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  1. What if porter and Air Transat are still in? Great data mining opportunity for AC, which is the raison d’être for rewards programs anyway (loyalty is for n00bs). For that reason, I’d expect them both to back out voluntarily. Alternatively, they both could submit to full takeover/consolidation. ?
  2. All due respect to porter but if you’re a current Aeroplan member this ain’t anywhere close to cutting the mustard.
  3. So, all other partner options explored and doors were closed? This can’t end well.
  4. Why hire experts when you can hire accountants?
  5. As if 9 DECs hired in the middle of a union bust could stand there and play dumb.
  6. Alertness and endurance. If licensed pilots, of any age, can’t demonstrate those qualities at the start of every pairing, they are unfit. Might be acute, might be chronic. Age is a factor, no doubt. Now, if we are going to eliminate age as a disqualifying factor to hold an ATPL, better we ensure that all license holders are accepting work within their capability to perform. Lower FDT’s definitely extend the age to which one would be able to work a full day, be that 13, 12 hrs, 10 hrs overnight or whatever. I’m 40 and working 14 hrs is difficult, as it was at 25. BTW, claiming northern work is for young men is...false. There is no age limit, ergo the FDTs have to assume a 64-yr-old doing the flying. I mean, this is the entire basis of all aeronautical certification- consider the worst case scenario and add a margin! Why it’s different with FDTs is an enduring shame on our regulators.
  7. Uh oh age has entered the picture. I thought this was a no go topic, insofar as being too old to fly. Are you suggesting different, lower duty limits based on age? I know you’re not, but perhaps being able to work a full duty period, per CARs, is a BFOR. One size fits all indeed!
  8. Cubana should charter from canadian carriers. All have presence at Cuban airports. Operating a domestic turn would be totally possible. Might throw a wrench into NAFTA talks tho.
  9. Threat tactic, to the pilots, which they’ve lost. Threat tactic, to the market, which based on the likelihood of this being accretive to earnings, they’ve lost. Strategy meetings now should be focusing on the best way to abandon this venture with as little additional damage as possible. Until that happens, it will continue to be a drag on everything- management, culture, earnings, on revenue. Climb down now and it’s New Coke, a footnote.
  10. It’s more a threat tactic to reduce competition than it is necessarily a money-making opportunity for them,” he said. “If you have deep pockets and you have a diversified business, you can cross-subsidize a losing venture for a while.” Great plan, well done folks.
  11. LOL. I’d guess more like 1/20.
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