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  1. Not about to Poo Poo, although I switched from Win XT to a Mac almost ten years ago. I think a lot of it is about what you are used to. Some of my most used Apps, ( Adobe Lightroom eg.) are essentialy the same on either platform. Actualy Windoze will run perfectly well on the Mac if you have Win only Apps that you need.
  2. If I may respectfully make a suggestion, upgrade from XP as it is no longer supported and therefore is not getting any security patches making it very vulnerable to the bad guys.
  3. Perhaps not, these regulations look like they are aimed at "recreational" use. I thought there was a difference, (IE Qualification requirements, licensing perhaps), if drones were used for commercial purposes. The Minister said that further regulation is coming around June so perhaps commercial use will be further clarified.
  4. The more things change etc.
  5. Could'nt agree more.
  7. Hmmm, looked at it a few times and would have taken it to be Turtles ??? Don't want to split hairs, just first impressions.
  8. I believe he flew the F-102. That is a pretty good level of qualification.
  9. Jaydee, In the first sentence, substitute the word Democrats with Republicans and the word Trump with Obama and it is a case of Deja etc., etc.
  10. Certainly a DC-9 but that is not an AC version, is it? It has been a LONG time but the fin # and some of the equipment does not look familiar.
  11. I guess I should know that one as it is one of mine scanned from the original slide, that I posted Oct 9th 2016.
  12. My only time on Airbus's hardware was a few years on the 340, (enjoyed it a lot once I got the hang of it BTW), but there was a small whiff of Deja Vu, or perhaps, "I say old boy...haven't we met?" to quote a recent thread. The CF-101B Voodoo, if anyone remembers that machine, had a feature called Control Stick Steering. In essence it was an autopilot mode where you input commands from the control column. The aircraft would maintain its flightpath as is, until you changed it by input from the CC. The CC stayed in a neutral detent until changed which required about a 2 pound input to break it out of the detent. When you let go of the CC the aircraft would continue as pointed, (nose up/down, bank angle, unless it ran into limits, eg. such as decreasing airspeed whereupon it would lower the nose to avoid stall/pitchup and so on. It would also prevent you from yanking and banking too hard which gave you some protection from the dreaded pitch up. It did not however have any integration with thrust, that was up to you. This aircraft entered service in the USAF in 1959. Anyway, the thought is that some of the principles of FEP were explored a fair time ago. Airbus certainly implemented the concept in a far more sophisticated manner which I think most would agree has been well justified by the results.
  13. Looking at the windshield I. Would go for an Me-109.
  14. Becoming Rara avis these days.
  15. Fabulous mic, Neil McDonald and Rex Murphy, step aside, you can't keep up. You might need to keep an ear open for gents in black suits with wires in their ears knocking on your door after that post. Such stuff might attract attention. (Just kidding, I hope). Anyone taking bets on the incumbent finishing his term, and I am not suggesting an unlawful act. If he does anything near an impeachable action I think he will be on thin ice. I'd think that McConnell and Ryan would rather deal with President Pence than the mercurial and unpredictable incumbent.