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  1. rudder

    Boeing Ties in With Embraer

    Only problem is that the E2 is like a B737 compared to the C series.
  2. rudder

    WestJet flight in Sint Maarten

    Actually, these two incidents are exactly the same. In both cases fully qualified crews flying perfectly serviceable aircraft were not fully aware of their aircraft position relative to the ground and the runway below the MDA. Lesson for all of us is if you are not 100% certain below the MDA then go around. It is no different than the stabilized approach criteria. It is not a snapshot taken at a specific point but rather a set of criteria that must be met AND maintained from the assessment point all the way to touchdown.
  3. rudder

    WestJet flight in Sint Maarten

    Many similarities to AC at YHZ. Non precision approach. Poor visibility encountered below MDA. If the WJ 737 did not have EGPWS, I wonder if the outcome would have been less favourable.
  4. rudder

    Cost of Fuel -

    Retail pricing on refined oil (fuel) no longer has the same linear equivalency to Brent Crude. $100 oil would have a serious impact on airlines. Even $80 oil is going to significantly affect the bottom line.
  5. rudder

    WestJet's new look and 787 preview

    I don’t disagree that collecting the ESOP matching is sensible given that it is an extremely generous matching plan. And as you state, get it out of WJ stock as soon as possible for a diverse portfolio. The point that I was making is that if there are going to be raw increases in pay rates, improvements in WAWCON, possible benefit or benefit cost sharing improvements, and even potentially a registered retirement plan that result from the collective bargaining then all of those improvements (read costs) will not happen while WJ is paying a de facto 20% bonus to pilot ESOP participants. $$ are $$. Doesn’t matter where they come from. And unless the company is printing shares for the match, that program is costing $$. Where do you want those $$ spent? That is the question.
  6. rudder

    Westjet pilots strike vote

    There will only be a pilot strike if the company wants one. Does the AB based corporation believe that the rosy cheeked PM will pass back to work legislation with arbitration for outstanding issues? I guess we will all know shortly but all indications are that WJ has been unresponsive at the bargaining table. Perhaps they are hoping to make their last, worst proposal the benchmark for arbitration. Trying to use the CR playbook but not even close to being in the same league when it comes to strategic thinking.
  7. rudder

    Westjet pilots strike vote

    There is lots of evidence that historically the WJ pilots have been a divided group (witness the WJPPA and ALPA votes). WJ senior management has found a way to galvanize the WJ pilots by directly attacking their livelihood and attempting to open an alter ego operation. Must have misread the management negotiating strategy handbook for divide and conquer. Nobody can defeat a united pilot group. Only they can defeat themselves.
  8. rudder

    WestJet's new look and 787 preview

    Time to get off the ESOP bandwagon. Industry standard pay. Industry standard work rules. A registered pension plan. These changes will not happen while spending $$ on share matching of up to 20% of pilot payroll. Even the WJ pilots will have to decide priorities. Employee ownership was a great idea back in the day when there was lots of upside. Not any more. The era of the WJ millionaire is over. Just be an employee. Collect a wage and earn a retirement benefit. Senior management can run the share price in to the ground and it will not matter to you or your financial well being. Aligning employee and shareholder interest was a great catch phrase back in the day but when push comes to shove the employees more often than not end up under the bus. What is the evidence? SWOOP.
  9. rudder

    Westjet pilots strike vote

    Congrats. Outstanding participation and ballot result. And despite suggestions about the WJ pilots being ‘newbies’ at collective bargaining - many are former union members from their previous employers - they know what the stakes are and how seriously they take this round of negotiations. Imagine the very idea of seeing your livelihood contracted out? WJ senior management look like the gang that can’t shoot straight. Unexplanable commercial strategy and the worst labour relations in the present Canadian industry. Stand up and give yourself a round of applause. I wonder when the WJ BOD (minus CB) will intervene to be the grown up in the room?
  10. rudder

    WestJet's new look and 787 preview

    Wondering what a stock confidence meltdown looks like? This is it. The WJ senior management team are doing as good a job of answering legitimate investor questions as Sarah Huckabee Sanders does answering simple questions for the Trump administration. Somehow, WJ senior management has decided that declaring war on its employees will be a winning long term strategy. The pilots are first. Sooner rather than later everybody else will follow. Looks like the “I’m an owner” koolaid effect has run its course. Perhaps the WJ employees will realize that AC is a better investment, both financially and career wise.
  11. rudder

    Emirates Parking Planes

    Open up offshore pilot bases or watch the trend continue.
  12. rudder

    Cdn Duty Day Regs

    This whole debate is the W.H.A.M. ideology in full force. Make all of the changes you want but just don’t make any changes that affect my operation. This whole subject has been epic fail in terms of process, result, and implementation. The mess started with the Conservatives and has been further mismanaged by the current Minister of Transport.
  13. rudder

    NTSB report on Air Canada at SFO

    Interesting that the Captain commented that moving map display on approach was not particularly assistive as aircraft was non-GPS equipped and therefore position accuracy was not assured. This would be the second AC incident where non-GPS status may have been a contributing factor. YHZ aircraft had no EGPWS capability. I understand that AC has reversed its decision on HGS for the MAX fleet and it will now be installed. Perhaps a deliberate shift to enhanced optional equipment configuration where available.
  14. rudder

    NTSB report on Air Canada at SFO

    Forewarned is forearmed. Do not live under some illusion that Canada’s privacy laws are portable to foreign jurisdictions. And on another note - why would anybody believe that their technical records are private? And any ACP or training Pilot that has had their assessment or comments challenged knows that they are accountable for everything they record. This should be an eye opener for those operating internationally about transparency.
  15. AC firm orders for CS300 far exceed E190 replacement numbers. AC got the CS300’s for a song. Every one will likely be delivered even if it comes at the expense of the MAX firm orders. Long term future of the MAX might be Rouge with AC adding NEO’s at the mainline to replace them.