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  1. A number of departures subsequent to the missile launches and then both before and after the airliner shooting.
  3. That landing was so nice, it reminds me of....well, it reminds me of me.
  4. In a post 9-11 world where any checked bags would have to be found and offloaded, I imagine there would be the same reluctance to deny boarding to an inebriated but so far well behaved passenger, as there is to close a flight on a no-show?
  6. My understanding is that they were having some problems with retardant ingestion into the engines and mitigated the issue with airflow changes by extending the gear during drops. The photos were likely from different periods, before and after the change in their procedures.
  7. The retardant aircraft and scoopers have different roles and contrary to popular belief, often neither solely focused on extinguishment of a fire of any great magnitude. The red retardant is primarily used for containment, establishing a defensive line just ahead of the fire. The desire is not so much to extinguish fuel that's already burning but more to rob the fire of additional fuel once it gets to the line. It can be used as an initial attack tool to buy containment time until other resources, such as ground fire fighters, helis and heavy equipment can get on scene. Retardant is also used
  8. Chief Theresa Spence's hunger strike reminds me of the negotiation tactics of a three year old in the grocery store with his mother. “Ok, I've asked nicely for something that I feel I completely deserve, yet you say no and then some nonsense about not being entitled to more than others in the family. I therefore plan to stage a meltdown in this public place to protest what I know is a grave injustice. I choose to protest in this busy store because it wouldn't have nearly the same effect were I to do it at home. I will make such frequent and compelling noises that all people in the vicinity wil
  9. I'm sorry to hear that you're pulling the pin Mitch. I've always appreciated your honesty and the courage that it takes to wade into what is so often a hostile swamp, all this while using your own name. You'll be missed. Kevin
  10. "As pointed out earlier in the thread, baggage volume will be a HUGE issue on the Skidoo. As it is, we have ongoing problems with carry-on and to a lesser degree checked bag volume even with the 737 and it's 70's vintage spacious overhead bins. The Japanese all travel with hard sided Samsonite voluminous enough to contain a Toyota Corolla PLUS a clean pair of skivies. Northerners seem to lean towards hockey bags and Action Packers." I hope it's not in poor taste to quote yourself. I posted the above in a thread about this in May, prior to AC even starting the service. From what I've been tol
  11. I couldn't find a straight across definition in the Spanish/English dictionary but near as I can tell from studying the words closest to Embraer: A rough collection of motorcycle parts causing either rage or rapture depending on ones state of intoxication. Flight crews had best bone up on Lucas ignition systems, while pax might be advised to stop in the departure lounge sports bar for a wee dram. Kev
  12. I'll have to go with Rattler on that one. Both airlines are owned by native birthright corporations who invested their land claim settlement money in the enterprise. Beyond that, to the best of my knowledge they are both stand alone, profitable entities. There are many, many native owned businesses that are propped up with government funding, but I don't think these two are in that group. Kev
  13. I've been asked many times lately what I think about Air Canada's move into northern territory. I too don't think it will last more than one season for several reasons: Ticket prices online are already higher than initially bragged about by AC. This may have be neccessitated by higher fuel costs but the travelling public won't likely see this as anything other than AC reaching deeper into their pockets before their service has even started. Both First Air and Canadian North have made moves to match AC's pricing. Both northern carriers offer a level of cabin service that is now unheard of do