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  1. Does the accelerated increase in the minimum wage have anything to do with that?
  2. It is a nice irony that it was the Left Wing that got hit.
  3. I had the same thing happen to an old lawn mower.
  4. The biggest difference between Norway and Alberta is that Norway does not have to share any oil money with anyone else.
  5. and Boing-Boing decided many decades ago not to start fresh
  6. That is why I put it in quotes. There were things said by Lieberal cabinet ministers like 'The government owns the CP international landing rights and will decide who gets them. One of many reasons why I would never vote Liberal.
  7. A pretty good grouping for a 'random' shooting.
  8. Air Canada was invited to look at buying Canadian (a couple of times) and some people from Montreal spent a LOT of time in Calgary looking at the books. A decision was made at Air Canada to take a pass as it just wasn't worth the trouble or money. Then the Federal Government stepped up the pressure on Air Canada and the Feds recommended that an offer be made.
  9. We are in the age of "Do-overs"
  10. It may never come up but international convention says that the country of birth cannot remove citizenship unilaterally.
  11. I read that Father Jack was born in Canada, Mother Jack was born in the UK, Jack himself was born in the UK. I guess they get to pick and choose as the mood strikes them.