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  1. I thought that she just followed directions from her personal photographer.
  2. Air Canada would fly 200 miles west from Everett radio back to the mainland and then return. That qualified as an International flight for tax purposes.
  3. Fido


    What costs would those be? Certainly not fuel or aircraft or terminal charges or ATC charges......etc
  4. The biggest laughs are generated by the journalists who are espousing that 'this could mean cheaper ticket prices for consumers'.
  5. The PGA golf match today in North Carolina has been delayed twice due to thunderstorms. It must be Climate Change!
  6. To quote Hollis Harris: "Head office might be a receptionist and a janitor.
  7. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau addressed a major gathering of the Canadian First Nations peoples. He spoke for about an hour about his plans for increasing their present standard of living across many areas in Canada. Thou very vague in detail with many ums ahs and ers ,he spoke about his ideas for helping his indigenous brothers and sisters. Afterwards the head Chiefs presented him with a nice hand made plaque inscribed with his newly given Native name of "Walking Goose" which he gratefully accepted with many pictures taken of this historic event. After Trudeau left, a news reporter asked the Chiefs how they came up with this new Native name for him. They explained to him that "Walking Goose" is a name given to a bird that is so full of **bleep** that it can no longer fly!!!!
  8. I had never imagined that a bigger rudder would be an option.
  9. A little sound economic thinking: Inside Jason Kenney's plan to kickstart Alberta's economy — and heal the province's divisions
  10. To my friends and relatives that say "I never saw this coming:, I reply "For 40 years I have called the Liberals 'The Lieberals'.
  11. I live in Edmonton. Every winter when I hear somebody bemoaning climate change and especially Global Warming I say "Bring it on".
  12. Did the Liberals in caucus take a vote to exclude these two duly elected MP's or did the cabal at the top just issue an edict?
  13. Almost all of it in Ontario. Much worse elsewhere ......and then look at total wages. It is going down in many provinces