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  1. Regulator? They are self-regulated.
  2. SFO Incident

    When tower called go around the response from AC759 was "...IN the go around." I take that to mean they had already started the procedure.
  3. endorse? End justifies the means? I don't get it.
  4. Be illuminating to peek behind the curtain as to how Qatar achieved such a young average age of its cabin crew. I mean, we know how. But to have somebody state it categorically.
  5. Cohodes is on twitter @alderlaneeggs and is very active if you want blow by blow on this story. He alleges, in so many words, that the senior management is guilty of fraudulent activity. And he called for the immediate shutdown of Keewatin, Calm Air, Bearskin, and Perimeter. View the slides, its illuminating.
  6. If you've been following the Home Capital Group news you recognize the name Marc Cohodes. He has sold short their shares and believes the company is toast. His belief is that there is a ton of fraud in the Canadian market (mortgage and financial alike). His next idea was Badger Daylighting. And now he's just published the above website regarding EIF, and the reason that's relevant to this site is they own several smaller aviation companies in Canada.
  7. yeah, Scarborough. Quit whinin think of the taxes you're saving and the home equity you're not building. Which you would probably waste anyway! Can't say I agreed my dude.
  8. US Pilot Shortage Controversy Heats Up

    Horizon cancelling flights- no pilots
  9. Hey I'm banking on that HSR plan! 23 mins from my city to YYZ. Yeah I'll believe it when I'm leaving the station...
  10. They messed up the roll out, but the new fare seems to have made it very popular. From the weeds, I'd say it will be a long-term success even if it hasn't been in the first two years.
  11. YYZ Live

    How about turn on all the escalators and moving walkways? Related: has anyone noticed how YYZ is extremely similar to MEX?
  12. CATSA to improve security lines..?

    Some fares include unlimited checked baggage. Hopefully you read the description of what you purchased before buying.
  13. CATSA to improve security lines..?

    I go to the front of every public line when in uniform. It's the norm all over the rest of the world if there isn't a crew line. Eff it. Whenever I feel a slight tinge of guilt, I am promptly butted in front of by a retail worker throwing their purse on the belt in front of me! Ha. Whatever, I didn't make the system. I don't feel like it presents a great image to the public to be constantly butting in front of our passengers, but the airline has to run and we need to be there to run it. Doesn't feel great though, I will fully admit that.
  14. Westjet F/A in the news...

    I'm with the FA....deplane, sorry. If you need an audience with the captain to whine about a crew member and your carry on baggage before the flight has even left, you're a hazard. Letting her in the FD, why? Gives me great respect for all FAs and gate agents who handle this type of preflight nonsense without involving the flight crew, other than to inform us that it is happening. To which my response is usually, "I support your decision, please let me know if it escalates."
  15. YYC ATC refusing second approach?

    2 things, "everybody gets one shot." Nope why does YYC and YEG all say, "correct" after every transmission. Nowhere else does that.