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  1. Transat website now says Outside Date extended to October 27th.
  2. So, 2 publicly traded companies - one of whom has extended the Outside Date 3 times AND publicly announced such extensions - are 8 days past the notice deadline for a (potential) further 30 day extension without any public notice and you think they just decided not to disclose that extension to their shareholders? More likely it is as j.k. said above - parties are negotiating. Could be negotiating the applicability of the $40MM break fee or could be negotiating a replacement deal. Either way, the silence speaks volumes.
  3. See page 15/16 - Outside Date. Notice would have been given at least 5 business days prior to Sept 27 assuming requisite conditions were met. There is no public evidence that notice was given. Investor Site still identifies the Outside Date as Sept 27.
  4. This topic thread should be combined with the one where old airliners are turned in to homes, hotels, and restaurants.....the A380 might make a great hotel!
  5. “Wednesday’s Throne Speech also promised to extend the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy to next summer. Details have not been released, but on Friday, the federal Finance Department announced it would be extended at its current level for at least another four weeks — from Sept. 27 to Oct. 24, 2020. Employers who qualify for the wage subsidy will be able to claim up to $847 a week per employee to rehire furloughed workers, the statement said. Future changes to the program will be made “in light of ongoing progress in fighting COVID-19.” A government plan released in July would have reduc
  6. FWIW - it appears that the Federal Government is harmonizing the maximum benefit level for all COVID related income support programs at $500 per week. I would be surprised if CEWS is an outlier to that limit going forward.
  7. The CEWS benefit is enabled by legislation, not fairy dust handed out by the pretty boy in YOW. It is undetermined if this government is even going to survive the confidence vote on the Throne Speech. The NDP are still banging their list of demands on the table. If I was an employer I would not pay out a benefit that was still unsupported by legislation that has neither been written nor been passed by Parliament. This is what you get from the current government. Entirely likely they will cave to NDP demands (because clinging to power is addictive). The CEWS money will come
  8. A leopard cannot change its spots.....
  9. The 2008 recession shut down a multi-billion dollar terminal expansion project at YYZ which still has not even begun. Lack of revenue or lack of available credit (2008) brings big airport projects to a grinding halt.
  10. Congrats WJ. Hard to begin to describe how badly that was handled by all of your staff. Lots of layers, but the bottom line is the outcome is a PR disaster. Everybody is seeing some issues on flights dealing with customer compliance issues for passengers aged 3-93. But none ended like this and none made the national news. Good luck moving forward. But “no comment” is not a worthy response.
  11. International route authority flows from bilateral agreements. The terms of the authority speak to designation of use by local carriers (generally how many carriers not who those carriers will be). The agreements are administered by the respective country or region. The volume of frequency is often specified in the agreement. Each signing authority reserves the right to monitor the use of the route authority so as to prevent imbalanced or anticompetitive behaviour. A good example is Canada refusing to grant Emirates increased weekly frequency on the DXB-YYZ city pair suggesting that the s
  12. What are the guesses at operating costs per flight hour.......
  13. You understand how international air authority is granted, right?
  14. Nope. Return to the gate for non-compliance with a safety regulation.