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  1. Halladay. Celebrate the greats, nothing wrong with that. And he was great.
  2. Porter Job Ad

    If you wanna be a pilot, go be one. Never been a better time.
  3. Air Canada's first 737-Max 8

    The issues Transport Canada chooses to take a stand on...
  4. Encore Pilots Have Numbers to Unionize

    That' interpretation.
  5. Alaska Pilots get a good pay raise

    Let me know when to start holding my breath.
  6. The safety demo is a legal requirement. People will/won’t listen no matter how interesting or boring the actual demo is. This is marketing and in my mind promotes the airline’s brand as an offbeat casual company, but doesn’t do anything at all to better prepare the passengers for an emergency than a rehearsed script. I find it cringe-inducing. Would prefer it to be about 75% shorter.
  7. Circa 2007 on a YUL-YYZ rapidair, francophone I/C, after landing, "Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Toronto, home of the 1967 Stanley Cup Champion Toronto Maple Leafs..."
  8. USA 3 of the top 10 by pax volume, 8 of the top 10 by movements. Yep the airspace is busy.
  9. Aircraft movements probably more relevant that passenger volume but it’s an ok proxy for how busy the airspace is I guess.
  10. Airbus buys into CSeries

    I told them to build the Sonic Cruiser! Lol
  11. Airbus buys into CSeries

    Like I said (sort of...)
  12. Employee Travel a Taxable Benefit?

    This thread is about income tax (and taxable benefits) not HST, AIF, and other fees on airline tickets. I bet the Libs counter with some kind of nominal value argument because obviously the seat has value, that’s why we covet pass travel as a perq. The low income retail and service employees would probably be able to wriggle out of it, but airline people eh I’m not so confident. We always, always get screwed. This is really the flip side of all the so-called boutique credits the CPC was criticized for. Typical Liberals, inventing boutique taxes that raise little, cost a fortune to administer, expand the bureaucracy, piss everyone off, and ultimately bury us in our own dung so deeply that we can’t accomplish anything of value anymore. But hey, tax “the rich” if it’s makes you feel good. Looking forward though to writing off all my unpaid deadheads as a loss? Negative income? I DH in J class. Think of the losses!
  13. Airbus buys into CSeries

    Will the long-term effect of this partnership be to replace the EA32 series with the C-series stretches?
  14. Will Boeing Give a Damn?

    Won’t purchase NEW fighters from Boeing. I mean, can you split hairs any finer than this? Well done, Justin. Hit ‘em with the old buy USED gambit. Take that, Boeing. Actually this might be somewhat of a savvy move. Trudeau gets a win by not buying new Boeing, but still buys Boeing, which is a win for Trump. If this cancels the tariff, it’s great for BBD and DAL. Then, AC needs to pivot from the 13 B787 options and buy the A350 (with consideration from Trudeau in the form of what, who knows), and RCAF get the Eurofighter as their new future jet. If this country is interested in anything more than just begging Trump to back down, that is. The truth will probably be more boring than that though.
  15. Employee Travel a Taxable Benefit?

    Whoever has less political clout? Whoever donated the least? That's who pays.