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  1. The RCMP and Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) said the agents worked at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport. Charged with offences including breach of trust, conspiracy, and importing a narcotic are CBSA agents Patrick Ruddy, 37, of Toronto, and Brano Andrews, 41, of Barrie, Ont. I'm curious how many years of service these two individuals had with CBSA?
  2. I don't think it's fear or being a cowboy. I think it a mission completion mentality. Have you ever worked with a pilot who doesn't try to find a solution to a problem. Probably not very often. Same with AME's. If an airplanes got a defect they're on it. And regarding pilots, if you can't see the runway it's a clear decision. No debate. Anything else is still a challenge. However there's an old NASCAR phrase "sometimes you just run out of skill".
  3. I flew out of three of those places so I guess after my time. The best then was one A&W. Although that owner once bragged to a relative that he had a McD franchise however it never existed.
  4. Forget about seeker's good looks and his cool car. I'd like to know where a McD's is near a float base?
  5. One more step closer to YTZ.
  6. Did that. 401 westbound near Pickering Mall. Got airborne from the back of my truck. At least 30' straight up. Then a nice spiral into the shoulder next to the concrete barrier. Not a scratch. Next stop was Can Tire for more bungee cords.
  7. Great story. Yes 9-11 and a few other world events have sucked most of the fun out of flying these days.
  8. I don't think the fellow in first class helped out the situation. Rather than getting angry and challenging the FA, there were other options here like helping out the upset woman and just turning the situation around. This incident needed a compassionate adult not a bunch of hot heads. TV news are reporting the woman involved was given first class travel by AA to her final destination.
  9. An unfortunate sequence of events. I believe the AA gate agents thought the strollers would be taken from this passenger without a problem. And if you're not a frequent flyer you might not know what goes where as you board a plane. So I'm sure this young mother of two was stressed out by the time she boarded and didn't need to be further upset by the FA who was just doing his job. Could have he handled differently? Yes and probably why AA has suspended him. Front line airline employees are left to deal with so many issues these days its easy to lose it once and awhile. The thing is you really can't (everyone one has a cell phone) and this really should have been a non-event. Years I got bumped off a YYZ -TPA flight traveling with blues deluxe who was 6 months pregnant and our young son plus in-laws. Wardair swapped a DC-10 at the last minute for a NX sub-charter DC8 and I was one of many left behind. I found out later the YYZ gate agent had made deluxe run down the jetway carrying our son as if the flight wouldn't have waited to board the remaining standbys. Different day, different agent/FA might have handled this in a better way, just like the AA incident. The AA flight attendant union is of course supporting their member citing all the problems currently experienced by passengers and crews as contributing factors. However I'm afraid the AA flight attendant in this case lost my support when he said "Go ahead, hit me". Finally, I'm a little puzzled why the AA Captain was just standing in the doorway. This event is happening directly in front of him on his aircraft and although he appears to make some comments to his crew, I didn't see him helping improve the situation.
  10. Interesting video but too many moving parts for me. If my loto max numbers ever kick in I'll be the one sitting in a DHC-2T turbo Beaver parked beside a really nice car. Just not both vehicles in one.
  11. I would have to agree. Especially when it comes from the guy who breathed life into this project some 20 years ago.
  12. Thanks.
  13. Do you know which ones were returned to AC mainline?
  14. I have a feeling since AC was added to their order books the YTZ runway expansion and jet approval will happen.
  15. It's interesting how music always reminds you of a time or place. Kip's selection was playing everywhere in 2009 and I was based in AMS for most of that year. Great memories. Pit Bull has made a good name for himself and his videos are easy to watch. As a matter of fact, here's one he did on Kip's boat over the winter.