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  1. rudder

    Lion Air Down

    And I am sure that all of the mixed fleet operators just put out a ‘differences’ bulletin and that constituted required training. Eliminating the ‘opposed pitch input’ control column stab trim cutout feature is not an insignificant difference.
  2. So, here is the issue. Will customers still buy the Q400? Who will financially backstop Viking if it gets in financial trouble? Is there a risk that the Viking Q400 could become another Fokker? Commercial aircraft customers are looking for long term product support and high residual value on their acquisitions. Will that still be the case with the Q400 and the CRJ lines if both are spun off to smaller corporate entities?
  3. Looks very much like BBD wants to put commercial aircraft manufacturing and support in its rear view mirror. Wonder who would be interested in CRJ production? Thin order book for CRJ900/1000.
  4. rudder

    747 at YHZ

    CYHZ approach/airport facilities clearly substandard for an airport with the type of weather routinely experienced locally. Guess that AC 624 did not get anyone’s attention, including NAV CAN. This does not absolve the pilots in that accident or the 747 accident of responsibility for safe operation of the aircraft, but these both will have the common theme of lack of available precision approach guidance on most suitable runway for landing.
  5. rudder

    Lion Air Down

    In the Rostov crash, it was the pilot that ran the stab trim continuously (via the control column switches) not the auto flight system. In this instance it appears the auto flight system was initiating the stab trim movement (erroneously). How do you know the stab trim is running on a 737? That noisy spinning wheel beside your knee......
  6. rudder

    747 at YHZ

    What is landing distance required/dry runway for an empty 747-400?
  7. rudder

    FedEx Pilot Retention Bonus

    The graphic posted about compensation isn’t even remotely accurate. Add in 16-17% contributed by the company towards retirement. US 12 year NB CA annual compensation is approaching US$300k. WB 12 year CA approaching US$400k. 2nd year NB FO pay US$130k + company pension contributions. And now they are paying retention bonuses. Unbelievable.
  8. AC results very good considering fuel cost increases and capacity increases. Managed to preserve yields. 2018 will not generate as much profit as 2017. And 2019 may not generate as much profit as 2018. However, good liquidity and positive cash flows. AC goal seems to remain as revenue growth while completing fleet renewal which will positively impact CASM.
  9. “Third quarter 2018 free cash flow included net proceeds of $293 million from the sale of 25 Embraer 190 aircraft.” 190 Disposal rates are contained in the Fleet Plan chart in the MD&A.
  10. Q3 is the big enchilada. Trends of increasing fuel costs and declining yields will have to trigger either fare increases or capacity/growth re-evaluation. Should prove interesting for both major players in Canada.
  11. rudder

    The never ending KC-46 saga

    Airlines typically get discounts of up to 50% on large commercial aircraft orders from Boeing. Do you think the US government gets the same discount? Unlikely. Military industrial complex. Politics. Pork barreling.
  12. rudder

    NTSB report on Air Canada at SFO

    Not sure that I agree that commuting (whether by air, rail, or road) is necessarily a contributor to fatigue. If it is, then it is no more significant than the effect of a pilot who is up at 7 am to get kids off to school and then reports after dinner for a tranatlantic flight without a sleep period. I am not aware of any science based evaluation of commuting induced fatigue other than the obvious impact of consecutive awake hours. Common sense should prevail. On the other hand, the impact of disrupted Circadian Rhythm on pilot fatigue levels is well documented and has in most regulatory jurisdictions resulted in science based flight and duty time limitations. A computer algorithm that generates pairings and pilot schedules is great for honouring scheduling restrictions contained in a pilot collective agreement but does nothing to factor in that body clocks and sleep patterns cannot be reset like a computer. I can recall being much more ‘fatigued’ during a 9.5 hour duty period that commenced at 0430 than a 14 hour duty period that commenced at 0800. And a 24-30 hour layover that inverts the wake/sleep pattern is an obvious contributor to fatigue. it is an embarrassment to Canada that two successive Federal governments have slow walked the Flight and Duty Time file. Perhaps these politicians should come along for a pairing and find out what it feels like with the current rules?
  13. It’s ok. AC pilots will be blown away by the c-series/A220 when it arrives. I doubt that AC will ever convert a single option on the MAX. Boeing probably has realized that as well. Still possible that AC/Rouge could still become a NEO customer in the future.
  14. It is a testament to the lack of motivation from Boeing that it did not at least offer standalone MAX operators (i.e. AC) a version of the MAX with EICAS and an updated overhead panel. Behind all those switches and illuminated switch lights is a simple electronic signal. No reason to cling to the design from the 1960’s. I love the pressurization controller. Gives 737 pilot grandads and their 737 MAX pilot grandchildren something in common to talk about......
  15. rudder

    The New Bearded ones

    Well, why don’t we get rid of uniform hats, ties, and start wearing baseball caps backwards at work too? Societal norms are not the litmus test for workplace appearance. I have no interest in going to see my banker looking as if every day at work is causal dress Friday or see my doctor in board shorts and a t shirt. Regardless of the background spin on beards at AC, at its core it was shaping up as a human rights issue. I am not passing judgement on that. But the fallout does not look professional.