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  1. TV Crew Out to Create News

    Kneecap them and send them on their way.
  2. Trump Wins

    My thoughts exactly. It is not as if I get to vote either way.
  3. All About NAFTA

    This is what is going to kill Canada at NAFTA
  4. I thought that they would call Jamie Davis and the guys from Highway thru Hell to do it.
  5. I had not thought of the air conditioning requirement.
  6. Not Recommended with Passengers

    I seem to remember an RAF Vulcan doing a stunt like that at the YXX Airshow.
  7. Trump Wins

    Hilary Lost
  8. Maybe getting a baggage system that works should be a higher priority.
  9. Why do they not concentrate on running an airport?
  10. These 310,000+ immigrants are not the same as refugees.
  11. Trump Wins

    More and more the political forum (including in Canada) has the image of a high school class president election. It is just a popularity contest.
  12. Is This Your Canada?

    Lots of vitriol from people on here who have never had to make a payroll. If it is so easy to be a Tim's franchisee then go out and set one up. I go most days to a Second Cup. (it is much the same setup without the volume). The 'owners' are in at 0600 most everyday with the wife going home at noon to get other stuff done. The husband goes home at 1430 and then one or the other is back at 1830 to work a few hours on the evening shift. One of them puts in a few hours on the weekend shifts too. If anything material happens at the business you are expected to go in and fix it. About 10% of gross receipts go back as royalties and advertising levy. Upkeep and renovations have a schedule to be met. Recently the franchise changed hands because one partner was stealing from the till and the other partner had enough of the bs.
  13. Our Prime Minister

    Trudeau got his pictures and that is most important.. We are encouraged to over-look the rest.
  14. Is This Your Canada?

    and no more 'tips' for minimum wage staff.