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  1. 25 close calls on Pearson runways in 5 years

    Migratory because they feed north of the airport and hang out in Lake Ontario year round which doesn't freeze. We have the same Canada Goose route over our house close the lake. More ATIS comments might be noise but it's less than the sound of crushing aluminum.
  2. 25 close calls on Pearson runways in 5 years

    The added comment to the ATIS is a good idea! LAX has the same problem for aircraft landing 24R and departures on 24L.
  3. Fun Times At Swissport

    Picketing Swissport employees are blocking the gates at YYZ Viscount Rd. airport parking. One group placed a highway cone in front of a gate and wouldn't allow its use. There was reflective vest wearing GTAA worker waving others through and the protesters didn't hold me up. Not quite sure how effective it to slow down others but I suppose they're on guards for replacement workers .
  4. Are these just operational or manning issues or possibly trainees being left alone until it all goes south? I've had a few G/A's at YYZ that were all VMC and usually followed by a voice change on the radio. I've said this before on AEF, they don't know when we have a trainee at the controls.
  5. More than a minor wing/tail scrape here.

    That's a nasty hit on the 757 stab. I'd think more than a week for that repair.
  6. The who over at where?
  7. I wonder how bad is the outbound "lost baggage" situation?
  8. SFO Incident

    Not 100% sure but the G/S antennas for 28L/R are located between both runways.
  9. SFO Incident

    The Captain & FO on this flight told the NTSB investigators they thought 28R was 28L The NOTAMS clearly stated the runway and approach lights for 28L were out of service. So they either didn't read them or forgot what they would see on the visual segment of this approach. Fatigue or just poor planning and execution of the approach?
  10. NE Patriots 767's

    NFL's New England Patriots purchase a pair of 767's for team travel. Sometimes a problem with logo's going the wrong way but I would face the patriot head looking forward on both sides of the fuselage, as it is on their player's helmets.
  11. Visiting our North?

    Beautiful. Churchill (YYQ) used to have a rocket range whose purpose for a time was the study of the Aurora Borealis. Someone once told me it was an area of higher northern light activity. Not sure if that was true or just a good location to launch rockets.
  12. Visiting our North?

    There are some beautiful things to see. I saw the most amazing display of northern lights once flying into Churchill (DHC6) while over Hudson's Bay. Every colour in the rainbow and it went on for quite awhile. No camera, no iPhone invented but it will remain the best display of the Aurora Borealis for me.
  13. MH370 Revisited

    Anything is possible and I'm not saying their theories are correct. However, the common response when asked for their opinion of what might have happened is "the Captain could not have done this on his own. Something happened to his aircraft that was beyond his control". They all knew him and one said they were very good friends from when both hired at Malaysian. So their common theory is that one piece of cargo being carried was intentionally mislabeled and the cause of aircraft's disappearance.
  14. MH370 Revisited

    Not according to the former MAL pilots who have told me their viewpoint of this event.
  15. Thanks. I now recognize the bridge at the north end of Boeing's Renton facility. The camera angles make it appear as somewhere more remote. On my first visits to Renton and Boeing Field I was amazed to see this high tech airplane company surrounded by lakes and trees. I don't know what I expected but i guess it was more of an industrial setting like DeHav in Toronto.