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  1. Movie stars expect a certain level of service...... That is why VA has been a success and AS will blow it if and when they diminish the VA product (or worse by replacing the Airbuses with 737's)
  2. AC has markets where J class is expected. AC has been able to keep J class inventory on many routes using AC Express. Higher CASM but lower trip cost. Allows AC to offer greater frequency and more connections. AC is in the process of increasing J class seating inventory on the AC Express 76 seat jet fleet (from current 9 seats to 12 seats and hot meals/wi fi/ in seat entertainment on all flights by year end).
  3. I see it more along the lines of what AC FA suggested. Substitutions on existing routes. There are no WJ -800 leases expiring anytime soon so these are either existing fins or WJ would have to go find 10 more 800's. That is unlikely.
  4. Hopefully that is because there no longer exist a group of pilots stupid enough to pay for their own training or fly for bargain basement pay rates. There have always been scheisters looking to start an airline. There has not always been a supply of gullible pilots willing to make it a reality.
  5. The -800 hull (including the MAX8) is certified for up to 189 seats. That is a fairly common configuration for low cost and leisure travel carriers around the world. RyanAir has asked Boeing to provide a 200 seat configuration. Not sure the regulators will approve it or if it will pass evacuation criteria. The -900 hull requires 2 extra emergency exits for seating over 189.
  6. Rumour is that AC is looking for relief to grow Rouge ahead of current restrictions and fleet ratios. ACPA should say "make Rouge as big as you like - but there will be just one set of wages, work rules, and benefits for all AC pilots". The WJ pilots should say the same. And while they are at it - sign the card. All CDN airline pilots under one representative tent. Airlines compete - not pilots.
  7. What he meant to say was "cheap and cheerful westjetters....." Time to sign the cards and put an end to the charade.
  8. I think that WJ was just looking for an excuse to increase seating to 189. And now they will find out the challenges of fleet substitution when things go wrong. It creates inefficiencies. A separate AOC would just compound the logistical challenges.
  9. My guess is that AC costs for pilots at Rouge are very close to current WJ 767/737 pilot costs. AC FA costs at Rouge are likely slightly lower than WJ FA costs due to low tenure and no soft credits. I am not sure how much of the AC overhead costs are applied to Rouge. Given that WJ already has no J class product offering and a premium economy offering that is little more than an empty seat alongside, it is hard to believe that there will be a product offering that will come in below what currently exists on the WJ 737's. It would appear that Gregg wants to emulate O'Leary. A fee to use the lavatory cannot be far away.
  10. Hopefully the WJ pilots will not make the same mistake as ACPA (yes, I know that Rouge/LCC came from a government imposed agreement) and allow a separate AOC creating the opportunity for divisions in the ranks and carve outs of flying from the mainline bid package. My bet is that WJ will try to sell this concept to the WJ pilots as 'growth' (meaning upgrades). I also wonder if this is an attempt by WJ to insulate part of the airline from impending unionization by creating multiple corporate subsidiaries.
  11. I had to check to make sure the press release was not dated April 1st. More importantly, this announcement is an admission that a WJ does not feel that it is cost competitive with potential new entrants (or potentially AC Rouge with an expanded domestic network?) This may be a preemptive strike agains AC plans that are not yet announced. Max seating in an -800 is 189 (O'Leary wants it certified for 200). That must be what WJ means by 'HD'. It will look just like the Sunwing seating chart. Airline within an airline is rarely effective. It confuses the customer and dilutes the brand. But I am sure that WestJet Rouge will be a complete success....
  12. I don't mind the overall design but AC should really consider dialing back the mascara around the cockpit windows......
  13. There is a CRJ900 sitting outside the Jazz hangar in YHZ in the new AC colours. Here it is landing in YUL -
  14. Hey, it is like a DC3. You can say my grandad flew it, my dad flew it, and I am flying it!