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  1. blues deville

    WestJet 787

    WS has been training pilots for months in advance of the aircraft arrival but there are other post delivery items such as a TC monitored passenger evacuation. AC 787’s have a different config so the WS version has to be demonstrated. That is only one item but I’m sure the airline has other ground training to review before it enters revenue service.
  2. blues deville

    WestJet 787

    I don’t think it’s any of those things really. Sure if you have time, delayed etc however as a flight crew member at the airline level you’re primary job is to safely fly the aircraft. If anything should happen to you while you’re not performing you’re primary function it can jeopardize the flight and that can cost a lot more than a groomer’s hourly rate. Most young pilots at some time early in their career have had to deice, clean or load their aircraft. Me too and I broke my tail bone backing into a 45 gal drum as I cinched up some tie-down ropes. I don’t know what giving birth is like but that was painful and one sore day of flying. But at that level of the industry you were expected to do your share of heavy lifting. I’ve done the groomer’s job and I was quick at it. I never expected one of those ‘Delta’ pilots to help me fold 200 seatbelts in the back of a 727. (Actually DL’s policy was not to fold them. Instead they were pulled straight down over the seat cushion edge. Why? Someone sued the airline because they sat down on the crossed straps/buckle and broke their .........tailbone.) Once upon a time WS paid everyone entry level pay scales and it was “all hands on deck” to make it work and succeed. And it did. Now with more complex flight schedules and expanding route structure there are people assigned to do all the jobs and get an airplane on its way.
  3. blues deville

    WestJet 787

    One WS concept I’ve never understood is why they do not follow the manufacturer’s proven method of either PF or PM calling out all FMA’s as they are displayed. It does create some extra chatter but it alerts both pilots to any mode changes. I like and appreciate people who think ‘outside the box’ but this appears to be a lazy transistion from the -200s to the NG.
  4. blues deville

    Iran Cargo 707 Down

    Unfortunate error.
  5. blues deville

    Lion Air Down

    Buried under 26’ of mud. That airplane must have been vertical when it hit. Don’t think I want to hear their voices.
  6. blues deville

    WestJet 787

    Like all good things that come to an end, that big jug of teal Kool-aid finally ran dry.
  7. blues deville

    777 Tail strike...Hkg

    Great memory Moon but it couldn’t have been that bad as we parked the plane in the same condition as we found it. But in your case I had the bonus of also conducting your last four sim sessions in PHX (April 24-27/97) so I knew how good a flyer you were and three days later we did the circuits at YMX. Always a nerve racking event for everyone but these were completely controlled sessions. We only went out in ideal conditions, day or night but I do recall there were a few times where we canceled because of unsuitable winds/weather. We used YHM, YXU and YSB but YMX was my personal first choice with its set of 12,000’ runways and most nights it was just us (Moon) chasing a DC-9 around the pattern. Fortunately someone at TC eventually came to their senses and authorized circuit training in Level D simulators.
  8. blues deville

    777 Tail strike...Hkg

    Well said and it can be a challenge to achieve the required training events but there should be no pressure on any new pilot or trainer to accomplish this task unless conditions are safe. Plan A at HKG was probably a good one. When it was altered so were the conditions. Another never ending issue here and elsewhere is fatigue and the level of good decision making when you are not 100% rested. It’s quite possible that both pilots involved had less than perfect rests prior to resuming their duties knowing it was a potential first landing for the trainee. Add in any delays arriving in HKG with holds and vectors makes the idea of a GA less desirable especially if you’re also getting light on fuel.
  9. blues deville

    777 Tail strike...Hkg

    Classic Kip. All jokes aside the responsibility of of a training Captain especially during a revenue flight is enormous. It usually takes a combination of skills and personality to achieve the desired goals. It also requires good judgement at crucial moments taking the safest course of action such as “I have control” which may momentarily alter someone’s “nice guy/gall” image but that’s a huge part of the job. Be safe. My first flying instructor was a bully (it took me awhile to figure that out) and almost turned me off the whole idea of flying. However I kept at it realizing his style wasn’t the norm when it came to teaching techniques. And as we all do, I later picked up good techniques of teaching from many Captains I flew with that I carried with me through my career and passed on to others. This HKG landing incident can be easily debated and of course had every opportunity to be avoidable. A 7L at HKG as the planned landing probably wouldn’t have had the same low level wind disturbance. Nothing but water on the north side. Landing 7R puts you between a row of large hangars on the left and hills on the right. And you wouldn’t feel any real wind changes until the last 200’ where those obstructions change the steady air flow. Waiting that late (400’) to disconnect is something I don’t do because to me it doesn’t give you time to adjust to the feel of the airplane or what’s happening outside. Others may have a different point of view on the use of the autopilot. When YYZ still had the old T2 building, landing on 24L (now 24R) was sometimes a challenge with a strong north wind as the last few hundred feet before the runway had a different wind pattern compared to what you had experienced on the previous 2000’ of the approach. Then half way down the runway you’d get another big blast of wind on the rudder as you moved along to open space near the threshold of 33. I’m sure everyone on that crew would like a “do-over”. Unfortunately no “Flight Freeze” mode on the real airplanes. At least not yet.
  10. blues deville

    777 Tail strike...Hkg

    First real post sim/aircraft landing. First time in HKG. X-wind, gusty conditions. Runway change to 7R which is a very rough surface and beats the crap out of NLG/airplanes. Also, disconnecting the AP at 400’ first time doesn’t give a chance to really feel the airplane and what’s happening to it. Who do you think owns responsibility for the result?
  11. blues deville

    Wow, just wow...

    Sounds like an airline with either an excellent maintenance budget or more money than brains.
  12. blues deville

    WestJet 787

    787 fire was at LHR. Sat quarantined in BA’s hanger for awhile.
  13. blues deville

    Wow, just wow...

    Times are a changing. Once upon a time a single goat sacrifice did the trick. Oh the good old days.
  14. Good for Westjet in addressing the issue. The report mentioned how tbe cabin crew could not do a service during the delay as the aircraft was moving frequently. However had these been prize race horses in the back in need of watering instead of people the aircraft would have stopped moving to complete the task.
  15. blues deville

    New Mtce Base for Porter

    I think Deluce took a page from Air Canada’s playbook who once owned a lot of real estate too but have sold almost everything just to stay alive.