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Posting request

Kip Powick

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I'm old...probably closest to being the oldest on this forum :blush: .

My time on the planet is limited.

If you are going to post a topic, please post MORE than just the BLOODY LINK !!!!

Surely you can spend a few seconds explaining what the post is about so that ...............

..........................those that are in a time crunch do not have to wait to "load" the link......... and then after it is loaded, maybe watch a commercial first,(if it is a video), and then finally find out that the topic concerning the "infestation of wirlogaults" is not something I/we really care about.

Gotta go now,,Doctor's appointment :checkmark:

Thanks for your time.. :biggrin2:

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I just ignor those posts and wait to see if anyone else wants to post something to give a hint if it is worthwhile or not.

Most of the time if there is just a link there is nothing worth looking at.

After awhile one gets to see that it is the same posters who do the link only so therefore they can be ignored also.

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From another site I visit. I am not big on rules but I think this is a good guideline:

“Lazy” posts will not be tolerated and may results in warnings/suspensions. Examples of these posts include, but are not limited to: Starting a thread where the body is just a link (offer your opinion, some substance, etc., not just a link); Copying and pasting stories without some form of analysis or comment (make sure you have something to offer if you are going to start a thread).

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Thanks to all for your thoughtful reponses, nice to see that all are open to just a suggestion.


yeh, I do have high speed but there are periods of the day where BELL seems to throttle down the speed and there are times when the system seems to be over loaded..lunch and supper/early evening.

Videos........some videos will not play on this forum...for reasons I do not know. I know it is simple to get You-Tube videos up but there are problems when using Flash Player etc.

A link with an explanation, as you have done, is excellent. :checkmark:

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