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  1. I’m thinking “flight over water only” until they’re proven to be realiable. Hard to beat those PW radial engines.
  2. What’s interesting here is how the BA City Flyer passengers who had booked, paid and boarded this flight knew where they were supposed to be going.
  3. Too late. I think you might be Muskoka bound.
  4. A 1960’s comedy movie about tourists in Europe. However, this week it’s a 2019 comedy about pilots operating a BA connecter flight (WDL aviation) landing in Edinburgh instead of the scheduled Dusseldorf destination.
  5. Southwest have/are moving several airframes to Victorville.
  6. Yes I think that’s plenty of block time. Years ago City Express did that route from YTZ and passengers connected with a steam driven paddle boat (RMS Segwun) that toured around the waterways. I recall trying to get a sun baked Dash 8 to cool off enough for passenger boarding and even the short flight back to YTZ wasn’t long enough to cool it either.
  7. Apparently there is some unofficial talk about this strange crash. According to my US sources it may have been an accidental G/A switch nudge as the CA selected Flap 1 for the FO. TOGA thrust followed by a pitch up and then overcorrected down with so much opposite control column pressure between the CA and FO that it broke the shear pin separating the elevator control inputs for each pilot. The CVR has sounds of things hitting the ceiling including a loud thud which might have been the 3rd pilot. Scary but perhaps the most reasonable explanation of the events so far.
  8. I think the $10,000 fine is in effect in Ontario but it’s not working.
  9. Had a Ford F-150 pull in front of me today whose tail lights disappeared momentarily (that is close) that I thought we were going to collide. Not sure if he even knew I was in the lane. It’s getting out of control with even the most of basic road curtesy being forgotten and I’m sure there’s more than one stupid 19 year old driving his Mom’s X5 above the speed limit. Excessive speeding, wreckless driving and DUI’s should be automatic licence suspension for extended periods or even a permanent loss.
  10. This driver may be qualified....if he gets his license back. However, 254KPH (158MPH) would be considered a slow lap at Daytona.
  11. Not very often do you hear airline pilots say they want more ground school and simulator training. A different situation with the Max problems but its generally considered to be as popular as a root canal procedure.
  12. AC and WS have the optional system installed on their 737 Max aircraft.
  13. First delivery was May 2017 to Malindo Air with 376 aircraft delivered globally. That would total a reasonable amount.
  14. MCAS options on 737 Max.