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  1. No. T3 has it. Four or more people can load up their bins but there is still only one set of rollers. So it's like merging onto a highway with your bin. Waiting for a break. Then if you have more than one bin they can be separated adding more wait time at the other end.
  2. Been there. Departing MSP (to YYZ) window seat DC9, noticed a vapour trail exiting a tube near the aileron as soon as we got airborne. Pressed the cabin call and explained to the FA what I was seeing and she could see it too. Or I least I thought so. She disappeared and returned asking me again what I was looking at. So I drew a picture on the back of an airsickness bag. We circled MSP for awhile and landed. Last one off the plane and the Captain took me aside on the jet way. He explained an uncommanded fuel transfer pump was sending fuel into the right wing and then out the overflow. They lost so much fuel and couldn't sort the problem so had to land asap.
  3. Great thought however this forum isn't "The Love Connection".
  4. I don't really care about this character at all but advising someone of their legal rights should not be considered practicing law.
  5. Having experienced Westjet's definition of "inclement weather" this time last year I feel for this group and their complaint.
  6. We've flown between cities in Spain before (MAD-AGP) and no need for any additional 'Visa stamps". Is this something new or a Ryanair thing?
  7. Thanks Thor/Super 80. Uploaded & done. Hopefully no future video of angry jet lagged Canadian arguing with poorly trained Spanish customer service agent.
  8. Part of the problem here are airlines who commonly use contract ground handing companies which sometimes have no real interest in dealing with customer service issues. The last person who was speaking with the angry passenger may have been a Ryanair rep and was doing his best to resolve this issue.
  9. Flying Ryan Air (no options) from Barcelona to Ibiza later this summer. We've pre-paid for upgraded seats and extra baggage. Please don't tell me I have to arrive at the gate with my own printed boarding pass too.
  10. This little company has taken over some of the best planes Canada has produced. I wonder if there is any support from the BC or AB governments towards the jobs being created? Haven't seen or read about any billion dollar bonuses at Viking.
  11. With an aircraft still parked at a gate I wouldn't get involved playing referee in a situation such as this. Let the ground staff handle it. And in this case probably a contract ground handling company however you usually get what you pay for when someone else manages your passengers for your airline.
  12. I'm curious how this became a flight deck discussion with this passenger. Who does WS use for ground handling at LGW?
  13. That flight deck video chat appeared to be in a 737. Where does "UK" come into this story?
  14. Strong surface winds seems to always slow down arrivals. YYZ is a good example. I wonder if YYC/ATC didn't have the time or a place to vector this flight and told them make an issue or it's adios. And you never know if the voice you're talking to is a trainee. They don't know when it's your first flight either.
  15. Love the CAT IIIb. Don't need to see a runway and its either everything working or you're going around (or a possible IIIa reversion).