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  1. My nephew stopped in tonight on his way home from the rig. When he comes back after days off it will be to either put the rig into storage or get it ready to ship to the USA. His rig only drills for natural gas but the energy companies have given up dealing with the policies of various governments, indigenous peoples and protesters.
  2. Fido

    The F-35

    Well now I know
  3. What the hell are Bridge Stairs
  4. Fido

    The F-35

    Never heard of this. and Google comes up with "Definition of samfu - a light suit consisting of a plain high-necked jacket and loose trousers, worn by women from China."
  5. Fido


    You want it You pay for it
  6. Fido

    WestJet 787

    Turn time is a function of dedicated manpower
  7. Fido

    The F-35

    Can anyone give an example of something that the Liberals have done right?
  8. I have a 7 passenger SUV they could rent for caucus meetings. ....although they would have to coordinate with the Alberta NDP after the 2019 election
  9. Fido

    Load Factors for November

    When at Air Canada I would regularly compare the flights with the highest Load Factor with those that had the highest profitability. Seldom (like never) was the same flight in both lists.
  10. Fido

    Remembering Concorde

    Seeing the SR71 at the Abbotsford Air show is still one of my fondest memories
  11. to read: Highlight the lines with a left mouse click.
  12. Someone tell this bozo that he is holding it upside down
  13. Fido

    Sea Kings go out in style

    Hangar floors across the country will be much cleaner.