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  1. Garnished: Typical of Millennials to use a word with the wrong meaning.
  2. I loved the remark I saw today: quote: The government is going to mandate that we all drive electric vehicles, but, our electrical grid recently could not handle an increase do to air conditioning during our hot spell.
  3. What? Are you with the Vancouver School board?
  4. With the height restrictions gone from downtown Edmonton they have built UP a lot more
  5. My grand-daughter in Calgary is fortunate enough to have had a couple of teachers in Elementary School to realize that she could handle more challenging work and gave it to her and a hand full of other students.
  6. from the minute they come off the assembly line they are aging Just like as soon as we come out of the womb
  7. What is 'green' about Lithium?
  8. Is that "Non-stop"? Since they mention non-stop to other city pairs I guess that it does make a stop somewhere.
  9. I do not know how anyone will make a decent statistical analysis from the pandemic. It still remains that the chance of any one individual getting the virus is very low to start with. So getting an idea that doing one thing or another will change the outcome is worse than gambling at the slot machines.
  10. Has Freeland had her salary reduced at all, ever?
  11. Most Liberal promises are pipedreams anyway
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