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  1. Over 129,000 hours....

    Hats off to the people who built it and to those who’ve kept it running safely for all those years.
  2. Over 129,000 hours....

    Visited the place with and without an invitation. Much easier when your company has a plane they are working on under “God’s Hangar” as they call it. The owner gave us a tour of the field and offered me a parked Beech Starship to take home. Would have been a good addition to an aircraft maintenance school but it wouldn’t fit in the cargo hold of our freshly ‘D’ checked 757.
  3. Over 129,000 hours....

    Good thing that 767 is done otherwise someone might have to wash those hydraulic fluid stains off of the tail.
  4. RIP Gord Downie

    Loved Gord’s on stage presence. And the great band.
  5. Alaskan is retiring their special built 737-400Combi.
  6. Very clever. AC is not the only Cargojet customer. So just to be clear, what percentage of AC’s annual cargo is flown on their own aircraft. My airline has its own dedicated cargo fleet but every day most passenger flights carry approved cargo as well.
  7. What percentage of AC cargo is flown on their passenger aircraft vs. Cargojet?
  8. Airbus buys into CSeries

    Amazing. What a business!
  9. The Conspiracy Theories .. Malaysia 370

    From what I’ve learned talking to some of their former 777 pilots (with a couple of exceptions these pilots were all let go, out of seniority, after the 777 fleet was dumped) I believe this to be a similar incident to the Qantas 747 oxygen bottle explosion. Whether both pilots were in the flight deck when it “might” have happened is also a possibility. To me this is the most reasonable explaination. Just have to find some wreckage one day.
  10. Captains

  11. New Livery for Firs Air

    Red is a good color for northern carrier aircraft and I like the new logo. Well done.
  12. Will Boeing Give a Damn?

    Delta says no to tariff.
  13. A380 - 22mph x-wind landing......

    Pretty sure no A380 operator does touch and goes on their aircraft. Sim only. It’s not a good idea for many reasons. I believe if this has been described as a training flight it implies that someone in the flight deck was in training on a revenue flight. Either a CA or FO. Which all airlines do daily.
  14. A380 - 22mph x-wind landing......

    I don’t think this was a touch and go. Looked liked a revenue flight and those passengers got their monies worth. Crazy landing no doubt.
  15. A380 - 22mph x-wind landing......

    And any landing where you can use the plane again is great one!