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  1. Thanks Defcon. Five hour pre-rest to extend to 15.5 hr. to complete a 3 sector duty day? Who comes up with this stuff? Is that still with a 2 crew operation? Airplanes get old but they don't get tired. Glad to know our minister of transport has a handle on drones. Wouldn't want some airplane spotter to fall asleep on his joy stick
  2. I have some questions about this too. I somehow doubt a foreign pilot on winter contract with SW arrived in YYC on his own time before this flight. Was he deadheaded in and where was his official winter base? I don't think it was a hotel room at the Delta.
  3. I believe that's a "negative".
  4. Not sure how concerned with should be regarding this group of clowns if their national airline crews are any indication. Recently overheard an Air Koryo ( flight checking in with Beijing ATC. A simple cruise level (metric) clearance took several exchanges with the last one having the NK pilot's broadcast being drowned out by someone yelling in the background. Something like this:
  5. As predicted.
  6. Lithium powered electronics are not the danger. It's large shipments of lithium batteries to and from China (I's pronounced Jina.) China buys tons of used lithium batteries to power all kinds of crap. That'a the real scary stuff.
  7. Trying to forget them Chuck was the OG. Keith Richards (and many others) took Berry's guitar licks and made them his own. There was some kind of documentary with Richards visiting Berry's home and jamming. If I recall correctly it didn't go well as Berry wasn't 100% himself. Alcohol or drugs. Richards wasn't in much better shape but according to his recent bio, he remembers everything. It's good read if you like that sort of thing. Berry went from rags to riches and some places in between. Quite a talent and trailblazer. RIP
  8. More industry response.
  9. Sounds like some kind of overreaction. However, if the problematic Samsung tablets are not being used or re-charged I think there is little likelihood of an overheat/fire incident when not operating. Carrying them in checked luggage shouldn't be a hazard. I'm sure there are worse items transported daily and never detected.
  10. Work in this business and you've most likely spent some time in one of their simulators.
  11. There are other airlines to choose from so not an issue for those wanting to use their device in flight.
  12. Was in the back of an AC777 (YVR-YYZ) a few weeks ago and Toronto had some forecast snow showers all day. On short final (below 500'agl) the 777 went around. A quick right hand vector back (watched it all on the tv screen) for a smooth landing on 23. After the GA event the Captain made a brief PA. "Aircraft on the runway......". My guess was slippery highspeed exits and an aircraft ahead slowed up to safely make the turn off. Everybody wants to make those first two left exits on 23 or it's a long taxi around the end. Cold weather ops can screw that up. I'm curious what was said to the passengers/guests who spent another 45 mins on the Disney World 737. Not one comment from the passengers on board on any social media site. SXM is an upscale destination. Usually a doctor or lawyer on board. Will the TSB contact any pax for an interview?
  13. Would have to guess both. Like Sully.
  14. I do like rule 16. I can work around the others. 16.) Arrange his pillow and offer to take off his shoes. Speak in a low, soothing and pleasant voice.
  15. I remember seeing the St. Hubert 737. Great marketing or just a clever way to cover another leased plane colors.