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  1. Nice job. Nailed the centerline. And that’s a lucky ‘no’ to your question.
  2. Thanks for sharing this great story Mitch. Perhaps it’ll be a chapter in someone’s book about all that has happened after deregulation in this country. Now there’s a retirement project for the right person Some 20 years later I’m forgetting the merger details but it seems their results always leave a group of people upset. I’ve recently talked to some former CP guys who still hold a grudge as the stroke of a pen affected the balance of their working lives and retirement. Glad you’re still doing well. Any music happening in your retired life? I recall you posted a well played tune on AEF with some of your band mates.
  3. Yes, an amazing connection with his machine. Love the cooler stashed on the left side. Hopefully a couple of cold ones ready to go.
  4. That pilot has some skills. If he’s like any that I used to know he probably has a hot date waiting for him. Not wasting any time.
  5. Yes. That’s the only one in Canada I’ve ever heard about with a license issue.
  6. Hard to believe an airline can’t recognize a fake pilot license. The one Canadian pilot caught years ago actually possessed a real ATPL but had not legally earned it. The last time I was involved with interviewing pilots we had a process that included one person on the team checking all documents. The likelihood of a pilot producing a fake one was slim to nil. Is it possible some foreign airlines are so desperate to fill the front seats they just don’t care?
  7. Correct me if I’m wrong but if that bird stood up and walked away afterwards, it was a good landing.?
  8. Was thinking the same. That pilot had a lot of decisions to make in just a few seconds and perhaps waited longer to see where he was over the ground.
  9. CNN’s daily coverage of COVID-19 with oversized floating virus images and heavy music has had its effect and anyone over 60 will probably avoid travel, leisure or business for some time going forward. Even though we have a little home supply of masks, gloves and sanitizer, we cannot get any of our retired friends to make a socially distant outdoor, backyard visit. Too risky they say. No chance they will be flying anywhere soon. Repeated viewings of the planes hitting the WTC by CNN in 2001 didn’t help air travel either but it slowly returned to normal.
  10. I believe the TransAt group also owns a substantial number of resorts or ‘beds’ as the industry people call them. That has to be considered as valuable when it comes to future market share.
  11. Interesting Moon. How are you viewing it? Eyeball-180 or something stronger?
  12. The fact that not one US carrier purchased this beast speaks volumes about its design. Only a handful of airports were able to handle it’s weight and size. Definitely a ‘Mirabel’. Another unwanted.
  13. Okay thanks for the info. I think Kip’s mention of how the pilot’s reaction would have been instinctive from hours of training whereas the PR officer’s might not could be a factor. I’m not sure if she was found in her seat in the aircraft or if she did eject just before impact with no chance of her chute opening. Either way it’s a very sad event. I’ve read this aircraft or another on the team had some tech issues prior to this departure. Perhaps it’s time to look at a newer aircraft. Maybe one with two engines.
  14. Is it possible she passed out from the zoom maneuver? The pilot had to quickly do what was required in just a few seconds with not enough time to brief Capt. Casey. Is it possible to help eject the other seat from your own?
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