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  1. Probably also bears mentioning that in the Vox video, the difference between the worst and best methods was 10 minutes. So unless an airline is contemplating using completely unassigned seating a la Southwest, (which no major airline would ever, ever consider for the reasons already listed in depth) then you're looking at savings on the order of 5 minutes per turn. Is that going to add up to enough to enable an extra section in the schedule, thereby increasing utilization, thereby increasing profitability? If no, there's no benefit. But it makes for a great rage-click opportunity for CBC.
  2. Guys the point isn't what's the best solution, obviously there are competing opinions as no two airlines are exactly the same, and all develop their boarding methods according to fairly intense scrutiny. The point is CBC had a story idea, "Air Canada uses 'the worst' boarding method," contacted AC for comment, got a very in-depth explanation about the why's and wherefore's of their method, INCLUDING acknowledgement that there exist likely 'faster' methods, and yet decided to ignore the explanation and roll their original idea, 'Air Canada sucks'. Like the friggin glorified blog they are, grappling for page views. What a waste.
  3. The point is CBC wasn't interested in the explanation.
  4. Air Canada, ACPA, amend 10-year contract

    If 51% would be considered an ultimate win for the company, this is painfully close to that.
  5. Air Canada, ACPA, amend 10-year contract

    Biggest bull market in pilot history continues unabated.
  6. Air Canada, ACPA, amend 10-year contract

    It was ratified today. 59.3% in favour, 91% participation.
  7. How They Ruined Airline Jobs

    I just learned tonight that Sunwing hired a '17 college grad. Keep thinking we need wage cuts to fuel expansion, airlines. The shortage obviously isn't real enough yet.
  8. How They Ruined Airline Jobs

    I'm counting on ACPA transitioning to ALPA, and hopefully that leading to a deal for labour mobility across USA/Canadian border. Then we can have some price discovery on the value of aircrew.
  9. Jamaica gon be expensive this winter!
  10. ALPA and JAZZ Sign Seniority Agreement

    Fantastic idea, long time coming. If this idea could ever expand globally it would be a game changer.
  11. How They Ruined Airline Jobs

    My observation is that the 705 carriers in Canada still basically have their heads in the sand on this issue. lalalalalalalalala can't hear you!! Evidence of this are the various proposals to expand while still demanding wage cuts to do so. They still don't believe it.
  12. Hurricane Harvey

    Houston I've read is not susceptible to flood from storm surge from the coast (35-45' ASL), but it is from rainfall rate. If the bayous fill up, the roads are designed to act as gutters which is why they flood, it's by design. Hence the reason to not evacuate, as millions would be on the roads as they flooded.
  13. I landed on 24L today. Huzzah!
  14. Are Pilotless Planes in Our Future?

    Yeah I realize a GPS spoofing attack shouldn't cause more than a, say, "NAV ACCURACY DOWNGRADE" message. Point is, bad actors currently have to breach the flight deck to control an airplane and steer it off course.
  15. Are Pilotless Planes in Our Future?

    GPS spoofing attack