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  1. Westjet Go Around SXM

    Looks pretty real to me. I would guess around 50’ or less.
  2. More Destinations For Ac Rouge

    Rouge aircraft get the same ground service as mainline aircraft.
  3. Ultimately BW and the MEC/NC at the time that came up with TA1 needs to accept a great deal of responsibility.
  4. Pilots Go To Arbitration

    This is a major part of the problem as far as the pilots are concerned. We are essentially "married" to this corporation. As a pilot if I want to live in Canada and make a living as a pilot then I am going to have to stick it out and hope for the best. If I were to go elsewhere within Canada then I would be starting out at the bottom again and this is not financially feasible for me or most other AC pilots. By the time a pilot reaches air Canada they have usually been with a few a few companies and this can mean going to the bottom pay scale each time in order to get the experience to get to AC. The Corp. knows that we are tied to this company and they have been exploiting that fact for 10 years to find out how low we will go before they find people start to leave for greener pastures. I think they have found that bottom.
  5. Is This True?

    This happens all of the time on the short transborder embraer flights. People have to pay for checked bags. Consequently nobody checks any bags. Some bring two large carry-on bags. Not enough room for all of the bags, even at 65% full, so some bags have to go in the belly. All of this delays the flight, and sand bags are still required. The extra weight from the sand bags costs money in the form of fuel. The power point probably looked great in the boardroom but in reality it pisses passengers off and probably does not generate very much extra revenue (at least on the shorter flights. ORD, BOS, LGA etc..).
  6. The IAM action got the "slow clap" suspended workers back on the job. They did the same thing a few years back as well with the same results and a senior manager ended up being fired. There is a bit of a pattern here. Change begins at the top.
  7. It seems that management have been open to these "back-channel" discussions only after the 13th. Prior to this the union was turned away every time. There have been a few wildcat or illegal job actions at AC recently and each seems to have had the desired result in that a suspension has been overturned or negotiations have resumed. It's a shame that it takes this type of action to get a result. I'm hopefull for this round of negots but given managements stonewalling in the last round, their attempted lock-out and turning to the government to do their dirty work, I'm not overly optimistic.
  8. I hope the effort is genuine with both parties. I do however find it very telling of Air Canada management that they only seem to respond to illegal job action.
  9. Ac Strike Action Yul

    Based on the result of the withdrawal of goodwill by most of the air canada pilots, and the result that has had on day to day operations, if I were in Rovinescu's shoes then I'd try to negotiate. That is of course if he and his bunch actually had Air Canada's best interests in mind. By goodwill I mean pilots coming in on their day off and going the "extra mile" to help out. The corporation has needed this to keep things on the rails.
  10. Congratulations To Rovinescu

    Just pointing out the differences between airlines that are profitable and those that are not. Compare westjet pilot salaries to those of of an AC A320 pilot and you won't find much difference. The same is not true for unskilled labour, and I'll give you 1000:1 odds that Westjet's regional airline will cost significantly less per ASM than what AC pays to jazz.
  11. Congratulations To Rovinescu

    If the corporation is truly interested in creating a separate and profitable LCC then they should be working with the pilots to get things going as quickly as possible. Air Canada does have cost issues, however pilot salaries are not one of them.If they immediatley cut pilot salaries by another 15% the corporation would still be losing money. The more pressing issues that are affecting a profitable Air Canada are unskilled labour* and regional carrier costs. Profitable LCC's take care of the employee's that take care of their aircraft. Take care of your maintenance and pilots and they will take care of your aircraft and fuel. Both Westjet and Southwest do this very well, and in both cases their pilots are better compensated than A320 pilots at Air Canada. In Southwests' case the pilots are unionized. Other labour groups in these organizations are also fairly compensated for the work that they do. As far as the pilot association being united I believe that yes we are. 97% endorsement of our MEC indicates this. Are there things to be discussed? Of course. The majority do not want age 60+ but we do realize that it really is out of our hands, we also realize that there will probably be some pension changes as there have been with other groups and aircraft grouping, if done properly, can have mutual benefits for both parties. Air Canada LCC is not an issue as long as it is flown by air canada pilots under one contract. unskilled labor   noun 1. work that requires practically no training or experience for its adequate or competent performance.
  12. Robert Milton managed to fracture and divide the Air Canada pilots to the point where they were a dysfunctional union, with a great amount of infighting. My congratulations go to Calin Rovinescu for undoing what Milton did and uniting the association to the point that a vast majority of the pilots are pulling in the same direction.
  13. Air Canada Reaches Ta With Pilots

    Strike ballot result changes everything......The outstanding offer and TA1 were crap because management thought we were a fractured group.....This is no longer the case. Management will now have to actually bargain.
  14. TA Vote by FA's

    Conflict of interest?
  15. TA Vote by FA's

    Unless someone is fabricating copies of RES printouts showing an upgrade for Lisa Raitt, authorized by Duncan Dee, then it is not BS. It did happen. I'm sure these type of upgrades happen all of the time. It just seems more than a little offside that an upgrade is being authorized by a VP for an elected official who has made it clear she is helping the company in their labour dispute.