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  1. Listen to this young girl for 45 seconds and then hear the reality check from the news announcer. You would never hear this on the CBC in Canada. You’ve got to love the Aussies AEF0000000000.mp4
  2. It may sound cavalier but I have given up and finally, don't care what is open, what is closed, and when will normalcy reign again. Thank goodness I have hobbies that are not infringed upon by COVID and I keep busy every day. I feel for those that have a job and have not been employed for months on end and I really hope you are maintaining a sustainable mental balance between what could be depression, and hopefully, a love of life. Take heart, especially if you are young, you have a lot of life to live, don't let this COVD thing get you down, as it is merely a bump on the road, a substantial bump, but just a bump. If you have lost a loved one, I sympathize with you but there is always periods of pain as we move through life to our ultimate destination. Be safe, be grateful for each day, and I wish you nothing but blue skies and happy trails.
  3. I wish I had....just got to sit in the cockpit while doing a VIP flight to a USAF base
  4. The Chipmunk..... My first flight in any aircraft,,,,,,,,RCAF station Centralia a few eons ago Did not eat for two days as I was afraid I would get airsick Eight hours of flight and went for my first solo Landed safely but almost ran over the marshaller when I parked the aircraft...I was so excited Finished flying the "Chippy" after 24 hours of flight time and moved to the Harvard...
  5. Yeh, almost 40 years in the pointy end so I guess I sorta sound like a pilot...
  6. Yes, it would be wonderful to have an ILS on every runway at every airport, but that isn't going to happen. So pilot decisions, pilot skill, pilot reliance on technology, had nothing to do with these incidents?? So it was the YHZ airport authority who should be blamed because they don't have a precision approach to runway 05.?? I thought qualified pilots were able to make rational decisions, display situation awareness at all times and no matter what nav aid an airport had, could fly to the airport make a successful approach and land.......OR...if it did not feel comfortable even attempting, or during the approach.......go somewhere else. ?? Yes, I see a pattern...... a pattern where some pilots are not fully aware of the conditions that await them at any airport and are...perhaps...reluctant to call for a diversion, or at least a GO AROUND..
  7. Kinda weird .. I submitted a request on April 30th and got an acknowledgement of the submission yet the TRACK................. says no record under my name......so I submitted another one today and got another acknowledgement of the submission.......... hey !!!! maybe double refund
  8. Very impressive with that number of aircraft. I always have a feeling of great sadness watching that lone "bird" pitch out. I flew in two missing man formations, one as # 4 in a diamond card 5 formation and pitched out, and another as # 2 in 3 plane VIC formation (number 3 pitched out)... we lost some great guys back then but unfortunately most were the result of pilot error.
  9. It was a real relief to lose the headset when I left DND...wore the custom made little ear plug for my duration in the airline(s) industry
  10. Re above Shades of the last Episode of Chicago Med......Patient with acute pain in lower right quadrant who believed the pain was from a RED pill he took as he felt it was the only way he could escape this computer generated world and see reality. Docs figured appendicitis but he totally refused treatment..so long story short he was tricked into surgery ,survived but was so freaked out that he did not fulfill his dream to get out of this world and see the real world that he devastated........ Probably a Republican
  11. I wouldn't think the ATC controller knew that the Metroliner had only one pilot ..although I don;t know that fact for certain " Welcome to aviation."...Yes, No, Maybe ??....? I would think he may be the first civilian pilot to end his first SOLO flight dangling on the end of a parachute...
  12. The last stage of my pilot training, with my course mates still involved "drill" . We had a great DS...Drill Sergeant, very patient as there were a couple of fellows who just couldn't do it correctly. Sergeant C. was a well turned out NCO , the epitome of the Military dress code. You could probably slice bread with the creases in his shirt and trousers. He had immigrated from the Caribbean and joined the RCAF about 10-15 years before us. His drill commands befit his posture....ramrod straight, loud and sharp. Initially I think, we as just kids, feared him, but as time went on I think everyone really took to him and tried their best to avoid his wrath. When we held graduation it was a normal Military procedure for us to go from Flight Cadets to Pilot Officers to Flying Officers in one instant. We had our wings pinned on, and when the ceremony was over and we were dismissed and headed for the small exit door in the hanger, each of us with the shiniest Silver Dollar we could find, in our pocket. It was an unwritten rule that as brand new "OFFICERS" we were to give the Silver Dollar to the first Non Commissioned Officer that saluted us... You guessed it, Sergeant C. was outside the hanger door, eyes straight ahead, at attention, and saluted each one of us as we left the hanger... with the comment ..."Well done, Sir"......... that is a memory I'm sure none of us will ever forget.?
  13. Perhaps venting on this forum is good for the "inner-self" and it is to be expected...We are all tired of the COVID issues and no matter who puts forth any opinion as to who is right, who is wrong, and who did what, we are stuck in this situation and all the blustering in the world is not going to change feelings deeply embedded in people. I just hope that we, as Canadians, can keep our cool and understand that this is a great country, full of good people, many of whom imbibe on this forum. Those of us that have become "dots" know how good it was, and how much we appreciated each others input into the fun of aviation, and more importantly, respected each and every arm of the industry. Hopefully this entire "dumpster fire" will be a fading memory, in the not too distant future, and everyone can go back to what they considered as a normal way of life. In the meantime just look at this venture as a long walk on a stony beach, in a wicked wind, just to find that one cafe you like is closed... Take care, love your family and be thankful we all live in this land of round door knobs..?
  14. This is a hoot..(Big Screen) Flirting with DEATH.mp4
  15. Based on the just the initial paragraph posted I would say the crew that flew with this gentleman were most fortunate to have a crew member so motivated.
  16. Practicing for the opening of the Olympics in Japan AMAZING PRECISION.mp4
  17. I agree.....I am done, and apologize for the tangent
  18. Again, my opinion... I honestly don't think Canada is anywhere near the chaotic situation that inhabits US politics. Yes, we have our problems but I don't see anything near, for example, what US politicians are doing concerning the "right to vote" . As well, although Canadians have been basically deemed "placid", by most accounts, I don't see any pending turmoil such is so evident in the USA. Yes, the USA and Canada need to "straighten up and fly right" with respect to politicians and the direction they decide to take however that 'buffoon' they voted in prior to Biden was turning the USA into an autocratic society, was an embarrassment for their country and had no idea how to govern. If Trump remains the idol of the GOP, then the GOP is on a long slide downhill, close to never recovering.
  19. I know, I know....com'on ask me...I know.... !!!!
  20. Cherry picking one phrase that I used to describe Trump is a feeble attempt to relegate me to not seeing what is going on in Canada.... Perhaps you should have asked me about the situation in Canada prior to attempting to use a worn cliche that has nothing to do with the tone of my post. You are slipping, I have seen you do better....
  21. IMO, there is no bigger threat to the stability of North America, which includes us, as well as the world, than the selfish and twisted reality Trump lives in. Should he ever come back into US politics I think you will see the USA implode and hopefully the GOP know that and are merely placating him at this time.
  22. Yes it is, my mistake..the '56 had a round red tail light and it flipped down, not up
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