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  1. I will see that the Liberals are serious when the REMOVE some taxes from the travel business and not just increase subsidies.
  2. I think that it has been proven that no one buys an electric passenger vehicle without a government subsidy. We all get to pay.
  3. It looks like an Argus in the front and a Hercules in the back with A320 wing tips.
  4. and a lot of that fuel from Washington State is refined from Canadian Bitumen. The Trans-Mountain pipeline splits at Abbotsford with half the pipeline going to Burnaby and half to Cherry Point.
  5. Somethings to know about this B.S. poll: 1. There were a dozen questions to start. They were all in the 'Do you want free stuff?' category 2. The last was how would you vote 3. The pollsters did not actually talk to anyone. It was all online and you had to be signed up beforehand
  6. There is always some fool who wants to be separated from his money
  7. Where was I? I was at an airline conference in Berlin. That night we had a dinner planned for 200 people and since everyone had to eat and since it was already paid for by the host we all piled into buses and went out. Some intrepid journalist got wind and brought a TV crew and tried to claim that we were celebrating. They made trouble for Lufthansa who was the host.
  8. Didn't some babe in the US declare herself Black and got away with it for years.
  9. Just like the Federal government in Canada. Just borrow more money.
  10. You should have said "How very NDP"
  11. They need to diversify to get people that can shoot. 80 rounds fired and only one person with any type of wound?
  12. The morbidity rate in Canada is still less than 2%