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  1. If theRE is anybody in the travel business that thinks that this issue is a blip that will pass quickly they are sadly mistaken. This may end up having a larger impact on the bottom line for 2020 than SARS.
  2. Q1 2020 will take a big hit with the China/Coronavirus travel decline. Stack the ongoing MAX grounding on top and there should be a measurable revenue and profit impact. AC is still estimating return to service of the MAX in Q3 2020. That is a very optimistic estimate.
  3. Great spot. Diverse backgrounds for the participants. High level of industry specific knowledge. Reasonable censorship (unlike the other Canadian operated web board).
  4. This is the picture that CR will be sending to Boeing as well as the claim for financial damages.
  5. Cool. Doesn’t hurt when you are operating an aircraft at M0.85-0.88 Did 670kts GS a couple of months ago. Not even close to the 715kts these guys were doing.
  6. Ok. How many g’s at touchdown to do that to the landing gear..........4+?
  8. Avherald says ADSB data had the aircraft 800’ AGL at 1 mile back from threshold (950’ MSL with airport elevation 163’). Using the 1:3 rule that is way too high for a 3 degree FPA. As a result, the aircraft is alleged to have touched down nearly 5000’ beyond the touchdown point. That is not floating. That is continuing an unstable approach to touchdown. There is airport video of the aircraft running off the end of the runway then disappearing over the embankment. Pegasus has 3 B737-800 runway overruns in the last 25 months.
  9. You land a plane 6500’ down a wet 10,000’ runway and expect..... what? Left the runway end at 65kts groundspeed. Overran the runway by 550’. Forget that it was a 737NG which has its own unique landing distance issues. Based on the Avherald flight data this was an example of appallingly poor airmanship and decision making. Stable approach criteria........ apparently just a concept.
  10. The picture of the engine intake forward of the fan blade looks like there was a puncture from the outside. Perhaps not ingestion from in front of the engine but tire shards and shrapnel from the sidewall of the engine nacelle.
  11. Is there a Q400 pilot who can explain why nose gear doors that are normally closed down with normal gear down selection appear open?
  12. There is lots out there on other industry web boards but suffice to say that this conversion which used to be fairly simple and straightforward is now time consuming and expensive. Suggest that you contact your nearest FAA FSDO office for the up to date and non hearsay process.
  13. The YYZ based MAX simulators belong to CAE but AC is the primary customer. I believe that unused time can be rented out by CAE. The second MAX Sim is in the non-AC side of the YYZ CAE facility.
  14. June would not be unrealistic for the FAA. Other agencies would take longer or perhaps add additional conditions. My guess is that TC will insist on pilot training (including Sim). Thankfully for AC, it has primary access to 2 MAX sims in YYZ. I am certain that AC would like to see it back in service for summer 2020.
  15. Canada and US both now saying evidence indicates a ground launched missile struck the aircraft. Also, video of missile in flight striking....something. And less than 1 minute later the flight crashes.