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  1. rudder

    The New Bearded ones

    Well, why don’t we get rid of uniform hats, ties, and start wearing baseball caps backwards at work too? Societal norms are not the litmus test for workplace appearance. I have no interest in going to see my banker looking as if every day at work is causal dress Friday or see my doctor in board shorts and a t shirt. Regardless of the background spin on beards at AC, at its core it was shaping up as a human rights issue. I am not passing judgement on that. But the fallout does not look professional.
  2. Like I said...... ”Minimums”...... Go Around Stable approach criteria.
  3. More proof that the pilots are the last line of defense. ”minimums”...... Go Around. nuf said.
  4. There was VASI (or PAPI). Problem is that with the reported visibility they would not have seen it at the MDA. As a matter of fact, they would not have seen it until very short final. TC needs to harmonize the approach ban visibility for non-precision approaches with the standards in the rest of the world. If that has been the case, this approach never would have been commenced and never would have been continued. Thankfully, the smarter CDN operators have established their own visibility requirements which are far more restrictive (and sensible). Another black eye for TC and this Minister.
  5. A perfectly serviceable aircraft and a qualified crew had a CFIT landing event in YHZ - just like Jazz in CYAM and Asiana in KSFO. Mistakes were made. Seemingly the common thread was the human component. But there were also procedural, technical, and regulatory shortcomings that contributed to the outcomes. Hopefully all of the necessary changes have been made by the operators. However, Canada still lags behind the rest of the world in approach ban limitations on non-precision approaches.
  6. rudder

    Wrong Airport

    What this crew did right is recognize a mistake and take immediate (and embarrassing) corrective action. That is the mark of a professional crew. What this crew did wrong is not take ALL of the necessary precautions - including use of technology - to avoid the mistake. That is not the mark of a professional crew. The story had a happy ending so they get a passing grade. However, on the 1-4 grading scale the exercise was at best a 2 and at worst a 1. Hard to pretend that is acceptable at any air carrier.
  7. rudder

    Air Canada sold the Emb 190 fleet...

    Boeing did take 20. These are the remaining 25. They are first Gen 190’s so AC did well to find a buyer. I believe AC also still owns the 15 175’s in operation at Skyregional. Also first generation models.
  8. Perhaps because all US high density airports have ground tracking transponder capability.
  9. The procedures are covered under MANOPS for ATC. I am not familiar but I suspect that when there are VFR conditions (VMC) for a controlled airport in Canada that it is possible to issue landing clearances to more than one aircraft in approach to the same runway. This is a regular practice at US airports and even occurs during IFR/IMC operations. Having said that, aircraft are required to maintain a listening watch on frequency and to comply with any ATC instruction that in the opinion of the crew does not jeopardize the safety of the aircraft and its passengers.
  10. rudder

    AC To Buy Back Aeroplan?

    Jazz was sold off for about $1.2B with a very generous CPA. At one low point post divestiture, the CHR market cap was under $0.45B. Even with a 25% premium it could have been had for $600-650MM. Now with the diversified businesses, the CHR market cap is back above $1B. There is little doubt that at such a price there is no cost/benefit calculation that would remotely justify AC examining ownership cost vs CPA cost. The sole beneficiaries of the post CCAA sell off were the ACE shareholders. The ACE shareholders were mostly comprised of the unsecured creditors and Cerberus. Having AC out buying back what was peddled in the post CCAA era is just a further evidence that the terms of the restructuring were beneficial almost exclusively to external parties, not AC. Pethaps as history re-examines the 2001-2018 era at AC, it is fortuitous that CR exited stage left as CRO in 2003 (not ultimately being responsible for the resulting plan) and returned as CEO in 2008 (to clean up the mess).
  11. A 1% differential is just 1 incremental assessed failure per 100 PPC events. 2% is 2 events per 100. Not indicative of any gross discrepancy in the application of standards between the 2 groups. CCP A and CCP B do 99% of the Part 705 checking as the TC designates. There is high demand for CCP qualified pilots. Having the annual monitor rides of ACP pilots done by senior CCP A pilots is a logical evolution with TC maintaining first monitor PPC obligations and the ability to spot check.
  12. rudder

    AC To Buy Back Aeroplan?

    This is the least surprising news of the day. When the near 18% shareholder signs off in the deal, seems the momentum is unstoppable. They were quite vocal about valuation and seem to have gotten what they wanted. Will Aeroplan revert back to a wholly-owned subsidiary of AC? Or become an integrated division of AC?
  13. rudder

    Ben Smith Leaving AC?
  14. rudder

    Ben Smith Leaving AC?

    Just speculation, but if the AC CEO position were going to be imminently available perhaps Ben Smith would have remained at AC in hopes of that outcome. Likely his departure signals that it will either not be imminently available or that he was not the first choice of the AC BOD to succeed CR. Another logical candidate for AC CEO is Michael Rousseau, current CFO. Not sure it is requisite to assume COO duties prior to advancing to CEO. Therefore, possible that AC may fill the COO vacancy bypassing Michael Rousseau who would remain as CFO and still a leading candidate for CEO if and when that position becomes available. I predict the COO position will be filled internally. There are other capable executives but few with the background that Ben Smith had when he assumed those duties. I always presumed that he was being groomed for the corner office at AC. Perhaps he still is, just gathering useful experience and knowledge elsewhere. Having said that, he is taking all of AC’s secrets and International strategies with him to Air France/KLM. Those would include the STAR Alliance strategies as well. Good news for Skyteam.
  15. rudder

    Ben Smith Leaving AC?

    Done deal.