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  1. Re Dogs......my middle son had a Chocolate Lab while at Queens..."Ellis" died at 13 1/2...He had a Yellow Lab, "Yukon" and he died at 10.5, (Renal failure) and the he had "Rumple", British Red Lab that just passed away 3 weeks ago, nearing 14 years....The passing of his dogs really puts him a funk so I can understand how you felt when Griffon left you, but take heart,....apparently you will meet your best friend on the Rainbow Bridge.. All the best my friend and keep smiling , keep them guessing
  2. If they can make a nuke launch "error" safe, they can make an aircraft "self destroy" safe.
  3. Why wouldn't "secret" aircraft have a "self destroy" mechanism that can be armed for different circumstances, for example.... over water, over enemy territory.... What is the US going to do if one goes down in an unfriendly country ???
  4. I guess it is just me, but it seems to be a very long time between finding the CVR, sending it for repairs, and actually being advised of any content.... .I guess a conspiracy theory could be,....... the Chinese are reluctant to release anything that might make any Chinese airline look bad.
  5. Obviously I was not a B777 pilot but here is what I have read....... Unlike modern Airbus aircraft, in the 777 both the rudder pedals and the yokes are mechanically interconnected so that either pilot feels and sees what the other pilot is doing when he operates the controls. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/analysis-boeing-777-fly-by-wire-system-jaime-beneyto-gómez-de-barreda
  6. That is a Russian military vehicle being towed by a Ukrainian farmer and his tractor. The Mil vehicle was not destroyed by an A-10 but by the Ukrainian military. Hopefully the farmer keeps busy..........
  7. From the Comments section of the above link..... I wonder which airline they work for and they have a few that agree ( ) with their comments...
  8. Would apply if you were landing however....... useful if you want to backtrack because you are kinda "heavy" for T/O....
  9. Three things useless to a pilot..... 1) The air above 2) A second ago 3) Gas in the truck.
  10. COULD reach a maximum of $5000.00....... Fat Chance OFFENDERS should be on the NO FLY list for a few years or perhaps decades..... The entire investigation has been a joke..., in "my world" there would be a few jail sentences... based on all the video I have seen.
  11. There will be some interesting discussions concerning "the" fuel load between Ops and the Captain a few times. Easy for the guys sitting on the ground to say what the fuel load will be but then again they don't have to fly to some destinations where the weather can be really unpredictable. Been there....done that ... Captains rule !!!
  12. And those of us that were not even in the industry back then called TCA....Taking Chances Airline
  13. Aluminum can only be recycled once, for high structural stress items. Sadly, most aircraft are partially made from recycled beer cans, that aluminum cannot be recycled again. They're working on recycling all the plastic and rumour has it that will be used for condoms and baby bottles.
  14. When you fly , either as crew, or just a passenger on a vacation, do you get tired of just TV. Perhaps in some countries there is no English TV or even popular music on local radios that you want to listen to. How about flying to a vacation spot and you do find a radio station you really like in the country you are visiting and wish you could listen to more of the same music when you return home Here is one solution; http://radio.garden/visit/el-manglillo/O3bhEmtZ ..........
  15. 0pen video to full screen for best view sb aef........mp4
  16. When I moved to Ontario I had an RBC mortgage that was portable (14%) It had to be renewed the next year and the rate I got was 18 % I know mortgages have nothing to do with big $$$ deals on aircraft purchases etc. but it does show how the economy moves.
  17. Go to NETFLIX......watch DOWNFALL....
  18. How so ?? Passengers want cheap airfare, comfort beyond reasonable, and some actually consider safety. I would guess that over 90% of passengers don't even realize what aircraft type they are on unless they read the emergency card or actually listen to the Safety Video. I really don't think passengers are aware of any aircraft design.
  19. Thank you , two rides as a pax, never flew it.
  20. I agree with the comments about a possible fire due to the EB overheating but was wondering if that amount of weight in that area would seriously affect the C of G to the extent that the aircraft would be exceedingly dangerous to fly. Pilots of that type ?????
  21. That RC controller really does a sweet job with that model.. Really good airshow but I'm surprised he doesn't have a model of a pilot in it.
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