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  1. Tarmac accident at YYZ

    Well, talk about Foot in mouth timing. Where is the Slap head emoji ?
  2. Tarmac accident at YYZ

    Change of clothing, makes sense. Anyone remember Bruce Hood, (former NHL referee) ? He was appointed "Complaints Commissioner" for the travelling public around 2000 or so by the government of the day. Seems he thought about warm clothing being a good idea when coming back from the sunny South one winter. However he had the warmer clothing in his checked bags and "Murphy", with perfect timing, chose his bags to go astray. Delicious irony I suppose. In fairness to him though, the odds of that happening are pretty long but he sure knew where to complain to.
  3. Tarmac accident at YYZ

    Wonder how many travelling in beach attire expected that?
  4. Need to know

    Douglas C-124 Globemaster.
  5. AEF CPU Usage

    I am seeing a similar situation on Mac OS with Chrome, AEF -95% CPU while other sites are in single figures. Using Safari and Firefox, AEF uses around 50% CPU, other sites again in single figures. My Mac is an I7 with 16GB RAM if that means anything.
  6. 8 Ah, Captain Schettino I presume ?
  7. At the top of the list for the reason for Cabin Crew being on board is passenger safety. I am sure that safety related announcements have been given a lot of thought and should be treated as SOPs, the presentation should be as clear as possible so as to be understood by the passenger, not turned into someones idea of Yuk Yuk.
  8. What pilot shortage............?

    Boe, I suspect that in this case "Leave" is referring to what we call "Vacation". IE, being paid in lieu/selling your vacation. That was done at AC for a time.
  9. Thales New 2020 Cockpit

    Looks neat but what about the reliance on touch screen in turbulence? Surely the seats and panels are stabilized in sync during turbulence
  10. Not Political, Non Aviation

    This seems to particularly apply to someone with a camera in hand. "Having to get "THE" shot" seems to confer special status and privilege in the mind of the person with the camera.
  11. Not Political, Non Aviation

    Watched a guy on a bike today in the centre lane on Georgia street in Vancouver, chugging along on his bike holding up, (blocking really) an entire lane of traffic. Wonder if he thought he was entitled to do that. He eventually moved over to the curb lane and a whole lot of traffic were able to get going again at a rate that seemed reasonable. Similarly, I was stopped at a red when two cyclists went straight through the intersection with barely a pause. It makes it hard to afford cyclists respect when you see this sort of disregard for the rules of the road.
  12. Music Break!

    Greg, You can sure pick 'em, that was stunning.
  13. Four life sentences and 15 years and he is out in seven??????? A feature of the "Catch and release program" of our judicial system.
  14. I suspect in many other countries they would have had a full front course ILS available. I can't see why it is necessary to have to be limited to Non Precision approaches to major airports in lousy weather. As someone else said, ( I paraphrase somewhat), "enough of art work in the terminal when there are still less than the best approach systems available to all the runways".
  15. Need A Little Help..OT

    Doesn't it say somewhere, "No user serviceable parts inside" ?