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  1. Q400 line sold too?

    Oh. I guess missed that small print.
  2. Q400 line sold too?

    Congrats JO. Great airplane.
  3. Swoop - Apply now

    After reading those articles it may a good thing they are avoiding Canadians.
  4. Pilot Shortage Is Here

    He’d be retired now living in Florida!
  5. Pilot Shortage Is Here

    The mid 1980’s starting pay of $19,000 had several working elsewhere. A friend of mine continued working his old sporting goods store job to keep afloat. Entry level payscales for young pilots were an issue long before this recent situation but Canada seemed to produce enough qualified candidates annually.
  6. Swoop - Apply now

    I personally have no interest but I know some who are currently considering working in China. Apparently Hainan shut it down for Canadians due to someone fabricating their Great White North CV.
  7. Swoop - Apply now

    Not until they lift a ban on hiring Canadians.
  8. Flight Skids of Runway, Hangs Up On Cliff

    Interesting initial report Kip. So a transfer of control at a critical phase on a contaminated runway? Was the unintentional engine accell perhaps an attempt to regain directional control? As per other ongoing discussions here the experience level of each pilot may be another key factor. It’s never just one thing!
  9. Flight Skids of Runway, Hangs Up On Cliff

    Looking more closely at the photo it appears to be less than a level runway especially near the touchdown zone. An extended flair maneuver onto a wet runway could end up like this.
  10. Flight Skids of Runway, Hangs Up On Cliff

    Was thinking the same. These stretched 737 fuselages generally break up before and after the wing. The last time a 737 ended up in this position was due to train de-railing in Oregon.
  11. Flight Skids of Runway, Hangs Up On Cliff

    Not necessarily and the number two engine certainly wasn’t powering anything anymore. Obviously this 737 wasn’t parked in the desired manner.
  12. Flight Skids of Runway, Hangs Up On Cliff

    I wonder if that full right rudder position means anything.
  13. Yes. Not sure if that was a USAF policy or just a hot day at DFW. The one souvenir I have from my DC3 days is that hatch.
  14. Flight Skids of Runway, Hangs Up On Cliff

    I wonder if he made the “hail Mary” decision when there appeared to be more terra ferma to the left. It really narrows down in the last 1500 feet. No matter what this crew and pax were very lucky.