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Buffalo Airways DC3 Accident

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52 minutes ago, Kip Powick said:

Hmmmm  Wonder what happened as the DC-3 is capable of flying with just one engine.....possibly bad engine failed to feather???

Was in a Dakota in Resolute one dark and stormy February night when the left engine blew a jug, failed to feather and caught fire. I was in the back. The guys up front tried an approach, missed, circled at 300' into the good engine, came back and landed.

Very highly experienced pilots.

Will be interesting to see Buffalo Joe's guys' credentials and experience.

It's starting...

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Two possibilities. Overweight or prop wouldn’t feather. 

If that was the first flight of the day I’d bet the engine oil wasn’t warm enough to feather the prop. I did lots of ski work out of YYQ where the prop feathering button wouldn’t do anything until the second takeoff of the day. 

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