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  1. Is it time to pass on the "Banana Bread" loophole? In Ottawa the two sides of the border are so linked that just about anyone has an excuse to cross. The most curious one that seems to work is that you bake some banana bread and tell what ever checkpoint person questions you that you have a sick friend in the other province and you are taking them some banana bread to cheer them up for their Mental Health.
  2. Back in the dark old days when I had to work for a living we rolled around to 'salary adjustment time' I was given an appointment time to see the boss but when I arrived there I was met by the personnel manager. He gave me the scripted bs about what a good year I had and how appreciative the company was and then he handed me a slip of paper with my 'new' monthly salary on it. I sat there and looked at it and it was 25 cents a month more than my current salary. I said thank you very much that will buy me a lot. Then I told him what the 25 cents meant to me. At least he was tho
  3. I would like to put a big smiley emoji on this but it is too truthfull
  4. That is probably the most weak assed rebuttal EVER Like Like
  5. I should have read the whole thread before I posted what I think is almost a word-for-word copy of yours
  6. Just look at our Federal cabinet to see how that works out
  7. Upper Deck is a lawyer isn't he? I say that as the proud father of a lawyer.
  8. My Grand-daughter in grade 5 gets 1 mark for getting the answer right and another mark for explaining how the answer made her feel. IN MATH
  9. It does have a monster motor though
  10. We need the whole picture like this not just the snapshot that a journalist wants to give us
  11. The intrepid media will call it an AK15 assault knife
  12. You know those Antipodean workers at Canadian ski resorts that had trouble getting back home a year ago. The Federal Government decided that they should get CERB payments
  13. The operating room that I was in had a garden hose on a reel over on one wall. After nearly 10 years I am still not sure if that was what they used or not.
  14. What is Justin going to talk about then
  15. and I think that you are right
  16. Oh by the way the superintendents are part of the union too, for the time being. They are trying to set up their own organization: The college of Alberta School Superintendents.
  17. My son is taking the approach of being involved in politics. He is a good friend of the Provincial Education Minister now. The Alberta Teachers Association is an incredibly powerful body and after 4 years of NDP 'leadership' it will take some time to get control back. In Alberta even the principals are part of the union.
  18. NYC school encourages kids to stop using words like ‘mom,’ ‘dad’ in ‘inclusive language’ guide My grand-daughter in Calgary switched classes after the new year. The new teacher insists on "In-clusive" language.
  19. The little airline that could not fly for the past (nearly) a year
  20. Is there a Federal Minister that is not brain dead?
  21. I am left wondering which vaccine she will get?