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  1. That part of the narrative is totally irrelevant and is merely "filler" that has absolutely nothing to do with the present situation.
  2. Perhaps he is looking for advice as to where he should redirect his resume ???
  3. Pretty quiet weekend here in Canada....Not so much in many parts of the world... This posted songs is one of my favourites not only because of the vocal arrangement , and music, but also the message that is projected to those that feel life is just not what you think it should be because of outside influences...Give a listen..
  4. Sounds like pilots fighting the controls with the autopilot engaged ????.
  5. That could have been the problem......I tried again and made sure there was no space in front of the email address and it worked fine....but then again when I finally got the donation to you, it took your name and email address into my list of "payees" so maybe that is why it worked this time....argggghhhh Technology !!!!
  6. This what I get with COPY and PASTE..... but typing that same address in worked..
  7. PS..... I use RBC and learned that you can NOT copy and paste in the email address SEEKER has posted...You have to TYPE in the email address when using the RBC on line Interact procedure.
  8. Seeker...Seeker......you should know me by now.....HUMOUR..HUMOUR it is the elixir of my life...( I guess I should have used some emojis??)
  9. She proves that if you have the correct power tools you can fix anything..... Thanks for sharing..
  10. Yes it is , went through with the CV580 about three times....seemed like it was a lot faster than YYZ.
  11. Rich, By the look of your face, I would suggest you get outside and get some sunlight Park the "hobby" for awhile.
  12. This what I got back when I submitted the NEXUS renewal application
  13. I sent in mine and got an email about 10 days later saying they are extending the graced period to one year . You should get a personal email explaining how the system has changed..
  14. Back in the dark ages I was the FO on a Mil DC -3 and overnighted in Yarmouth NS. The next morning we had light coating of hoar frost on the wings. There were no deicing capabilities at that airport in those days but the grizzled old vet I was flying with found a barrel of some kind of fluid, maybe "isopropyl" ....I don' t know what it was but "he" said it would take the frost off.....but we had no way to get it on the wings. The solution?? We pumped the fluid onto inverted garbage can lids, backed up to the wing, and with both hands threw the fluid over out heads and it ran down the wings. We did get a bit wet but the "Captain" made rain coats for us, a garbage bag with three holes cut in it. so it wasn't too bad....but we did smell a bit weird for the ride back to North Bay.........12 April 1965
  15. Oh..my !!! Seriously, was there ever ay discussion about drive through deicing .? .
  16. Yeh and they may get operational this summer. Supposed to be operational in 2021 but there is a problem with SAR techs parachuting out the back ramp and the way the aircraft are configured, the C of G is away out of acceptable limits. Another boondoggle in the purchasing of DND aircraft. Most new purchases are "researched" at HQ with little "present day operators" involved in the discussions. Most planes are selected by Brass Hats that have been flying the BOD for years and have not kept up with the " worker-bees" requirements out in the field. Happens all the time and I can specify one aircraft where the pilots cross-check was shot to hell as "they" kept changing the cockpit instrument configuration.........however not as bad as the RAF where the Brits build a tank of an aircraft but at the last minute remember they need a pilot so attach a cockpit the size of a one broom closet and say "They will adapt"
  17. Couldn't find long enough cords
  18. The 2019 film will not be shown on IMAX. It has been held back due to the theatres operating under pandemic rules. IMAX wanted to hold it but Paramount wanted it in full theatres Filmed when Tom Cruise was close to 60 years old !! Val Kilmer is back as Iceman but with his recovery from throat cancer he will be using a voice box to speak......should be a fun film to watch.
  19. That is the conference room in the WH and he is meeting with the CEOs of the Electric Utilities Companies to talk about the Build Back Better Agenda. He always sits in the centre of the table because directly across from him is a bank of TV monitors he can be directed to if something urgent comes up and there are also few internal CCTV screens where he can talk to a member of the government if he likes. I think the groups on the ends are doing so to ENSURE if one of them tests positive, Biden "should" have been unreachable.
  20. Not sure how long this will be on CNN One commercial and then into it (about 5 min long) Crazy as a Loon and if he runs, if he wins, we are going to have massive immigration from the south https://www.cnn.com/videos/politics/2022/03/28/donald-trump-windmills-cillizza-the-point-orig.cnn
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