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  1. Or it could be that they just decided to do the right thing and there is not some conspiracy.
  2. Probably more of a union issue with one member not wanting to take work from another member.
  4. CBSA still allow progressive clearance, happens in YYC and YEG.
  5. As funny in 2016 as it was in 2006.
  6. Could not agree with this more. WS is in love with the guy and his "power of why." Ask some folks at the head shed about all the Simon Sinek they have had to watch. He has marketed himself with TED Talks as some sort of marketing guru. I do not question his intelligence at all, just the slurping of everything the guys says as gospel.
  7. 100K for 90 feet would by nothing bug a POS. I had thought all vessels in FLA are supposed to have registered markings whether a sport fishing boat or Jet Ski. If some are determined to think that Castro lived humbly to fulfill a preconceived notion that is fine by me.
  8. Nice come no reg markings on them? Fidel didnt have to dream, his yacht dwarfed all those in the pics.
  9. Hi UD I will bow out of this one at this point but Forbes has had Castro on their Billionaires list for years. Unsure why you are determined to portray Castro as living a life of humility when by all appearances he did not. As with most political message board arguments I don't think either of us will change the other's mind.
  10. Hi UD In terms of Castro living humbly there are plenty of links on line. I generally don't like to get into an arguement of dueling links but his lifestyle is described here, nit sure how humble I would call it. Without getting in to a existential arguement about freedom I would still submit that we in the US and Canada have far more freEdom than any Cuban, think it is conspiratorial and paranoid ro suggest otherwise. The people you mentioned as jailed were given due process, they didn't find themselves in a jail or in front of a firing squad with no recourse as so many Cubans did.
  11. I do not consider myself a right wing ideologue by any stretch but do take exception with the comment of whose to say which way is better. Ask most Russians if they would go back to Soviet rule and you would get a resounding Nyet. Putin rules with an iron fist but economic prospects far better than under communism. Without individual property rights you can't have a middle class and a decent society, no property rights under communism (or on Reserves for that matter but a different post entirely.) Not a fan of The Patriot Act but last I checked journalists were not getting thrown in jail and people are free to associate with, and say whatever they like. Free to dissent as well as the protests taking place can attest. I don't know your point on the US and Guantanamo Bay but the issue is more than just degrees of being a tyrant. I don't think the portrayal of him as a dictator is wrong. No challenge to his rule and ruled how he saw fit without tolerating ANY dissent. I think there is probably some romanticizing of him because I think most people would admire someone who stood up to the US for so long. Let's not let rooting for the underdog distract from the fact that he killed or imprisoned gay people, journalists and political dissenters, seems pretty tyrannical to me.
  12. Having spent a bit of time in HAV I am not sure you would get a consistent answer about Castro from Cubans. He seemed to be looked upon as a beloved grandpa by some whose time had passed by. There was also out and out hatred as many realised they were being kept down by a system designed to oppress. I think there is probably some room in the debate about Castro to note that he did some good but it MUST be acknowledged that he created a police state where many dreams of middle class status were basically impossible to acquire unless you were politically connected. There are plenty of sites out there that catalogue Castro's human rights abuses that are not "US propaganda" He was a tyrant who loved a lavish lifestyle at the expense of his people. The fact that our PM did not release a statement acknowledging that he was more than "controversial" showed a level of ineptness that I found surprising and disappointing.
  13. Thanks for posting that, what a story.
  14. That's what happens when you get out from behind a keyboard and have some life experience.
  15. Those people in Fort Mac should give all those tickets back and publicly denounce WestJet for giving a free concert. Under no circumstances should a company, or the people that work there be allowed to do something nice for anyone as the keyboard brigade will rush in to rightly denounce it for the cheap, exploitative ploy that it is.