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  1. MD2

    WestJet 787

    I wonder if WestJet will expedite 787 deliveries or exercise some options once pilot contract is completed.
  2. So you are saying that this is not something airlines should publicly disclose, but hide it?! Maybe there are airlines that do this, but to WestJet’s credit they are transparent in reducing unnecessary cost. Much like car dealerships that want to do all kind of extra “nice to do” work on one’s car when at the shop....this is why regulators have to be careful to be equally fair to all carriers as to create a level playing field. My limited experience with WestJet tech ops has been very impressive, I remember they used to keep even the old 200s in top form. Recently there have been a couple of articles that have been unfairly critical of WestJet and frankly in my opinion not worth the paper they were written on. WestJet is emerging as a global carrier, naturally there are other carriers that are not very happy about it and corporate lobbying is very strong from some. For instance at the time of Porter’s jet announcement it became evident that a certain carrier was funding NoJetsTo to indirectly stop It.
  3. MD2

    AC To Buy Back Aeroplan?

    A very wise choice by AIMIA to partner with Porter because its product and hub are highly regarded in the industry.
  4. MD2

    90 Seat Q400

    Porter 74 Encore 78 Jazz 78?
  5. MD2

    Westjet Posts Loss

    The last time WestJet lost money was when Jetsgo was offering deep discounts - as it turned out at unsustainable prices - forcing WestJet to lower its prices too. Jetsgo wanted to expand into profitability, which never works. This time WestJet was attempting to limit the same impact by other potential new entrants by introducing Swoop to defend the rear while it embarks on transition into a full service airline with multi class cabins, Delta partnership, wide body aircraft, etc. Now that the framework is in place, it’s return to profitability should be fairly brisk. It’s interesting that some members complain about media’s senstionalization and yet fall victim to the same themselves! I don’t believe there were “foreign” pilots hired at Swoop, rather Canadians that worked overseas for a period. At any rate, it is good that consumers finally have a choice in overseas travel between Canadian carriers and Delta partnership should help profitability as well.
  6. Last fall as part of the Delta partnership they were estimating WestJet fleet to nearly double by 2020, presumably meaning growth in both Swoop and mainline, and possibly Encore...
  7. MD2

    Skytrax best airlines

    Wow, yes l received the same email, but have not voted! At any rate, congratulations to Air Canada and WestJet. To be fair, Air Canada experience has improved quite a bit in recent years.
  8. Even though it has come at a great cost of changing its ownership and name, it’s nice to see that this airplane is finally getting the attention it deserves and hopefully will be used extensively at urban airports where its strengths lie.
  9. MD2

    Westjet pilots strike vote

    Nah, you worry too much! All sides have agreed to arbitration. And for future credibility, WestJet legal will be watching very closely to quench any zealotry.
  10. MD2

    First WJ plane in new livery

    It looks sharp. I suppose they want to freshen things up when embarking on a new path to generate some excitement...
  11. Very sad state of affairs.
  12. MD2

    Westjet pilots strike vote

    Lol, and this sounds like an Air Canada "...but we already fly there!" pitch!! "New market" as in to WestJet and the experience it brings to it passengers/guests. And for the first time in 19 years Canadians may have a year-round choice in overseas travel between two Canadian airlines.
  13. MD2

    Westjet pilots strike vote

    The main objective of an airline is not to present a career progression for any employee group pilots or otherwise, rather to provide a service at a return for stakeholders. And the priority shifts from the former to the latter based on how socialist or capitalist the system is. The other factor is that at its birth and by design it seemed that WestJet pilots were paid under industry wages, and in return they were vested into the success of the company by shares and profit sharing, rather generous ones too. It would be unreasonable to expect to hold onto those and also be paid industry wages. One has to look at the whole compensation or as Westjetters liked to point out, T4 pay....WestJet folks, especially pilots used to be very stock savvy, with time they are becoming more "traditional" group and therefore their compensation may have to change. Imo that would be to their and their company's disadvantage since employees that are included and involved in their company's performance usually perform better and their company does better too. At the end of the day, a company has to make money in order to pay more and survive. Just being really good at something is not enough, case in point Canadian Airlines, great company, great culture, great staff, but not very good at turning a profit!
  14. MD2

    Westjet pilots strike vote

    The business model for Swoop is sound and looking at the big picture it does make sense to protect the rear from other ULCC new entrants and also respond to Rouge while forging ahead with big expansions with the B787s where literally sky is the limit opening new markets into Europe, Far East and South America and creating new opportunities and growth everywhere. The problem has been how to keep everyone focused on the big picture as opposed to worrying about little details. Naturally, Air Canada has not been very keen on having an emerging large international airline, much less one that is profitable and can really succeed. The challenge is to keep the cohorts understand and support the greater plan....
  15. MD2

    Westjet pilots strike vote

    Curious why you call them "former"?!