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  1. Airbus buys into CSeries

    THe CS500 would complement CS100/300 fleet operators. 320NEO works for standalone Airbus NB operators. The CS500 would not significantly harm Airbus but would be very bad news for Boeing. Watch for CS technology to start to make its way in to the next gen Airbus product line.
  2. Airbus buys into CSeries

    Beaudoins approved the deal because the accumulated c-series debt and a lack of sales revenue to service the debt repayment schedule would have bankrupted BBD. I would not be surprised to see the sale of aerospace assets continue, but I cannot imagine who would be interested in what is left.
  3. Kind of like selling 737's at attractive prices rather than actually designing and building a real next generation aircraft. Everything in the next Boeing stable of aircraft should be reverse engineered from the 787 platform of technologies. if Boeing wants to start reselling an old platform then start building a 757MAX.
  4. Will Boeing Give a Damn?

    Airbus won the lottery. BBD and the CDN taxpayer can say that a great aircraft was designed and built in Canada, but with little else to show for it. Boeing is left holding a burning bag of ......
  5. Airbus buys into CSeries

    JetBlue is VERY interested in the C-series as a E190 replacement. However, they wanted the AC/DL pricing. That particular window was and is now forever closed. If Airbus decides to develop the CS500, the market in the US could be reasonably large. However, they will have to decide if a 150 seat C-series variant complements or competes with its own product offering. Airbus may in fact just be getting involved to simply control and ultimately extinguish a competitor. But I think it is more likely that Airbus will see opportunity in selling the best product available in the 110-150 seat market as a positive.
  6. Airbus buys into CSeries

    Boeing's objection is likely that they should have thought of partnering with BBD on the c-series first. Too late now. Boeing made a critical strategic error when it abandoned its drawing board replacement to the 737 (AKA the 797).
  7. Will Boeing Give a Damn?

    What this proves is that a CDN aircraft manufacturer cannot compete in the large commercial aircraft marketplace without unsustainable state subsidies or by selling at below cost. The Airbus partnership made sense 2 years ago and makes even more sense now with the US marketplace effectively closed under status quo ownership and production. Perhaps BBD will eventually sell its remaining stake. I suspect that for enough $$ the Beaudoin family would say yes. Not sure what the QUE government would do with its stake but the taxpayer should not be in the business of owning publicly traded production companies over the long term. If Boeing was half as bright as it thought it was by jumping on the nationalist bandwagon and then buying advertising spots in Canada, it would have known that Airbus was nearby and could have made a better offer. But instead they got greedy and stupid.
  8. Airbus buys into CSeries

    Boeing got greedy and banked on the 'nationalist' President and his administration jumping on the bandwagon and sabotage the c-series. Instead, the c-series now has an unlimited financial lifeline through Airbus and will be a poster child for the now requisite 'made-in-America' label. Only change will be that Airbus will not be giving the plane away for free (or close to it) as was the case with BBD. This is a great outcome for Bombardier Aerospace. Will be interesting to see if BBD pursues divestiture of the CRJ900/1000 line or the Q400 line.
  9. Coalition of Canadian Airlines

    In the US, pilot groups do not always agree. And they have found themselves in mergers not of their own volition and with competing views on how the lists should be integrated. Having said that, for the most part they all live under the same respresentational roof - legacy, regional, cargo, and charter airline pilots - and speak with one voice on issues of regulatory nature. They also have done a masterful job of late of coordinating bargaining goals and the result has been a significant raising of the bar for pay and benefits for almost all of their constituents. The only meaningful exception to the one tent system is the pilots at AA represented by the APA whose pilots have still benefited from the significant contractual gains made by their ALPA represented peers. Having sId that, there has been significant discourse amongst the AA pilots about the effectiveness of a boutique union shop vs a national organization. I applaud the WJ pilots for their choice in representation and hope that other CDN pilot groups will seriously evaluate their representational choices. It is time in Canada to put all professional pilots back under one CDN tent.
  10. Coalition of Canadian Airlines

    The employer(s) is doing a better job than pilot labour in finding a singular voice. ACPA/ALPA/WJPA/UNIFOR/TEAMSTERS all competing to get their voice heard and purporting to speak on behalf of professional pilots. No wonder the Minister is filtering out what he hears from these competing and disjointed voices. Time for one union and one voice for commercial pilots in Canada. Call it CALPA. Call it ALPA(C). I don't care what you call it. Just make it one tent - one voice - one pilot union.
  11. WestJet 737 Max

    180 seats? Ouch! max certified seating is 189. That is a very tight fit.
  12. WestJet 737 Max

    AC has announced on investor day that seating configuration for the MAX8 will be 169 seats with J class/premium economy/economy. what is the planned WJ seating configuration?
  13. Monarch (UK) grounded

    I am guessing that there may be some operators making calls to leasing companies to see what might be available and on what terms. The 321's in particular will have several interested parties.
  14. Will Boeing Give a Damn?

    Boeing is **bleep** that BBD scooped them on converting the AC MAX options by selling (giving away) so many C series to AC. And Boeing is stuck with 20 190's that were being redirected to Delta who also bought (paid a fraction of list price) C series. Another reason for Boeing to be **bleep** at BBD is giving away 737-700's to UAL to avoid a UAL C series order. The winner in all this will be AC who has turned pitting manufacturers against each other in to an art form.
  15. Swoop??

    There is no room for a RyanAir type model in Canada. ULCC coupled with the high third party charges that are part of doing business in Canada will not permit the "less than bus fare" stimulus to travel. Absent ULCC entrants, SWOOP would just be a way for WJ to cannabilize its own fares. ULCC won't last. But it may erode yields while the turf war goes on.