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  1. Canadians will not need to worry. With the Liberals screw up we are so far at the back of the line it will be years before any vaccine gets to us.
  2. Between the posts of deicer and A330pilot my page down button is wearing out
  3. My 'page down button' is going to wear out with you and Deicer posting on here
  4. Dammit Seeker It frustrates me that I cannot hit the LIKE button on your posts anymore
  5. I am going to miss Donald Trump for two reasons: 1. I enjoy how the Lefties go rabid all of the time. 2. I love watching Melania
  6. I got one during SARS-1 so that I would not get thrown into quarantine on my many trips to China.
  7. I wish that someone would find a way to dump the 737MAX fleet. It will be a drain on the company for many years.
  8. The same for oil workers, construction workers, truck drivers, etc