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  1. Hey Greg, i thought this was going to be about your first solo.
  2. I seem to remember you could get the vertical speed on touchdown from a maintenance page in one of the MCDUs, (on the A-340 at least), to get some idea of the landing. I think that figure was one of the things looked at in an overweight landing check. Guess you need to be in later aircraft, DC-9 and B-727 types not available. But they were built like the proverbial Tanks.
  3. That's what Gentrification does. The departure of Aircrew will no doubt lower the level.
  4. Thengyewsomuch, the very thing I was looking for, cheers.
  5. I have to say I am really impressed with the level of artwork that these folks do with this sort of painting work. There are a lot of seriously good paint jobs around the industry and I don't imagine they are cheap or easy to do. (Looking for a Tip O' The Hat emoji here).
  6. And that is nothing new. When AC got the B-727 it was ordered without a taxi light on the nose wheel. I don't whose department decided that, but it cost to retro fit the light when the pilots objected big time and someone listened, although it took a while.
  7. We don' need no stinkin' trucks, bucket and coffee mug does the job. (Actual de-icing as seen through the terminal window, some erasing of identity done. The company is no longer active).
  8. I can just imagine how fast their insurance company would have jumped on that to avoid any payout.
  9. Friends from Montreal went off on a skiing holiday and when they returned and opened ther door they were met by a blast of hot air. Something like opening an oven door. Their heating system had been going non stop during their absence. The house was mainly of stone construction and had absorbed a lot of heat. The wall paper was on the floor, candles had melted and so on. It took quite a while to cool down enough, (they could not stay that night), so that that they could stay in it. They were pretty lucky that there was not more damage. I think the WiFi water detectors are a great idea, got mineat Costco, and if you could get temperature warning system Hi/Lo with the same tech it could be useful.
  10. Stunning shot and love the paint job. Hope you have a large print of that on the wall of your cave.
  11. I know, there is always someone who want to up the ante but, the required test in Maui was $US 180. We were triple vaccinated and aware before we left that it was a bit of a risk when you enter the US with a relatively simple test and have to take a much more sensitive one to come back, getting stuck there in quarantine would have been a very unwelcome bill. I realize no one forced us to go and jurisdictions set their own standards so Caveat Emptor I guess, just as long as the rules are available, understandable and can be relied upon.
  12. For the -32 at AC the preferred T/O flap option was slats/ flap 15 degrees followed by slats/flap 5 and then slats/ flap 0, in that order as required by WAT limits. The slat/flap selector was operated as a single lever, (first detent slats only), but could be split by removing the bolt that combined the two. Slats/flaps 0 T/O was only needed at close to MTOW and high temps and needed a long runway, the T/O speeds were pretty high. I can't really see from the images if the slats were extended but if not I believe they should have got a config warning.
  13. Not all, AC's first six aircraft were -15s and had no slats. Subsequent deliveries were -32s and had LE slats. The -15s came in late 1966 and the -32s came in June 1967 and so on. I would be surprised if the accident aircraft did not have slats.
  14. So enough people knew of a need and obviously had the "Go Ahead" to develop and incorporate the "Important change" before Forkner became aware of it in late 2016. Who would they be and where are they in the chain of responsibility for MCAS? Sounds like Forkner should have some co-defendants to keep him company. Not saying he is Lily White in this but he sure looks like a lonely scapegoat.
  15. So vaccines work then, right? Well, I'm thinking Polio and Smallpox vaccines seem to have controlled two serious ailments that were devastating to those who contracted them. BTW ask someone who is recovering from Shingles if they think it may have been worthwhile to have tried immunization. I am not saying the vaccine is guaranteed but one gent I know would give a lot to have been able to turn the clock backward and give it a try.
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