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  1. The same when I finally get a boarding card for a flight and someone is occupying the seats.
  2. Dr Phil would not BS us would he?
  3. I suggest that both carriers have reaped the rewards of NOT introducing that fleet type.
  4. Were Lowes Forced to close a number of stores when they bought Reno?
  5. Referring to a chart while towing on the ramp would qualify as distracted driving.
  6. I got a call from customer relations and after hearing what the **bleep** had written I said "Pay him for his creative writing skills".
  7. I can't remember the years but I thought there were a couple when we broke -40c
  8. +4c today in Edmonton I love climate change
  9. Did it give you a cleansed feeling?
  10. I had to go out and buy a service animal to allay my stress.
  11. It must be a bunch of Liberals running YLW. The solution to everything is to raise taxes.
  12. It sounds like the union is throwing the company under the bus again.