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  1. Off 16% YTD2018. Off 21% from the 52 week high. Institutions that wanted to book gains for YE2017 are already out but the selling continues. Is it increasing fuel prices?
  2. Ability to fly comes in handy sometimes....

    Owls are pretty high up on the food chain. Are you sure that isn’t a video of CB stalking the WJ ALPA Pilots?
  3. Pilot Shortage Is Here

    One flying college offered the entire pending graduating class the opportunity to remain as flight instructors after graduation. Guess how many accepted? Zero. Times have changed. Clinging to the past will not solve the current and future problem.
  4. A380 Production may soon end

    Looks like Airbus will have to get some sales advice from the experts at BBD.......
  5. Pilot Shortage Is Here

    Charity. This flying club wants pilot charity. And they are not alone. The days of indentured pilot servitude are over. Living in a past pilot supply paradigm will be the recipe for eventual corporate extinction. The industry is changing. The flying business is changing. First organization to stop being reactive and instead start being proactive and create a new model based on pilot supply chain realities will be both the winner and the survivor.
  6. Pilot Shortage Is Here

    Flying colleges are having the same problem. Once again, a failure to acknowledge the concept of supply and demand which ultimately sets the price equilibrium for instructor pay. If $30k is not enough, offer $50k. If $50k is not enough, offer $70k. Or close the doors. it is shocking the lack of awareness of the reality of the pilot shortage in Canada at virtually all levels of the industry.
  7. Swoop - Apply now

    I doubt that a SW or Transat pilot would quit to go to SWOOP but would not be surprised to see night cargo carrier pilots look at this opportunity. And as more Express pilots find disappointment in the FPML process there may be some looking for a new opportunity outside the AC system. With Rouge, SWOOP, FLAIR, GGN and others - Canada is fast becoming the b scale capital of the world.
  8. Pilot Shortage Is Here

    Law of supply and demand. Entry level wages must go up. Poor working conditions must become a thing of the past (24 hour reserve/floating days off/20+ working days per month). Some carriers are immune - or at least think that they are. Others may have to shrink or possibly disappear. The pendulum has swung and some operators seem not to understand what is happening. The days of treating commercial pilots like indentured servants are over.
  9. Tarmac accident at YYZ

    Ontario $14/hr minimum wage soon to be $15/hr. One can work indoors serving coffee and make the same pay as working outdoors in the harsh winter conditions pushing around multi million dollar assets. So long as any employer continues to practice a ‘lowest pay’ philosophy in jobs where mistakes have serious and expensive consequences there will be the possibility of unfortunate mishaps. This could have ended with an outcome much worse than just significant damage to two aircraft.
  10. Tarmac accident at YYZ

    Notwithstanding any possible communications misunderstanding between the ramp control and the two aircraft, the only way SW could have been pushed into another aircraft that was behind is either no wing walkers, or failure of wing walkers to effectively communicate to the tug driver that the area behind the aircraft was NOT clear, or that the tug driver was not monitoring the wing walkers. It will be interesting to get the full facts of the event. And yes, it was an expensive error.
  11. YYZ

    Like I said, when the 2 busiest airports in the country run with the flow rate of a busy US municipal airport then you quickly realize that is is nearly impossible for the CDN operators to offer a truly world class product. Thanks Minister Garneau. How are things doing at the ISS? Any arrival/departure delays?
  12. YYZ

    CYYZ is an embarrassment. CYUL not far behind. Any aspirations for a carrier to offer a 'world class' experience that transits either of these facilities will be a daunting task. However, any issues that arise out of staffing problems strictly within the control of the operator should not be attributed to deficiencies with the airport.
  13. It is interesting to read the newspaper speculation but Embraer will not be acquired by Boeing. The Brazilian government would not give approval plus Embraer has a lot of other projects (including military) that are not for sale. If anything comes of this it will be a targeted JV just like the c-series Airbus/BBD JV and focused solely on the E2 jet line.
  14. Embraer offers no products that compete in any of the Boeing product categories. The acquisition might be to try to demonstrate that the ‘Airbus’ CS100 is competing against the ‘Boeing’ E190/195 and therefore close attention must be paid to alleged predatory pricing and alleged subsidization. Boeing is still playing catch up in many respects. I wonder if an EMB final assembly facility is planned within the USA?
  15. Air Georgian on the Hot Seat

    SMS. FRMS. Self monitoring. This is the new TC direction for Part 705 operators. Others can comment on its effectiveness. Air Georgian was historically a B1900 operator. Part 704. In November 2013 Air Georgian entered in to a joint venture agreement with Regional 1 Airlines, an experienced CRJ operator. This facilitated the entry in to service of the CRJ at Air Georgian in May 2014 as part of the Air Canada Express network. Part 705. The joint venture agreement with Regional 1 Airlines was terminated prematurely in February 2016. Regional 1/AVMAX no longer supports the Air Georgian CRJ operation. All public information. Press releases. Wikipedia.