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  1. Gotta agree with GDR and I have a couple of years on him.
  2. Why does that remind me of YMX ?
  3. Was that the Turbine powered train between Montreal and Toronto that was trialed for a time? not sure it really worked. i have been on the Paris to Lyon TGV and it was pretty darned good. not quite as impressive as the Mag Lev in Shanghai but still very good.
  4. A classic example of intrinsic Vs sentimental value. PS. I am a sucker for sentimental, but alas, not in the market.
  5. The Bubble canopy was a Canadian version.
  6. Continuing with the Chipmunk. A longtime Airforce/Airline friend sent me this photo. Hope I am OK to post it. This Chipmunk is in my logbook January 14, 1959 with the trip being exercise Post Solo #5. The gent on the left is a squadron mate from CF-100 days in North Bay. He is retired from AA after a post Air Force career in the airlines. The gent on the right is the owner of the Chipmunk, his son, who is now a pilot with AA having started with them in maintenance. The aircraft looks beautiful. The thought occurs that if I could snivel and whine enough to get a ride I could put the same aircraft in my logbook with some 62 odd years in between. Actually I would settle for a photo sitting in it.
  7. Nobody is going to tell me what to do. Uhh, which side of the road are you going to drive on???
  8. I am not sure what happened to the above but I can't edit or delete it. It seems to be locked. Sorry about the format.
  9. You have no idea how fast I ducked.
  10. The risk of some in Government seeing it as their opportunity to expand the Golden Trough for appointments and interference based more on political rather than business considerations. A certain unsuccessful political candidate from the past comes to mind.
  11. I did the YYZ-CDG flight that night and it was very quiet en route and through the layover. Made you think.
  12. I take your point entirely about your affection for the aircraft and what you and it accomplished. My post was that the OP specified 'Beauty" and to me that meant line, form and appearance, rather than function and efficiency. If function and efficiency were the criteria we could be talking the Bristol Frieghter. Or the Short Skyvan !!!
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