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  1. I can believe that she has a mental problem
  2. and many Canadians will still vote Liberal
  3. I have only seen one cancelled Air Canada flight and one with a big delay but the rest of them seem to be getting out normally.
  4. Today is Eid al Adha. Eid al Fitr was back in May
  5. Warren gun-control plan – higher taxes on firearms, bullets Typical politician: TAX it higher.
  6. From my wife, coffee buddies and relatives I keep hearing about US politicians and when a name is mentioned I ask "Who is that?". I don't care as it does not affect me.
  7. Is this really a KC135 I only see one engine on that wing
  8. A State law trampling into Federal territory?
  9. Where is that picture taken? How many 10's of thousands of kilometers from Canada?
  10. Working at the airport I always liked that the prime minister had his own aircraft. We didn't have to put up with the crap that ensued if he was flying on us.
  11. The third quarter is the best time to be short of aircraft. It forces the Revenue Management people to shave the number of cheap seats to be offered and the margins increase for the airline. There is also a better cash flow because the airline is not sending out big amounts to pay for all that new tin.
  12. Correlate the places that vote Liberal or Green with the places that dump raw sewage.
  13. It still is a "Crown" Corporation. Everything else you wrote is correct
  14. Who are very much Norwegians. (Like all of my close ancestors)
  15. My son knew they were there. He was a door knocker for 3 UCP candidates in the Provincial election. When they went in poll areas that they thought were heavy NDP areas they were shocked at the warm reception. He has now started with the Federal election run-up and already has sent the message back that they need to buy more lawn signs.
  16. My daughter works for the Federal Government as a lawyer. She hates anything to do with any of the Prime Ministers Office. When it was announced that Butts was leaving she was happy except I asked "Has he really left town?"
  17. I had a similar experience just after AC took over CP and I was travelling on a 737 for one of the few times in my life. I was also on the right hand side just behind the wing and watched a liquid seeping out from the thrust reverser seam I cannot remember if it looked like oil or hydraulic fluid. I sent my observations to the flight deck via the flight attendant and received an invite to go up and talk. They said that the engine was on monitor and was due for a hangar visit in a day or two. I checked the next day and saw that that airplane was now in the hangar for an unscheduled engine change.
  18. I remember when Air BC started operating on the same routes as Air Canada back in the early 90's and the same disconnect occurred. Some of the YEG-YVR flights were operated by ZX and the rest by AC. When ZX had a problem the guys in Montreal did not even want to hear about it. I had some high up contacts in Montreal and voiced my opinion rather strongly. Nothing happened right away but eventually the attitude in YUL changed and we ran the route as a combined operation. I believe that with the arrival of Rouge (after I left AC) the same thing happened but after awhile the word came through that the passengers knew they were all the same company.