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  1. I gave up trusting anything said by the media a long time ago.
  2. Tango was a bigger revelation to employees. Even though Econair (memory might have failed me here for the correct name) had preceded Tango by a couple of decades, it demonstrated to the marketing and other head office types that people would accept less if there was a dollar savings to them. The biggest revolution was showing that all of the good attributes of Tango could be garnered by Tango as a fare class and not required to be a separate aircraft. The discussions in headquarters were muted because Robert Milton was behind the venture but in the dark corners of the building the derision of Tango was loud and clear.
  3. He has a long, long way to go to get as money hungry as the Clintons.
  4. Yup It is not toothpaste or beer or a car
  5. Hilary Lost
  6. If Trump helps get rid of our 'supply management' laws, then it will save the Canadian consumer a crap-load of money too.
  7. One realizes how bad the journalism is when they write about something that we understand. Just imagine how much crap goes as informed journalism when it is on topics that we are not experts on.
  8. At the time that I experienced the HKG flight that I mentioned above I was trying to verify the accuracy of the forecasting tool. The controller for that flight looked at what I found and responded "No problem" and she was right.
  9. It was first seen on the HKG flights where they were 'oversold' by over 100% (I once saw an A340 'booked' to 600+ passengers but went out with open seats). because it took time to sift through the phoney bookings.
  10. There goes the BS again about the flight being overbooked.
  11. There is nothing that the airlines can do plus or minus. The travelling public want to be 110% protected from things that they do not understand and do not want to deal with. Put that with a government that loves to regulate even if it is by silly non-effective regulations then that is what they will do.
  12. That 'refugee' had a shorter walk than most of us find at an airport from curb to checkin counter. ....and free valet surface for his luggage.
  13. Easyjet gets 156
  14. Incredible how days after this incident and the CBC reporter can still include inaccuracies. Could we have Parliament enact some legislation to get honest reporting from Canadian news outlets? Maybe reduce the billion dollar subsidy that the CBC gets from us for each time they screw up.