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  1. The oft heard statement: 'The President of the USA is the most powerful person in the world' My contention is: 'The most powerful person in the world is the US border guard'.
  2. I see it as the Lieberals trying to get Canadians to hate Trump and vote for Trudeau.
  3. Fido

    Shootings and Knifings

    Isn't that te Lefty way?
  4. Fido

    The New Bearded ones

    The loosening of the dress code was started by Robert Milton
  5. Fido

    The New Bearded ones

    Is there a difference for economy or business?
  6. Fido

    The New Bearded ones

    When did this happen? Was there a notice sent out?
  7. Fido

    Trump 2.0 Continues

    can Canada bring in sanctions on the people that interfere in our elections?
  8. It is a metric that stock analysts like to use. There are hundreds of metrics that need to be looked at to determine the health of an airline. There is no one figure that tells the whole story.
  9. Trying to defend the 727 as a cost effective machine! Now I have heard everything.
  10. But as we the public have found, the message changes as to who the messenger is.
  11. Short on facts. Long on hypothesis Typical journalism
  12. So there are crazy lefties in Scotland too?
  13. Fido

    Trump 2.0 Continues

    Maybe he was an irregular immigrant.
  14. Fido

    Holy sh!t!!!

    Alberta has the highest minimum wage but it is still at $13.60 It has been promised by the Dippers to go to $15 in October this year. The unintended consequence of raising the min/wage is unemployment. The small coffee shop that I frequent has reduced hours and on Statutory Holidays the owner and his wife work a 12 hour day to try and make ends meet.
  15. Canada had better increase and add more carbon taxes because these 'Wild' fires are certainly adding a lot of carbon to the air. As we all know the best way to get rid of carbon is to tax it.