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  1. blues deville

    Swoop Tagged With Complaint

    $80 for a checked bag is excessive however you need to know the difference between low cost/ultra low cost or whatever Swoop calls themselves and a low fare airline. We flew Ryanair BCN-IBZ last year and the 25 min flight air fare was reasonable. Include better seating, priority boarding and extra baggage it adds up. I was also pre-warned to produce our own printed boarding passes or pay €50 for each one they printed.
  2. blues deville

    Wrong Way Willy

    Fortunately they managed to get airborne while departing with less than planned runway length. So many questions. Not enough time.
  3. blues deville

    “Pat, I’d like to buy an F”.

    Some other more important issues at Cathay. ($1CA = $6HK)
  4. blues deville

    “Pat, I’d like to buy an F”.

    Haha. I’m sure the techs who painted your RCAF/CAF plane spoke at least one of our official languages. I’m wondering if this Hong Kong paint crew didn’t know English or who knows where the job was done. Can’t believe you wouldn’t notice the error as you peeled back the tape. Maybe it was done in Ohio? They’ve got the “I’s” nailed down too.
  6. Video of the process. Nine days in the paint shop. Interesting sequence of color application to achieve the lettering/logo and no shortage of overspray. I would think any weight savings would be taken advantage of even in excess paint.
  7. blues deville

    Terry Fox Run - 2018

    Done. $5000 goal reached. Have a good run Team Sparky.
  8. blues deville


    Wasn’t it also so the captain could sit on his wallet?
  9. blues deville


    “You see them at airport terminals around the world. You see them in the morning early, sometimes at night. They come neatly uniformed and hatted, sleeves striped; wings over their left pocket; They show up looking fresh.” As seen at ORD on 16 Oct 2017.
  10. blues deville

    777X Folding Wingtip Approval

    Already a reliable workhorse but word is this next 777 model is going to be a best seller.
  11. blues deville

    Different Take on the HFX Crash of the AC 320

    Okay thanks Kip my mistake. I thought there was something in the report about them being covered in snow. I guess not.
  12. blues deville

    Different Take on the HFX Crash of the AC 320

    Re: VASIs. Where they not buried in the snow and therefore totally useless?
  13. blues deville

    Different Take on the HFX Crash of the AC 320

    I like the video and how well these can be produced now with such clear visual graphics and audio. Not sure where they received all of the details but perhaps it’s easy to find and accurate enough. The screen shot below is from the video and good dispatchers are worth their weight in gold. But sometimes statements like these can change the thought process and good decision making. So now rather than just diverting, there is the knowledge that someone else (company) just landed albeit on their second attempt. A sense of encouragement is added but also a challenge for most pilots and perhaps not always the best advice. Everyone has their own skill levels. I did like the “lights off” selection but for me those conditions would also include strobes and sometimes the beacon too and nothing goes back on until a runway environment is positively identified. It can be difficult to see a minimum approach and runway light system and you don’t always have much time to decide what you are really seeing Obviously their plan was to take a look, land or go to YQM. Too bad the path brought them in too early and the rest is history.
  14. blues deville

    Perlan Project
  15. one is. This thing is going to disrupt air travel and just about everything else.