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  1. You have no idea how fast I ducked.
  2. The risk of some in Government seeing it as their opportunity to expand the Golden Trough for appointments and interference based more on political rather than business considerations. A certain unsuccessful political candidate from the past comes to mind.
  3. I did the YYZ-CDG flight that night and it was very quiet en route and through the layover. Made you think.
  4. I take your point entirely about your affection for the aircraft and what you and it accomplished. My post was that the OP specified 'Beauty" and to me that meant line, form and appearance, rather than function and efficiency. If function and efficiency were the criteria we could be talking the Bristol Frieghter. Or the Short Skyvan !!!
  5. I thought the original thread specified “Beautiful” rather than your favourite aircraft. While I can understand those who opt for the Herc, is it beautiful? maybe if you like Bulldogs. Putting on tin hat.
  6. I have long thought that for elegance of lines the Caravelle looked beautifully designed.
  7. If we are talking distractions, this guy is pretty good at graphics.
  8. Great deck shoes !!! some boat owners won’t let you on board with runners have to agree with the Darwin comment.
  9. Nothing a bit of speed tape couldn't fix.
  10. Hi lupin, I guess it was the wings that made me see the B-787 but now that you point it out the Concorde is there. That bird is a Gannet and the wings just look like they are designed to be in the air rather than on the ground. Here is one that I think is even more like the Concorde at the pointy end. It is a Masked Booby which I saw off the coast of Brazil. Really elegant looking bird. I have to think that Nature figured out design for flying a while ago.
  11. If birds have inspired design, this bird says to me B-787.
  12. From Leeroy's post on the 737. the first manual trim input starts the trim and determines the direction of the run. Now that takes me back to the runaway trim exercise from DC-9 days in the Sim.
  13. The owner of the local shoppers has been encouraging local MDs and his regular customers, where possible, to send prescriptions to his branch electronically and the meds are delivered to the home address. The delivery guy is behind PPE to the extent possible and you pay by credit/debit/ touch/swipe on a terminal that he sanitizes. Obviously it does not cover 100% of transactions but it reduces contact of people and pieces of paper in the pharmacy. Seems to work and probably will become closer to the norm if the economics work.