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  1. Q400 line sold too?

    The Lieberals? Only if it was West-Quebec.
  2. Our Prime Minister

    Since the 'journalist' did not elaborate I will assume that the four were all Lefties.
  3. Swoop??

    Amadeus bought Navitaire a while back. It did not make Navitaire any more robust and it is still only suitable for smaller simpler operations.
  4. Will Boeing Give a Damn?

    This whole debacle is being reviewed by the 'Foreign Investment Review Agency" .
  5. Will Boeing Give a Damn?

    Lots of "Good Canadian jobs" there.
  6. The motivation was "He was Nuts".
  7. Will Boeing Give a Damn?

    Canadians hood-winked by Bombardier again.
  8. Airbus buys into CSeries

    Canadian governments pour billions into Bombardier and the jobs fly south?
  9. Our Prime Minister

    That should be Martha and Henry (according to Ralph Klein).
  10. Will Boeing Give a Damn?

    Try and find out how 'Canadian' each company is: What are the employment figures (aerospace only) for each. They are very hard to find.
  11. Employee Travel a Taxable Benefit?

    The last time that this came up (too many years ago to remember when) CRA decided it was too cumbersome to bother collecting the tax.
  12. Employee Travel a Taxable Benefit?

    Only another Liberal would believe that.
  13. Will Boeing Give a Damn?

    The Lieberal government again shows that they have no balls. Buying a few dozen Eurojets would have been better.
  14. NDP...Breath of Fresh Air

    Let's see his socks. That seems all that matters with little-Trudeau.