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  1. I believe Wardair had a Captain without a real/valid ATPL many years ago.
  2. I would be concerned if there were not more layoffs. With zero income you can not carry employees forever.
  3. I do not believe engaging the autopilot would have been an option with an extreme out of trim condition. Stick shaker, airspeed warnings, all close to the ground, would be such a distraction it does not surprise me that they did not get to the stab trim cutout switches.
  4. I understand that the MCAS stopped trimming until the pickle switches were released and then the MCAS resumed trimming nose down again, but if the pilots leaned on the pickle switches for a period of time, would the aircraft return to a trimmed state, at least temporarily? In other words did the pickle switches only stop the MCAS but did not trim the aircraft in this situation?
  5. When pilots used the thumb trim switches I understand it stopped the MCAS trim output, but did it reverse the MCAS trim output?
  6. With compressed tires and oleos fully compressed not difficult to see why fuselage hit. I always thought the tailskid was designed to protect the aircraft during T/O only.
  7. I used to set up the ILS 28R in the secondary flight plan and get the pilot not flying to activate it when I no longer needed the rnav approach. In fact I always used the secondary flight plan and would often set it up with an alternative approach or runway. Used it more than once in YYZ !
  8. Sounds like an early April Fools.
  10. An embarrassment to the profession and I hope he is terminated. Kind of an anti-Sully.
  11. Apparently pointed the wrong direction. Incident: Westjet B763 at London on Jul 5th 2016, right is where the thumb is left By Simon Hradecky, created Friday, Jul 15th 2016 20:21Z, last updated Friday, Jul 15th 2016 20:21Z A Westjet Boeing 767-300, registration C-FOGJ performing flight WS-23 from London Gatwick,EN (UK) to Vancouver,BC (Canada) with 268 people, was instructed to turn right to a heading of 090 after departure from runway 26L. However, the aircraft turned left, air traffic control issued vectors to avoid a traffic conflict. The aircraft continued to Vancouver for a
  12. I guess Omni was not available. (WS) WestJet 4 (LGW) London, EN, GB to (YYZ) Toronto, ON, CA Status: Canceled Last change to status more than 3 hours ago DEPARTURE ARRIVAL Scheduled Departure: Scheduled Arrival: 2:45 PM - Mon Jun-27-2016 5:55 PM - Mon Jun-27-2016 General Flight Notes: We do not have th
  13. As mentioned before, OTP is getting worse so no surprise that Omni contract will be renewed. WS 2 Historical On-time Performance Ratings Route: London to Calgary Date Range: April 15, 2016 to June 15, 2016 Flight: (WS) WestJet 2 Departure Airport:
  14. LGW-YYC for the month of May. June looks like it will be worse. edit (Whoops, Gatwick-LGW) Performance Summary On-time Performance Delay Statistics On-time Arrival Performance for this Flight On-time 1 5% Late 1 5%
  15. WestJet has been operating the 767 for over 6 months and it would appear that things are deteriorating rather than improving.