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  1. So enough people knew of a need and obviously had the "Go Ahead" to develop and incorporate the "Important change" before Forkner became aware of it in late 2016. Who would they be and where are they in the chain of responsibility for MCAS? Sounds like Forkner should have some co-defendants to keep him company. Not saying he is Lily White in this but he sure looks like a lonely scapegoat.
  2. So vaccines work then, right? Well, I'm thinking Polio and Smallpox vaccines seem to have controlled two serious ailments that were devastating to those who contracted them. BTW ask someone who is recovering from Shingles if they think it may have been worthwhile to have tried immunization. I am not saying the vaccine is guaranteed but one gent I know would give a lot to have been able to turn the clock backward and give it a try.
  3. And if you don't add some external fuel tanks you will not be going very far.
  4. If the current level of Ads continues I can live with it, no problem. The point about adblockers is fair IMO. (TANSTAAFL)
  5. Interesting to see the progression from early reciprocating internal combustion engines with their inherent violent movement of parts, (pistons, valves etc.), to the smooth movement of turbine type of power.
  6. Yes, I found that anything recent or perhaps in more limited availability did not have much discount, if any. Thanks.
  7. Thanks for the info, i have usually bought from the online store. Oh well, it was appreciated while it lasted although the discount did not seem to apply to the most recently released items. Thanks again.
  8. Apple made their products available to AC employees and retirees at a discount. Something similar to Edu and other corporate deals, (Starbucks and several bank's employees eg.) When I try to access the Apple site that was directed to AC employees I end up being sent to the Apple Canada site. The AC corporate rate seems to have disappeared It was not a huge discount but was welcome nonetheless. Anyone know where it went? Thanks.
  9. Seeing a report that American is suspending the sale of alcohol in Coach until sometime in 2022. Standby for increased BYOB events.
  10. Gotta agree with GDR and I have a couple of years on him.
  11. Why does that remind me of YMX ?
  12. Was that the Turbine powered train between Montreal and Toronto that was trialed for a time? not sure it really worked. i have been on the Paris to Lyon TGV and it was pretty darned good. not quite as impressive as the Mag Lev in Shanghai but still very good.
  13. A classic example of intrinsic Vs sentimental value. PS. I am a sucker for sentimental, but alas, not in the market.
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