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  1. I flew with a Texan who had two silkworm pins, both earned in the F86. My Nav from Voodoo time, (xxx), had the dubious distinction of being, (as far as I know), the only one who left the CF-100 by way of Martin Baker equipment, twice. The first time was involuntary, they were flying along when the drogue gun fired, going through the canopy and dragging the drogue chute out. Then the canopy left and his seat went out with no action on his part. His pilot by this time had been descending at a great rate but then he bailed out. When questioned as to why, he said that he figured that xxx knew more than he did so he bailed out. The airplane ended up in a field in Belgium and as luck would have it hit a gas main to a village and cut off the gas. During the investigation the in charge officer was convinced that xxx had deliberately bailed out. Can't imagine why he thought that, but until the seat was found with both handles in place he was having a hard time denying it with some consequences if he was not believed. The second time was much later when he was flying with EWU on an exercise over the Laurentians. The controls locked up and they both had to bail out.
  2. For his business students. how to destroy your image.
  3. What a great gesture. I suspect that many others who rely on what they do would support that. I have to think that if someone is deemed an "Essential service", and is therefore obliged to work, but is not paid, is truly being stiffed. This should not be legal. These people are not indentured slaves. Essential service, you get paid.
  4. Wonder where the main gear goes, fuselage I guess.
  5. You would have to hope so, I would think that that there would have to be situations where a reject from just before V1 would have less that that distance available. ????
  6. And of course the CBC would be delighted to help them along with dramatising their outrage
  7. Overnighted in Port Angeles WA., motel near the ferry terminal to catch the morning sailing. Found a “Resort Fee” on the bill at checkout, no prior mention. Objected and told that this was standard practice. not sure what we got for our fee but seems to me you should be informed before, not after the fact.
  8. PS..I do have a photo of an AC 747 with the rear end falling off during a touch and go...but no 747's anymore. ) I seem to remember that AC got quite threatening some time ago when that image was doing the rounds. (I am assuming that it was the one cobbled together showing the side blowing out)
  9. I believe this data could be accessed via the third MCDU in some maintenance page, (at least on the 340). Friend of mine was able to do this when he went into Iceland overweight. The vertical speed on touchdown was such that no maintenance action was needed.
  10. I believed the UK is looking at creating their own GPS network in the event Brexit threatens their access to Gallileo. If I have it right the US removed the dither on GPS during the first Gulf War as too many things needed the accuracy. They committed to keep it available to all and sundry but in the age of Trump and those who support him, who knows what promises can be relied on.
  11. On my iPad Pro red, on iMac black, perhaps an IOS anomaly. IOS or AC coding, who knows?
  12. Hmmmm, just tried the same route for June 25 and capacity and available are red. space is available for my priority and it accepted my registration up to pricing, puzzling.
  13. Tried those flights for July 25 and capacity and availability are red. wonder if the aircraft capacity is not decided ? i am a retiree if that could be a factor but that does not sound likely, ( I hope )