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  1. Hi lupin, I guess it was the wings that made me see the B-787 but now that you point it out the Concorde is there. That bird is a Gannet and the wings just look like they are designed to be in the air rather than on the ground. Here is one that I think is even more like the Concorde at the pointy end. It is a Masked Booby which I saw off the coast of Brazil. Really elegant looking bird. I have to think that Nature figured out design for flying a while ago.
  2. If birds have inspired design, this bird says to me B-787.
  3. From Leeroy's post on the 737. the first manual trim input starts the trim and determines the direction of the run. Now that takes me back to the runaway trim exercise from DC-9 days in the Sim.
  4. The owner of the local shoppers has been encouraging local MDs and his regular customers, where possible, to send prescriptions to his branch electronically and the meds are delivered to the home address. The delivery guy is behind PPE to the extent possible and you pay by credit/debit/ touch/swipe on a terminal that he sanitizes. Obviously it does not cover 100% of transactions but it reduces contact of people and pieces of paper in the pharmacy. Seems to work and probably will become closer to the norm if the economics work.
  5. As a retiree it has been a long time since we successfully used a pass on other than a short high frequency route where we can afford to miss a couple of departures. We buy seats the same as every one else off the street these days, with who ever has the price and conditions that suit us best. Our passes have really lost their value. When the company sweetened collective agreement offers with higher priority passes it did not cost them much. I certainly realize that passes were always considered a privilege, (and a generous one at that), but there were also many who stayed o
  6. The Hawaii traffic is almost non-existent and I imagine a fair bit of what is flying is cargo. i guess the fourteen day quarantine requirement makes vacationing a non event. The quarantine even applies to inter island travel just to make it even more unattractive.
  7. Only one design topped it in my view and that was the L1011-500.
  8. Short landing technique ??? But then I suppose you still need enough distance to get out again.
  9. Seeker, +1. Imagine the uproar if the flight had cancelled and ferried out of there to where a fix could have been made. "Corona virus declared global health emergency by WHO" I guess the CBC does not understand priorities and mechanical realities.
  10. Could some one offer the writer a dictionary ?
  11. I was thinking more of Casino, stand up bar, (sorry, Continental already did that on their DC-10s), dance floor, (didn't someone already do that in the upper deck of the 747), putting green, ya know "great new features."
  12. and they’ll call it “re-branding” the aircraft. Isn't that what Trump suggested some time ago? If I recall it was something like, "Re-brand it and include some great new features" Not sure what "Great new features" could be though, but I'm sure he could come up with something.
  13. I wonder if the TV program that was done on a day at work with an airline pilot is still around somewhere ? i know there have been a few but the one I am thinking about starred none other than AEF’s own Don Hudson. Plays a pretty impressive piece by Chopin on the ivories as parr of it.?
  14. It really boils down to the seating that the airline specified when they ordered the aircraft which is their decision. The airframe it is stuck in makes little significant difference IMO. Maybe the 787 cabin altitude can be appreciated but other than variations in enroute time on very long haul, 737/767 makes little difference to me. Having said that, I did not enjoy the flights I did in Max from the point of view of the Galley/Washroom area. That design is awful as far as I am concerned. My biggest peeve on seats are those that are short in the fore and aft dimension so that y
  15. Just travelled YVR-OGG on Omni, ( at least I think it was Omni, Winglets 767 ?), and thought the seating in steerage was par for the course. I am a shade under 6ft and had no problems, travelled in worse actually. Cabin crew were Rouge, ( and were very good), and other than the “Box Lunch” dining it was all pretty much what Rouge is about.