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  1. blues deville

    Lion Air Down

    Three. AC, Westjet and Sunwing.
  2. blues deville

    Fly Jamaica Crash Lands....(.enroute To YYZ)

    Guyana airport rescue workers charged with theft. No excuse but some of these countries have very low paid workers. Had a credit card removed my wallet which was inside my flight bag placed next to my seat during a POP turn. Card went on holidays without me. A few years later in PUJ during a vacation my debit card was scanned and again went shopping without me.
  3. blues deville

    747 at YHZ

    It’s quite possible the pilot flying may have had limited experience too and perhaps their landing distance calculation wasn’t perfect either. Under those conditions it would have to be error free. No floating. No delay on on reverse or brakes. Will also be interesting to know if the aircraft had any deferred items such as rev thrust or brakes etc.
  4. blues deville

    Who Knew?

    I don’t know where I’d rate YYZ. Certainly not the worst but not #1. I would say it has the best de-ice system. There are lots of poorly designed airports mainly because they’ve had to evolve over the years with limited space. So has YYZ. Old T1. Old T2. Newer T3. Newest T1 with more to be added. It still has its built in grid lock at busier times of the day and a North-South runway operation restricts the number of movements. Nothing do to with this survey but from a pilot’s perspective regarding airport design and aircraft movement, Orlando/MCO has always impressed with its long multi parallel runways and terminal pod design. No built in push back or taxi delays because of the amount of space used on gate and aprons. Anytime you can’t get to or from a gate because another aircraft is blocking your path is a poorly designed system. Of course these surveys don’t really score this side of the equation. It’s all about the passenger experience.
  5. blues deville

    Who Knew?

    Toronto’s Pearson International named best airport in North America.
  6. blues deville

    Lion Air Down

    As of last week Boeing identified the problem to be a faulty AOA sensor on the Max. No info on the part supplier or what other 737 series have this same unit installed.
  7. blues deville

    Lion Air Down

    This AOA sensor fault occurred while in manual flight with nose down stab trim being applied repeatedly. The solution of course would have been to disconnect both stab trim however this was not a Boeing procedure. It is now as addressed by the Emergency AD.
  8. blues deville

    LAS Controller has apparent stroke on duty

    I guess. Working apron or ground control so perhaps in a tower room alone. Quite an unusual event.
  9. blues deville

    LAS Controller has apparent stroke on duty

    Was she on her own in that position and no one noticed?
  10. blues deville

    747 at YHZ

    The 747-400 has an inboard LE retraction system when reverse thrust is used. Looks like it didn’t extend again from the photos.
  11. blues deville

    Fly Jamaica Crash Lands....(.enroute To YYZ)

    I don’t understand why their hydraulic system problem required an immediate return and landing. However if it was a loss of both left and right systems it is a serious issue and creates a long list of inop items. But you can still fly. Inop list: L/R Autopilot, auto speed brakes, both reverse thrust, normal brakes, alternate brakes, nose wheel steering, flaps/slats and landing gear operation. From the photos, the nose gear doors are open which tells me they had to do an alternate gear extension, and the flaps appear to be F20 which would have used the alternate flap system for extension. Landing speeds are high. Use Flap20 & Vref 30+20. The 757 wasn’t designed with a fuel jettison system because it can return and land at any weight. But you will need longer runway for your situation. A careful landing distance calculation would have determined the required length which a weight reduction (burn off/no fuel dump) would have reduced substantially. Or divert to another airport/longer runway. From Boeing’s NNC landing distance at 86,000 kgs. with no corrections it is 5300’ and increases by 75’ for every extra 2000 kgs. I think for a long flight (6hrs) to YYZ and the number of passengers it was probably at a much higher weight. Turning off the runway before the end (if that’s what they did) probably saved lives so I’d say they were close to having enough pavement. Fortunately no serious injuries. The airplane may be repairable but probably not worth it due to its age. I would also want to find out when the hydraulic systems were last serviced. It’s a very realiable design if everything is closed up properly.
  12. blues deville

    Fly Jamaica Crash Lands....(.enroute To YYZ)

    A right main gear collapse on landing or after it exited the runway? Flaps look perhaps at F20. Lucky there was no fire considering fueled to Toronto.
  13. blues deville

    Crew incorrectly select flight-director mode

    ....“after it experienced an “uncontrolled” increase in pitch to 29.4°”.......The crew was alerted by visual and aural warnings, as well as the stick-shaker, and the captain immediately acted to counter the approach to stall, disengaging the autopilot and pushing the control column forward, pitching the aircraft 2.2° nose-down. Immediately could be a stretch.
  14. blues deville

    WestJet to defer four 737 MAX 8 deliveries

    Was thinking it was only two B767s. Four airframes waiting for IROPs might be excessive.