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  1. ACPPA contains no ongoing route or service obligations for AC. It is possible however that there may be obligations under the CTA that would apply to all certificate holders.
  2. Demand and mobility (absence of restrictions). US domestic capacity for August is planned at 55-85% depending on the carrier (the LCC’s are adding back the most capacity). US international still planned at 25% or less.
  3. Dear Maritime cities/towns, Air Canada is NOT a Crown Corporation. Suggest you contact smaller local and Provincial third tier carriers to see if specific city-city service would be financially viable. Or contact WJ/Porter.
  4. YOW has done ZERO for the passenger aviation industry. Nobody should be surprised but I’ll bet JT was. La Belle Province losing network service to smaller communities. Perhaps some smaller local operators will fill the void.
  5. EASA wants it’s 3rd AOA indicator on the MAX for recertification (either synthetic or mechanical). The MAX May get signed off in the USA but it may be a lot longer for other jurisdictions.
  6. And do you think it was two of those ex-military hotshots that flew a perfectly good A320 in to the ground? The airline should be grounded and their foreign landing rights revoked. That jurisdiction and that air carrier are functioning below the level of a banana republic.
  7. Given these self admitted facts, shouldn’t other countries temporarily suspend landing rights for PIA?
  8. ONEX cares about .... cost. ONEX could not care less about corporate culture or ‘Westjetitude’. Subcontracting stations and sacking thousands of employees will save ONEX $$. The COVID crisis just accelerated the inevitable once ownership changed.
  9. Wow. Westjetters are fast becoming a dying breed. On a legal note - isn’t terminating an employee and then telling them to apply to the company that is taking over their work a breach of the “follow the work” provisions of the Canada Labour Code? I’ll bet 3333 soon to be former Westjetters are sure glad they didn’t sign up with a big, bad union that would be charged with representing their collective interests. If they are lucky they will have the same drive to work and will be ‘hired’ at a fraction of their current pay and with less benefits.
  10. An operator that employs and certifies as qualified a crew that is capable of demonstrating this level of incompetence and wilful non-compliance with FCOM procedures should not have an operating certificate.
  11. Well, let’s see..... There are no Rouge Pilot positions left in the equipment bid. So if a Rouge paint A321 does a transatlantic flight then will it have to be a mainline NB Airbus pilot on the AC O/C? Will all mainline NB Airbus pilots have to get ETOPS qualified? Sounds complicated. 2 operating certificates seemed like a great idea... not.
  12. Good luck with that. Remember that politicians and bureaucrats have not and will not miss a paycheque due to the COVID travel restrictions.
  13. Saying that the transaction is on life support is being generous. JME sounds like he is prepared for all contingencies. Looks like he should plan for the one with TRZ continuing in current ownership structure.
  14. In 2019, there was not a single decent sized commercial carrier with a BELF 60% or lower..... or 66%. Or 70%. Yields will have to rise significantly.
  15. Feds are lender of last resort. Unlikely that AC will use any Fed loan program (other than EDC) for sourcing cash requirements. CR is looking for something to be done universally, although AC stands to benefit significantly due to scale. He is dumping 20000+ employees from AC payroll to the taxpayer funded rosters because he has no other reasonable option. Ball back in JT’s court.