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  1. Many years ago in Vancouver, businesses got a separate vote in municipal elections. Since my dad was the local head of a company he got two ballots.
  2. One thing that I have found about Lefties: When they yell at you and then you yell back they say 'Don't yell at me'.
  3. I discovered something today: Originally it was 'grow' not 'blow'
  4. She is the best thing to happen from the last US election and the best reason to vote for the Donald again.
  5. I worked around the TWA version at YXX one year. I have never seen an airplane drop so much oil (unless one considers a SeaKing an aircraft.
  6. The women of Alberta drive the big dump trucks up in Fort Mac, are plumbers and pipe fitters in Edmonton and are Accountants and Lawyers in Calgary. They are doing quite well.
  7. Not really true. The people that did the aircraft evaluation wanted the Airbus.
  8. I remember the naysayers complaining that the Air Canada 320's were "too light" and could not withstand the use like a 737 would.
  9. I was not involved but had a few friends who were. Boeing was flogging the 737-300
  10. The primary difference in Harper/Flaherty is that they did not build in the deficit with programs that would continue on throwing money at the problem. Instead it was one time shot-in-the-arm stuff that did not carry through to the next cycle.
  11. With a basic teachers degree and a few courses of onward education. (which they take at summer school). The ATA contract does not care what grade level they teach, just what courses they signed up for and passed.
  12. The same thing happened in Alberta a few years ago. One politician made a commitment for a $75million increase to spending and the next one in said NO. This became a CUT and the yelling from the union got louder. Now we have kindergarten teachers making $100,000 a year.
  13. The 'problem' with our legal system is the judges who we appoint.
  14. Because of the way that Steven Harper and Jim Flaherty handled that recession Canada fared the best of the G20 nations.