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  1. I believe it the runway was 15R.
  2. Ben Smith is excellent at defending this strategy in a very non-threatening way. In fact I'd go so far as to say that it was developed with the knowledge that the need to defend/differentiate it from Gulf/ME carriers would be required, because to an uniformed it looks very similar. That said, what network airline isn't similar? Bring connecting traffic through hubs. At the core it is very, very basic, elemental even.
  3. Any time I've purchased something purely on price I've regretted it.
  4. Yeah I really want to wait for Europe to get a lot more hard right-wing and nationalist before I go back there on holidays. Makes sense.
  5. Why does AC consistently rank in the bottom quartile of profitability for North American carriers?
  6. This is one example of why calling them "sick days" for pilots- and then enforcing them as such- is too narrow a policy. A lot more goes into being fit to fly than just being physically healthy. fwiw
  7. Guys relax we're just arguing over who is going to apply the MEL. How many bars does it take?
  8. Was underwhelmed at first but overnight it improved for me, can only assume that trend will continue. Win
  9. Tyler Brule and Christopher Bates in attendance per Air Canada official Twitter. Reveal of new uniforms along with livery. And menus and wines.
  10. Yeah, dunno. I have a hard time picturing it too. Less than a week and we'll know for sure!
  11. DEFCON, guess what year it was that Canada had a population of 15M? 1954
  12. I heard there's black involved. Interiors fwiw have migrated very much to grey/red at both rouge and mainline. And the new uniforms are charcoal. I liked the blue but I'm in the minority. Regardless it's time for a refresh and can't wait to see what it looks like.
  13. Economic growth comes from productivity, and doesn't take up space, per se. Japan faces a declining standard of living due to its shrinking population, you could argue it is merely the tough contraction period needed to return to some nominal "correct" population, but try to tell that to the generation or two faced with cuts to entitlements and the declining society. Is anyone really arguing that Canada would be better off a generation from now if we had say 30M people instead of 40M? What is the correct population of Canada, if you could ever define such a thing? Zero points for merely choosing a number within 5% of what it was the year you finished college.
  14. Birth rate in western countries is below replacement level, so we need immigration to sustain our economy. Helping the worlds poor isn't the aim, so in that context I suppose yes it's pointless, but he's getting the context wrong. Immigration is a worldwide free agent competition; we want the smartest, most productive, educated, and healthiest to fill the empty spots on our dying roster. Poverty is a completely separate discussion.