruise, even while the plane was delayed on the ramp (knowing it'd be at least for over half hour)....At any rate, it's interesting that not one person from Air Canada has expressed even a simple verbal sympathy let alone apology, which by the way was the experience on that day too! I'm sure there are other people that have had similar experience on Air Canada that may be reading these pages and rest assured when they read these defensive remarks, they don't exactly get inspired to give it another try! At any rate, thanks for inputs everyone.