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  1. One of the best videos concerning safety great video_x264.mp4
  2. If you have an iPhone turn up the volume and listen to the answer when you say "Hey SIRI , What is zero divided by zero ?".
  3. If they experienced explosive decompression they would still have time to put on an O2 mask and physically recover themselves, that is a drill all pilots practice. Now if the cockpit was blown off the aircraft .........well we all know how that ends..If the tail blew off, they might recover consciousness but have no control of the aircraft's attitude. In this case, based on the video alone, it would appear that the cockpit and possibly the tail were still on the aircraft. The question is.......why was the aircraft vertical for such a long time and to answer your question about one being able to pull out of the dive.......I don't think the greatest pilot in the world could recover from a nose down vertical dive , at the graphed altitude as seen in the video, the speed would be extremely excessive and no one could ever exert enough pressure on the CC to pull out of that dive. Another facet that will be interesting is whether the Speed Brakes were extended or retracted. Hopefully the black boxes tell the story and if the two recorders were OFF prior to the start of the dive.........then the investigators have another avenue to explore.
  4. Perhaps we are all looking at is in error in the graph.......I find it hard to believe that an aircraft can, according to the graph, go vertical, recover for a few seconds, and then go vertical again........unless the "pullout" of the dive tore the wings off. The "G" loading would be off the clock on the pull out if that did happen..
  5. 1) there is a short video of the CE aircraft in a vertical dive and although it is CCTV the aircraft appears not to be spinning and and it is impossible to see if it had wings on it. 2) there was an accident back in 2006 where an Embraer winglet took of 1/2 of a wing of a B-800 at high altitude, (first loss of a B-800), and the B-800 started down in an uncontrollable spin , broke up in the air and the main body of the aircraft was spinning when it hit the ground. 3) based on that short video clip of the recent crash there doesn't appear to be any spinning 4) it has been reported that there are traces of fire on some of found parts but that could have happened after impact...... unless there is a way to determine fire in the air. 5) I would find it hard to believe that a wing just broke off at altitude in this recent loss.
  6. Call me "old school- a dinosaur", I really don't care ...but those of us that were lucky enough to fly the "T-Rex" in the industry knew we were flying a "stick and rudder" aircraft and we had fun doing it. I won't argue fuel range/comfort /economy but am merely stating that the advancement of technology in aircraft will not stop but from a "stick and rudder guy" the fun of flying has decreased immensely. Yes, being x-military I loved yank and bank and a lot of "G", ( I used to be 6'2") and 60 degree banked turns were not a rare occurrence. Yes, the kids of the day fly the glass with ease, and a lot has to do with their background entertainment and I don't have have a problem with that. I went from the C-130 in all roles, including tactical, to the A-310 and was amazed at the technology and was not completely comfortable for the first year or so. Just to prove the technology we took off from YYZ one day and as we hit 18 degrees of pitch, plugged in George and from then on we used the FMS and never TOUCHED the controls until on the runway in YVR......amazing but for me...not much fun. WD A310s went to DND and I ended up on the T-Rex and had the best 10 years of airline flying in my life. Be safe out there
  7. Then you get into the discussion of turning ON or OFF your computer every day. In the days of spinning hard drives it was recommended to leave the computer ON but now I understand that Solid State drives mean no more spinning so you can turn the computer off every nite. Depends on who you talk to on which side of the fence they stand .
  8. Go here to see a very startling TV photo http://www.avherald.com/h?article=4f64be2f&opt=0
  9. Just remember if you turn off your water, to shut down your hot water heater as well ....... Four years ago I had "ON DEMAND" hot water installed....no hot water heater, no hot water tank...unlimited hot water when you want it...love it..
  10. I've always made it policy to shutoff the main water supply line right were it comes in the house if I'll be away for an extended period. Which is a good policy ....however....I needed the water ON for underground sprinklers and the yard maintenance person needed an "open" tap for other maintenance items outside. I covered my a$$ as far as Insurance was concerned as I had a trusted neighbor check my house everyday...my policy says the requirement is every 3 days. Fixed the problem now by having two lines after the water goes through the meter. Each line has an independent on/off valve. So in the summer, the "inside" water can be OFF and the "outside" water can be ON.. I also have 5 WIFI water detectors in the house that alert my cell phone if there is even the smallest leak.....The changes seem like an "Over-Kill" fix but losing my casa and electronic toys for 6 months was a "no-joy" adventure.
  11. Finally the house has dried out........$65-70,000.00 damage and finally I have a house that is completely dry and a computer system that is up and running as of today !! In September of last year I had a flood in the house. The fellow that checks my house called me and asked when I had a swimming pool installed in the "basement"....which is really has a guest bedroom , laundry room., storage room , workshop, and bathroom and the nerve centre for TV computers, and every electronics gadget/gizmo I own. Not going to bore you with the details but would like to pass on something you might want to look at in your residence..... This is the nut that attaches to the fill hose that runs from your bathroom wall to the bottom of the toilet tank and connects at the fill pipe inlet. As you can see the nut blew apart in the top floor bathroom and city water poured out for ??? hours and flooded the entire bottom floor including walls ceilings etc. Sooooooo just a suggestion....check your bathrooms and spend $16-20 on Amazon and get the "fill" hose that has stainless steel nuts on both ends....(normally the end coming out of the wall is stainless) . The Insurance company took that part as they have a class action lawsuit against Chinese companies that produce the item but apparently they don't hold much hope of seeing a cent. Please note...apparently there are new plastic nuts out there are more on the square size and are improved. No matter what you do, never over torque that nut, stainless or plastic, as you are tightening that nut on a thicker plastic fill connection coming out of toilet fill tank Now......to get the boat ready !!!! Have a nice weekend nice to see many of the "old-timers" still contributing to my favourite forum... The biggest problem with the Internet is that not everything on it is true.... Abraham Lincoln......1896
  12. The key word in the above article concerning fines is "FACING". Hopefully the judicial system, (USA), "hammers" all these people and makes a very public display out of their stupidity or there will probably be more "unruly" occurrences.
  13. Got my second shot moved up from 22 July to June 14.......Received a TEXT confirming 14 June Tow hours later got a TEXT saying my appointment was cancelled Called the 800 number to ask why Two hours of "Thank you for your call and we appreciate your patience etc.etc," Finally got an agent...asked what was going on...Unfortunately her command of the English language was on par with my fluency in Hebrew. Finally got it sorted out..."They" had cancelled my 22 July Appointment after I got 14 June....sure would have been nice if that info was in the TEXT about the cancellation. Just "your next appointment has been cancelled. Do not reply to this TEXT"..... Lady said it was a mistake and I am confirmed for 14 June.......Yay
  14. The plural of aircraft ......is...aircraft. Getting older...Little things bother me..?
  15. Well this action in the cockpit is certainly unusual to say the least... https://www.cnn.com/2021/05/31/us/former-southwest-airlines-pilot-haak/index.html
  16. Did you go through the pictorial slides and see the other design with the ladder up into a private "berth" ???
  17. Check out the illustrations of different concepts of passenger seating. Personally I don't think they will "fly". Be pretty hard to meet safety standards as well as evacuation standards. I don't think any airline wants to add more "structure" to the weight of an aircraft and cleaning the aircraft would be rather painful, but then again, just designer's concepts. https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/double-decker-airplane-cabin-concepts-crystal-cabin-awards/index.html
  18. Kinda weird.....all the canopys have been modified.... Here is a photo of the ones we flew at initial pilot training..
  19. Not sure..... but I believe that female has been banned for life on all airlines in USA
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