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  1. There is a whole new planned wing at T1 remaining to be built. Will be a good excuse for GTAA to increase the YYZ AIF.......
  2. SFO Incident

    I can understand confusion amongst parallel runways, particularly if cleared for a visual approach without straight in approach back up (although one could set up an extended runway centre line on the moving map using the FMS). However, I am not aware of a single taxiway that has approach lead in lighting associated. One would have to think that would be the best clue as to what you were perceiving as a runway. Same consideration for the YMM incident listed above.
  3. In many different ways, LBPIA and CYYZ are becoming a joke. Canada's busiest airport? The worlds most expensive airport? What are users (passengers/airlines) getting for their $$? Inability to deal with weekend traffic flow due to a missing tower controller? Traffic flow restrictions of nearly 50% for runway renewal? Terminal buildings that fall far short of the standard in the modern era. Things are not getting better. It is just more of the same. Security lines - ridiculous. Customs lines - ridiculous. Many, many available queues unused due to no staff. Best line I ever head from a US airline pilot was "My definition of happpiness is YYZ in my VOR with a 'from' indication". Pearson airport should be a place that people look forward to going to, not leaving behind. It is turning in to a national embarrassment.
  4. I have an acquaintance that just flew the 321NEO in revenue service. Fuel burn 2000 PPH less than a B757-200. Huge cost savings.
  5. SFO Incident

    Flight was operated on a CDN AOC in US airspace. Operator must comply with both CDN and US reporting requirements.
  6. The adage is that an employer gets the union that it deserves. Let's see what WJ gets. But these CEO comments do not bode well.
  7. Great choice albeit an NB aircraft replacing a WB aircraft. AT should look seriously at migrating from the 737's to 320NEO's. Tough to do on a seasonal basis but would effectively migrate AT to a near single aircraft platform. Pilot training costs, parts costs, etc would drop significantly.
  8. AC should have stuck with Plan A which was the NEO.
  9. CAT IIIb Video

    Actually, there is more to it than that. Monitoring the automation, verifying the approach path on the ILS, and FMA call outs are all part of conducting a successful auto land. There are potential system faults and threats. That is why the flight crew is an essential component of an auto land.
  10. C-series will be mainline. Pay rate (assuming CS300's are included) should be around 7-9% below the 320/737. No doubt that AC is going to ask to place the 25 190's at Express after 2019. That will be up to ACPA as the scope limit is clear (and closed as a bargaining item absent mutual consent). I wonder what that transfer would be worth to AC?
  11. The pilot shortage in the US is real and the massive retirement exodus of current mainline pilots has barely begun. AA will retire 50% of a 15,000 pilot list over the next 9 years. The latest DL equipment bid awarded an MD80 CA position to a January 2017 DOH. US regionals are offering signing bonuses of $10-20,000 creating effective first year pay rates of $50-60,000. Canada will not see the 'crisis' that seems on the horizon in the US, but on both sides of the border the pilot supply crunch will see the phasing out of smaller guage CPA fleet types as the most valuable commodity will be a pilot block hour. With restricted block hours available due to pilot shortages, airlines will have to maximize ASM's by increasing guage. You will see reduced frequency with larger guage at the regional affiliates, and the use of larger versions of NB aircraft at the mainline. Regional feed will evolve to a 76 seat standard and mainline NB capacity of 160-180 seats will become the norm. The UA CEO is already publicly mulling requests for increased fleet and guage at UA Express. My guess is that the vault will be open for even further increases in UA mainline pay rates in exchange for any relief to CPA restrictions. Second year pay at the majors is already six figures combined with 16% company contributions to retirement vehicles. In this respect, AC/WJ are woefully behind the pay curve. Things will look much different on both sides of the border 5 years from now. And pilots have more leverage than they have had in almost two decades.
  12. 2017 = 60 then 70/100/100/95/120/130/120/120 Higher than 150 kicks in 2026 and beyond.
  13. Flying the A321Neo.....

    No more B scale. ACPA should not approve any Rouge fleet expansion unless pay scales are harmonized. The reality is that most Rouge flying used to be mainline flying. Unit cost savings can come from hundreds of new-hire FA's and seat configuration densification. Pilot pay should be removed as a tool for cost reductions.
  14. The age 65 attrition rate is actually quite shallow for the next several years. Bigger affect on staffing will be whether AC gets ACPA approval for Rouge expansion and whether additional unannounced 787's (and routes) are revealed. AC may also want to identify a potential reassignment of the 190's as the C-series begin to arrive in late 2019. If I were ACPA I would not start with a 'NO' but the requisite quid should not simply be growth. AC pay scales are in serious need of recalibration.
  15. Flying the A321Neo.....

    Rouge would be well suited to go all Airbus. A mix of 320/321/330 would create significant efficiencies. Mainline will eventually be all Boeing (other than c-series).