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  1. B737 FCOM: The thrust reverser can be deployed when either radio altimeter senses less than 10 feet altitude, or when the air/ground safety sensor is in the ground mode. Movement of the reverse thrust levers is mechanically restricted until the forward thrust levers are in the idle position.
  2. Just had a closer look. DL pilot profit sharing for 2016 was paid out at 17.81%. DPSP (company pension contributions) are 16%. The pilot pay raise is a cumulative 30.2% to January 01, 2019 including an immediate AND retroactive 18%. I would post all of the actual pay rates but it would probably upset CDN based pilots. However, here is a sample - second year FO pay rates are comfortably in the six figure category. Including PS and DPSP, for 2017 top NB CA pay rates are US$350+ per hour. WB CA rates US$440+. Add another 3% for 2018 and 4% for 2019. It is not significantly different for the other US legacy carriers. The point is that the the portion of CASM that is directly related to pilot labour costs is significantly less in Canada than in the US. There is a lot of room to move and not put CDN carriers at a competitive disadvantage. If it is true that AC is looking for 'relief' from ACPA on Rouge expansion and possibly the 190 allocation to Express after 2019, then I would hope that ACPA would put raw pay rates back on the table.
  3. Half a months pay? Try closer to nearly 2 months pay. Profit sharing for DL pilots pays out at nearly 20% of base pay so you are talking US$60k+ for a WB Capt. Add in 16.5% company contributions to retirement and pay rates that are light years ahead of anything in Canada and you are looking at total compensation rates (non-currency adjusted) that are at least 30-40% higher than their CDN counterparts. On a currency adjusted basis the disparity is even more embarrassing. And all the while declaring record profits.
  4. There may be some 321NEO delivery spots coming available if AS cancels the VA NEO order.
  5. Hard to believe that AC walked away from a 320NEO deal with Airbus but Boeing seems bound and determined to give away 737's. And Boeing agreed to eat 20 190's which Airbus was unwilling to do. It will be interesting to see what AC chooses for replacing the Rouge 319's and the 767-300's in the post-2021 time frame. 320/321NEO and A330NEO would certainly look good in Rouge paint. Perhaps even CCQ for Rouge pilots.
  6. I saw an AC 321 new paint and then an AC 321 STAR Alliance paint. Very similar. I can get used to the AC new paint but the 'raccoon' cockpit window paint should perhaps be reconsidered.
  7. On a non-currency adjusted basis, AC pilot related unit costs will be approximately 25-30% lower than the US legacy carriers in 2018. On a currency adjusted basis, the differential is closer to 35-40%. Rouge is probably another 10% on top of that. When it comes to pilot labour costs, the 10 year deal makes AC look like they won the lottery.
  8. Given that Westjet already has a packaged vacation business, the acquisition of Transat AT would not be illogical. The addition of a significant wide body fleet and North Atlantic route authorities would move WJ ahead by many years in global expansion vs organic growth in these same markets. It also brings a greater operational experience level in that realm. Yes, WJ would have to digest a significant group of tenured unionized employees, but the reality is that WJ is headed for unionization anyway with or without a merger. It also provides WJ with a turn key French language workforce. This transaction may not be on the WJ radar screen but on paper it looks like a winner.
  9. Just saw the new paint 321 in YUL. Not unappealing but not inspiring either. Very business like. Will work fine for the next 10 years of AC branding.
  10. Many do not understand the toll that divorce can take on an individual both emotionally and physically. However, I know one particular airline medical dept that will suggest (but not order unless obvious signs of unfit for duty) the affected pilot to take medical leave. In this case, self diagnosis is not the most reliable barometer of fitness. We are now evolving to a pilot medical standard where emotional duress may be included in the list of reportable events. That is a progressive stance being taken internally by some employers and to a certain extent by the regulator (questions about general mental state are now included in routine pilot medicals). What this particular pilot needs is intervention and support. That is how the system is supposed to work.
  11. And the Federal Minister of Transport needs to take time out of his busy day to attend a corporate PR function for a route announcement that could have been handled by a press release?
  12. The analysts are already dumping on WJ for its 3 fleet type model (737/Q400/WB). I doubt that adding a fourth fleet type will drown out that particular commentary. Boeing is more than happy to give away the older B737 models (pre-MAX). It would be significantly more cost efficient for WJ to take Boeing up on this offer rather than looking at the c-series. it is also unlikely that WJ will get the AC/DL pricing on the c-series.
  13. Uniform fit is a quality control issue. In the case of AC it seems that this is a vendor issue. Uniform fit and resulting professional appearance certainly were more reliable in years gone by. Perhaps there will be a rethink of the 'off the rack' supply model with the rollout of the new employee uniforms.
  14. Actually the AC Pilot uniform is one of the most professional looking out there. One only has to look at what has come of the US carriers pilot uniforms (including the no hat/backpack brigade) to see how unprofessional a change in appearance standard can be. The double breasted tunic forces the wearer to do it up. Single breasted is typically left undone and looks sloppy. Some like hats, some don't. The purpose of the hat is to readily identify the pilot(s). Mission accomplished.
  15. Eastern guests? Minister of Transport? Welcome a new chapter in Montreal? Sounds more like a route announcement rather than equipment. My guess is International.