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  1. Maybe my memory is going LaLa, but I thought that Canadian went to Gatwick for their London operations.
  2. Would this be the same individual?
  3. Also, many of the flights that landed since this occurred cannot deplane, as there are not enough gates available. Wonder if it will become cost effective to find some of the PTVs that used to be used for off gate boarding/deplaning. Mirabel comes to mind, they were a significant part of passenger movement at the time.
  4. Fun to watch, lot of money close together.
  5. CUPE could at least proofread their document and spell Calin’s name correctly. . Blame the autocorrect I suppose.
  6. Could not agree more. I have a three generation history of the women on my mother's side of the family and it saw my mother gone in her fifties. The company Doc in YVR, (who I had a lot of time for), said, "Colon cancer could almost be called a preventable disease if caught early enough". The prep is not the greatest but the procedure is not too hard to take and the preventive value is "Priceless". Edit: just realized on reading that my handle could be a very poor pun, but not intended.
  7. Well maybe the aircraft may not be technically grounded but it is more than just "Restricted from commercial service". It is banned from operation in the airspace of many jurisdictions, Canada being one of them. I believe the EU allowed three ferry flights per airframe for storage, placement etc. and that was it. Political regulators are not going to stick their necks out until it is fixed and confidence restored.
  8. As you say, more to the story, I'm sure. I almost did a similar thing a long time ago. Myself and F/O, walking down the hall minding our own business. Crew scheduler nails us and tells us there has been a crew misconnection and we are drafted to do xxx to YYZ, (from YUL). OK, we go to dispatch and at that time we used block clearances for fuel so we filled out our paper work with fuel for YYZ and went to the airplane. Called Clearance delivery and got a clearance to Ottawa. Hmmm, maybe it is a short clearance with further airborne. But, wondering if that is realistic call dispatch. Yes, you go to YYZ with that flight number but via YOW. Good job we checked as we had fuel for YYZ and the understanding that that was where we were drafted to go, mindset fixed. I have often thought about the reaction if I had made a PA over YOW at FL 310 announcing our ETA at YYZ. We came close to doing what BA did here. "This is inconceivable when knowing you are going to go to Dusseldorf" I'd bet that they did not know the flight was meant for Dusseldorf and they went where they thought they were supposed to go. Judge not or there but the grace etc.
  9. I flew with a Texan who had two silkworm pins, both earned in the F86. My Nav from Voodoo time, (xxx), had the dubious distinction of being, (as far as I know), the only one who left the CF-100 by way of Martin Baker equipment, twice. The first time was involuntary, they were flying along when the drogue gun fired, going through the canopy and dragging the drogue chute out. Then the canopy left and his seat went out with no action on his part. His pilot by this time had been descending at a great rate but then he bailed out. When questioned as to why, he said that he figured that xxx knew more than he did so he bailed out. The airplane ended up in a field in Belgium and as luck would have it hit a gas main to a village and cut off the gas. During the investigation the in charge officer was convinced that xxx had deliberately bailed out. Can't imagine why he thought that, but until the seat was found with both handles in place he was having a hard time denying it with some consequences if he was not believed. The second time was much later when he was flying with EWU on an exercise over the Laurentians. The controls locked up and they both had to bail out.
  10. For his business students. how to destroy your image.
  11. What a great gesture. I suspect that many others who rely on what they do would support that. I have to think that if someone is deemed an "Essential service", and is therefore obliged to work, but is not paid, is truly being stiffed. This should not be legal. These people are not indentured slaves. Essential service, you get paid.
  12. Wonder where the main gear goes, fuselage I guess.
  13. You would have to hope so, I would think that that there would have to be situations where a reject from just before V1 would have less that that distance available. ????