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  1. Charging for 'per diem expenses' while lodged on a private island? - Where did they spend it? -Who authorized these claims?
  2. Don't shop in the USA problem solved
  3. Why would I care what the USA spends on anything. and by the way. Hilary lost
  4. Take the word lawyer out and replace with journalist
  5. Not My Groundhog
  6. and I agree with the points that you make. (now if the MSM were to read this would they think that I was writing about basketball?)
  7. Hilary lost. Bernie never made it to the ballot.
  8. no blondes there either.
  9. If this is SAS then where are the blonde Scandinavians?
  10. The exception that proves the rule
  11. The penalty for infraction has little to do with changing behavior. Enforcement makes the big difference. What is the chance of getting caught? This is why distracted driving laws have little effect. There is little chance of getting caught. There are certain areas of the roads on our commutes where we never speed because it is a favourite place for radar to hang out. Certain areas we would never park illegally because we always see the meter maids patrolling.
  12. The story changes from start to finish.