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  1. My wife and I know of no-one The other days she asked our doctor if he had run across anyone and he said 'no one in his practice' which is a large multi-doctor clinic
  2. I think that it is JOBS that cause climate change
  3. I still do not know of anyone in my circle of relatives or friends or friends of relatives that have contacted Covid. My wife was at our doctors today and she asked 'If anyone he knew had contacted Covid and he said "Not a one".
  4. Damn My page down button is getting a workout again
  5. Rumour has it that the weekend had to pay the NFL to perform there
  6. It was not her driving skills that I was watching
  7. and our glorious Health Minister
  8. As soon as I see a 'journalist' use the term "workhorse" I quit reading
  9. about as much as a BAC-111 taking off from Dorval
  10. Edmonton is forecasted to feel daily highs of -30 this weekend (without 'windchill') We would love to see some 'global warming' tomorrow