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  1. It wasn’t just a ‘feel’ issue as compared to the NG. It was about inherent stability (or lack thereof). At certain angles of attack, the new engine shroud appears to develop lift which reduced the back pressure required on the control column to maintain the pitch up attitude.
  2. Don’t be so sure that AC does not become an A350 customer.
  3. Notwithstanding potential civil litigation for damages, each settlement will also be a function of leverage. Who has it. Who doesn’t. Is WJ going to threaten to switch to Airbus? Is that a credible threat? For AC, it most certainly is including future WB fleet renewal.
  4. FAA will re-certify first. Likely somewhere very early in 2020. Other Regulatory bodies will follow shortly thereafter but it is possible they will impose additional certification criteria (i.e. TC will likely mandate hands on 737 MAX simulator training for MCAS related scenario). The ‘loss of service’ financial damages liability accruing to Boeing for MAX groundings and delayed deliveries will be staggering. Boeing will be faced with either writing several very large cheque’s or giving away airplanes for free to settle the debt.
  5. Seems that several of the new technology geared turbofan platforms are suffering from higher than expected failure rates.
  6. Every Saturday morning I get to hear the Lanc fly overhead...... Great soundbite of history. Father flew the Spitfire Mk VII during WWII.
  7. Wow. Unless I am mistaken this represents the first time that Sunwing Travel has subcontracted flights away from Sunwing Airlines. It is an interesting development as SWG is a vertically integrated company that tends to use in house resources in order to ensure quality control. I am curious if the underlying rationale is that SWG simply wants to buy seats in markets where it cannot fill an aircraft, or if there are cost issues here (SWOOP being a potentially less expensive vendor than Sunwing Airlines). I wonder how the SW pilots and FA’s feel about this development.
  8. I don’t know who is running the commercial side at WJ/SWOOP but the negative PR that has been highlighted lately is a serious degradation on their otherwise cheery product offerings. I sincerely hope that Gerry S and ONEX take a good look at the direction that this company is heading. The AC/AT combination (and superior product) will be just another nail in the WJ/SWOOP coffin unless there is change in product, policy, and performance.
  9. Wow! You mean there is a place where pilots are actually allowed to legally strike? Canada used to be like that until the Harper government set the precedent that somehow airline pilots were exempt from the rights of other unionized labour provided for by the Canada Labour Code.
  10. While testing is intended to exceed design failure limitations by a significant amount, there are also estimates for when the failure (if any) will occur. If failure is above design limit but premature to the estimated failure point, it must be determined why. So much aircraft design is done on computer now that static and dynamic structural fatigue testing and results are critical.
  11. There is no room for any AT aircraft at T1. CYYZ just added a large number of T1 hard stands with bus ops due to overcrowding.
  12. I think that for commercial purposes that the Bahamas no longer exist. Very sad development. It will take years to recover. Building communities at sea level will become less and less sustainable over time.
  13. I have no doubt the non-core asset sale will begin immediately after closing. AC is not in the hotel business.
  14. p.s. if anybody was curious how serious CR was about acquiring TRZ and how much that acquisition has been integrated in to the AC strategic plan - you now have the answer.
  15. To be honest, the TRZ BOD look pretty foolish for recommending acceptance of an offer at $13. $18 looks closer to a realistic takeover bid factoring in subscription incentive and asset value.