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  1. There are times when the only valid response is "Tough Bananas"
  2. The fault is all on the heads of the poor executives at Sears. My wife worked over 20 years at Sears and many of the decisions were just plain stupid. She was forced to retire a few years ago just so that they could reduce head-counts. She was a commissioned sales person in the appliance department. She was part-time but scheduled to work 40 hours a week. She had no benefits and because she was one of the top sales people in gross sales she earned every dollar that was sent her way by way of commissions. If some months her sales did not cover her salary she went into 'draw' and had to sell her way out of it. They sent her home one day a few years ago and said we will send you a salary for 15 months based upon your average commission cheques. She no longer had to work for her money. Somehow this made sense.
  3. and the population of the Maritimes is one-half of Alberta's
  4. The biggest deal with the SR71 was that the leak was the funny fuel it used. If the fuel was on fire on the ground there was no smoke and no visible flame.
  5. It seems like NDHQ does not any mission where someone might get hurt.
  6. Why hasn't Ontario privatized the retail sale of alcohol?
  7. The 'News' today said that a big point of controversy with the governments is that they do not want to tax marijuana to the point that would make legal stuff more expensive than illegal stuff. Too bad the politicians would not see the same problem with tobacco and alcohol.
  8. I suspect another election where their candidate wins.
  9. The media in general has fallen victim to the desire to have the most sensational language in their reports. Unfortunately they are not smart enough to understand the best usage of the words and phrases.
  10. Back in ancient times I was in a window seat behind the wing on a CAIL 737 and noticed a steady significant stream of fluid from the #2 engine. It was there on take-off and continued for the next hour. I brought it to the attention of the cabin crew and along with my business card asked that the alert the front end crew. I was then asked up to the cockpit (see how long ago) and had a good conversation with the pilots. They said that the engine was on monitor for excessive oil consumption and we decided that perhaps we had determined why. The next day, I did notice that that aircraft was out of service for an unscheduled engine change.
  11. Nope Hilary Lost
  12. Not my ground-hog
  13. Hillary lost
  14. How many people can ride on the back of a 'bird'
  15. Just in case you mistakenly thought that these PMO people did some functional work. Just look at their titles: Chief of Staff: Katie Telford Assistant to the Chief of Staff: Tamer Abdalla Advertising and Market Research Unit Quebec Advisor Deputy Chief of Staff: Jeremy Broadhurst Regional Affairs: Principal Secretary: Gerald Butts Photography Unit Speechwriting Unit Lead Writer (English): Jordan Deagle Writer (English): James McMillan Writer (French): Gabrielle Cesvet Director of Communications: Kate Purchase Deputy Director of Communications: Olivier Duchesneau Special Assistant for Media Relations: Andrée-Lynne Halle Special Assistant for Media Relations: Cameron Ahmad Translations Director of Advertising and Market Research: Dan Arnold Parliamentary Secretary: Peter Schiefke, Adam Vaughan, and Celina Caesar-Chavannes Senior Advisor: Mathieu Bouchard Director of Strategic Communications: Director of Appointments: Manager of Correspondence: Jean-Luc Marion Director of Issues Management: Zita Astravas Director of Operations: John Zerucelli Deputy Director of Operations: Claude-Eric Gagné Writer (English): Jeevan Singh Writer (English): Jonathan Barry Writer (French) : Vanessa Gosselin Director of Personnel and Administration: Director of Policy: Michael McNair Special Assistant to the Director of Policy: Rebecca Lee General Policy Assistant: Tim Krupa General Policy Assistant: Emmaline English Director of Stakeholder Relations & Outreach: Director of Tour and Scheduling: Executive Assistant: Tommy Desfosses Legislative Assistant: Rheal Lewis General Assistant: Nadia Khaiati Advisor: Brett Thalmann Personal Nanny: Marilou Trayvilla Personal Nanny: Marian Puego