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  1. Hahaha. Good technique. Never thought of the ‘head-first-down’ method.
  2. That quick thinking saved the plane from some severe damage. ?
  3. The only survey result that means anything is the one taken on Election Day at the ballot box.
  4. That’s the solution. Sippy cups. Label them ‘Captain’ and ‘First Officer’. The RP can bring his own.
  5. Is the skin ripped or just scrapped?
  6. Interesting piston installation. Perhaps better cooling on the outside of the cowling?
  7. More jobs available for those qualified and even those who are not yet. It’s possible airplanes will be parked because there’s no one to sign them out. Forget about a pilot shortage. The northern operators in Canada are going to have a hard time competing for future talent. A -50c engine change near a snow bank or a nice warm hangar in major Canadian city? “For our entry level roles we provide on-the-job training that allows you to work towards a certification,” said Unen. “If you have a great attitude and are ready to learn and grow with us, we’d love to hear from you.” Full story:
  8. Do other employee groups at BA currently receive some kind of profit share bonus?
  9. Brave strategy considering people do have other options in 2019. How far behind on pay scales are BA pilots compared to other legacy airlines?
  10. If they can’t improve the pay scale as people progress they’d better install a revolving door at their hangar entrance.
  11. I think Nolinor is on the right track to hire people but you’ve got to “show me the money”.
  12. ...into a job in aviation? Quebec’s Nolinor are flying potential candidates to YMX. I’m guessing it’s a recent or soon to be graduating class from Eduard Monpetite aviation maintenance college at St. Hubert. A good time to hold any kind of aircraft maintenance license.
  13. Hey Jeff.

    Is the friend in Freeport Sonia Ceci? I recall she was remodelling a condo back during our Sky days. I’ve been thinking about her since the hurricane hit that area. What a disaster. 


  14. I prefer my wasp ‘Medium well’. Will stick with my Raid/Broil King combo. ?
  16. Years ago landing on runway 23 at YYZ I noticed something out the left side window following us during the rollout. Flying about 20’ above the runway edge was an airport Falcon who I guess was “on duty” for us. As we exited he/she did a climbing left turn perhaps back to pick up the next plane.
  17. Not an airline employee but this bird can fly. A young Golden Eagle swooped down about 2 seconds late after one of our resident chipmunks scrambled away. An impressive looking bird.
  18. Cargojet signs a deal with Amazon.
  19. This 767 was manufactured in 1994. Although the damage was significant it was only an 11 year old aircraft at the time of the incident. Insurance investigators and a Boeing team from Seattle determined it could be repaired. $23M later and six months in PUJ it was back in service and now part of the Atlas Air fleet as N1373A
  20. I’ve been into PDL a few times with generally an early morning arrival in daylight conditions. NPA and I think runway 30 has quite an elevation change from end to end (upslope) which can create some visual issues. Regarding the poor 757. It can take a real beating but only if you touch down mains first as per the AOM. Nosewheel only for a fraction of a second will produce this kind of damage. Pre-1994 767’s had a weak spot around the forward cargo hold which has the same results with momentary NLG only. AA had one in the UK years ago. Boeing and AA strapped steal beams to each side of the fuselage and ferried it all the way back to DFW. I think this DL 757 will become a lovely restaurant on a rocky Azores beach.
  21. “Did you say Terminal 3, C35? I think there’s a link train.”
  22. No problem with the horse but how do we get a pitchfork through security? Ice tongs can only scoop so much. ?
  24. Retired NASCAR race driver Dale Earnhardt Jr’s Citation rolled off the end of a Bristol, TN runway. Aircraft caught fire but all passengers and crew escaped. Just a bad day or has the shortage of qualified pilots in the US left executive operators hiring less experienced flight crews?