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  1. Fido

    Air Service to Small Cities

    In the cases where the small town is less than an hour I see the community orginized their own mini bus through the town council or seniors club. The little takes them right to the mall or downtown on an alternating schedule. Then the bus stays there until it is time to go home. Indian bands have their own buses to bring people into town to go for hospital visits etc. Shorthaul air service only serves people who want to connect into the big network. With all of the BS at the airports these days it is faster to drive between Edmonton and Calgary.
  2. Fido

    Air Service to Small Cities

    It died from lack of use (and the grittyness of the travellers)
  3. No she is not. If YOU are vaccinated then YOU are protected.
  4. Fido

    Skytrax best airlines

    If Westjet has a low cost subsidiary, then how can Westjet claim to be low cost.
  5. Fido

    Trump 2.0 Continues

    Unlike our Prime Minister who did not show at all.
  6. Fido

    Trump 2.0 Continues

    Every time I see Melania or Ivanka like this I give thanks that Hilary was not elected:
  7. But it would help make the Lefties feel better.
  8. Fido

    Crap from the Left

    How about American Lefty interference in Canadian elections.
  9. and it makes me wonder who would actually vote for this band of doofus.
  10. Probably the worst outcome for justice. From Google: I was on a jury for an alleged statutory rape charge. The trial fell apart because the young lady refused to cooperate. The prosecution applied for a 'stay' but the judge would not allow it. I thought that it was the right move and in the jury room told the rest of them who had no idea what was going on. I said that "the accused (the step father) had this charge hanging over his head for 3 years and for him at least it needed a resolution. A stay is a delaying tactic which keeps the charge active without resolution.
  11. Fido

    Our Prime Minister

    Live by Twitter Die by Twitter
  12. Fido

    Cold war story

    SR-71 stories are always interesting. If the pilot wanted to try a Norwegian fish dish they should have suggested Lutefisk. It is a popular dish that even many people of Norwegian heritage will not eat.
  13. The leftie media would not want to report that!