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  1. Yes their details are vague but perhaps the plan will be to link up with Sunwing and TransAt since the others are already spoken for. So their crews, their planes. Starting another holiday airline in this country would be a major error .
  2. Interesting plan and I wish them luck but how many times can the leisure market pie be sliced?
  3. blues deville

    Air Service to Small Cities

    Thanks for the detailed response. So “lack of use” to me means some people have have found alternate methods. Has new local air services provided people with a better form of connecting to our major cities?
  4. blues deville

    Air Service to Small Cities

    Subsidized transportation has been a part of Canada since Confederation. With 90% of the population living within 200km of the US border, that leaves lots of extra space elsewhere. My question is what happened to the bus traffic in these Canadian towns?
  5. blues deville

    Skytrax best airlines

    Received this comment in an email today but I don’t recall telling anyone how I feel/felt about my AC experiences. “You’ve voted us Skytrax No. 1 Airline in North America for the 7th time in 9 years, and we can’t thank you enough for this great honour.”
  6. blues deville

    CSeries Deal

    A little jet with big plans in its future.|FGFG|FGDAY-2018-0717&sfid=701w0000000vuCn
  7. blues deville

    BA Engine Failure on B777

    Another BA 777 with an engine failure. This time departing Singapore/SIN.|FGFG|FGFIN-2018-0717-GLOB&sfid=70120000000taAh
  8. blues deville

    Spraying in New Zealand

    That’s an interesting video JO. Any idea on what caused the fire?
  9. blues deville

    News Report re Jazz HardLanding

    Perhaps easier to miss a small area of wrinkled fuselage during a night time inspection when everyone is focused on the MLG’s.
  10. blues deville

    Pilot Shortage Is Here

    Spend some time sitting in any US airport terminal and watch flight crews stroll by to and from their gates. I’d say on average that 50% haven’t been able to button up their jackets for several years and I doubt anywhere near a 1.75 LDL-C level.
  11. blues deville

    Ryanair Emergency Descent

    Loosing 26,000’ in seven minutes would be just under 4,000’ per minute so not really that extreme.
  12. blues deville

    Ryanair Emergency Descent

    Maybe our concern shouldn’t be low time FO’s joining airlines but rather the inexperienced Captains supervising them.
  13. blues deville

    First Air and Canadian North to Merge.

    Interesting situation with this merger. Little to no competition and many of the services provided are guaranteed government contracts.
  14. Here’s a better photo. No streaks from the pilot side window but looks like they do take smoke breaks in the crew rest area behind the flightdeck. Or someone keeps burning the toast.
  15. blues deville

    Tarmac accident at YYZ

    With more pax like this fellow there shouldn’t be any worries about carry on.